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Russian Program For Fluency: Learn Russian With 3-in-1 Sets

Learn how to speak Russian fluently using the highly efficient 3-step Russian language learning system
4.0 (14 ratings)
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114 students enrolled
Last updated 11/2016
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What Will I Learn?
Vastly improved conversational Russian – speaking with less stress and more confidence
A highly-effective way of improving pronunciation, comprehension and building vocabulary
10 topics on real-life Russia that will prepare you for any trip to Russian-speaking country
New outlook on language learning and your linguistic abilities
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  • Knowledge of Cyrillic
  • Beginner to intermediate level Russian
  • A desire to develop conversational fluency
  • An mp3 player to learn on the go (optional)

Some people take years to master fluent Russian. You need to do more than just 'collect' knowledge - you need to develop your skills so you can use Russian grammar rules and vocabulary without thinking. The aim of this course is to effortlessly teach you fluent, automatic Russian.
Speak Russian Fluently and Effortlessly Using the Learning To Know Russian System

  • Develop fluency in spoken Russian
  • Destroy your language barrier and fear of speaking
  • Improve your understanding and pronunciation
  • Find out about real life in Russia with fascinating Travellers' Notes

Become A Confident, Fluent Russian Speaker With Highly Efficient 3-in-1 Lesson Sets

Speaking fluently, stress-free, without hesitation is the dream of any language learner. But many students end up collecting knowledge: grammar, words, phonetics – but not speaking fluent Russian. That's why this course uses techniques that develop the skill of fluent speaking, train your brain and vocal apparatus so you can process and pronounce Russian speech.

The Learning to Know Russian system teaches you to easily and effectively start speaking Russian. The system was created over 5 years by a team of learning professionals, managed by Denis P. Ivanov.

In the course, apart from getting a look into real life in Russia, the 3-in-1 lesson sets are all based on highly-effective, proven teaching technologies that will take your Russian to fluency.

This course includes 30 video lessons that last a total of 4 hours. First and foremost, the course is designed for beginner to intermediate level students, but it can also be of help to those who struggle with speaking and comprehension.

The course is structured around the unique Learning to Know Russian system. Each of the 10 lesson sets consists of 3 lessons and 3 steps to fluency.

The first step of each lesson set will have you listening to understand Russian words in a situation that makes sense – this is the Context Lesson

Then you will listen, read and pronounce to prepare your vocal apparatus for speaking and your brain for listening comprehension – this is the Repetition Lesson.

Step three will have you breaking down your language barrier with simple question-and- answers stories. Conditioning yourself to answer these questions quickly makes up the Storytelling Lesson.

The course gives you a lot of flexibility to learn the way you want, but I recommend you aim for deep immersion - studying 50 hours and more. You'll get the most value from the course when you go for the intensive option.

You will be able to download the lessons in MP3 and PDF format so you can study on the go.

As a nice extra, the course also includes 10 topics on life in Russia – all of which are interesting and helpful to those planning on travelling to Russia.

Once you finish the course, you will be confident when speaking, you will have seriously improved your conversational Russian. Your listening comprehension will also be vastly improved and, most likely, you will have a completely new outlook on language learning and your linguistic abilities!

Who is the target audience?
  • Russian language learners up to intermediate level
  • Learners that experience a language barrier and fear of speaking Russian
  • People keen to master the skill of fluent spoken Russian
  • Travelers to Russian-speaking countries and everyone interested in real life in Russia
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 30 Lectures Collapse All 30 Lectures 04:03:14
Dealing with Money in Russia
3 Lectures 33:09

In this lecture you will find out how to avoid confusion when dealing with currency in Russia. You will learn about payment methods in Russia, what cards it is better to use, where you can find ATMs and currency exchange. And, of course, all the Russian names for these terms. Let's start!

Preview 10:48

This time you will get a chance to learn the correct pronunciation of Russian words and phrases. Follow along a real-life situation dialogue in Russian, listen carefully and repeat out loud.

Preview 12:00

In this lecture you will listen to a series of questions in Russian and practice your Russian speaking skills by answering to these questions.

Preview 10:21

What do you already know about money in Russia? Test yourself and find out whether you are ready for a Russian trip!

Getting Ready to Make a Trip to Russia: Dealing with Money
10 questions
Navigating in an Unfamiliar Russian City
3 Lectures 25:51

In this lecture you will learn the vital tips of finding your way from point A to point B in an unfamiliar city. Listen to a real-life dialogue between a local and foreigner that got lost in a Russian city of Samara.

Navigating. Context Lesson

This time you will be given a situation dialogue in Russian. You will learn how to pronounce correctly specific Russian words and phrases.

Navigating. Repetition Lesson

In this lecture you will try out speaking Russian yourself: listen to the questions and answer in Russian. Remember to repeat everything out loud.

Navigating. Storytelling Lesson

What do you know about public transport in Russia? Will you be able to get to your point of destination without any help? Test yourself and find out how well you are prepared for a trip to Russia!

Finding Your Way in an Unfamiliar City
10 questions
Food and Drink in Russia
3 Lectures 24:00

In this lecture you will learn about Russian eating habits. You will engage in a dialogue between Peter and his Russian friend, who decided to drop by a local cafe.

Preview 06:06

In this lecture you will find a dialogue in Russian. You will learn how to pronounce Russian sounds, words and phrases. Listen carefully and repeat.

Preview 10:46

This time around you will learn how to place an order at a traditional Russian cafe through an actual dialogue between Peter and his Russian friend. You will find out how to answer questions in Russian and build your conversation with a local.

Food and Drink. Storytelling Lesson

Check how familiar you are with Russian eating and drinking traditions. What to do if you are invited to a traditional Russian dinner? What is the best place to eat out in Russia? Test yourself and find out!

Tourists, Beware: Food & Drink in a Foreign Country
10 questions
Social Scenarios
3 Lectures 20:40

In this lecture you will get to know the correct ways of addressing people in Russia and learn the vital bits of communicating with locals.

Social Scenarios. Context Lesson

This lecture will help you improve both your Russian speaking and listening comprehension skills. You will get to know how to pronounce correctly words and phrases in Russian.

Social Scenarios. Repetition Lesson

This time you will find out how to build relations with people by addressing them correctly. You will get to know useful Russian phrases when addressing locals.

Social Scenarios. Storytelling Lesson

What is the difference between "женщина" and "девушка"? How would you address your working colleague in Russian? Test yourself to find the answers to these and many other questions!

Social Scenarios: How to Address Russian people?
10 questions
Right Place to Stay
3 Lectures 25:40

In this lecture you will get to know about hotel booking and flat renting in Russia. You will also learn how to deal with Russian hotel routine.

Right Place to Stay. Context Lesson

This time around you will read out loud the dialogue between Peter and a local hotel receptionist. You will learn the correct pronunciation and improve your listening comprehension skills.

Right Place to Stay. Repetition Lesson

This lecture will show you how to deal with difficult situations in a foreign country by learning useful words and phrases in Russian.

Right Place to Stay. Storytelling Lesson

Before you start your trip, you need to have a place where you can stay in a foreign country. Do you know how to deal with this routine in Russia? Take this test to find out if you are ready for a foreign adventure!

Make Yourself At Home: Finding the Right Place to Stay in Russia
10 questions
Journey over a Huge Country
3 Lectures 24:01

In this lecture you will get to know the pros and cons of different types of travelling through Russia. You will also learn how to build a dialogue with locals at a railway station.

Journey. Context Lesson

This time you will train your pronunciation by reading out loud and following along a real-life dialogue from the previous lesson.

Journey. Repetition Lesson

This lecture will help you learn how to speak actively in Russian and destroy the language barriers.

Journey. Storytelling Lesson

Find out how well you are prepared for a journey over the largest country in the world!

Buckle up: Journey Over a Huge Country
10 questions
Going Shopping
3 Lectures 22:06

In this lecture you will find out everything you should know about different stores and boutiques in Russia. Follow along an action dialogue between Peter and a local salesperson.

Going Shopping. Context Lesson

In this lecture I will teach you how to pronounce Russian sounds, syllables and words correctly.

Going Shopping. Repetition Lesson

This lecture focuses on your Russian listening and speaking skills. By the end of this lecture you will be able to build an adequate dialogue with a local salesperson.

Going Shopping. Storytelling Lesson

Before you start shopping wildly in a foreign country, there are some useful things you should know. Are you aware of typical tourist traps in Russia? Find out by testing yourself!

Avoiding Tourist Traps: Going Shopping in Russia
10 questions
Vital Communications
3 Lectures 26:03

In this lecture you will find out how to stay "connected" in a foreign country in a stressless way. Listen to an action dialogue between a local and a foreigner requesting an urgent phone call.

Communications. Context Lesson

In this lecture you will listen to the dialogue from the previous lesson once again and learn how to pronounce all Russian sounds, words and phrases correctly.

Communications. Repetition Lesson

This lecture will teach you how to build actual dialogues in Russian instead of simple repeating and following along.

Communications. Storytelling Lesson

What have you learned about means of communication in Russia? Can you manage an urgent situation with a local? Test yourself to find the answer!

Wired Up: Vital Communications in Russia
10 questions
Plan for Emergencies
3 Lectures 17:47

In this lecture you will find out who to call in case of an emergency in Russia and how to communicate your problems to locals.

Plan for Emergencies. Context Lesson

This time you will practice your pronunciation of Russian words and phrases by following along a real-life dialogue between a Russian and a foreign traveller, whose suitcase has been stolen.

Plan for Emergencies. Repetition Lesson

This lecture will help you get to know essential phrases for building conversations with locals and show you how to speak Russian actively.

Plan for Emergencies. Storytelling Lesson

It is time to test your knowledge of dealing with emergencies in Russia! Let's see how much you have learned ;)

Always Be Prepared: Plan for Emergencies in Russia
10 questions
Medical Aid
3 Lectures 23:57

In this lecture you will learn how to act in case of a health emergency in Russia.

Medical Aid. Context Lesson

This time around you will practice your Russian pronunciation and acquire the necessary confidence when communicating with locals.

Preview 09:32

This lecture will give you a chance to engage in authentic Russian conversations and learn how to ask for help in Russian. You will listen to the questions in Russian and try to answer as fast as you can.

Preview 08:10

Are you ready to deal with real-life stressful situations in Russia? Can you communicate your problem to locals? Test yourself to find it out.

Be Prepared: Getting Medical Aid in Russia
10 questions
About the Instructor
4.0 Average rating
14 Reviews
114 Students
1 Course
Russian language enthusiast and researcher
  • Has devoted 5 years to language learning R&D
  • Holds two higher educations and has a bunch of certifications
  • The author of "Learning Russian Marathon: How (not) to speak Russian in 10 years" book and many articles and publications
  • Leads "Learning To Know Russian", the resource full of useful ideas and techniques for the best Russian language learners
  • Teaches hundreds of Russian language students across the globe how to become amazing Russian speakers
  • Considers his two sons as his greatest success in teaching Russian!
  • 4.0 Average rating
    14 Reviews
    114 Students
    1 Course
    Creative Language Teacher and Coach

    A native Russian speaker with a BA in English Language and a great passion for teaching.

    I've had a chance to work with different age groups for the past 7 years. My main goal is to help people understand the language they are studying instead of blindly following textbooks with endless rules.

    Studying can (and should) be fun ^^

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