Learn Adobe Photoshop CS6 In 2 Hours (+25 PSD Templates)
4.6 (46 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,389 students enrolled
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Learn Adobe Photoshop CS6 In 2 Hours (+25 PSD Templates)

Master Adobe Photoshop CS6 in 2 hours with our elite, easy, step-by-step formula to become a Photoshop Expert.
4.6 (46 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,389 students enrolled
Created by How To Technology
Last updated 6/2015
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  • 2 hours on-demand video
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What Will I Learn?
  • Manipulate and edit images to transform them into breathtaking masterpieces.
  • Remove unwanted issues from photos and images, such as dust and scratches to enhance their appearance.
  • Apply effects, text, colors, selections and layers in a simple and effective manner.
  • All videos and exercises will provide 2 hours of content.
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  • No previous knowledge of Photoshop required - This course will teach you everything you need to know to go from beginner to expert.
  • A willingness to learn Photoshop.
  • A working environment where you will not be disturbed.
  • A working computer which has access to the internet.
  • Adobe Photoshop installed and ready to use on your computer.

Imagine if you could learn Photoshop in just 2 hours. Well now you can. Here you will go from a beginner to an expert in just 2 hours following these 4 easy and simple steps.

Why should you take this course?

"It's a perfect course for anyone who needs to learn the basics and for those who need to refresh themselves with the basics. I use to use photoshop years back but had to learn it by myself. I wish this was there when I needed it; it's so much easier and the instructor is clear and goes straight to the point with his delivery. I learnt things that I either forgot or didn't know. I will definitely recommend the course to my friends." - Sandra Appiah (student)

Having taught 1000s of beginners Photoshop, they have immediately been able to apply all of the Photoshop techniques they have learnt.

Here we welcome you to “The Photoshop Secret - Master Adobe Photoshop CS6 In 2 Hours" course, where we will transform you from a beginner to a Photoshop Pro. We have carefully crafted this course to provide you with only the finest content in just 4 simple and easy steps.

"Clear and concise." - Thomas Stringer (student)

Guarantee: By the end of this course you'll be able to use Photoshop to create and modify images like never before in just 2 hours.

In this course you will learn:

- How to retouch images so that you can finally create the perfect picture

- How to effectively remove annoying backgrounds from your images

- How to bring back to life old images by giving them a modern touch

- How to proficiently use and combine layers, selections and color corrections to create amazing designs and images.

In addition you will receive 2 bonuses:

Bonus #1: 4 Step Ultra Deluxe Photoshop CS6 Handbook - No longer feel stressed or overwhelmed when using Photoshop

Bonus #2: Supreme Shortcuts Photoshop CS6 Guide - Instant access to the most essential shortcuts in Photoshop

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

As always, we offer our 30 day money back guarantee. Providing value is of the utmost importance to us and if you are not receiving the results you desire then we will ensure to refund you for the course. In addition we are also including a special offer…

***Special Udemy Bonus - 15 Minute Strategy and Solutions Call (limited to first 50 individuals)***

As we fully believe in your dedication and commitment towards the course, we want to reward the first 50 individuals who fully complete the course a 15 minute Strategy and Solutions call.

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Normally we usually charge $397, $697 and $997 for our Photoshop courses, but we will keep this special introductory price before increasing it, just for the Udemy community.

Enroll and Take Action

Join now and make the commitment of going through our course. It is sure to enhance your skills and level of knowledge with Photoshop.

We look forward to seeing you in the course and remember to check out our previews.

See you then

How To Technology

Who is the target audience?
  • If you want to become a guaranteed job ready Photoshop expert.
  • If you want to learn Photoshop in the fastest way possible.
  • If you want an easy to understand, no-nonsense guide to learning Photoshop.
  • If you want to refresh your abilities and understanding of Photoshop.
  • If you want to take your skills and knowledge of Photoshop to the next level.
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Curriculum For This Course
65 Lectures
Photoshop Introduction - Beginner to Expert in 2 Hours
9 Lectures 14:29

1.) A brief introduction to the learn Photoshop CS6 in 2 hours course.
2.) Introductory course that will turn beginners into experts with Photoshop.
3.) Implements simple 4 step formula to ensure maximum understanding of the course.
4.) Learn and understand how Photoshop will enhance and transform your photos, designs and images.
5.) Full Commitment required!

Preview 00:57

1.) Our exclusive Facebook community.
2.) Delivers high value & exclusive content.
3.) Grow and develop as a collective community.

Preview 00:42

1.) 4 Step Elite Bonus Completion Incentive.
2.) Personal 1 on 1 strategy & solutions session once course is completed.
3.) Take action and complete the entire course to receive a bonus worth $497.

Preview 00:59

1.) Introduction to learning Photoshop.
2.) 4 simple and easy steps.
3.) Photoshop basics.
4.) Part 1 - Workspaces & Panels.
5.) Part 2 - Zooming & Navigation.
6.) Part 3 - Screen Modes.
7.) Part 4 - Creating & Saving Documents.

Preview 01:02

1.) Getting a good understanding of how workspaces & panels function and operate.

Preview 02:34

1.) Understanding how zooming and navigation works.

Preview 02:47

1.) Working with various screen modes.

Photoshop Phase #3 - Screen Modes

1.) How to create a new document and correctly apply the appropriate settings.
2.) Saving a new document.
3.) Looking at various file types when saving a new document.

Photoshop Phase #4 - Creating & Saving A New Document

1.) To ensure you have a good understanding with the basics of Photoshop.
2.) Take action - Practice and experiment using workspaces & panels, zooming & navigation, creating & saving a new document & screen modes.

Action Step - Time To Get Started!
Step 1: Phenomenal Fundamentals of Photoshop (PFP)
10 Lectures 18:42

1.) Work files to download to use throughout the course.

Work Files - Download These

1.) Part 1 - Working With Images.
2.) Part 2 - Applying Text.


1.) Looking at how to add images within Photoshop.

Preview 02:10

1.) Gaining a good understanding of how to use modifier keys.

PFP #2 - The Invaluable Benefits Of Modifier Keys

1.) How to use the crop tool.

PFP #3 - Simple Superior Cropping

1.) Understanding image size and canvas size.
2.) How to effectively use image size and canvas size.

PFP #4 - Canvas Size vs Image Size

1.) Applying text to designs in Photoshop.

Text - The Major Cornerstone For Adding Amazement

1.) Using and understanding auto select.

Hidden Secret #1 - Save At Least 35% Of Your Time With Auto Select

1.) Knowing how to use the history panel to revert to previous work states.

Hidden Secret #2 - Easily Undo Mistakes Using The History Panel

1.) To ensure you have full comprehension of text and images within Photoshop.
2.) Take action - Experiment and practice using text and images.

Action Step - Take Action With Images & Text
Step 2: The Art Of Using Layers
12 Lectures 23:15

1.) Part 1 - Understanding Layers.
2.) Part 2 - Layer Implementation.


1.) Gaining a good understanding of how layers work.

Elite Tip #1 - Understanding Layers With No Hassle

1.) Looking at how to duplicate layers within Photoshop.

Duplicating Layers - The Ultimate Time Saver

1.) How to link layers together.

Elite Tip #2 - Getting Connected With Linking Layers

1.) Grouping layers.
2.) How to organise and nest layers when grouping layers together.

Elite Tip #3 - Organising To Perfection By Grouping Layers

1.) Understanding the various methods of merging layers.

Important - Why You Must Know About Merging Layers

1.) Looking at various ways of flipping layers.

Bonus Tip - Creative Designs With Flipping Layers

1.) Working with layer styles.
2.) Understanding and adding different effects to text and images.

Elite Tip #4 - Creating A Striking Appearance With Layer Styles

1.) Gaining a good understanding of adjustment layers.
2.) Working with adjustment layers.

Everything You Need To Know About Adjustment Layers

1.) Knowing layer masks.
2.) Utilising layer masks within Photoshop.

The Awesome Capabilities Of Layer Masks

1.) Understanding clipping masks.
2.) Creating eye-catching font with images.

Preview 01:31

1.) To make sure you have a good understanding of layers.
2.) Take action - Experiment with implementing layers.

Action Step - Experiment With Layers
Step 3: Why Selections Are Superb
13 Lectures 24:51

1.) Part 1 - Selection basics.
2.) Part 2 - Using various selections.


1.) Marquee selections.
2.) Working with and using various marquee selections.

Selection Tools #1 - Making A Dynamic Entry With The Marquee Tool

1.) Understanding and using the lasso tool.

Selection Tools #2 - Mastering Freehand Selections The Easy Way

1.) Working with the magnetic lasso tool.

Selection Tools #3 - Mastering Freehand Selections The Easier Way

1.) How to make selections with the polygonal lasso tool.

Selection Tools #4 - Getting Linear With The Polygonal Lasso Tool

1.) Gaining a good comprehension of the magic wand tool.
2.) Looking at various methods of making selections with the magic wand tool.

Bonus tip #1 - Boost Selections By At Least 33% Using The Magic Wand Tool

1.) Understanding the importance of ordering layers.
2.) Using selections and layers to hide certain elements of images.

Bonus Tip #2 - Success Secrets With Layer Ordering

1.) The ultimate shortcut guide for all Photoshop pros.

Bonus Material #1 - Supreme Shortcuts Photoshop CS6 Guide
3 pages

1.) Using the quick selection tool.

The Quick Selection Tool - A Tool You Must Not Go Without

1.) Understanding how to use refine edge.
2.) Applying and looking at various ways of using refine edge with images,

Creating Professional Images With Refine Edge

1.) Knowing how to make selections with color range.

Color Range - Why It's Such A Tremendous Boon

1.) Working with color range.
2.) How color range can be used to remove backgrounds from images.
3.) Applying layer masks to further modify images.

Hidden Secret - Removing Annoying Backgrounds From Images

4 questions

1.) To ensure you thoroughly understand selections.
2.) Take action - Test out and experiment with using selections.

Action Step - Start Using Selections
Step 4 (part 1): The Marvellous World Of Colors
11 Lectures 17:40

1.) Part 1 - Understanding colors.
2.) Part 2 - Working with colors.


1.) Gaining an understanding of hue, saturation & lightness.
2.) How hue, saturation & lightness can be applied to images.

Color Corrections #1 - Hue, Saturation & Lightness

1.) Adding Brightness & contrast to images.

Color Corrections #2 - How To Correctly Adjust Brightness & Contrast

1.) Highlighting the importance of how adjustments can be made with layers.
2.) Comparing the differences between adjustments and adjustment layers.

The Truth Behind Adjustments & Adjustment Layers

1.) Understanding color balance.
2.) How color balance can be used to change the tones of images.

Color Corrections #3 - Revamping Images With Color Balance

1.) Learning how to apply levels to images.

Color Corrections #4 - Finding A Level That's Right For You

1.) Working with the quick selection tool.
2.) Applying adjustment layers to convert images into black & white.

Going Old School With Black & White

1.) Gaining a good understanding of how to work with curves.
2.) Using curves to change features such as the contrast & tones of images.

Curves - A Superior Method To Transform Your Images

1.) Enhancing images with the brush tool & layer masks.
2.) Working with opacity to further transform images.

Enhancing Adjustment Layers Using The Brush Tool & Opacity

1.) Using the paint bucket tool.
2.) Working with the gradient tool.
3.) Creating various background designs with the gradient tool.

Hidden Secret #2 - Groovy Designs & Backgrounds

1.) To ensure you have a good grasp of colors.
2.) Take action - Practice the various methods and techniques of using colors.

Action Step - Time For Some Colors
Step 4 (part 2): Working Wonders With Removing Objects
8 Lectures 11:16

1.) Part 1 - Object removal fundamentals.
2.) Part 2 - Methods of removing objects.


1.) Gaining an understanding of the spot healing brush tool.
2.) Removing blemishes using the spot healing brush tool.

Spot Healing Brush Tool - Say Goodbye To Blemishes

1.) Getting familiar with the healing brush tool.
2.) Using the healing brush tool to remove blemishes.

Healing Brush Tool - More Blemish Removal Secrets

1.) Exclusive bonus content for attaining peak Photoshop skills.

Bonus Material #2 - 4 Step Ultra Deluxe Photoshop CS6 Handbook
3 pages

1.) How to use the clone stamp tool.
2.) Removing elements from images with the clone stamp tool.

Bonus Tip #1 - Why The Clone Stamp Tool Is A Superb Boon

1.) Enhancing and revamping images that have dust and scratches.
2.) Working with the dust and scratches filter.

Bonus Tip #2 - Dust & Scratches: Out With The Old, In With The New

1.) Looking at the various methods of using the eraser tool.

Eraser Tool - How Simple Alterations Can Be Very Effective

1.) To make sure you have achieved a good understanding of removing objects from images.
2.) Take action - Experiment with using different methods to remove objects from images.

Action Step - Remove Those Objects
2 Lectures 01:01

1.) Wrapping up all knowledge and information together for the final action step.

Final Action Step - Putting It All Together

Final Quiz
4 questions

1.) Sources for the images used throughout this course.

Sources & References For Images Used
2 pages
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