Learn Meditation: Improve Immunity, Healing & Reduce Stress
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Learn Meditation: Improve Immunity, Healing & Reduce Stress

A beginner's guide to learning meditation properly, forming the habit and start experiencing the benefits.
4.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
118 students enrolled
Created by Samir Ranpara
Last updated 4/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Meditate properly while avoiding common mistakes and start experiencing the benefits at the earliest.
  • Know exactly what to put so that they can start experiencing the benefits.
  • Answer all questions that you may have or that may come up with meditation practice.
  • Get the most out of their meditation practice.
  • Know exactly what meditation is.
  • Choose right type of meditation for herself/himself.
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  • A chair or a pillow.

Learn meditation from scratch and....

Improve immunity so that you remain healthy more than before.

Heal faster, in case you are already suffering from a disease.

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

You will learn the same kind of meditation used in the clinical trials where it showed that psoriasis patients healed four times faster and AIDS patients improved their immunity.

Not only that the same meditation is proven to reduce their chances of relapsing back to depression by 40%

You will also get to know how much to meditate and when exactly you can expect start experiencing the benefits, and no I won't be making false promise that you will start benefiting right away.

You have to develop a certain daily discipline in order to benefit from meditation.

The kind of meditation you will learn in this course is mainly inspired by Buddhist meditations, but you learn it in a completely secular environment.

What will you be able to know/get out of this course?

Know precisely what meditation is and how to do it through guided meditations.

Choose the right meditation for you by knowing different types of meditations and how they work.

Know what is the best location, time and posture for meditation.

Get the most out of the meditation practice by documenting and discussing/analyzing your actual experience during meditation.

Know that meditation induces relaxation fairly quickly but its most effective benefit is not relaxation but goes far beyond the quick relaxation that you can achieve. Though there is nothing wrong with being able to relax.

Why should you learn from me?

I can tell you many things about me, all of them would be besides the point. You would only know once you give this course a try.

But I'll tell you anyways.. I started meditation at 12 years of age. I have a long history with meditation. I failed at meditating for many many years. I tried to meditate very sincerely but there were no benefits. No physical or mental health benefits.

In fact things kept getting worse over the years. Until I found a teacher who taught Buddhist meditation at a Zen monastery. There I learned the correct way to meditate and there I learned for the first time in my life, how to correctly approach the meditation practice.

Since then I have continued to deepen my meditation practice. For last six years I have a very intensive meditation practice, where I meditate 45 minutes every day, and I do several intensive retreats.

For last 3 years I have been teaching meditation locally.

Here is what some of my local students have to say...

"I have a very “busy" life. Busy is the new buzz word, but for me it really means “having a great deal to do". Twenty four hours in a day are not enough to keep up with work, business and family life. Therefore, many people suggested that Meditation. In spite of being in the scientific field, I have always been skeptical of meditation benefits in our life.

However, I am glad to say that after 6 weeks of meditation classes with Samir…. I am a believer! I can say that meditation has positively impacted my life because Samir gave us tools to deal with stress, day-to-day situations, be it work or family, with elegant examples.

He taught us how not to be in auto mode for everything and actually be mindful of things. I learnt how to control my thoughts and be positive and hopeful in life. I still have a lot to learn, but I am on the correct path. I am definitely going to attend his classes in the future and will recommend them to everyone who has too much on their plate to handle."

"This has been one of the best meditation classes I've taken (and I've taken several)

Samir provided logical and scientific explanations of why things worked and their effects. I loved the fact that this was without any “mumbo-jumbo". He took class notes, mailed them out, and meticulously answered questions. This was simply an outstanding class!"

You can give this course a try.

Go ahead and click on the "Take this Course" button.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone.....
  • Anyone who wants to improve immunity and heal faster.
  • Anyone who wants to reduce stress, anxiety & depression.
  • Anyone who wants advance along their spiritual path.
  • Anyone who wants to concentrate better.
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Curriculum For This Course
34 Lectures
1 Lecture 08:19

Meditation asks a simple question. Are we paying attention in the present moment?

The body is always there in the present moment, but mind may take a while. The check-in is an exercise, that can help our mind arrive in the present moment.

Check-In involves:

  1. Settling in a comfortable posture.
  2. Taking couple of deep breath to settle down.
  3. Using physical sensations of touch/contact to bring us back to the present moment.
  4. Relax major parts of the body.
  5. Become aware of the thoughts crossing your mind.

This short exercise can be used throughout the day to check-in whether we are really 'here', rather than being lost.

Preview 08:19
The Background
1 Lecture 02:23

You may have questions what kind of meditation you are going to learn in this course and whether there is any religious affiliation that you will be exposed as you learn meditation.Also what are the possible goals it can be used for.

Following points are covered as you go through this lecture.
  • The original source of the meditations taught in this course is mainly Buddhist meditations.
  • Reaffirmation that you learn meditation in a completely secular environment.
  • The meditation taught in this course can be used to pursue a diverse set of goals.
Preview 02:23
The Theory Behind the Meditation.
3 Lectures 11:31

If you are curious, what in the world is this thing called meditation, where people seem to sit down and close their eyes. Some of us may have many questions about what really this practice is. We may have doubts about it.

This lecture attempts to answer these question. It can be helpful for rational mind to comprehend what this practice really is.

  • Mediation is mind training.
  • We are very much used to physical training, but mind training feels like a foreign concept, but it really is not.
What Really Is Meditation?

You will get to know a very simple but effective way of relating with meditation.

  • Meditation can be thought of as attention training.
  • This view can come handy when you have questions about meditation.
Meditation As Mind Training: Attention Training

You will learn, how to pay better attention, how to focus or concentrate better.

  • Attention is trained just like weight training.
  • You select a weight, and lift it, release it and repeat the cycle.
  • Same thing with attention training. Pick an object of attention, pay attention, get lost in thoughts, come back and repeat.
How to Train Our Attention
The Workings of the Human Mind
2 Lectures 10:29

You will learn some of the insights about the workings of our mind.

You will learn about two modes of the mind.

  1. Being present mode.
  2. Being lost mode.

This learning can be of profound value as it sets the context of how our mind creates problems for us and how meditation can be used to alleviate problems like stress, anxiety and depression.

Two Modes of the Human Mind

You will learn one more simple way of approaching or relating with meditation, which can be helpful for developing the disciplined practice of meditation. Highly disciplined practice is the cornerstone of experiencing the benefits.

  • Meditation is all about becoming the scientists of our own mind.
  • We usually don't think of knowing more about our mind, but doing so can be very helpful.
Becoming the Scientist of Our Mind
Different Types of Meditations
5 Lectures 16:06

You will know about a simple classification scheme of different types of meditations that are around.

What Are Different Types Of Meditations.

You will get to know what is concentration meditation. You will get to know, when to use this type of meditation and whether this type is right for you or not.

Concentration Meditation

You will get to know what continuous awareness meditation is. When to start this meditation and also, whether this is the correct type of meditation for you or not.

Continuous Awareness Meditation

You will get to know what visualization meditation is. When to start this meditation and also, whether this is the something that can be useful for you or not.

Visualizations Meditation

You will know which type of mediation is used in this course.

The Choice of Meditations for This Course
Do' and Dont's of the Meditation
5 Lectures 28:52

You will get answer to the question: "What is the best time to meditate?"

What is the Best Time to Meditate?

You will get answer to the question: "What is the best location to meditate?"

What is the Best Location to Meditate?

You will get answer to the question: "What is the best posture to meditate?"
What is the Best Posture to Meditate?

You will learn how to deal with distractions that arise during the meditation practice.

Dealing with Distractions.

You will learn through actual demonstrations, the variety of postures available for you. You will get answers to some of the questions like, "Can I use chair for meditation?", "Is sitting on floor better than sitting on the chair?", "Is full lotus cross-legged posture more beneficial than others?"

The Posture Demonstrations.
First Meditation
2 Lectures 16:01

You will get to know what are the things to consider for looking meditation. This video prepares you for an actual looking meditation. You should be ready to jump into an actual looking meditation.

The Prelude to the Looking Meditation

The video of an actual looking meditation. Separate audio track is also available. The video is there just as a reference for you.

The Actual Looking Meditation.
Guided Looking Meditation.
3 Lectures 41:00
7 Minutes Guided Looking Meditation.

12 Minutes Guided Looking Meditation.

22 Minutes Guided Looking Meditation.
Discussion About the Experience of the Looking Meditation.
4 Lectures 21:16

You will get to know how to get the most out of any meditation.

The Experience of the Looking Meditation.

You will get to know common responses to the first question 'What did you notice, or directly experienced during this meditation"? This question is relevant as meditation is a practice of learning to be with direct experience rather than getting lost in thoughts.

Actual Observations In the Looking Meditation.

You will get to know what people commonly struggle with during meditation. How this would help you? Please check in the next section.

The Struggles In the Looking Meditation.

You will learn how dealing with the struggles during the meditation is a stepping stone or a learning opportunity to know more about our minds and use this learning to deal with difficult situations in life.

Dealing With the Struggles In the Looking Meditation.
Second Meditation
2 Lectures 22:55

You will ready for the actual breathing meditation, you will get to know the "proper" way to meditate with breath so that you get started along the right path for benefits .

The Prelude to the Breathing Meditation.

This is actual breathing meditation for your reference. Separate audio track is available.

The Actual Breathing Meditation.
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About the Instructor
Samir Ranpara
4.0 Average rating
1 Review
118 Students
1 Course
Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor


I am a mindfulness instructor. And because the only known way to develop mindfulness, is through meditation, I am also a meditation instructor.

I wasn't always meditation instructor. I have a masters degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering. I went through very dark period of my life and mindfulness, helped me get out of that. It helped me so much that I left the lucrative technology field and I teach mindfulness and meditation now.

I got my mindfulness training from Center For Mindfulness at University of Massachusetts. It gave me the scientific appreciation of the meditative practices.

I spent one and half years at a Zen monastery in Sunnyvale California, to get the religious and spiritual perspective. I am also an ardent student of Buddhist meditative practices, Buddhist Psychology and Buddhist philosophy.

My meditation practice started at a very young age of 12 years, but after unsuccessfully struggling for few years I abandoned. I only became open to it, when the misery struck me in a battalion.

For last 5 years I had intensive meditation practice myself and I have been teaching meditation at my meditation center for 3 years.

I am hoping to shared some of my expertise here and more importantly learn from you and advance along the path of meditation.