Learn Korean Perfect Pronunciation - Actually Sound Korean!
4.8 (52 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
383 students enrolled
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Learn Korean Perfect Pronunciation - Actually Sound Korean!

Learn Korean pronunciation like a native speaker with detailed explanations, native speaker audio, and self feedback
4.8 (52 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
383 students enrolled
Last updated 6/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Sound like a native Korean speaker when you speak Korean
  • Know how to pronounce all Korean sounds correctly and naturally
  • Be confident using the Korean you know
  • Communicate with native Korean speakers without having to repeat yourself over and over
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  • Students should have a recording device (smart phone would be best) so that they can do the self feedback exercises.
  • Students should do the course on a laptop or separate device so that they can record the native speaker audio back to back with their own pronunciation
  • Students should not use headphones, if possible, so that they can do the self feedback exercises at the end of each lecture which are explained in the "How to use this course" video

Korean pronunciation explained in English, through in depth videos, examples, and self feedback. This is a course for Korean learners of almost all levels (beyond beginner). The course is made for those who have been learning Korean and found it very hard to get the pronunciation right - or find that native Koreans often can't understand them. This course will teach you not only what the perfect pronunciation is, but how to do it and how to give yourself feedback on your own pronunciation. 

We do not use any linguistic terminology for the most part. Everything is explained in a way that is accessible to the average person, and yet is in depth enough that those who want to know the details will be satisfied as well. 

Each lecture consists of an explanation section followed by a self feedback section (which is explained and demonstrated in the "How to Use this Course" video). 

You can take your time with the course or go through it quickly - it is really up to you. But keep in mind that pronunciation is, like any exercise, something that involves the muscles of the throat and mouth and of course requires a lot of muscle coordination. Like with any sport or dance, the learning is just the beginning. Once you KNOW the dance, you have to go out and dance. Once you've got the sport's technique down, you have to go out and play. Likewise, with Korean pronunciation, once you know it, it's then time to practice, practice, practice and then get out there and use it in real life. 

We hope you enjoy the course. Please utilize the Q&A section in the course as well so that we can help resolve any confusion or add additional things if necessary. Enjoy the journey, friends. 

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for Korean learners beyond the absolute beginner level
  • This course is meant for Korean learners who can at the very least read 한글 and can form basic sentences
  • This course is meant for Intermediate and advanced Korean learners who want to improve their pronunciation and communication ability in Korean
  • This course is NOT meant for complete beginners who cannot read the Korean alphabet or speak basic sentences
Curriculum For This Course
56 Lectures
Korean Vowels Explained
8 Lectures 16:35

Korean Vowels - 유 요 is not yoo yo

Korean Vowels - 아 and the infamous 어

Korean Vowels - 야 and the infamous 여

Korean Vowels - 에 and 애 sound the same

Korean Vowels - so do 예 얘

Korean Vowels - easy 이 and tricky 으
Korean Consonants Explained
9 Lectures 30:22

Introduction to Korean Consonants

Korean Consonants - ㄱ ㅋ not g and k

Korean Consonants - ㅈ ㅊ not j and g

Korean Consonants - ㅂ ㅍ not b and p

Korean Consonants - ㄷ ㅌ not d and t

Korean Consonants - ㅇ ㅎ

Korean Consonants - the tricky ㅅ (part 1)

Korean Consonants - tricky ㄹ (part one)
Korean Double Consonants Explained
5 Lectures 18:52

Korean Double Consonants - ㄸ (ㄷ+ㄷ)

Korean Double Consonants - ㅉ (ㅈ+ㅈ)

Korean Double Consonants - ㅆ (ㅅ+ㅅ)
Korean Double Vowels Explained
8 Lectures 21:42

Introduction to Korean Double Vowels (Diphthongs)

Korean Double Vowels - 와 (ㅗ+ㅏ)

Korean Double Vowels - 워 (ㅜ+ㅓ)

Korean Double Vowels - 위 (ㅜ+ㅣ)

Korean Double Vowels - 외 (ㅗ+ㅣ)

Korean Double Vowels - 왜 (ㅗ+ㅐ)

Korean Double Vowels - 웨 (ㅜ+ㅔ)

Korean Double Vowels - 의 (ㅡ+ㅣ)
Korean Bottom Letters 받침 Explained
8 Lectures 40:24

Introduction to Korean 받침 Bottom Letters

When bottom letters connect to make a longer sound

When bottom letter consonants cause a stopping sound

When the bottom letter ㅎ changes the pronunciation of the following letter

When there are two bottom letters followed by an ㅇ it absorbs the previous sound

When there are TWO letters in the underbelly

When TWO bottom letters make irregular sounds

When in doubt, make it easier on your mouth
Frenemies - Words that are not as they seem
8 Lectures 57:40
When ㅅ on the bottom does something weird

When the bottom letter ㅌ sounds just like a ㄷ

When ㅁ & ㄴ in the underbelly meet a ㄹ in the next syllable

When a ㄱ in the underbelly meets ㅁ,ㄴ, or ㄹ

The many faces of the infamous ㄹ

The shifty ㅅ

Commonly Confused Consonants Part 2
Spoken Variations in Korean
4 Lectures 27:05
Spoken Variations, Text Messaging Style

Spoken Variations, Easier on the mouth

Spoken Variations, who knows why?

Spoken Variations, Secretly Strong Syllables
Final Wrap Up
2 Lectures 12:48
Final Tips video

You did it! So now what should you do?
About the Instructor
Jeremy Brinkerhoff
4.8 Average rating
52 Reviews
383 Students
1 Course
Language Learner and Coach

Jeremy has been learning Korean for 6 years and is now fluent in the language. He focused on pronunciation from the very start, which proved to be very important with Korean. As a result of learning Korean, he has become a lifelong language learner, focusing on Spanish and Indonesian as of lately. He is interested in learning Sanskrit, Hindi, Chinese, Farsi and German. 

Jeremy has dedicated his life to helping others learn, and his courses on Udemy are a part of that life. More than anything he believes that we, like all other living things on this earth, grow.