Learn Curling: Mix Physical Activity with Mental Challenge
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Learn Curling: Mix Physical Activity with Mental Challenge

The Fastest Growing Winter Sport in the World
4.5 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
7 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Have a strong understanding and be able to play the sport of curling.
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  • Have a willingness and desire to learn the sport of curling and get some exercise with others while playing the fastest growing winter sport in the world. The only initial equipment needed are running shoes and warm layered clothing.

Curling is the fastest growing winter sport in the world for a reason.  Curling is fun, mentally stimulating and inspires solid team work.  This creative game is constantly changing end by end.  This unpredictability is part of the appeal of the sport.

This Learn Curling program will take viewers through every part of the game, beginning with the necessary equipment, learning on-ice awareness, through to the rules of the game and the strategy to make you a skilled curler.

This course also dives deeper into the game explaining the science behind what makes curling rocks curl, the elements of a good delivery including the grip and release of the rock.  Also examined is the Free Guard Zone, which is an important part of curling which provides the opportunity to score points and keep the game exciting.

Various offensive and defensive strategies will be discussed as well as good team communication tactics. 

Curling is at the top of the list when it comes to an example of good sportsmanship in a game. With over 1.5 million people taking part in curling around the world there has never been a better time to learn this enjoyable and intriguing sport. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Almost any age can play. Generally recommended for participants aged eight to 80.
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Curriculum For This Course
Learn to Curl: Mixing Physical Activity with Mental Challenge
14 Lectures 31:47

In this ‘Learn to Curl’ program you will learn all of the necessary details to play and enjoy the sport of curling.  Two collegiate level instructors will show you how curling is played. The only equipment needed is a broom and curling rocks, or stones, which most curling clubs will provide.

The specifics of how to throw a rock, how to sweep and strategies of game will be covered in this course.

Note - WARNING - This is a very addictive game!

Preview 01:47

This section explores in detail the various pieces of curling equipment needed to enjoy the game of curling.  Curling rocks, also known as curling stones, weigh approximately 44 pounds each and thankfully this necessary piece of equipment is provided by the curling clubs where this game takes place.

The second necessary piece of equipment is a curling broom which has evolved into a light- weight effective tool.  The only other equipment needed is shoes, with one slippery sole, and warm layered clothes.

The slippery shoe will be explained.

Curling Equipment

The sport of curling requires some equipment.  Test your knowledge with these questions.

Curling Equipment
3 questions

Curling is played on a hard frozen ice surface; therefore it is essential to be aware of the potential hazards that could be present while playing this sport.  At times during the game one slippery shoe surface will exposed to the ice surface.  Players must take proper care when placing the Teflon soled foot onto the ice.

Curling rocks are heavy and can move quickly on the ice so constant awareness is important.  When players are mindful of these details curling is a safe and enjoyable game.

Curling Safety and Ice Awareness

Safety and On-ice Awareness
2 questions

The rules of curling will be covered in detail in this section.  This game is flexible in duration depending on the skill level of the players involved.  Club curling will be up to 8 ends in length, if sufficient time is available, while professional and high level athletes may play up to 10 ends.

There are 4 players per team and each player gets to throw 2 rocks per end alternating with their counterpart from the opposing team.

The specific details of the field of play, which is known as a curling sheet of ice, is examined.

Various types of shots are used in curling including guards, draws and hits.  Each shot is explained and the proper time to use each one is examined.

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Rules of Curling
3 questions

A good curling delivery is the foundation for enjoying this game.  The delivery is built on the player having a good center of balance as they slide out of the hack. Your line of delivery is also important to stay on target.

There are 5 key parts to an effective curling delivery.  This section will explain how these different elements all come together to provide you with an effective delivery of the curling rock.


3 questions

The reason this game is called curling is because the rocks curl or curve while traveling down the ice surface.  This section will explain the exact physics of why and how a curling rock curls.

It begins with understanding how curling ice is different from regular hockey ice. The surface is pebbled and this is what allows the rock to curl sideways.  You will also learn how to grip the rock and how to release it correctly which allows the stone to move in the direction that the Skip or captain is requesting.

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Grips, Turns and Releases
3 questions

The point of sweeping in front of a curling rock is to get it to move further and straighter than it would without sweeping.  This is one of the reasons which make curling such a great team sport.  Sweepers can help to steer a rock on its intended path while under the watchful guidance of the team Skip or Captain.

The sweepers achieve this by heating up the ice and thus reducing the friction between the rock and the pebbled ice surface.


3 questions

Curling is a very precise sport.  The difference between a great shot and a missed shot is often measured in fractions of an inch or tenths of a second.

The use of stopwatches by more experienced curlers provides additional information to help judge whether a rock needs sweeping and just how much sweeping is necessary.

When and how the watches are used in curling will be examined in this section.

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2 questions

Although communication may not seem that important, proper and effective communication between team members on a curling team is the key to that team’s success. 

From the time a rock is released from a players' hand there should be a constant flow of information between the sweepers and the Skip or the person holding the broom, which is the target the rock is being thrown to.

The methods of communicating will be discussed in this lecture.


2 questions

In curling the goal is to get as many of your rocks closer to the button or the center of the target than your opponents.  This task is made easier by having guards or rocks placed out in front of the house with which you can hide behind.  This is made possible by placing these rocks in an area known as the Free Guard Zone.  This section explains, in detail, how this zone has made curling the tactical game that it has become. 

Scoring and the Free Guard Zone

Scoring and the Free Guard Zone
2 questions

Curling has often been called chess- on-ice. It is a very tactical sport that is constantly changing with every rock thrown.  One team can go from counting 3 rocks in the house to suddenly finding all counting rocks gone with the toss of 1 rock from their opponent.  

Curling forces you to always be thinking one or two steps ahead.  You must anticipate your oppositions every move and play accordingly.

This lecture will dive deep into strategy options for curlers.

Curling Strategy

3 questions

The scoreboard in curling is unique from other sports.  Rather than having a blank scoreboard before the game begins, a curling scoreboard already has scores on it.  As the game goes on the ends where scores are attained are added to the scoreboard.

This section will examine what can often be a confusing aspect of the game of curling.

Curling Scoreboard

1 question

An important part to any sport is proper warming up and proper cooling down before and after exercising.  This section will provide some exercises athletes can do which are unique to curling.

Curling Warm-up Exercises

The game of curling is a sport which has a set of traditional aspects which make this game very special.  In a word curling is a true ‘gentleman’s’ sport.   Beginning with a handshake and followed by certain rules of conduct, such as not needing officials. This makes the game of curling different from all other sports. 

These traits will be discussed in this section.

And make sure you watch this entire video to enjoy the bloopers and outtakes.

Curling Etiquette

Etiquette in Curling
2 questions
About the Instructor
Rick Davis
4.4 Average rating
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Television Producer/Director/Writer

Multiple award-winning Producer/Director Rick Davis, has been working in the television broadcast industry for over 30 years. Although Rick works primarily in the sports genre, he has also garnered attention for his documentary work and efforts with charitable organizations.

He has produced and/or directed at numerous international sporting events including the Olympics, Pan American Games, FIFA World Cup soccer and several other world championships.

He has been a key contributor to the early development of 3 national television sports networks. His services and mentor-ship have helped fledgling industry people to grow and understand the challenges of this dynamic industry.

Rick has a strong passion to teach and help others learn.  He believes constant learning should be a way of life to keep us all moving forward.

Emma Arnold
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I have been curling since the age of eight. I currently play at the collegiate level, competing for Western University. With international coaching experience, I am working towards completing my competition coaching certificate. 

I have also attended Trillium, a Canadian high level training camp and Fussen, a German training camp to increase my knowledge and understanding of the sport. 

Katelyn Greer
4.5 Average rating
2 Reviews
7 Students
1 Course

Kate is an accomplished curler having reached success on the ice all the way to the university level.  She has years of experience under her belt having begun the game at the age of six.  Driving these years of experience is a passion for curling, falling in love with being on the ice at a young age, she finds it very easy to take any opportunity she has to get on the ice. She has also increased her knowledge and skill level by attending Trillium Curling Camp for many years, a high level training camp.