Learning FileMaker Go 16 - iPhone & iPad
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Learning FileMaker Go 16 - iPhone & iPad

Learn to optimize FileMaker Solutions for use on iPhone and iPad
4.7 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
14 students enrolled
Created by Richard Carlton
Last updated 5/2017
Price: $40
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  • 9.5 hours on-demand video
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn how to optimize FileMaker solutions for use on iOS Devices.
  • Learn about security issues with FileMaker on iPhone and iPad.
  • Learn about to deployment options for FileMaker solutions on iOS devices.
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  • This course assumes the user has FileMaker Go installed on their mobile device and FileMaker Pro installed on their computer. Additional free software will be recommended and is optional to download.

Learn the skills to build your own mobile apps with this 9 hour video training course featuring the world's most popular solution development platform. FileMaker is owned by Apple, Inc, and features a powerful database engine with a very intuitive user interface, perfect for building mobile applications. Hit the ground running with this 9 hour training course. The videos span topics from beginner to advanced, including conversations on developing and building your app for commercial distribution. 

In addition to the 9 hours of excellent FileMaker Go Training videos, purchasers will receive tons of extra bonus itmes, including extra sample files, work files, and demo files! Purchasers are also welcome to attend special live training events as they are announced!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course covers beginner, intermediate and advanced skills.
  • No programming knowledge is required.
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Curriculum For This Course
73 Lectures
4 Lectures 34:50

Introduction and Overview to FM Go 16

* Introduction and overview of the FM Go Software 

* How solutions are accessed on Go: Hosted versus local

* Hosting: FileMaker Cloud and FileMaker Server 

* If you use Android you will use WebDirect not FM Go

* "Consumption" Software, NOT used for Development

* Allows for direct use with Barcode readers 

* Allows users to be on the go

Preview 08:29

Custom App for FileMaker Go versus .SDK FIAS APPS

* FM Go Apps can be tuned specifically for use on iPhone, iPad and Mac and Windows computers

* Custom Apps (also known as a solution) depend on the end-users needs

* Custom App, Solution, Template and Database all mean the same thing

* Web Direct is not nearly as powerful or as flexible as FM Go due to it being a browser/website vs an actual piece of software 

* FileMaker Go Apps cannot be run without the FM Go software or WebDirect 

* FIAS allows a FM Go Custom Solution to be turned into an executable app that can run without FM Go.

Preview 08:21

New Features: iBeacons, Animations and signatures

* Signatures can now be put on what looks like new card feature and embedded 

* Animations between layout changes 

* iBeacons - low power bluetooth technology that allows you to track items.

* iBeacons can be used to cause script triggers. 

Preview 06:08

What's Special about FM Go

* iOS devices must be on iOS 10

* Most stuff that works on Pro should work on Go since the same "engine" is being used

 * Mobile Devices are not used to create solutions

* iOS Specific capabilities: Cameras, Signature capture, barcodes, iBeacon and GPS Coordinates

* Differences: Screen size and Mouse versus Finger 

* You can not use plugins directly on Go but you can use them on FM Server and use them through Go that way

* Security settings created in Fm Pro are preserved in FM Go

Preview 11:52
Installation & Overview
8 Lectures 01:01:04

Software Requirements

* iOS 10 Required by FM Go 16

* iPad 4 and up can run Fm Go 16

* iPhone 5 and newer can run FM Go 16

* If you previously downloaded

 an older version, you can still access it.

Preview 05:53

Websites and learning resources for FileMaker

* LearningFileMaker.com - Training Courses

* FileMakerVideos.com - Free videos

* FM Starting Point - FREE CRM starting solution for FileMaker

* fmforums.com - forum that is not run by FileMaker

* FileMakercommunity.com - Forum run by FileMaker Inc. 

 * support@rcconsulting.com -Contact RCC's support team

Preview 04:39

Compare and Contrast Go and WebDirect

* Both are purchased using Connection Licenses on the FileMaker Server

* FLT license program is a simple licensing program

* User Interface largely similar between Go and WebDirect

* FMSP has grouped layouts for different types of devices:  Mouse, Touch and Phone

* Action Menu has most of the Menu Options

* In FMSP, we have a startup script that checks screen size.

* FileMaker Go has overall faster performance ... than WebDirect

* FileMaker Go is optimized for iOS Devices

* Barcode and Signature Capture is NOT available on WebDirect

* Prices are the SAME for both GO and WebDirect.

0203 - Go and WebDirect and their Place in the Universe

Use Dropbox to Upload or Download Local files...

* Access to Dropbox is a manual process and cannot be scripted

* Uploading and download files is useful for "local" files and not necessary for Hosted Solutions.

0204 - Installing and Uploading DBs - Dropbox

Using Email to download local files...

* Using Email to download files is a manual process and cannot be scripted

* Uploading a local file is limited to the maximum attachment size of the email server... which typically will be around 25 megs.   This CAN be automated with scripts, but we do not show that in this video.

0205 - Installing and Uploading DBs - Email

Using Airdrop to download local files

* Apple devices only

* Using Airdrop to download files is a manual process and cannot be scripted.

* Airdrop can be used to post files out... but we do not demonstrate that here.

* Airdrop is NOT scriptable

0206 - Installing and Uploading DBs - AirDrop

Yuk...I would rather clean a toilet.

* iTunes is the "original" Sync method developed when the iPhone shipped in 2006.   Pretty much no one uses it.

* iTunes Sync is a manual process... that is not scriptable... but it can upload or download a local file of ANY size.

* Webpages can be used to provide links and direct download of FileMaker files to Dropbox

0207 - Installing and Uploading DBs with iTunes Sync

FLT - FileMaker License for Teams is Great!

* FileMaker Go is Free

* There is no licensing costs for running local files

* Accessing a "shared" solution requires an available connection license on the FileMaker Server

* FMI has an evolving strategy of charging just for Connection Licenses... or so it seems

* Connections are allowable "slots" that allow a user to connect to a FileMaker Server

* Connections Licenses are sold in Blocks of 5

* You can buy Perpetual License (where you own it outright)

* You can buy an annual subscription for 1/3 the cost

* If you want to use FileMaker Cloud... you must have an "Annual License."

0209 - Concurrency Licenses for access to FMS
10 Lectures 01:23:19

Icons in Different places... but largely same functionality

* Three fingers sliding down shows menu bar. Three fingers sliding up hides the menu bar. 

* No "Settings" menu in WebDirect, and no manual spawning of Windows in WebDirect, or manually selecting of Windows.

* UI for WebDirect was specially designed to be Android compatible

0301 - Navigating FileMaker Go

No manual control of Virtual Windows with WebDirect

*Pro and Go generally work the same... allowing both manual control by the user and also via script.

* Toolbar versus Menu bar. FM Pro uses a Status Tool Bar. Fm Go uses a Toolbar and Menu bar. Must use the correct script command depending on the platform.  

* How to hide and lock the tool bar so it can't be displayed. 

* Apple's New iOS allows to Apps to be open side by side. This allows you to have email, notes, or another app open next to Fm Go. 

* WebDirect has NO manual control of multiple virtual windows for a single session.  WebDirect does allow scripted access to multiple virtual windows for a single session.

0302 - Window Management

Card Style in Go & WebDirect

* Behavior differences of the card style in Go versus Pro

* Card Style in WebDirect?  (Bonus Material) 

* How to use Card Style

0303 - Card Style Window in Go & WebDirect

FM Server Fm Cloud how to connect using FM Go

* FM Go is free but connecting to server is how FMI Monetizes FM Go. 

* Click on hosts, add hosts in FM Go to connect to a sever using an IP Address (the "location")

* FM Pro and Go 16 point out if encryption has not been turned on

* FM Server can allow any .fmp12 file to be uploaded, but only one version previous can access the server(EXAMPLE: a server running FM 14 cannot be connected to by FM Go 16) 

0304 - Connecting to FileMaker Server

Basic Video - FileMaker Go Specific Stuff

* The Scroll control in FileMaker Go and the version that you see with WebDirect.

* Scroll control is somewhat different from Pro

* 2 Finger Swipe allows you to flip through records.

* Gesture Controls is also available on Windows Machines with a Touch Screen

* Gestures are also supported on a Mac with a Magic Mouse.

* Record locking is a database capability to prevent multiple people from editing the same record at the same time.

* SQL databases do not do record locking automatically

0309 - Record locking with shared solution

Basic Video - FileMaker Go Specific Stuff

* Form view is a single record view. In FMSP this is called Detail view

* List allows records to be scrolled through

* Table view is like an excel worksheet. A grid where each record is a row and each cell is a field.

0310 - Display Data in Table / List Views

Basic Video - FileMaker Go UI Discussion

• Quickfind is available in FileMaker Go... but it generally takes longer to execute than a standard find request. 

* A targeted Find on a specific field is generally much faster

* Targeting Index fields speeds up Find Commands

* Re-Find ... aka..."Modify Last Find" is Command-R

* Adding Multiple Find Request is Super Powerful

* New FileMaker users rarely use multiple Find Requests

* Entering an equals sign (=) in a field will do a find for any records with that field empty 

* Special Operators are available in FileMaker Go... but not visible in a Menu like in FileMaker Pro.

* Changing Field Sort Orders... can be managed by finger Gestures

* Tab Panels work great in FileMaker Go

* We have a special video that explains how the Calculation that drives the Tab Panel works

* Single Finger Swipe can move a Slide Control on FileMaker Go. (gesture)

0311 - Finds, Sorting, Portals and Tabs

Slide Controls

* 2 fingers left and right when in form view allow records to be browsed

* Can slide between panels using finger. When in a slide control area. Also in tab controls.

* Slide control behavior can be scripted 

0312 - Gesture Slide Controls

Tap capture "Pre and "Post" Script Triggers

* Can capture the amount of taps using script triggers

* On Gesture Tap is the script trigger 

* Pre-Script trigger happens before the "event"

* Post-script triggers happens after the "event"

0313 - Gesture Tap Controls

Force Touch 

* Can't utilize currently within the App

* This is the feature of pressing down harder or softer on the screen to get different options 

0315 - Force Touch in FileMaker Go
Layouts for Go
13 Lectures 01:20:47

Optimizing FM Go Layouts 

* Layouts for FM Go should be built different than desktop layouts. 

* Larger Fields and buttons to click on with a finger versus a mouse

* Reduced objects on a layout for Go will improve speed greatly

* Wide area networks impact FM Go Performance greatly

0401 - Tuning Layouts for Deployment to the FM Go

The Right Sized buttons for Mobile Devices

• Following Apple's Human Interface Guidelines is Recommended

• 80/20 Rule - When building iOS layout, 80% of the users need only 20% of the features.

• Buttons Sizes should be larger than the mouse buttons if possible.

* Usability Testing for User Experience is important.

* Testing UI in the field is important

* Tips for Testing User Experience

0402 - Tuning Layouts Touch Screen Considerations

Fm Go Screen Layout versus desktop layout

• Understanding Screen Size Limitations 

• Wider Portal Rows for Touch Screen

* Large Buttons for Touch Screen

* Introduce Directed Work Flow

* 80/20 rule again

* Testing layouts with actual users can help to identify suitable sizes of buttons and overall usability 

0403 - Intro to Directed Workflow

Workflow for iPads FM Go 

* Allows people onsite to access information more easily

* When done right it can be a very straight forward process. Each screen is a step of the workflow 

* Keep things simple with only a few options so people don't get distracted 

0404 - Demos of Directed Workflow

Identifying Device (Hardware) and System Platform (Client)

* Get(Device) tells us what type of device is being used. Allows a script to direct specific devices to specific locations. Used to direct users to the correct layout

* Get(SystemPlatform) tells us what platform the client is on. Used to find Webdirect while device tells users the hardware being used

0405 - Detecting Device & Platform Types

Network Tpyes

* Get (NetworkType) only works when called in FM Go. Finds the type of network. Cellular, WiFi, wired, none and unknown 

406 - Detecting Networks

Locking iPad Screen zoom Text is 10-15% Larger on iOS

* Two taps natively locks the zoom in. This can be frustrating to users especially if theydon't understand this function. 

* Zoom to 100% and lock the layout to avoid this "feature" 

* Text is 10-15% bigger than on Desktops. This is because the space between text is different and is part of the operating system

0407 - Locking Zoom on a Layout

Detecting Orientation, adjust layout 

* Get(Window Orientation) returns the orientation of the window by 1 and 2. 0 is a square which doesn't really happen

* Can no longer lock orientation

* Use the Get(Window Orientation) Command for Script Triggers, at layout, On Layout Enter and on Layout Size Change 

* Resize layouts or two different layouts based on orientation. Requires building a layouts twice but can be very precise. 

0408 - Orientation Detection

Using a Layout Creation Wizard 

• Creating a new layout in Pro for the iPhone

* Pre Canned Layouts can be handy.

* Don't forget to use an iOS specific theme.

* FIELD PICKER tool is great for quickly adding fields to a layout.

* Stencils are available in FileMaker Pro to give you some guides for the most common sizes.

* FileMaker uses "points" and not Pixels anymore.  FileMaker is resolution independent.

* There is a chart that shows point sizes for the different iPhones

0409 - Creating a New Layout for FileMaker Go

Optimizing Layouts by reducing objects and XML

* 200% performance improvement by optimizing layout and CSS 

* More objects on layouts = more blocks of XML

* Within blocks of XML are CSS. 

* The more XML the slower the DB  communicates to the server 

0410 - Optimizing the Layout and CSS Part 1

Optimizing Layouts and CSS

* Imported files use the classic Theme

* Improves performance by reducing objects and optimizing layout by using a themed style for objects on screen

* The goal is to have items that have the same attributes (Styles). After making changes to a style save the changes to the style or save a new style

0411 - Optimizing the Layout and CSS Part 2

Optimizing using shared styles 

* Format Painter tool is not sufficient. It does not attach shared styles. DON"T USE IT. 

* Also avoid, copying and pasting fields between layouts using different themes

0412 - Optimizing the Layout and CSS Part 3

Animations between states (Transitions)

* Popover Windows. Slide Panels, Navigation Animations allow for animations

* Navigation Animations only work on Go 

* No Support in WebDirect

* No transition when switching windows 

0413 - Controlling Animation States
0500 Inputting Data
8 Lectures 54:30

Insert From Device Options in Fm Go 

* Go Devices allow inputs from touch screen and camera, something previously unavailable. Insert from device is the script step

0501 - Introduction to Input Methods for FileMaker Go

Selecting the correct Custom Keyboard for FM Go Users 

* Default system keyboard is the standard keyboard iPad users are used to seeing

* System Default keyboard is optimized to the right input for the field being selected

0502 - Custom Keyboards Overview

Barcode integration with iOS Device Cameras 

* Insert from Device is a great script Step to allows you to stick an image into a container.

* Insert from Device can also input Bar Code info directly into a text field.

* 1D and 2D barcodes are supported.

0503 - Bar Code Camera Integration & Insert from Device

Manual Activated or Script Activated

* FileMaker Pro does NOT support direct access to a connected camera.

* Manual insertion of a Image is supported with FileMaker Go.

* A Script can InsertFromDevice ... which will only work in FileMaker Go.  

* Access can be specified to front or back facing camera... with a specific time limit.

* There are UI design considerations for activating the script.

* The Container can be tapped on to bring up options.

* Maybe make the container a button to activate the script.

0504 - Container Field - Camera

Capturing Signatures from iOS Devices 

* Capturing signatures using insert from device is the script command

* Full Screen, Overlay and Embedded are the three container field options for capturing signatures

* Each option takes up a different amount of space on the screen. Useful for different applications. 

* Embedded doesn't work on the iPhone but overlay does and it does nearly the same thing

* Security built within FM. Get Container Attribute verifies if a signature was copied and pasted or if a picture was taken versus inputted

0505 - Container Field - Signatures

Font Rendering between Desktop and iOS

* Not All Styles on FileMaker Pro (Mac/Win) are supported on iOS in FileMaker Go.

* Use the FM Go 16 Training Tool to see this for yourself.

* Spacing for fonts is different based on the platform

* Vertical Spacing between Mac and iOS will be  different.

* From Mac to Window... Font Space is the same vertically... but laterally... it is wider on Windows.

0506 - Supported Fonts and Styles in the iOS

iBeacons and RangeBeacon Command

* iBeacons use RangeBeacon (Command) to find local iBeacons. Could be used to track fluffy bunnies or other objects

* No bearing or heading, just closeness indication

* UUID is no necessarily unique instead the Major/Minor indicates the specific Beacon

0508 - iBeacons - RangeBeacons

iBeacons and Script Triggers

* Configure Region Monitor is the script step used with iBeacons

* To Hunt for iBeacon must know the UUID. To identify the different beacons use Major and Minor identifiers

* Get(RegionMonitorEvents) is used to Monitor the beacons being looked for 

0509 - iBeacons - Configure Region Monitor for iBeacons
0600 Managing Digital Media
8 Lectures 57:02

Getting Attributes from Pictures and MP3's from FM Go

* Get(ContainerAttribute) can return latitude and longitude of where photographs were taken. Can Also give attributes of MP3's if it's an actual registered movie file with iTunes

* Containers will optimize pictures by displaying a thumbnail rather than the full size image. Improves speed

0601 - Digital Media Support Summary

Container Attributes and Interactions 

* At the bottom of the inspector containers, it can be specified for video versus images. This tells FileMaker to put a player in the container or not

* Interactive players can be set to play automatically or that they have to be initiated. This is a check box below the interactive player in the inspector. These settings are specific to FileMaker Pro and ignored by Go

* For Go to use the videos use insert from Device script step to bring over specific media from the iOS Device

* Transparency check box is not supported by the interactive player 

0602 - Container Field - Streaming & Interaction in iOS

Remote Containers with Fm Go 

* External Storage became a FM feature as of FM12. Previously this required a plugin

* Setup in options under a Container Field in Manage DateBase

* FileMaker Go can't store pictures separate from the DB File. Pro and Server can store externally, but if the server is setup correctly Go can use the feature through the server. If FM Go is being used Locally this is NOT a feature

0603 - Remote Container Intro & Conversion for use in iOS

Web Viewer

* Primary Limit of FM Go and Web Viewers is the limited RAM on iOS Devices (RAM Cannot be upgraded on those devices) 

* Web Viewers are able to play one quicktime player at one time

*Goes over the limitations of quicktime players and web Viewers

0605 - Web Viewer Idiosyncrasies

Streaming Video Through Web Viewers versus Containers 

* Streaming through containers is limited. 

* Full screen versus embedded 

* FM Go is much more nimble in managing embedded videos with the use of script triggers 

0606 - Benefits to Streaming Video thru Web Viewers

AVPlayer commands 

* AVPlay: Plays a Video 

* AVPlayer Set Options: Settings for a video that is ALREADY playing. For example setting the player to full screen

*AVPlayer Set Playback State: Sets start/stop but only after AVPlayer Play command is used

* Get AVPlayer Attribute: tells user anything that took place with the video: was is started, stopped, fast forwarded ect. 

0608 - AVPlayer Scripted Controls

AVPlayer Script Triggers

* On File AVPlayer change script trigger controls AVPlayers since they aren't really an object. This allows developers to stop users from skipping videos amongst other factors 

* There is a multitude of options with this trigger

* Controls go out the window when a video is played from YouTube

0609 - AVPlayer Script Triggers

How to Draw within FM Go 

* No Native way to draw in FM Go

* GoDraw allows drawing on images and elsewhere with FM solutions 

0610 - GoDraw
0700 Scripting and Syncing
5 Lectures 39:29

Unsupported script steps in FM Go Error 3

* Error 3, script step that is unsupported by FM Go. FM Go will skip over that line of code and continue 

* Some scrip steps work only in Go like "Insert From Device" 

* In the script workspace in the upper right hand corner, there is a setting to view script steps that are unsupported in FM Go. It will gray out the steps that are incompatible. This works will work for all platforms of FileMaker

0701 - Unsupported Script Steps

GPS Functions

* Script step Location returns the latitude and longitude values and accuracy

0702 - GPS Location Functions

URL Protocol and Sandboxing 

* Sandboxing

* Goes over the URL Protocols between the different FM Platforms

* URL is used to pass information back and forth between files

* If entering a record in Fm Go and the App sleeps and a URL is called a user will be returned to that record and state without the data being reverted or committed

0703 - URL Protocol and Sandboxing

SASE, Plugins and PSOS for Go 

* Plugins can't be installed in Go but they can be installed on the Server that is the best work around. Meaning scripts using Plugins must be run on the server (PSOS)

* When using PSOS from Go it might be worthwhile to tell the script to "wait for completing" 

* Script Parameter can also be used to pass info to the server based on the context of when and where the script is being triggered

0704 - Activating SASE from GO, How to get Plug-ins back into FileMaker Go.

Set error capture and user abort controls 

* Set Error Capture has no effect on Get Last Error 

* Allow User Abort allows a user to abort a script while its running if ON and stops them if OFF

* Don't set User Abort too OFF unless absolutely sure the script runs properly because if the script does not, the end a user is stuck

0705 - Script Error Capture & User Abort Controls
0800 Printing & Exporting
5 Lectures 30:55

Printing from iOS, Airprint and Printopia

* iOS Devices can print to local WiFi Printers using Airprint

* Most new printers support Airprint

* Use of Legacy printers don't work by default

* There is a software workaround 

* "Printopia" works on a Mac to allow older legacy printers to work with iOS devices

0801 - Printing - Part 1

Prinotopia and limits of printing in FM Go 

* Printopia allows documents to be saved to shared folders on Dropbox

* Printing options are limited in Go. The print options prints script doesn't work in Go. Many options and features are missing 

* Print options will default to whatever was last used

* Many specialty printers do NOT have air Print capabilities

0802 - Printing - Part 2

Limits of Printing in FM Go 

* Custom printing settings are part of the iOS or OS not the FM solution 

* What is not supported with scripting: Custom page size, DPI Size. Work around is to turn dialogue on to set manually each time

* Previous settings are per device not per user 

* Getting printing to work in complicated scenarios is going to be frustrating and will change with each new iteration of FM Pro and Go 

0803 - Scripting Print Jobs - Frustration

Manually and Scripting Sending a PDF

* When creating a PDF manually... Print Dialog Exposes the Save as PDF command

* When creating a PDF manually... you will be presented with a dialog... to save the PDF somewhere.

* Save to FileMaker Go (Black and White Icon)... saves the PDF to the Documents Directory.

* Most people will save the PDF locally... or send it out via email through the local email client on the iOS device.

* The Send Email Script Step... always requires user interaction via the email app dialog.   

* Scripting the PDF creation gives us more flexibility.

* We can save a PDF to the Temporary Directory.

* The Temporary path is invisible to users on FileMaker Go.  The operating system will periodically clean things out.

* We walk through building a script which automatically creates and emails the PDF... completely hands off.

*  You can recycle the PDF creation from FM Starting Point... or in a separate demo file.

* Path Name is set into a variable.

* Sending email out out via SEND EMAIL script step.... we use the "SMTP Server" option... so it goes out without the user's interaction.

* The path to the PDF in the variable... is passed as an attachment... to the SEND EMAIL script step.

0806 - E-mailing PDFs - Simple and Complex

Manually and Scripting Sending a Export File

* Manually activate "Export" menu item from the Action Menu.

* When creating a export manually... you will be presented with a dialog  to save the exported file.

* Scripted process... the SAME as the process for Saving and sending the PDF discussed in the previous video.

0807 - Exporting and E-mailing
0900 Security
6 Lectures 36:21

Key Chains are awesome!

* Key chain allows a user to log in and out without reentering the username and password every time

* Go can be setup to require iOS device password to add level of security without requiring a full login

* Settings are under Manage Keychain 

0901 - Security Overview & Key Chains

iPad Sleep and Restore

* iOS Apps in the background are in a suspended state of "sleep"

* FM Go is in the memory so it does not need to restore. This means it reactivates quickly 

* Sleep and Restore is a huge factor if security is of high concern 

0902 - Sleep & Restore - Overview

FMRestoreLogin vs. FMReauthenticate

* Understanding the old "FMRestoreLogin" Privilege Set and how that was replaced with "FMReauthenticate"

* Decide what level of security your DB requires

* Re-authenticating in FM Go (extended Privileges)

0903 - Sleep & Restore - History

Understanding FMReauthenticate

* Removing FMReauthenticate entirely... will prevent files that are already open... from requiring security credentials by FM Go Users

* Put a number after "FMReauthenticate" to set the "grace period" that the device can be asleep or inactive before they must reinput credentials.

* Files converted from .fmp7 (FileMaker 11) do NOT have "FMRestoreLogin" and will have the "FMReauthenticate0" extended privilege set added

* 10080 minutes is a maximum grace period... which is one week

0904 - Sleep & Restore - Technical Part 2

Understanding "Hibernation" process and Scripts

* Hibernation was improved with Sleep Restore using the Re-Authenticate extended privileges 

* Hibernation is a hidden file written by FileMaker Go or Pro that tells FileMaker how to restore itself... IF it has to reload itself into memory.

* Normally Hibernation files are not needed and not used.

* Normally, the Sleep/Restore process is used and the Hibernation file is never leveraged.  The Hibernation file is essentially a backup process... if the sleep and restore fails. For example... the user hard closed the FileMaker Go App.

* Scripts that are running when FileMaker Go goes to sleep will attempt to restore and continue themselves... ONLY if the Sleep/Restore process executes correctly.

*  If the Dehibernation process is activated as a backup... any running scripts will NOT continue.  Scripts only continue if the Sleep/Restore was successfu

0905 - Sleep & Restore - Technical Part 3

Useful for Accessing a Database with a Finger

* The Keychain can send credentials to FileMaker Go... without a Passcode or TouchID approval.

* Alternately, you can make the user enter their passcode OR TouchID... before the Keychain activates.

* TouchID is not accessible inside of FileMaker for you to access with scripts, etc.

0906 - TouchID
1100 Deployment
4 Lectures 01:20:33

Deployment of Go, Server with limited Internet Capabilities 

* It's ideal to connect directly to FM Server if using Go 

* If there is no good internet connection, look at third party Applications like MirrorSync

* DON'T use DropBox to house databases

* NO off-line access for Android users 

* FIAS is ideal for adding on FM integration but is not ideal for a standalone solution 

1101 - Deployment Strategies Part 1

PHP "beaming" from FM across the web ADVANCED

* PHP Allows info to be sent from a File and reimported in a container field. Bay 64 allows this feature

* Essentially a large file is broken into little pieces and "beamed" and then rebuilt at the other end

1102 - Deployment Strategies, Beaming Copies of Solutions Back to the Developer

1104 - Syncing - Third Party Tools

Setting up your Own Sync...without 3rd Party Tools

* Using the Import Script Step.  This has to happen on the Destination, NOT the source.

* You can also write a script that runs though a series of set field commands.

* Set field allows for precise testing and control of each field. 

* Set Field is a slower process to run, and it takes longer to setup.

* Import is a faster commander to run... and to setup.  It just provides for less precise control.

1105 - Syncing - Import Command/Set Field
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Senior Trainer and Platform Advocate

Richard Carlton is the CEO, and a Senior Engineer at Richard Carlton Consulting Inc. and its subsidiaries.

Richard has been involved with the FileMaker platform since 1990 and has grown RCC into one of the largest top tier FileMaker consultancies worldwide. Richard works closely with RCC's staff: a team of 28 FileMaker developers and supporting web designers. He has offices in California, Nevada, and Texas. Richard is a frequent speaker at the FileMaker Developers Conference on a variety of topics involving mobile application development, and client server integration.

Richard is the Product Manager for FM Starting Point, the popular and most downloaded free FileMaker CRM Starter Solution.

Richard has previously worked with VTC as a Video Training Author, and then later, started a new video publishing company, dedicated to the needs of the FileMaker community. LearningFileMaker is a new startup, and is dedicated to the FileMaker Platform, with hundreds of videos and upwards of 50 hours of recorded content available for free.

Richard won 2015 Excellence Award from FileMaker Inc (Apple Inc) for outstanding video and product creation, leading to enhanced business development.

RCC and LearningFileMaker are headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.