Learn How to Build A Successful Etsy Shop
4.6 (11 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Learn How to Build A Successful Etsy Shop

An in-depth breakdown of how to build an Etsy shop and market your products successfully from A to Z
4.6 (11 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
120 students enrolled
Created by Mike M. Burke
Last updated 10/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Build an Etsy shop from scratch
  • Learn to successfully sell products on Etsy whether your new or a current shop owner
  • Create shop policies that protect your business and help the customer
  • Optimize your Etsy shop pages to increase sales
  • Market and advertise your Etsy business
  • Learn to ship 98% to 100% of your orders from home without ever leaving
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  • This course will break down every detail of Etsy and running a shop. Therefore the only three things you need is a pen or pencil, a notebook, and an open mind.

Perhaps you thought about creating an Etsy shop or have one already as a home based business. Either way it takes more than just creating a shop, adding a product or two, and then wait for the sales to pour in. In this definitive course on Etsy you will learn everything from how to choose the proper name for your online shop all the way to the most efficient way to ship your products from home without having to leave.

If you happen to be crafty, artistic, a great baker, or like to build things with your own bare hands you can sell your creations in your very own online shop. Etsy has made it possible for creative people to run their own home based business based on their love and passion for arts, crafts, and baked goods. They also let you sell antique and vintage items as well. The best part is that they will handle all transactions saving you from the hassle.

My name is Mike M Burke and I run a very successful Etsy shop. My products are well loved by many from all around the world and now I am going to teach you everything I learned from A to Z! No stone will be left unturned as we will break down each aspect and detail of running an Etsy shop.

We will go through the registration process, naming your shop, creating your products, processing orders, protecting your business, shipping, legal issues, store policies, and all the way to growing your business for more revenue. I'll teach you an amazing tip about sharing your own personal story that can dramatically increase your sales. You will also learn tips for marketing and advertising so that your products and shop can be found by the search engines and other websites.

My approach to teaching is through video in a one to one format. When needed I will also show you live examples from the Etsy website. Each lecture covers just one topic full of informative details as well as my own personal stories and experiences related to my own home based business and my Etsy shop. I have nearly 25 years of experience in front of and behind the camera. I speak clearly with passion and energy. The videos are well lit with broadcast quality sound. Average running time is 5 minutes however there are 10 to 20 minute long videos as well. There are 41 video lectures and you can realistically complete multiple lectures in one sitting. You will find a few printable documents included to help serve as a guide as you take this course and build your Etsy shop. Finally, you will find that at the end of certain sections there will be a quiz. These quizzes are designed to test you on the most important information from each section and lecture.

Etsy can change your life and give you an opportunity to be free from any boss for the rest of life. By the time you finish the last lecture in this course you will be ready to build your very own Etsy shop with ease or if you currently have a shop you will learn some new things you didn't know to help increase your revenue. Everything you need to learn how to create a successful Etsy shop as your very own home based business is here. You don't just dream big; you make those dreams a reality!

Who is the target audience?
  • This is course is for creative people, crafters, builders, artists, photographers, bakers, and anyone looking to run a successful Etsy shop working for themselves. If you can build or make physical products or digital items then you can create an Etsy shop. No prior experience is needed however current Etsy shop owners can benefit by learning new things to help increase revenue and optimize their shop.
  • This course is NOT for those who are unwilling to work hard in their own home based business with Etsy. It takes time, dedication, knowledge, and hard work.
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Curriculum For This Course
44 Lectures
Introductory And Getting Started
3 Lectures 23:59

As we begin the course you will be introduced to your instructor and Etsy. We will go over what's in store for this course, things that you will need as you go through each lecture, and will get an overall of running an Etsy business.

Preview 11:29

Etsy's popularity has been growing rapidly over the past few years. It is beginning to become a household name. In today's lecture we are going to get to know Etsy and why this site is not only great for customers but shop owner's as well. A big part of this lecture features an in-depth tour of how Etsy works.

Getting To Know ETSY

This lecture is an update of Etsy's newly designed website. Over the year, and after I recorded the videos in this course a while ago, Etsy gave their site a new face-lift and added a few new features. In this video lecture we will visit the Etsy website and go on a virtual tour. I will show you the changes that have been made and go over some of the new features that have been added. Please keep in mind that so far everything you learned in the previous lectures still apply. The biggest change has to do with shipping. I have added an updated video in that section to go over that change.

UPDATE: Tour Of Etsy's Newly Designed Website For 2015-2016

A little quiz to get your feet wet before we continue.

Introduction Quiz
2 questions
Your Products and Branding
2 Lectures 16:15

Before you even think about creating an Etsy shop you should at least have an idea of what your shop will sell. It all starts with your first product. In this lecture I will go over some great techniques for coming up with product ideas and provide advice on choosing products that have a better chance of making sales. When this lecture ends you will be ready to create your first product.

Creating Your Product

Naming your shop is vital to your success and brand. It's more than just coming up with something that may sound good. It must convey what your business is about. It also must not contain anything that could bring legal trouble your way. In this lecture I will go over some great methods for coming up with your name, how to optimize it, and turning it into a brand. We will also go into detail about branding and why it is so important to your success as a shop owner.

Naming Your Store And Branding

Lets see what you learned before moving onto Section 3!

Section 2 Completion Quiz
3 questions
Building Your ETSY Shop
6 Lectures 01:05:49

Registering with Etsy is pretty easy but there is more involved than just signing up. You will need to optimize your profile, bio, and as a seller you need to prepair your account for making sales. There are tax settings and financial settings that must be completed as well. We will go over all of it and I will show exactly what to do by showing you real life examples from the Etsy website. Everything we do here must be done before you create your actual shop.

Registering With Etsy

In the previous lecture you learned that you must add a story to your "About Me" section for your shop. For today's lecture I will tell you exactly what to do to optimize this story. I share my own example that changed my business and increased my revenue almost instantly. It may not seem that is important but it is.

Adding your "About Me" section

You have your story added, your profile image, and all of your settings filled out correctly. Now it's time to start building your actual Etsy shop. In this lecture we will go over the process of setting up your shop, what you need to know, what you must do, and how to do it. As part of this lecture you will see real examples from the Etsy website in order to give you a visual of how this whole process works. When this lecture is over you will have what you need to build your very own shop.

Setting Up Your Shop

This lecture is vital to your business. Shop policies are designed to protect your business and notify the customers of important information. Etsy makes it very easy for you to add very detailed policies. We will go over everything you need to do and I will show you my shop policies to help guide you. This is a must for your shop so please take notes!

Shop Policies

It's always important to understand legal issues that may come up. Just recently the very talented Taylor Swift issued a cease and decist order against an Etsy shop owner because they were selling products featuring her copyrighted song lyrics. This shop owner could lose this business over this. In this leacture I will go over the legal issues you could face and how to protect yourself and your business.

Legal Issues

Running an Etsy shop is actually pretty simple. Etsy has done everything to make it easy for shop owners. Unlike ebay, Etsy has tremendous respect for their shop owners and will do everything to help them be more efficient and successful. One of those way is the Etsy Dashboard. This will be your main tool at Etsy. You can access orders, stats, get updates, see who reviewed your product, etc. In this lecture you will learn all about it and see a visual demostration of how to use it.

The Etsy Dashboard AKA Your Business Central

Let's see if you learned the important elements needed to start an Etsy shop.

Section 3 Completion Quiz
9 questions
Listing Your Product
6 Lectures 01:07:17

In this lecture I will finally show you how to create a listing for your product in your Etsy shop. There are a lot of important details here. We will cover catagories, variations, title, description, photographs, pricing, shipping, and publishing your listing for all to see.

Building Your Listing

Now that we have gone through listing your product let's start to break down each aspect of it. In this lecture we will focus on photographing your products. Most Etsy sellers use some similiar styles for their photographs and I will show what that is. If you can't hire a pro there will be some tips here if you are going to be taking your own photos.


In order to write your product titles and description it's vital that you do some keyword or keyphrase research. This will not only help your product get found on Etsy's site but search engines like Google and Bing. It will also come in handy later when you do some marketing and advertising. I have a very simple way of doing this and I will show you exactly how to do it. After this lecture you will be able to optimize your titles and descriptions like a pro!

Keyword Research

Now that we have completed the course on keywords and keyphrases let's put it all together. In this lecture I will show you the best way to writing your titles and descriptions with keywords and keyphrases. We will also discuss your descriptions. How long should it be? What should it say? What about the proper format? Every detail you need to add will be discussed. What you learn today will make a huge difference to your products exposure and success.

Description and Title

This lecture will touch on a subject that many Etsy sellers struggle with when they begin. Even those who have been doing this for awhile may struggle with this topic as well. How much should you price your item? When is it too low or too high? What about shipping fees? No worries as we will go over all of this. After this lecture is over you will have a much better idea of what you should do when pricing your products and setting shipping fees.

Pricing and Shipping Fees

Throughout the year Etsy has given it's website a face-lift. As part of these changes they also added a few new features to make things easier for shop owners. For the most part none of these changes go against what you have been learning here so far. Really it is just a face-lift. For this lecture we are going to take a look at the completely redesigned listing manager and the new add product page. Everything has been rearranged differently as you will see and they added two new features such as the ability to renew your products automatically and offer new shipping options. All of this will be shown as we tour the Etsy website.

UPDATE: ETSY's New Listing Manager

We are moving along now. I want to test you to see how well you have been paying attention!

Section 4 Completion Quiz
13 questions
Order, Shipping, and Returns
4 Lectures 53:12

Processing orders depends upon your efficiency. Are you prepared or will you need to actually build your item as orders come in? You will need to decide this and then make a note of it in your description. In this lecture we will discuss these details. I will also take you to the Etsy website and show you exactly how to process an order in your shop using one of my own real life orders that I will process live.

Processing Orders

In this lecture you will learn how to make your shipping process simple, fast, and efficient. What I do to ship is one of the reasons why I only need to work 30 minutes to an hour a day in my Etsy business. I do it all from home and rarely need to take a trip to the post office or shipping facilities. What you learn here will save you a ton of time and money. Have your notebook ready!

Shipping Process

Like any business there will be times when you need to process returns or exchanges. If you handle this wrong it could cost you money and/or hurt your ratings. In this lecture I will share some important tips for how you should handle these situations. I will also show the process of creating a return. Some of what we learn will also be directly connected to your store policies.

Returns and Exchanges

Over the past the past year Etsy has given their website a complete face-lift. They have also added a few new features. One of those has made life a lot easier for shop owners. The feature in question is their new shipping options and shipping profile creator. Here you can build preset profiles for the type of shipping you would like to offer. For example if you want to offer free shipping, calculated costs, or choose your own fees. You can also add handling fees as well. You then save these profiles and choose them from a drop down menu when creating or updating your listings. This lecture will take you directly to the Etsy website where I will show you exactly how it works and what you need to do.

UPDATE: Etsy's New Shipping Profile Builder

So how well do you know the process of orders and shipping? Let's see!

Section 5 Completion Quiz
3 questions
Customer Service
3 Lectures 32:25

With Etsy you won't always talk to your customers. Most will order your product, you process and ship, and that is it. Sometimes you will need to answer questions or deal with issues that come up. There is a right way to handle customers and very WRONG way of doing it. I have lots of advice and some real life examples on how to deal with customer service.

Customer Service

Etsy allows sellers to create coupon codes. This can really help you increase sales if used correctly. You can send previous customers coupons or pass them out to people you meet. This is where your creativity as an Etsy seller can shine! We will go over all of these things in this lecture and I will show you exactly how to create a coupon code.

Coupon Codes

You wouldn't think we would need a lecture on email communication however it is a vital part of your business. I have made a ton of sales through email conversations. In this lecture I have some great tips for communicating properly with email. You will also learn how many times a day you should check your messages.

Email Communication

Are you going to handle customers correctly? Take this quiz to find out.

Section 6 Completion Quiz
4 questions
Income and Billing
3 Lectures 27:37

Your shop is up, your products are selling and now it's time to get paid! For this lecture you will learn all details about how to get paid and when Etsy does it. I will take you into my own Etsy back office so that you can see the breakdown of how Etsy sends paychecks.

Getting Paid

When you sell a product and charge shipping Etsy does not automatically take out the shipping fee to cover the order. Instead they create a monthly tab that you must pay at the beginning of each month. In this lecture I will show exactly what fees you will be charged and what you need to do to pay them. This is part of the process of running your business and it's very important you know how this process works. After this lecture you will know!

Billing & Fees

In most places around the world you are required to file taxes on income earned and it's no different here. The best way to start is by creating a profit/loss statement for each quarter (3 months) of the year. I will break this down and tell you exactly what you need to do. I have included a printable profit/loss worksheet in the last section of this course. Save it to your PC and then print it as needed. This is a very important lecture so pay attention and take notes!

Profit/Loss and Taxes

I need to quiz you on the important information regarding finances. I sure hope you paid attention!

Section 7 Completion Quiz
7 questions
Expanding Your ETSY Business
2 Lectures 14:31

In this lecture we will discuss ways to sell outside of Etsy in order to increase revenue and exposure. You will also learn about a fantastic feature Etsy has made available to sellers that will help you take credit card orders anywhere you are as long as you have a smart phone or tablet.

Selling Outside Of Etsy

Sure you can add new products to your shop but will it be the right products. In this lecture we will go over ways to increase your products and exposure. There are some important things to know before you move forward with expansion and you will learn them here.

Expanding Your Product Base

Let us review what you have learned about expanding your Etsy shop for more sales.

Section 8 Completion Quiz
2 questions
Marketing and Advertising
6 Lectures 56:39

Your products should get found by those searching for your product type on Etsy but what about increasing those searches? Marketing and advertising is a must for reaching success. Some of the things you can do are no brainers such as social media and other methods may be new to you. You can choose to do some or all of what you will learn today however doing it all will greatly increase your traffic, revenue, and exposure to your brand.

Marketing and Advertising

Etsy has made available an awesome feature to sellers that involves simple paid advertising. You set your daily budget and they do the rest! If you are looking for paid advertising or have the funds to invest this can help your Etsy shop ten-fold. I will discuss it all in this lecture and show you how to set it up.

Etsy Promoted Listings

There is a free advertising method on the Etsy website called "Etsy Shopping Ads." This is very simple to use and I'll show you how. I will also take you to the search engines to show you the results of what keyword research, marketing, advertising, and shopping ads produce. There is a reason why my product dominates the search engines and I will show you exactly how. All you need to do is replicate this with your products and in time you will see similar results.

Etsy Shopping Ads & Search Engines

One of the best free forms of online advertising is blogging. Just about every online business owner runs a blog and many brick and mortar companies are hiring bloggers. In this lecture I will go into full detail on what a blog is, how to create your own, and the best way to format it properly. Even if you have zero writing experience you will still be able to create a blog after this lecture. I will also give you tips on creating your own personal website that can feature your Etsy products and send customers to your Etsy shop.

Blogging And Separate Website

Believe or not having a Facebook fan page/business page can bring in sales. It serves as free advertising, allows you to use paid Facebook PPC advertising, and with the right Etsy app linked to your page your customers can order your product directly from the page itself. In today's lecture I will show you how easy it is to create a fan page and show you all the benefits of having one.

Facebook Fan Page

One of the best forms of free advertising is video. It allows you to connect to your customer base, show your product in the best way, entice potential buyers and reach a wider audience. I have nearly 25 years of professional video experience and in this lecture I will show you the best way to make awesome videos for your Etsy shop and products.

Video Marketing

We are more than halfway done! How well did you retain what you learned in section 9? Take the quiz to see.

Section 9 Completion Quiz
6 questions
Tips, Tricks, & Other Things For Improving Your Business
9 Lectures 01:06:25

The holiday rush may start at the end of November but for the Etsy shop owner it starts much earlier than that. In order to maximize your profits there is a lot of preparation work that must be done so you are ready. In today's lecture I will guide you through the process and tell you exactly when you need to start beefing up your stock.

Prepping For The Holiday Rush

There is no doubt about it that having an Etsy shop is super awesome. After all you are working from home as your own boss. When you make sales it's a great feeling but like anything there are highs and lows. You will find that at certain times in the year sales will be slow. You may even get discouraged. In this lecture I will tell you all about it. After doing this for awhile now I have an idea of when things will get slow and when they will pick up. I will also share some encouraging words for you to remember when things do get tough.

The Wave; Highs and Lows

Not every product you create and offer will do well. I know this all too well. For this lecture I have some tips and advice on how to deal with hit and misses. You will also learn that it's all about finding that sweet spot and then sticking to it.

Hit or Miss Products

A product with a story and a history sells more than one without. I have lots of advice to help you incorporate behind the scenes images and info to your shop to help connect to potential buyers. This is yet another way that can increase sales and guide you to success with your shop.

Behind The Scenes

All work and no play? Do that for too long and you will burn out! Just because you work from home and for yourself doesn't mean you need to work every day of the year. Thankfully Etsy has actually thought of that and made a great feature available to shop owners. In this lecture I will show you exactly how to put your shop in vacation mode as you take some uninterrupted time off. Etsy makes it super easy to do and I will show you how.

Vacations And Time Away

You may find that hiring an outside manufacture to make parts for your product could be time saving or even money saving. If you do decide to go down this road it is required that you notify Etsy. For this lecture I will show you where in your Etsy back office you can add manufactures. You will also learn when you might need an outside manufacture.

Outside Manufacturing

Many times, when an Etsy shop grows, it will become increasingly difficult for you to meet the demands of your customers and orders. This is when hiring an employee or two can help you tremendously. This is also a big step to growing into a full fledge company. I have lots of tips and advice to share in this lecture as well as important info you need to think about before making this big move.

Hiring Employees

Etsy makes it super easy for you to increase sales by offering custom orders. This has helped me make multiple huge sales. In this lecture I will show you how to set this up in your Etsy shop and how you might go about offering custom orders.

Custom Orders

The end of this course has come. I hope you have learned a lot and you are now ready to spread your wings and fly. Before you do I want to inspire and motivate you. I have some deep things to share with you about working for yourself and chasing your dreams. I will discuss dreams, success, failure, and determination. Whenever your business has you feeling low be sure to come back to this video for a little pick me up.

Farewell With Some Inspiration

This is your final quiz. How much did you pay attention to section 10? Find out by taking the quiz.

Section 10 Completion Quiz
12 questions
About the Instructor
Mike M. Burke
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Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Actor, Writer, Filmmaker

I was born with the entrepreneurs’s blood in my veins! What started out as mowing one neighbor’s yard for ten dollars at the age of 11 grew into multiple lawns and my fist business. Unlike many kids I knew I was earning decent income each week. At just 14 years old I was hired to work as a busboy in an Italian Restaurant. Little did I know that small job would lead to something life changing and put me on the journey I am now on.

I discovered I had a talent for comedy and celebrity voice impersonations when I was 12 years old. Within the year I was performing as a stand up comic at parties, school events, and family functions. It had become my passion and my dream. I knew then what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. While working as a busboy my boss had become a huge fan of my comedy. Each night he would call me out to the dining room and have me perform mini comedy acts for the patrons. This lead me to doing a special hour and half comedy night in the restaurant that was filmed and aired on local TV. To my surprise the TV special was a hit! One particular fan of the special, who was a grade above me in the same High School, introduced himself to me and we became instant friends.

One day in study hall we were talking and out of the blue we came up with the concept for a comedy talk/variety show that we would air on local TV. Although he didn’t think it was possible I set out to prove it was. After all this was a big part of my dream. A few months later “Comedy After Dark starring Mike Burke” was born! I was 16 years old by this point. Our broadcast appeared weekly on local television and became wildly popular in our community and the surrounding communities. I had many roles on the show. I served as Executive Producer, Head Writer, Director, Host, and video editor. The show ran successfully for 100 episodes in a two year span of time. We chose to end it on top at 100!

Since then I have become a filmmaker producing independent films with my production company Mystic Night Pictures. My duties include screen writer, producer, director, lead actor, and film editor. To date I have made over 15 films and numerous film shorts. I have decades of experience in front of the camera and I’m very comfortable with it.

In more recent years I have created a number of home based businesses. I run a very successful Etsy shop building and selling Electric Hurricane Lanterns, a Fiverr business featuring my very successful Santa Claus gig, and I’m involved in art and photography work as well. I have learned much about working for myself and controlling my own destiny since I made my first ten dollars mowing my neighbor’s lawn. I feel that the loads of knowledge I have received should be shared with others. Many throughout my life have come to me for answers about many things. I always found it funny when people over the age of 60 would come to me for advice or to learn something but at the same time it felt great teaching someone something new.

We never know where our journey will take us. If I had not worked as a busboy in the restaurant, I would have never done the comedy special that aired on television, which was viewed by a fan who would become a friend that lead us to creating a TV show that has brought me to where I am today. I believe in dreaming big and then making it a reality. A dream is only a dream if you do nothing about it. Everyone has a chance at success if they truly believe in themselves and what they are doing. Understanding that failure leads to success is key. We all fail at some point, some more than others, but failure is not a bad thing. It is a life lesson. We learn what we did wrong and we try a different solution. It may take awhile but we will get there. The only real failure is giving up.

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