Learn Microsoft Excel 2016 in 1 Hour (+12 Excel Templates)
3.9 (24 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,765 students enrolled
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Learn Microsoft Excel 2016 in 1 Hour (+12 Excel Templates)

Master Microsoft Excel 2016 in 1 hour, elite step-by-step formula transforming beginners into Experts in Excel.
3.9 (24 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,765 students enrolled
Created by How To Technology
Last updated 11/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create a variation of graphs and charts which can be used in real life scenarios.
  • Manipulate data the way you want.
  • Produce captivating and stunning pivot tables to perfectly analyse and sort data.
  • Apply calculations, functions and formulas to boost productivity with spreadsheets.
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  • No previous knowledge of Excel required - This course will teach you everything you need to know to go from beginner to expert.
  • A willingness to learn Excel.
  • A working environment where you will not be disturbed.
  • A working computer which allows internet access.
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 installed and ready to use on your computer.

How great would it be if you could learn Microsoft Excel in just 1 hour? Well that is now possible. You will be transformed from a beginner to an expert in Excel in just 1 hour, following 4 easy and simple steps.

Why should you take this course?

"I found this course very helpful. I have been struggling for 2 weeks trying to figure out Excel myself, trying to learn how to move around menu board only to get more and more frustrated. This course has been a blessing, no more frustration no more high blood pressure from stress. Excellent presentation and easy to understand." - Sandra Lee (student)

We Have trained 1000s of beginners Excel, where they have immediately been able to apply what they have learnt within this course.

Here we welcome you to the Learn Microsoft Excel 2016 in 1 hour course, where you will learn how to use Excel in real life scenarios based on a variety of case studies.

"I wanted a course that gets straight to point and I got it. The instructor's delivery is very good and provides good explanations on how different parts of excel work. Didn't think I could get through so much in just 1 hour. Nice and concise course." - Emma Morgan (student)

Guarantee: By the end of this course you will be able to use Excel in real life scenarios within just 1 hour.

Excel can be used for…

  • Scheduling
  • Pay roll systems
  • Weekly planners
  • Invoices
  • Bookkeeping
  • Budget keeping
  • Sorting and listing data
  • Employee and customer data
  • Almost anything that uses and requires data

And the best part is you can even use it at…

  • Work
  • Home
  • An educational establishment
  • Or just for fun - the possibilities are unlimited!

In our Learn Microsoft Excel 2016 in 1 Hour course we will give you the blueprint for getting the most out of Excel. Even if you are completely new to Excel the simple step by step video tutorials, instructions and material will give you thorough guidance - everything you need in just 4 easy steps.

No more feeling stressed and overwhelmed, as our fully accredited Microsoft certified instructors will provide all the answers to how Excel operates; we will focus on…

  • Creating spreadsheets which will turn you into an Excel expert in less than 1 hour
  • Applying Excel to real life situations to enhance your results in your working environment
  • Implementing the correct tools that will skyrocket your productivity by at least 33%

Plus you will receive 1 additional Bonus for enrolling…

Bonus: The 4 Step Excel 2016 Functions Guide - makes using functions and formulas easy and simple.

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

As always, we offer our 30 day money back guarantee. Providing value is of the utmost importance to us and if you are not receiving the results you desire then we will ensure to refund you for the course.

Special Introductory Price - Rising Soon

Normally we usually charge $397, $697 and $997 for our Excel courses, but we will keep this special introductory price before increasing it, just for the Udemy community.

Enroll and Take Action

Join now and make the commitment of going through our course. It is sure to enhance your skills and level of knowledge with Excel.

We look forward to seeing you in the course and remember to check out our previews.

See you then

How To Technology

Who is the target audience?
  • If you want to become a guaranteed job ready Excel expert.
  • If you want to learn Excel in the fastest way possible.
  • If you want an easy, clear and no-nonsense guide to learning Excel.
  • If you want to refresh your memory and understanding of Excel.
  • If you want to take your knowledge and skills of Excel to the next level.
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Curriculum For This Course
73 Lectures
Excel Introduction - Beginner to Expert in 1 Hour
6 Lectures 09:18

1.) Brief Introduction to the Learn Excel 2016 in 1 Hour Course.
2.) Introductory Course that will turn beginners into experts with Excel.
3.) Incorporates simple 4 step formula to ensure optimal comprehension of the Course.
4.) Will learn and understand how Excel will revolutionize your productivity and overall efficiency.
5.) Full commitment required!

Preview 00:59

1.) Our exclusive Facebook community.
2.) High value content.
3.) Grow and develop as a collective.

Preview 00:42

1.) Introduction to learning Excel.
2.) 4 easy and digestible steps.
3.) Core components of Excel.
4.) Part 1 - The ribbon.
5.) Part 2 - Quick access toolbar.


1.) Understanding the quick access toolbar.

Excel Step #2 - This Is Why The Quick Access Toolbar Is Remarkable

1.) To ensure you have a good comprehension of the ribbon and quick access toolbar.
2.) Take action - Practice using the ribbon and quick access toolbar.

Action Step
Step 1A: Mastering Workbooks & Worksheets
9 Lectures 07:42

1.) Work files to download for the course.

Work Files - Download These

1.) Part 1 - Working with workbooks.
2.) Part 2 - Using worksheets.


1.) How to create a new workbook within Excel.

Workbook Phase #1 - Creating A New Workbook

1.) Knowing how to save a new workbook within Excel.

Preview 01:43

1.) Going over how to navigate within Excel.
2.) An overview of Excel basics such as the namebox, formula bar, cells and worksheets.

Workbook Phase #3 - Navigating Within A Workbook

1.) How to add and remove worksheets.
2.) Renaming worksheets.

Why Worksheets Are Superior - Adding, Removing & Renaming Worksheets

1.) How copying and moving worksheets between workbooks will save you a tremendous amount of time.

Warning! Extreme Time Saving With Copying & Moving Worksheets Between Workbooks

1.) How to hide and unhide worksheets.

Bonus Step - Hide Or Unhide Worksheets?

1.) To make sure you fully understand how worksheets and workbooks function.
2.) Take action - Test out and experiment using worksheets and workbooks within Excel.

Action Step - Start Working With Workbooks & Worksheets
Step 1B: Incredible Benefits Of Editing And Entering Data
10 Lectures 16:34

1.) Part 1 - Data types: dates, numbers & text.
2.) Part 2 - Working with cells.
3.) Part 3 - Columns and rows.


1.) Using various data types within Excel.

Preview 01:51

1.) How to edit data within cells and the formula bar.

Elite Step #2 - Easily Edit Data

1.) Using copy, cut and paste within Excel.

Elite Step #3 - Working Wonders With Copy, Cut And Paste

1.) Gaining an understanding of drag and drop.
2.) How to drag and drop cells between worksheets.

Elite Step #4 - Drag And Drop

1.) Learning how to add and delete columns and rows.

The Perfect Arrangement - Adding & Deleting Columns And Rows

1.) Knowing how to use find and replace in the most effective manner.

Find And Replace - Simple But Very Effective

1.) Going over how to adjust column widths and row heights.

Timeless Secret - Adjusting Columns & Rows

1.) Going over different methods of sorting columns and rows of data.

Case Study - "Now How Do I Sort Out This Data?"

1.) To make sure you have a good knowledge of how to enter and edit data.
2.) Take action - Experiment and test out entering and editing data.

Action Step - Edit & Enter That Data
Step 2A: Supreme Excel Formatting Fundamentals
9 Lectures 10:13

1.) Part 1 - Using borders.
2.) Part 2 - Cell modification.
3.) Part 3 - Cell formatting.


1.) Adding different types of borders to cells.

Formatting Cells #1 - Making Your Presence Known With Borders

1.) An overview of how to merge cells together.

Preview 01:28

1.) How to wrap text in cells,
2.) Allowing multiple lines of text in cells.

Wrapping Text - A Great Boon Allowing Multiple Lines In Cells

1.) Transforming the appearance of worksheets with font size, color and text.

3 Key Basics - Font Size, Color & Text

1.) Applying the date format to cells.

Fundamental Format #1 - Using the Date Format

1.) Looking at various types of number formats.
2.) Applying number formats to cells.

Fundamental Format #2 - Working With The Number Format

1.) Going over how to create a table within Excel.
2.) Creating your own weekly planner.

Case Study: Table Creation Made Easy

1.) To Ensure that you fully comprehend how to format cells.
2.) Take action - Practice and test out your understanding of formatting within Excel.

Action Step - Time For Some Formatting
Step 2B: Attaining Perfection With Functions And Formulas
11 Lectures 17:04

1.) Part 1 - Formula basics.
2.) Part 2 - Working with functions.


1.) How to effectively use addition and subtraction formulas.

Formula Basics #1 - Addition And Subtraction Formulas

1.) How to effectively use multiplication and division formulas.

Formula Basics #2 - Multiplication And Division Formulas

1.) Knowing how to use the SUM function.

Important - Understanding The SUM Function

1.) Understanding the most effective method of copying formulas.

Save More Than 33% Of Your Time By Copying Formulas

1.) The importance of absolute cell referencing.
2.) How to effectively use absolute cell referencing.

Why You Must Know Absolute Cell Referencing

1.) Boost your work rate with using formulas across worksheets.
2.) Master how to use formulas across worksheets.

Boost Results By Using Formulas Across Worksheets

1.) Demystifying VLOOKUPS.
2.) Understanding the various methods of using VLOOKUPS.

Excel Secret #1: VLOOKUPS

1.) Mastering IF STATEMENTS.
2.) Understanding the various methods of using IF STATEMENTS.

Excel Secret #2: IF STATEMENTS

1.) Your exclusive #1 guide for Excel functions and formulas.

Bonus Material: 4 Step Excel 2016 Functions Guide
2 pages

Midterm quiz time. Let's put that brain to good use!

4 questions

1.) To make sure you have a good understanding of functions and formulas.
2.) Take action - Experiment using various types of functions and formulas.

Action Step - Test Out Those Functions And Formulas
Step 3A: Superb Printing & Page Setup
9 Lectures 14:10

1.) Part 1 - Printing Essentials.
2.) Part 2 - Page layout.
3.) Part 3 - Printer setup.


1.) Going over how to add print titles to worksheets.

Part #1 - Adding Authority With Print Titles

1.) A guide on how to print a selected area within Excel.

Hidden Tip #1 - Save Paper By Using Print Area

1.) Going over various types of paper sizes.
2.) Selecting the appropriate orientation.

Part #2 - Knowing The Correct Orientation And Paper Size

1.) Learning how to use margins in order to fit more data onto a worksheet.

Hidden Tip #2 - Print More On A Page With Margins

1.) Looking at the different methods of scaling worksheets.
2.) How to apply the correct scaling to your worksheets.

Part #3 - How Scaling Will Give You Full Control Of Your Printing

1.) Working with various methods of using headers and footers.
2.) How to use custom headers and footers.

Headers And Footers - Give Your Work An Identity

1.) Everything you need to know about getting the most out of printing worksheets,
2.) Adjusting printer settings for optimum functioning.

Case Study - All You Need To Know About Printing

1.) To make sure you fully understand print options within Excel.
2.) Take action - Practice and test out print options and settings within Excel.

Action Step - Let's Get Printing
Section 7 - Step 3B: Creating Graphs & Charts With Ease
6 Lectures 07:02

1.) Part 1 - Graphs And Charts Creation.
2.) Part 2 - Graphs And Charts Alteration.


1.) The easy way of creating graphs and charts.

Graphs And Charts #1 - Creating Graphs And Charts The Easy Way

1.) The even easier way of creating graphs and charts.

Graphs And Charts #2 - Creating Graphs And Charts The Easier Way

1.) How to effectively create pie charts.

Producing Brilliant Pie Charts

1.) Learning how to use sparklines within Excel.

Sparklines - Transform Your Worksheets With Mini Graphs

1.) To ensure you have a good grasp of graphs and charts.
2.) Take action - Produce and test out graphs and charts.

Action Step - Create Graphs And Charts
Section 8 - Step 4A: Awesome Pivot Tables (APT)
4 Lectures 04:29

1.) Part 1 - Pivot Table Creation.
2.) Part 2 - Pivot Table Modification.


1.) How to create outstanding pivot tables.

APT #1 - Creating Outstanding Pivot Tables

1.) An overview of how to analyse and sort data using pivot tables.

APT #2 - Modifying & Sorting Pivot Tables

1.) To ensure you have a good comprehension of how pivot tables function.
2.) Take action - Experiment and test out using pivot tables.

Action Step - Practice Using Pivot Tables
Section 9 - Step 4B: The Importance Of Conditional Formatting
8 Lectures 05:58

1.) Part 1 - Utilizing Values
2.) Part 2 - Working With Rules


1.) Understanding how to change a cell's appearance based on its value.

Bonus Tip #1 - Changing A Cell's Appearance Based On Its Value

1.) Working with duplicate values.

Bonus Tip #2 - The Simple Method Of Finding Duplicate Values

1.) Looking at how top and bottom rules function and operate.

Conditional Formatting Rule #1 - Top vs Bottom Rules

1.) Learning how average rules work.

Conditional Formatting Rule #2 - Average Rules

1.) How to remove conditional formatting rules.

Conditional Formatting Rule #3 - Removing Conditional Formatting Rules

1.) How to use data bars, color scales and icon sets.

Bonus Step - Data Bars, Color Scales And Icon Sets

1.) To make sure you have a good understanding of conditional formatting.
2.) Take action - Test out and experiment with conditional formatting.

Action Step - Begin Conditional Formatting
1 Lecture 00:58

1.) Wrapping up all knowledge and information together for the final action step.

Final Action Step - Putting It All Together

Time for another quiz. Show off everything that you have learnt with this final quiz!

Final Quiz
4 questions
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