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Sketch 3: learn to create mobile and web designs

Learn the latest version of Sketch that let's everyone create designs and prototypes fast. Learn Sketch 3 design.
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Created by Adria Jimenez
Last updated 1/2017
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Last course update January 30th 2017 go to the end of the course details to see all the constant updates!

Updated with latest Sketch 42 version changes

Join more than 3900 students to learn how to use Sketch 3 to create designs for mobile and websites easy and fast. This is the most up-to-date and complete Sketch course you'll find!

This course teaches you step by step how to get all the power of sketch and the power of the latest additions to design greats applications and websites. You will be designing in less than an hour thanks to the tips I am giving in the lessons and all of the resources and symbols you will get included in the course price.

What you are getting:

  • Learn to use Sketch from zero to advanced level
  • Mastering Sketch with advanced techniques and tips
  • Complete design challenges with step by step solutions
  • Hundreds of resources to speed up your design process
  • Learn about latest iOS trends and how to easily apply them with Sketch
  • Complete extra course about vectors
  • Complete process for exporting your Sketch designs to HTML + CSS
  • Learn to design pixel perfect
  • Step by step examples of real designs
  • Showcase of exporting, importing and using your assets to Xcode, Framer, Origami and Marvel
  • Course updates with new material and lessons added regularly
  • So much more, check the lectures to see everything that is included!


Forget about Photoshop as it is not a tool for designing interfaces, Sketch is the new tool that let you create quickly and easily designs for your mobile devices and web, Android iPhone or Windows phone.

Learn how to work quickly with the app following my method and be ready to create designs fast and in a very easy way.

Join the new era of designers, change to Sketch and start designing and prototyping fast.

The course includes all you need to know to start designing. Even if you are a novice or an expert, you will be able to do this course as you'll have lessons with the basics of vectors and the more advanced techniques and tips.

This course is targeted for designers, UX, freelancers, developers or all kind of people that will like to design in an easy and up to date way.

Don't lose more time with photoshop or fireworks and learn now to use Sketch 3 for better work results.

Last course updates:

Updated on 30th January 2017 new lesson showing how to export with different layer sizes

Updated on 24th January 2017 added iPhone 7 + fonts for Sketch

Updated on 12th January 2017 new lesson added for using Sketch cloud

Updated on 8th January 2017 new resources added for all the students

Updated on 9th December 2016 new bonus lecture added

Updated on 10th November 2016 3 new lessons added and 2 old lessons removed which were not useful anymore

Updated on 8th November 2016 some lessons were updated to reflect latest Sketch changes

Updated on 15th October 2016 as requested, new resources for iOS10 added

Updated on 15th September 2016 new resources for the just released iOS 10

Updated on 26th August 2016 new resources for easily creating an app icon

Updated on 18th August 2016 new lesson showing how the new symbol resizing works

Updated on 17th August 2016 new lesson added showing how to create icons

Updated on 5th July 2016 added resources for creating landing pages easily

Updated on 20th June 2016 new iOS 10 free resources included

Updated on 1st June 2016 new lecture showing the new symbols management

Updated on 22nd April 2016 new lecture added

Updated on 14th April 2016 Sketch 3.7 support

Updated on 6th April 2016 new lessons re-recorded for better quality

Updated on 15th March 2016 new lesson added to the course to learn how to create youtube covers

Updated on 10th March 2016 new lesson explaining how you can create pixel perfect designs in Sketch

Who is the target audience?
  • Designers
  • User interaction
  • iPhone or Web developers/engineers
  • People that currently uses Photoshop
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What Will I Learn?
Learn to use Sketch from zero to advanced level
Mastering Sketch with advanced techniques and tips
Complete design challenges with step by step solutions
Hundreds of resources to speed up your design process
Complete extra course about vectors
You will learn how to organize your work
Learn from experienced profiles
Complete process for exporting your Sketch designs to HTML + CSS
Step by step examples of real designs
Export assets, import and use them in Xcode and Framer
Learn about latest iOS9 trends and how to easily apply them with Sketch
View Curriculum
  • Mac computer
  • Sketch 3 full or trial version
  • Willingness to learn the new tool for designers
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 78 Lectures Collapse All 78 Lectures 06:31:56
5 Lectures 11:06

Welcome to the course. This is the introduction and the next steps.

Preview 03:00

Find all the course resources in here

Course Resources

Where you can get Sketch and how to get always the latest features.

First things first; Sketch 3 download

Learn the basics of Sketch with this free course that will explain you the basics of the layers, how to work with paths, shapes, etc. Everything you need to master your basics with Sketch.

Basics the vector tool

Learn how to organize your work, that's something really important if you want to be in the business specially if you are working with a team of people where more than one person is using the same Sketch files.

Organizing your Work

Test your basic knowledge before proceeding

Basic Knowledge
4 questions
Improve your workflow
9 Lectures 41:42

The new and totally improved interface of Sketch will help you to speed your design process and with the new menus and layouts you should be able to locate everything at a glance. 

This lesson will take a quick look over the interface that we will be using later during the course.

Preview 05:37

Symbols are a key factor when using Sketch. Learn in this lesson how this can benefit your flow. And after doing the lesson try to master the use of them.

Reuse everything! Symbols

Thanks to the new changes in Sketch 3, you can now work really easy and make fast changes to your text without any effort.

Working with text is now much easier

Learn how to export the assets so they are ready to reuse for your developers.

Each day is more difficult to keep up with the different sizes and resolutions the different devices are getting, Sketch solves this issue and you'll be able to have everything ready in an easy and fast way.

Work once and export for everything

Starting from iOS 7, it marked a new standard way of doing things. Learn how with Sketch you can be easily following the standards.

Latest iOS trends

Learn how to do easy and fast iOS designs. Using this technique you'll be able to reuse components and create your iOS designs faster than before.

Easy iphone design

Learn how you can easily turn your design pixel perfect.

Working pixel perfect

Learn in this lecture how to easily export all your resources for different size of the actual layers.

Preview 04:02

Many times you need to share your designs with your team members, coworkers or clients but asking them to install Sketch is not possible or slow in most of the cases. This lesson will show you a trick to share your designs easily.

Share your designs with teammates/clients without them needing Sketch

Workflow knowledge
5 questions
Mastering Sketch
20 Lectures 50:53

The plugins help you to speed up your design and wireframing process by helping you with a lot of different ways.

In this lesson you'll see how easy is to deal with the plugins in Sketch 3.

Sketch Plugins

Learn how to position everything in the right place so your designs doesn't look messy. Everything in place and in order with the Smart Guides and some tricks to see where everything should be.

Distances between objects

Rapid your prototyping or design speed with this trick. Start creating screens really fast thanks to the new Sketch 3 options.

Duplicate fast and effective

Learn how to preview your designs in any phone with a complete free tool.

Preview your designs in any phone for free

Learn how can you see your designs in realtime on your phone. It's really easy and you'll love it.

Preview the designs on your iPhone

When you are dealing with hundreds of objects on the screen sometimes your Mac needs some air. This lesson will explain how can you improve the performance of sketch and make your big slow designs to work as double as fast.

Improving Sketch performance

Learn how to apply the style that you want to the elements in Sketch. It's easy and can improve your workflow a lot.

Setting default style

There is a way to customize the corner radius of your designs in a separate way. Learn here how to do it.

Master the corner radius

Learn to create a color palette so your designs follow an attractive palette.

Define your color palette

If you want to get the most reliable detail you should see this lesson.

It covers what you need to do to get a really accurate visualization of your designs when you are creating for the phones or for the web.

Master your font rendering

One of the less used features in Sketch that provides an amazing power for the user. Learn how to create shapes in an easy way.

The Rotation Tool

This lecture will show you a really fast way to make all your current designs ready for iphone 7 plus with just one click.

Prepare your current designs for the iPhone 7 Plus

When you start dealing with big images and a lot of resources, your sketch files can grow pretty fast.

Learn here how to deal with this and make small and thin files that you can easily share everywhere.

Sketch trick: Huge reduction of sketch file size

Learn how to export assets to be used into an Android application

Export your assets to Android

Sketch 39 adds the ability to resize symbols following different options. This lesson covers the different options and how they work.

Sketch 39: Symbol Resizing Explained

Learn how you can easily take a look of you whole work in progress to combine your current work with your whole design in a way that you don't loose control.

Whole perspective of your work in progress

This lesson will teach you a tip to view your whole project easily in perspective.

How to properly use the whole perspective

Being agile in Sketch is very important, specially if it’s the tool you’ll use everyday. Learn in this lesson how the smart select works and how you can benefit.

Sketch 3 Smart Select, how to improve your selection speed

Document your designs is something very important that can boost your team work. This lesson will show you an easy way to do it.

Documenting your designs

In this lecture we will cover how to share your designs with Sketch cloud. It allows you to easily share public or private designs protected with password easily.

Share your designs with your teammates with Sketch

Test your Sketch 3 knowledge
4 questions
Improving your design skills and speed
14 Lectures 55:04

Designing with Pixel Precision in mind is really important. Here you can learn how to do that.

Designing with Pixel Precision

Discover a curated list of resources from where you can take thousands of complete free to use fonts to improve your design speed and to create stunning designs and prototypes.

Thousands of complete free fonts for personal and commercial usage

Learn an easy and fast way to create wireframes in Sketch

How to create fast wireframes using Sketch

There is an easy way to quickly install fonts and make them available in Sketch. This lesson will tell you how can you download a lot of fonts and how to easily install them on your Mac.

Learn to install fonts in batch

There is a nice feature in sketch that let's you work with texts and move them following a path. Discover it in this lesson.

Create styled texts in a very easy and fast way

Learn how to properly handle your designs to the developers so they can develop your apps and websites as fast as possible.

Handling your designs to the developers

This lesson will show how you can easily switch between your styles so you can easily have different styles applied to your different elements.

Learn how to easily switch styles

Learn how you can do autolayout with your Sketch designs

Sketch and autolayout

Grab here an iPhone 7 that you can use in your designs.

iPhone 7 device

Be the master of Sketch and multiply your design speed. Using your keyboard to do some repetitive things will get you to the master of Sketch level.

Sketch Shortcuts
4 pages

Learn how you can easily add new shortcuts to your Sketch application

Adding custom shortcuts to Sketch

Sketch 3.3 has some new features that will improve your design speed. Check them here.

What's new in Sketch 3.3

This lesson will teach you the new features of Sketch 40

What's new in Sketch 40

Last Sketch version includes an option to improves how you work with layers. This lesson will teach you how to use that feature to make you even more productive.

Customizing layer handling
Design creation
12 Lectures 01:24:07

This lesson will teach you how you can create with Sketch a call to action button that will help to boost your product sales.

Create a call to action button to improve your app sales

This lecture will teach you how to create an app navigation menu so the users can navigate through your hole application. You will also learn about the techniques of combining colors.

Creating an app navigation

Learn how to create an mobile app launch screen within minutes. With Sketch is really easy and fast to do if you know how to.

App creation, the initial splash screen

One of the most important things when you create an app or a website is a good looking website to sell your product. In this lesson we will build one from scratch and you will learn how easy and fast is to create landing pages with sketch.

Creating a landing page part 1

This is the second part of the creation of a landing page.

Creating a landing page part 2

Displaying the information is really important specially when you have to attract the people, for example in an infographic. Learn in this lesson how to design bar charts.
Learn how to create charts that sell - Bar chart

Displaying the information is really important specially when you have to attract the people, for example in an infographic. Learn in this lesson how to design doughnut charts.
Learn how to create charts that sell - Doughnut chart

This lesson will tell you where you can find the place to create app store screenshots really easy from your sketch files.

Creating App Store screenshots

This lesson will show you how to design an icon for your app.

How to create an app icon in Sketch

If you create a Mac application icon you will need to know how to export it in order that others can set it as the icon of their apps or that your developers can assign it in your app. Learn in this lesson how to do so.

Preview 03:16

This lesson will show you how to create apple watch circle designs easily and fast

Preview 02:26

Sketch is not only for creating mobile and app designs, you can design anything with that. Possibilities are endless. In this lesson we are going to see how to quickly create a youtube thumbnail cover and some of the tips and tricks that youtubers use nowadays to make their videos stand out.

Designing a Youtube Video Cover
7 Lectures 54:36
Test yourself and check if you can create the icon of airmail and a splash screen for the app.
Create an app icon + Splash screen

Here you can find the solution to the previous challenge. If you already achieved it, then go ahead and continue to the next one!
Create an app icon + Splash screen Solution

A new challenge for you, create a profile screen with some data pictures and information about the user.
User profile with stats and pictures

Learn how to create a profile screen with some different components. You can skip this lesson if you already got the right solution!
User profile with stats and pictures Solution

This is a challenge for yourself! Try to build the new and redesigned dropbox application for android that features material design. Next lectures will guide you step by step how you can do it in case you are lost and don't know how to proceed.

Designing new Dropbox Android app with material design

Learn how to reuse existing components to speed up your material design android designs

Creating the material design components

This lesson will follow up the challenge creating the content of the Dropbox app and reusing some of the existing components previously created.

Creating the Dropbox content reusing components
From Sketch to other Apps
5 Lectures 34:57

Are you doing an iPhone App? Learn in this lesson how to export your designs and import them easily in Xcode.

Learn how to move your designs from Sketch to Xcode

Learn how to export your designs to Framer to start adding interaction and prototypes to them

Export your sketch designs to Framer to start prototyping

Now it's time to learn how to use Framer with your designs.

Learn how to use Framer to add interaction and animation to your designs

Origami 2.0 has the option to import live images. Learn in this lesson how you can export your assets to use them in Quartz Composer.

Exporting your Sketch designs to Origami 2.0

Marvel offers an easy way to quickly prototype your applications. Learn in this lesson how you can tie Sketch together with it for a rapid way of designing and prototyping.

Export your designs to Marvel to prototype your apps
From Sketch to Web HTML + CSS
4 Lectures 54:09

The first step to moving your designs to code.

Learn how to code a product sales landing page

Let's continue doing the migration of your design to code. This is getting fun!

Product sales landing page - Part 2

Add testimonios from your design to the page, learn in this lesson how to do so.

Learn how to code your designs - Product testimonios

This lesson will show you how to move the product description of your design to HTML+CSS

From design to code, product description
Course conclusion
2 Lectures 02:06

Find in this lesson a collection of hand picked resources where you can get hundreds of elements for free to your collection. 

This will improve a lot your design process.

BONUS Lecture: Hundreds of Resources for your designs for FREE

You did all the course. Amazing! Let's see which are the next steps.

Course conclusion
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