Learn Kotlin and build 2 basic android apps from scratch
3.8 (17 ratings)
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Learn Kotlin and build 2 basic android apps from scratch

Learn kotlin programming language from scratch and make 2 basic Android apps on kotlin.
3.8 (17 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
105 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course you will have full working knowledge of Kotlin
  • You will learn about integration of Kotlin with java
  • You will also make 2 basic apps in Android, using Kotlin
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  • Basic computer usage
  • MAC and WINDOWS, both are great for this course

What is Kotlin ?

Kotlin is a new programming language, developed by jetbrains and now officially supported by Android development. In case you don’t know about jetbrains, they are one of the best in making IDE. Kotlin project is fairly new but Kotlin is a very reliable language. It is not being designed in academic, it is designed in industry keep in mid what industry needs the most.

What makes Kotlin, extra ordinary is it’s interoperability with Java. We can use java code in Kotlin and Kotlin code in Java project. Integration is almost seamless. 

What will I learn in this course?

In this course we will start from basics and no prior programming experience is required. we will start from installing IDE so that we can write and run code in professional environment. Further we will learn about variables, loops, functions, classes, objects, nulls, inheritance and a lot more basic terms. Also, we have included a few exercise to improve logic building and writing code for that logic.


Further at the last section, we will also create 2 basic android apps to understand the usage of Kotlin in Android app. Although this is not an Android course but these 2 apps are just to practice Kotlin with Android development.

Market demand and future

Just after the announcement of official support of Kotlin in Google I/O event, kotlin has seen an exponential growth in demand, views on blog posts and Kotlin tutorials. In lots of commercial projects, Kotlin is already getting used. Apps like Pinterest and Uber are already using Kotlin on heavy basis. It is very clear that in future, companies will have a demand of Kotlin programmers. Even if you are already an Android developer, this is the perfect time to upgrade your skills.

See you inside the course !

Happy Coding !

Who is the target audience?
  • People who wants to learn Kotlin programming language
  • People who wants to use kotlin in Android development
  • Students, who wants to get into programming with Kotlin
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Curriculum For This Course
39 Lectures
Getting started with Kotlin
4 Lectures 23:37

This video includes all details about what you will be able to do after taking this course. Also this video explain each section and topics covered in that section

Preview 05:48

This will be your first time interaction with Kotlin. You will understand the details, like why Kotlin is used and which big companies are using Kotlin. Also you can visit the same site for documentation on Kotlin

Preview 05:42

Getting started with Kotlin is much easier now. Jetbrains IDE now have a direct support of Kotlin. Also Android Studio 3 is now directly supporting Kotlin with a click

Preview 06:01

Installing tools for Kotlin is super easy. Make sure that your system has JDK installed on your system. After the just install intellij and there we go. yep, that's it

Setting up IDE for Kotlin
Basics of Kotlin
6 Lectures 37:20

Github repo for course files

Github Repo for exercise files

Every language has basic structure of variables and constants to store data. Variable to store data that can change and constants to have data that is fixed. It is recommend that we should use constants as much as possible

Variables and constants in Kotlin

Numbers are very easy to handle in kotlin. Kotlin automatically determines that the value that is coming is integer of double.

Numbers in Kotlin

In any programming language, you will have to deal up with strings most of the time. Kotlin takes care of that too. on top of that, all java functions can be imported to handle strings

Strings in Kotlin

Nulls are notoriously famous for making problems. Kotlin handles null nicely. It gives us an extra check for nulls by providing special datatypes for null.

Handling nulls in Kotlin

So far, we have been using REPL as it is very fast in getting started but now, it is time to move at file and write some persistent code.

Our very first file in Kotlin
Conditionals in kotlin
6 Lectures 51:07

Most basic condition checker in any programming language is if and else, and so is in the Kotlin.Syntax of IF and Else will look very familiar if you have worked in any programming language previously

If Else conditionals in Kotlin

Now, to get more confidence with If and Else, we will learn about ODD and EVEN finder. It is one of the most common exercise that we do to master if and else

Finding Odd and even

Now, let's design a simple grade system, where students with above 90% will get A and passing marks is 40. Also there are in between grades. WE can do this easily with WHEN

Designing a grading system

Again, one more exercise to find out biggest number of all. This is again being solved by If and Else. These exercises will help you to master logic building

Finding biggest of all

WHEN is like a substitute of switch and case in many other languages. Instead of going too deep into nested if else, we can use WHEN and program it for various cases

WHEN in kotlin

if, else syntax and when are great to determine any result. But you can also store the result output of that conditional check in a variable or constant. We will look at this feature in this video

Syntactic sugar for if else and when
Advance datatypes in Kotlin
8 Lectures 01:11:59

Now moving towards the advance datatypes. Array is the most used advance datatype. Make sure that always keep in mind that array starts with 0

Basics of Array in Kotlin

Array list is another data type in Kotlin. The difference between array and array list is that Array cannot be changed once you have defined it on runtime. While array list is mutable and has options like add and remove.

Array list in Kotlin

Loops are most basic way to iterate any task. In this video will look at most basic and most commonly used loop, For loop. Syntax of for loops is simple, a variable loops through a collection.

For loop basics

While loop is a condition based check and run loop. This loop will only run when the condition is satisfied. Kind of if else is integrated with loops

While loop basics in kotlin

There are 2 loop control statements. Break and continue. Break helps us to break the complete flow of loop while, on the other hand, continue just skips those iterations that matches the condition

Selecting valid users only with continue

Functions are the most basic building block in Kotlin. These functions will help you to write better code. in the android development also, functions are must to have tools in belt

Functions in kotlin

One of the most impressive thing about Kotlin is that it works seamlessly with Java. All java packages can be imported in Kotlin and can be used. In this video, we will learn to import java in Kotlin

Integrating java with Kotlin

Now, this is again a fun exercise. Let just that you have an email list and you want to put a filter on that email list and select only a particular type of values. Same will be demonstrated in this video

Generating Emails list with Kotlin
Object oriented Kotlin
9 Lectures 01:22:58

The most basic fundamentals of Object oriented programming is Classes and Objects. In this video we will learn about Classes and objects in Kotlin

Classes and objects

Methods are just like functions or I would like to say exactly are function. But they are just declared inside the classes and are termed as methods

Creating methods in classes

Constructor are pre defined methods that are called once and as soon as the object is created. This is one the very good point to declare defaults in objects

Constructor in kotlin

Many times,while defining the objects, we want that object should have some predefined or default values. Once the default value is assigned, that value becomes optional to pass for the user

default parameters and optional paramenter

Inheritance is the property where we can use the functions defined in other classes without copying it into our file/class. For the inheritance to happen, make sure that your class is open

Inheritance, open and override in kotlin

Abstract class and abstract method helps to put rules on classes that will inherit our class. We can mention that whoever is going to inherit this class, XYZ method is compulsory to declare.

Abstract classes in Kotlin

Interface is just like defining rules. You want to mention that this class order that there should be these properties defined and these methods to be defined, if you want to use this class

INterfaces in Kotlin

Many times we just want to store data in class. Data like API key or URL info or Tokens, for that we can create a special data class that just holds our data

Data class in kotlin

This is a great example of restricting our usage. In this case we will learn that seats should be only of three types in this case.

Reserve airline seats using enums
Making Android Apps with Kotlin
5 Lectures 47:21

When we create object in classes, we can access them and can assign values to them. Getters and setters allows us to put restrictions and checks on this assignment of values as well as access to those values

Getters and setters in Bank Application

Learn about the access modifies like making a class public, private or protected. These all behave differently and sometimes are good to have

Limiting the access in classes

Create a simple hello world application in Android studio 3. We will be setting up few kotlin extensions and will make a simple toast on press of a button

Our first hello world Toast Application in Android

Now, we will make another app in Android with Kotlin. In this video we will set Android calculator design. 

Setting things for Calculator App in Android

In this video we will write code to run our calculator. Goal is really simple, 

1. Take input from user and parse it as integer

2. Run a function on tap of a button

3. Display the result

Creating a calculator App -finish
1 Lecture 00:05

Thanks for taking the class, have a look at more igneus technologies courses at Udemy

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