Affair Recovery:Emotional Healing for Couples or Individuals

Learn how to recover after infidelity with this 3-Phase Affair Recovery Program. Video counseling and session notes.
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About This Course

Published 12/2014 English

Course Description

Affair Recovery Course

Perfect for Individuals

Understand Your Emotions

Understand Your Partners Emotions

Get Advice on What You Need To Do Right Now to Cope.

This course is written by Clinical Psychologist & Affair Recovery Experts with over 20 years experience in affair recovery.

This course is essential reading if you are going through or have been through a relationship infidelity. Infidelity completely shatters your assumptions of the world around you - and even of yourself. You need to understand why you think the way do you, why you feel the way you do...but more importantly, you need to know what you need to do now - to change past patterns to ensure that don't reoccur in the future.
I wrote this course (or affair recovery content) so people just like you, get to understand the affair recovery range of emotions and feelings - so you know how to process these feelings and be able to move forward and have a normal and happy life in the future.
You do not have to have your partner do this course with you. You can read this information and do the work for yourself. Many times, you will find that your spouse will join you in the course once you have began. If they don't - they you know what you need to do, to have the relationship that you deserve.
Inside this course, you can ask questions in each section. I will answer any question you have. If you can dedicate at least 1 to 2 hours per week on your healing by reading this course and working through the content - then you have saved yourself $400 per week from seeing me in face to face therapy!

Savannah Ellis

The ULTIMATE affair recovery course, created by an affair recovery specialist!

This course is suitable for anyone who seeks to put their life back together after an affair. The Infidelity Recovery Method was created by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Savannah Ellis, to help couples who could not afford a therapist or who lived in remote locations, and unable to access professional affair recovery advice.

The Infidelity Recovery Method has been designed with the idea that you can work through these steps at home, at your own pace, and without pressure. You do not need to explain your situation to a counselor week after week or pay for weekly counseling sessions, costing thousands $.

You will have 3 Goals:

Goal One: Individual Healing – Managing Emotions and Negative Thoughts

  • Discovering the Affair: How to Cope with the Initial trauma
  • The Four Roadblocks to Healing
  • A Simple 2-Step Process for uncovering unknown emotions
  • The 3 Steps to Clearing Your Mind and owning Your thoughts
  • Obsessions: What to Do When the Plague of Images Won't Go Away
  • Rebuilding Self-Confidence, Self- trust, and Self-Respect
  • Seven emotional trials the Cheater Will Face
  • Healthy Ways to Process Your emotions
  • Managing Guilt
  • Self-forgiveness
  • Coping with Loneliness
  • Six Critical Rules for ending an Affair

Goal Two: Healing as a Couple – Working Together to Identify and Resolve Key Issues.

This is where both of you will work together to identify key issues and resolve them. The main focus of this phase is on helping you establish a healthy way to communicate with your partner.

Goal Three: Negotiating a Renewed Relationship

Understanding How to Build and Sustain a New Trust Filled Partnership. This is the rebuilding phase and it shows you how to trust each other again. As you know, trust is essential for a good marriage. By the time you are finished with this final phase of the program, you should be ready to move on with a new life together.

Elements of this course include:

  • Learning to Accept the Past
  • The Five Myths that Surround Acceptance
  • Three False Forms of Acceptance: Demons that Can Hold You Back on Your Road to Healing
  • Opening the Heart once More
  • Preserving Your Renewed Relationship: Building a Fence around Your Life together
  • Preparing to Write Your Relationship Contract
  • Your New Relationship Contract

How Does An Affair Start?

  • Reasons Cheaters Cheat
  • 10 Critical Dimensions of a Relationship: Analyzing Your own needs
  • Moving toward Healing: Coming into Agreement with Your Partner
  • My 3-Step Method for Coming into Agreement

Affair Recovery

  • Protecting the Relationship from Further Harm: Four Minefields to Avoid
  • Asking for Forgiveness: understanding Your Partner's Pain
  • Six Steps to Creating a Heartfelt Apology
  • Accepting the Past and Moving into a Brighter Future


  • How to talk: An 8-Step Program for Learning Better-than-ever Communication
  • 10 Critical Conversations with Your Partner


  • Trust: the Foundation of Your Relationship
  • Five Building Blocks for a totally transparent Relationship
  • 10 Destructive Habits that Demolish trust and tear Down Love
  • Six steps to resolving conflict quickly and effectively
  • How Growing Independently Will Help You Grow As a Couple

Forgive Via Acceptance

  • Learning to Accept the Past
  • The Five Myths that Surround Acceptance
  • Three False Forms of Acceptance: Demons that Can Hold You Back on Your Road to Healing
  • Opening the Heart once More

Pace: This is a self-paced course.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • A simple yet powerful 3-Phase Program:
  • Phase One: Individual Healing – Understanding Personal Feelings and Sorting Through Your Emotions. This phase is for both the cheater and the person who was cheated on and it forces you to turn inward and focus on healing yourself before you focus on healing your relationship.
  • Phase Two: Healing as a Couple – Working Together to Identify and Resolve Key Issues. This is where both of you will work together to identify key issues and resolve them. The main focus of this phase is on helping you establish a healthy way to communicate with your partner. It’s hard work but I will guide you through it all.
  • Phase Three: Negotiating a Renewed Relationship – Understanding How to Build and Sustain a New Trust Filled Partnership. This is the rebuilding phase and it shows you how to trust each other again. As you know, trust is essential for a good marriage.
  • Kick start intimacy and consistency in your sex life
  • Learn how to protect your new relationship, with a relationship contract

Who is the target audience?

  • For couples who would like a step-by-step system for affair recovery - regardless of if you are in counseling or choosing self-recovery methods.
  • For individuals who want to learn how to process their feelings about the affair, and follow specific steps to personal recovery

What you get with this course?

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Section 1: Overview

Hello & Welcome

Thank you for choosing this Online, Self-paced, Affair Recovery Program.

Recovery from infidelity is extremely difficult, and unless someone as actually been there or has extensive knowledge in this area – their advice can be at best misguiding and worst insulting and destructive to you and your family.

I have been helping couples and individuals recover from infidelity for many years. In this video I will share with you why I help people with their affair recovery.

There is hope!

Not only can you overcome the pain you are feeling right now, but you can make your relationship better than ever.

You opened this course because you have felt the devastation, shock, anger, anxiety, resentment, and sense of helplessness that comes with being involved in a relationship that has gone through the terrible tragedy of an affair.

Right now you might be on the verge of hopelessness. You probably want to rebuild the relationship you once treasured so much, but you might be skeptical. You might be thinking, “We can never fix this; the wounds are too deep.”

This course might be your last- ditch effort to try and restore what has been lost.

If that’s the case, be assured that there is hope and that this course can help you. The materials presented here are based on my more than 20 years of experience helping couples overcome the difficulties they face after experiencing an affair.

In those years, I have seen many people heal from wounds they thought to be too deep to ever overcome. I have seen couples on the brink of divorce reestablish a loving, meaningful relationship. What’s more, I am witness to this fact: not only can you overcome the pain that you feel right now, but you can develop a relationship that is better and more fulfilling than it has ever been.

In this program we will take you through the best strategies and techniques to overcome specific problems you maybe facing right now.

I ask you to do the following:

  1. Get a same-sex friend to help you talk about your feelings. The friend must be a “friend of the relationship”
  2. Get a diary to make notes on your feelings, new actions you need to remember to put into place, and quick notes on the exercises and activities you will do during this program.

I am here to help you and answer any questions you have. All I ask is that you be respectful of other people in this course, and do not judge another persons story.

Know that if I was sitting in front of you both each week, I would be pushing you through this every step of the way. The difference is that it would cost you $300 per hour


Oct 2015

The 5 Stages of Affair Recovery
Meet Our Case Study Couples
5 questions

Let's see if you understand some of the key concepts and terms we use in the Affair Recovery Course.

Review & Homework - 1
Section 2: Part 1: Managing Emotions & Negative Thoughts

How to cope with the initial trauma of finding out about the affair.

In this section you will learn:

  • Eight powerful emotions you will face and how you can effectively cope with those emotions.
  • The nine most common reactions people have when they first learn about an affair.
  • How to look honestly at what is going on for you.
  • How to calm your emotions by turning inward, rather than looking outside for an answer.

      Lesson Goals:

      How to Heal Yourself from the Plague of negative thoughts

      A three-step program for overcoming your negative thoughts.

      A way to beat your obsessions.

4 questions

Section 3: Part 2: How Does An Affair Start?

In this presentation, I take you through the 7 types of affair so you can determine the story behind your affair. The goal is to understand what happend so to prevent future mistakes.

Negelcting Your Needs
  • How to Cope with Your emotions and Restore trust with Your Partner
    • The seven common feelings that you will likely experience.
    • How to overcome your negative emotions.
    • How to be sensitive to your partner’s needs.
    • How you can become transparent so you can regain your partner’s trust.
The 10 Critical Dimensions
11 pages
Coming into agreement
7 pages
Section 4: Part 3: Affair Recovery
How to apologize effectively
8 pages

Unfortunately, most people in our culture have the wrong idea about what acceptance means. There are five primary myths that abound. I would like to describe each myth for you, and then tell you why it is a myth.

Then, we carry the process of investigating acceptance one step further by looking at the three false forms of acceptance. Many people try to force themselves to accept what has happened for a few different reasons. These false forms of acceptance are demons that lay in wait for you. If you get caught up in these, you might stunt your own healing process by trying to move toward acceptance more quickly than you should.

Section 5: Part 4: Communication

Here you will learn:

  • An 8-step program for learning to communicate with your partner again.
  • A strategy for having deep, meaningful conversations.
  • How to reexamine the seven critical dimensions of a relationship with your partner.
  • 5 questions

    Affair recovery is not easy, but it can be impossible if you can't talk!

    This quiz will check your progress.

    Section 6: Part 5: Rebuilding Trust
    20 pages
  • What it means to become completely transparent.
    • The five building blocks to total transparency.
    • Why trust is the foundation of your relationship
    • How to heat up your relationship again.
    • In this section you will learn:
    • Ten destructive habits that tear down trust.
  • 24 pages

    • Six pillars that will help you develop a stable relationship.
    • How to resolve conflict when it arises.
    • How to revitalize your sexual relationship.
    • That growing independently will help you grow as a couple.
    • Six Pillars of a Stable Relationship

    Section 7: Part 6: Forgiveness V Acceptance

    Learning Objectives:

  • How to accept the affair so that you can move on with your life together.
    • About the five myths that surround acceptance.
    • The three false forms of acceptance that will never let you realistically move forward.
    • How to open your heart to your partner once again.
  • 2 questions

    Are you ready to forgive?

    Section 8: Part 7: Infidelity Prevention

    Learning Objectives:

  • How to protect your promise and preserve your relationship by writing a relationship contract.
    • What elements you might want to include in such a contract.
    • What happens when you complete this course.
  • 02:34


  • If you are not coping you need to contact your nearest Infidelity Recovery Specialist, Counselor, or Mental Health Professional. There is NO shame in getting some help to get you through this tough period. Go on. Do it now.
  • If you are coping, try working this program for at least 12 months. Give it 100%. If after 12 Months you are not happy, then you can make choices from a place of choice, rather than from an emotional reaction. You have invested significant time in this relationship up to this time, so 12 more months learning to re-love your partner is truly worth it.
  • 06:04

    In this video, I go over the 3 Goals of this program, discussing what a successful affair recovery requires from you.

    Plus, I explain the importance of the relationship contract.

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    Instructor Biography

    Dr. Savannah Ellis, Infidelity Recovery Coach, Author, & Educator

    Savannah has coached thousands of couples and individuals from Sydney, Australia to Las Vegas, USA to help them achieve their relationship and personal goals. Her passion is to help people be authentic to themselves and others.

    Savannah specializes in infidelity counseling and has trialed & testing the 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Model for several years. The Infidelity Recovery Model has had a huge success rate in her Las Vegas and Santa Monica Clinics. Savannah teaches this model to coaches and therapists.


    Savannah is the founder of the Infidelity Recovery Institute (IRI). IRI provides coaching, training and certification programs to coaches, therapists, counselors, and clergy.

    • Savannah provides individual and couple coaching/consulting, and online couple courses in the following areas:
      • Marriage Enrichment
      • Movie Therapy
      • Affair Recovery
      • Pre-Marital Counseling

    • Savannah has authored four books:
      1. Reboot your Relationship
      2. I Cheated: Affair Recovery Guide for the Unfaithful Partner
      3. Cheating, Spying, & Lying
      4. How to Attract Beautiful & Quality Women

    • Savannah is regularly featured and interviewed in magazines & radio:

      Elle Magazine, May 2014. Australia.

      ASIA Pacific Alliance of Coaches Newsletter, Volume 4, Issue 9. “From Betrayal to Recovery: The 7 Step System to Infidelity Recovery”, Sept. 2014. Australia.

      Mother Love Show – L.A. USA

      Baring It All – Las Vegas, USA.

      Marvelous Mondays – Florida, USA

    • Savannah holds the following degrees:

    o (Current), Masters Mental Health Counseling, Walden University, USA

    o MPsych (Clin) Postgraduate Diploma Psychology, Central Queensland University, QLD, Aust.

    o DBA (Doctorate Business Administration), Southern Cross University, QLD, Aust.

    o MBA (Master Business Administration) – UTS – Management & Marketing Majors, Sydney.

    o BBSc (Bachelor Behavioural Science) – Monash; Majors: Psychology/Management, Melbourne.

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