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Excel 2016 Training Course- Beginners Basics and Formulas

Excel 2016 beginners tutorial - Learn Excel + Excel Formulas to help in everyday Excel work. Excel exercises included.
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What Will I Learn?
Be confident in using the basics of MS Excel to help you in your Excel work
Be able to understand the Excel ribbon/QAT and customise them
Be able to understand, write and use Excel formulas
Be able to customise your text to your liking
Be able to generate tables, bar charts quickly
Be able to use conditional formatting in your reports
Be able to sort data in Excel using one or more rules
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  • Excel 2013 or Excel 2016
  • Have a working basic knowledge of Excel e.g. open, close workbook
  • Be able to enter data into Excel using the keyboard

Microsoft Excel skills can boost your career. Excel is one of the power tools of the world. Every business uses it. 

In today’s economy, knowing basic digital skills like MS Excel can boost your career prospects, help you cope in an existing job and give you access to more types of jobs.

This MS Excel course is aimed at beginners and will teach you essential Excel concepts to help you in your everyday work tasks. Each section includes quizzes or activities/tasks or both to help you fully grasp concepts. As an Excel beginner here is what you will get from this Excel course:

• How to use the Excel Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar- and customise them to suit you

• How to add, delete, rename, copy and move Excel worksheets

• How to cut/copy and paste data - including the many options Excel gives you

• How to write Excel formulas- from ground up. 

• How to fully format text and understand the many options Excel provides

• How to make an Excel table in under 10 minutes and customise it

• How to make an Excel bar chart in under 10 minutes and customise it

• How to use conditional formatting to customise your Excel work

Remember this Excel course is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee so enroll today and I look forward to seeing you on the other side:)

Who is the target audience?
  • Those users who want to grasp the basics of Excel
  • Those who are prepared to be pro-active and watch the lectures, make notes and do the quizzes/tasks
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 72 Lectures Collapse All 72 Lectures 07:22:05
Introduction to this course
3 Lectures 04:18

This lecture overviews the course and the benefits you will get from this.

Preview 02:25

This lecture covers how to take screenshots of your Excel work. Note, when posting please ensure nothing sensitive or confidential is included- only the workbook area is needed.

How to take a screenshot of Excel
The Excel Menu/Ribbon
3 Lectures 26:37

This Excel lecture introduces the Excel menu structure commonly known as the 'Excel Ribbon'. We overview the various commands of each tab.

Preview 12:14

This Excel lecture overviews the Quick Access Toolbar. We also cover how to customise this toolbar and also how to create your own Ribbon of personal frequent commands. This lecture will be useful once the course is completed since you will by then have a list of favourite Excel items you always want available.

Customising the Quick Access Toolbar and Excel Ribbon

This lecture overviews your Excel task for this section.

Your Excel Task for this section
Worksheet basics
7 Lectures 22:25

This Excel lecture quickly overviews the menu we will be using for the rest of this section...

Before we start...

This Excel lecture introduces the section and shows you how to add and delete Excel worksheets.

Introduction and How to add and delete an Excel worksheet

This Excel lecture shows you how to rename an Excel worksheet and also the limitations in terms of the length and symbols you can include in your worksheet tab name.

How to Rename an Excel Worksheet

This Excel lecture shows you how to move and copy Excel worksheets.

How to Move or Copy an Excel Worksheet

This lecture shows you how to change the colour tab of an Excel worksheet.

How to change the colour tab of an Excel Worksheet

This lecture shows you how to hide and unhide Excel worksheets.

How to Hide/Unhide an Excel Worksheet

This lecture presents your Excel tasks for this section.

Your Excel Task for this section
Formulas Part 1
6 Lectures 23:16

This Excel lecture overviews our strategy for learning Excel formulas for the next couple of sections.

Formulas- An Introduction

This Excel lecture breaks down the syntax typically used for an Excel formula.

Formula Syntax Breakdown

This quiz will test your knowledge of formula syntax

Formulas syntax quiz
3 questions

This lecture overviews why we are going back to basics for learning Excel formulas and then covers addition in Excel using two ways, the + symbol and the sum() function.

Back to basics overview

Tests knowledge on adding in Excel

Excel Adding quiz
2 questions

This Excel lecture shows you how to use the multiply operator in Excel to perform calculations.

Preview 02:00

Quiz on multiplicaton in Excel

Excel multiplication quiz
2 questions

This lecture shows you how to subtract in Excel.

Learning to subtract in Excel

Quiz to test subtraction in Excel

Excel Subtraction quiz
2 questions

This lecture shows you how to use the divide symbol in Excel

Dividing in Excel

Excel division quiz

Excel division quiz
1 question
Formulas Part 2
6 Lectures 21:30
Brackets and references- Quick intro

Explains a key rule to success in Microsoft Excel

Preview 04:55

Tests knowledge on brackets Excel lecture

Excel brackets quiz
6 questions

This lecture explains cell references in Excel and how to use them.

Understanding absolute and fixed references

Quick lecture on using a shortcut key to edit references. This one will supercharge your productivity!

Best way for editing Excel absolute and relative references

Tests references knowledge in Excel

Excel references quiz
4 questions

This lecture shows you a quick way to increase your productivity when typing formulas:). One additional note- the use of the key called 'F-lock' - found on your keyboard is needed. Practically all keyboards have this key. This 'F-lock' key is also known as the 'Fn' key or 'Function' key. Depending on your computer brand, any one of these names is used- but they all do the same thing..which is enable the use of the 'F' keys on your keyboard.

Excellent key to use when writing Excel formulas

This lecture quickly shows you how the F-lock key looks like on a typical keyboard. Note- the F-lock key is also known as the 'Fn' key or 'Function' key.

How the F-lock key looks like on a typical keyboard
Formulas Part 3
8 Lectures 01:19:18

This mega Excel lecture covers a full worked example of using Excel formulas. It is fairly long so please rewatch it if necessary. Please note the workbook attached covers both part 1 and part 2 lectures.

Formulas Part 1

This lecture looks at a couple of more worked examples for Excel formulas.

Formulas Part 2

Here we look at a common way of separating two items of data in an Excel cell into two cells. Note the attached resource contains examples for the next 4 lectures too.

Formulas Worked Example 1

In this Excel lecture we look at a great way of calculating working days between two dates.

Formulas Worked Example 2

Here we look at our first example of nesting Excel formulas, that is putting one formula into a parameter of another.

Formulas Worked Example 3

In this Excel lecture we look at how to replace characters of text with another character.

Formulas Worked Example 4

In this Excel lecture we look at another nested formula example.

Formulas Worked Example 5

Tasks for this section.

Your tasks for this section
Formulas Part 4- If then else statements
5 Lectures 38:28

In this Excel lecture we overview if then else statements in Excel and look at them via a worked example. The attached resource contains worked examples 1-3.

Introduction to if then else statements

This lecture teaches how to use Excel's comparison operators. On their own these aren't that useful- but when combined with if then else statements become extremely powerful.

Logical Operators

In this Excel example we look at how we can use if then else statements and absolute references to create a threshold for which data can be marked/graded against.

If then else statements Worked Example 2

In this Excel lecture we take another look at absolute references in the context of a worked example. If then else statements are again used as part of the example.

If then else statements Worked Example 3

Tasks for this section

Your tasks for this section
Formulas Part 5- Multiple conditions testing in Excel
3 Lectures 13:42

This Excel lecture covers the use of the Excel AND operator. The attached resource covers both lectures (AND and OR).

The Excel AND operator

This Excel lecture covers the Excel OR operator.

The Excel OR operator

Tasks for this section.

Your tasks for this section
Formulas Part 6- How do I know which formula to use?
2 Lectures 14:56

This Excel lecture helps you to answer one of the most common questions in Excel formula writing- which one do I use? Note: The attached resource covers both this lecture and 'Part 2'.

Formula Helper Part 1

Part 2 of our answer to the Excel question of which formula do I use?

Formula Helper Part 2

This quiz will test your knowledge of Excel's formula helper.

Formula helper quiz
2 questions
Formulas Part 7- Excel Formula Error Messages
1 Lecture 06:28

This lecture overviews Excel's error messages - the most popular ones, why they are caused and how to fix them.

Error Messages- What do they mean?

Excel error messages quiz.

Excel error messages quiz
1 question
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Our Udemy Excel courses have been developed to cover a wide range of needs for the Excel user. There is a course to suit everyone from beginners level to advanced. We provide all workbooks and full support via the discussion forums. Simply put our Excel courses use real life examples and not just theory to help you learn and improve yourself and give you proper skills you can use in your workplace.

Our Excel IT Consultant/Instructor Navin has been in the IT industry for approximately ten years. Recently featured nationwide in Costco Magazine, Navin has over 6 years experience as an Analyst. Having self-taught himself Microsoft Excel and VBA, he achieved MCAS (now known as Microsoft Office Specialist) certification in Excel in 2010. His work in Excel has been varied having worked on automating and streamlining reports to building and deploying real time dashboards to monitor performance.

During his time as an Analyst, he often assisted colleagues who needed problems solved in Excel. By relating the functions to use, to the context of their problem, his colleagues were able to grasp the concepts of what functions to use and in what context.

This spurned Navin's need to develop these range of Excel courses which to date have over 13,000 students enrolled. So please have a look at our range of fantastic courses and join us on our journey. You won't be disappointed.

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