Learn Tarot: Five-Four-Three-Two-One

What you need to know to establish a working relationship with your Tarot cards.
9 reviews
  • Jeanne Fiorini Professional Tarot Reader, Teacher, and Author

    Jeanne Fiorini (http://www.tarotworks.com) has over 20 years of experience reading and teaching Tarot, and is author of the acclaimed "Tarot Spreads and Layouts/A User's Manual." With training in both psychosynthesis counseling and collaborative mediation, Jeanne brings a unique combination of knowledge, wit, and wisdom to her work.

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Learn Tarot: Five-Four-Three-Two-One

What you need to know to establish a working relationship with your Tarot cards.
9 reviews


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Jeanne Fiorini of TarotWorks (http://www.tarotworks.com) provides a 5-step method toward understanding the basics of Tarot and establishing a solid foundation on which to build a working relationship with the Tarot cards.

These 5 essential pieces of the Tarot picture will offer the student a deepened understanding of the significance of Tarot as a cosmology and a system of symbols. Fuller and deeper Tarot readings result from a clear understanding of the essentail tenets of the system, what Tarot "is," and how it can enhance your life.

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  • SECTION 1:
    My First Section
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    Introduction to "Learn Tarot: Five-Four-Three-Two-One

    Jeanne Fiorini of TarotWorks (http://www.tarotworks.com) introduces students to this 5-step “Learn Tarot” course by offering her perspective on the empowerment, clarity, insight, and confidence that a study of the Tarot can provide.

  • 2
    Five Things the Tarot Books Don't Tell You

    Jeanne Fiorini of TarotWorks (http://www.tarotworks.com) explains the 5 things you need to know before you crack open that brand new Tarot deck. When it comes to the Tarot, if you're going to talk the talk, you'll need to know how to walk the walk!

  • 3
    The Four Elements as the Foundation of the Tarot System

    Jeanne Fiorini (http://www.tarotworks.com) offers a thorough description of the Four Elements - Air, Earth, Fire, and Water – and explains their function as the foundation of the Tarot system. With correlations to the suits of Swords, Pentacles, Wands, and Cups, a solid understanding of this basic tenet is an essential piece of learning for students of the Tarot.

  • 4
    Three Phases of Development, Three Levels of Connection

    Jeanne Fiorini (http://www.tarotworks.com) describes the three phases of development within both the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana, as well the three levels of connection that are the goal of working with the Tarot and the living of a fulfilling and purposeful life.

  • 5
    The Polarities of Existence: Will We Create Harmony Or Conflict?

    Jeanne Fiorini (http://www.tarotworks.com) conveys the concept of "the polarities of our existence," the opposing forces which create and inform our experience. Equal in power but differing in nature, "the opposites" are challenging to a consciousness which would like to delineate, define, and assign value to one side or another. The Tarot helps us find ways to integrate rather than segment these polarities, paving the way for a "both/and" resolution rather than an "either/or" ultimatum.

  • 6
    The One, Yods, and You

    Jeanne Fiorini (http://www.tarotworks.com) wraps up this 5-part series of classes with the notion that each individual person has a God-spark within, a piece of light that connects us to the Divine and to the unified field of energy which is the very fabric of the Universe. The One is unified field, The One is you! Learning and working with the Tarot can help access your authenticity, your God-spark, your One.


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  • Keith
    Some interesting philosophical points in this course

    As someone who is more interested in the symbology, the mystical origins and the psychology behind the tarot than in predicting the future, I was pleasantly surprised by this course, which really went beyond the usual topics for what an introductory tarot course provides (standard fare: the Fool's Journey, Majors, Minors... yawn). Probably not for the absolute beginner though, although it would be useful for anyone to know early on in their tarot study, especially about the Qabalic influence. Criticism? I would have liked to see the cards she was discussing in close up, rather than try to peer into my laptop screen. A good, different perspective though. Many thanks to the makers.

  • Wulfshado
    Fun and informative

    Jeanne's teaching style is easy going and relaxed. She doesn't overwhelm you with information and gives very clear explanations. Enjoyed the material a great deal. Thanks!

  • Alicia Arinella
    Interested in Tarot, or old pro - everyone has something to learn from Jeanne

    I have been casually practicing Tarot for a number of years, but I never could get my head around the fundamentals. No matter how many books I read, nothing seemed to click. Enter Jeanne Fiorini and her amazing tips and practical fundamental advice. From the basic introduction lesson through the details in each subsequent lesson, I feel I have a better foundational knowledge of the art of Tarot than I was ever able to attain through reading books alone. This six lecture series is top notch. Jeanne provides her expertise in a very approachable and carefree manner that brings the esoteric teachings of Tarot into practical use for everyday life. As this course is more of a teaser to Tarot, be sure to check out her Tarot Tips series on YouTube as well as her online classes at her website - TarotWorks.com. If you're a curious beginner looking for a place to start, a casual user looking for deeper insight or a seasoned professional looking for new approaches, this class is for you!

  • Lucinda Kelly
    Learn Tarot: Five-Four-Three-Two-One

    I absolutely loved watching this series of Tarot courses. I learned much more than I thought was possible. The Tarot seems to have so much more than most of us give them credit for. Jeanne is a wonderful teacher and very pleasant to listen to. I look forward to taking more of her Tarot classes at TarotWorks.com

  • Allison Gray
    Great For any Level!

    This course was a fantastic review as someone who is new-ish to tarot. I believe that even experienced folks could gain new insight from Jeanne's well organized wisdom. Loved the format of 5,4,3,2,1. It really helped solidify the information for me. Well worth watching!

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