JavaScript programming: JavaScript for beginners
4.6 (232 ratings)
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2,252 students enrolled
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JavaScript programming: JavaScript for beginners

Learn by doing JavaScript exercises and JavaScript coding projects. JavaScript beginner guide to programming concepts.
4.6 (232 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,252 students enrolled
Created by Jana Bergant
Last updated 1/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • understand basic and advanced programming concepts
  • have knowledge about fundamental JavaScript features
  • build a solid understanding of JavaScript programming
  • gain confidence to start working as a JavaScript developer
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  • install Chrome browser
  • have a positive attitude and a desire to learn and do the work

Do you want to learn JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages? Are you a beginner and want a simple introduction? Welcome to the course JavaScript for beginners. In the course you'll learn by doing JavaScript exercises and JavaScript coding projects. 


Last update:  3rd November - Introduction to JavaScript versions (ES5, ES2015, ES2016), TypeScript and transpiling to JavaScript

Over 2000 students already taking the course


JavaScript is the language that powers the web, from great user interface experiences to powerful applications like gmail and google docs, to server scripts and even chips. JavaScript is everywhere. Just imagine the possibilities you'll be given with knowledge of JavaScript.

But first you need to get started. You need the right foundations. Don't worry if you are a beginner, I'll explain every concept used.

We'll be doing lots of practical exercise and projects and I'll give a review to every exercise or project you will build. So we'll work hand in hand.

To become an expert you'll need hours and hours of hard work. And having solid foundation will help you become one faster. From this course you will take the knowledge about programming, the knowledge you can also apply to other programming languages. And lots of JavaScript related features. We'll be doing lots of exercises and projects. I'll give you JavaScript challenges and prepare you for more advances topics. 


What we'll cover:

- how we can use JavaScript, what is a JavaScript program

- you'll make your first steps in JavaScript and first exercises

- you'll understand JavaScript variables

- make exercises with JavaScript variables

- you'll understand JavaScript variable types

- We'll go deeper into strings, string methods, numbers and number methods

- You'll make fun exercises and simple projects with these methods

- We'll cover more about the syntax and the good practices in JavaScript

- You'll be debugging JavaScript projects

- You'll be making decisions in JavaScript

- You'll learn about JavaScript loops

- Understand the JavaScript arrays

- You'll start using JavaScript functions

- do object oriented programming

- learn about JavaScript versions, TypeScript and transpiling to JavaScript

- And you will practice, practice, practice

- In each section there will be fun and engaging quizes and projects to build



- 3rd November - Introduction to JavaScript versions (ES5, ES2015, ES2016), TypeScript and transpiling to JavaScript

- 16th August - new section on object oriented programming in JavaScript

- 11th July - added new section introductions

- 28th of May, 2016 - new JavaScript coding exercise solutions added

- 16th of May, 2016 - improved audio and video quality in most video lectures and new JavaScript coding exercises added

- 4th of May, 2016 - added a lecture in the JavaScript programming basics

- 2nd of May, 2016 - coding challenge solution added to the course

 - 26th of April 2016 (coding challenge added - write your first JavaScript app)

- 22nd of April 2016 (more JavaScript coding exercises added)


As a programmer, it's also important to be able to talk like a programmer, so I'll introduce important vocabulary that's useful for you to know.

After the course you will:

- understand basic and advanced programming concepts

- have knowledge about fundamental JavaScript features

- build a solid understanding of JavaScript programming

- be prepared to jump into JavaScript libraries and frameworks

- gain confidence to start working as a JavaScript developer

So, let's get started NOW!

Who is the target audience?
  • everybody who wants to learn JavaScript
  • for programmers that have previous experience in other languages
  • students that are new to programming
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Curriculum For This Course
74 Lectures
Start Here
6 Lectures 27:44

This course is for everybody who wants to learn JavaScript or deeper their knowledge. 

In this course we'll go from the programming basics to JavaScript into depth. You'll be doing exercises and solving coding challenges.

My name is Jana Bergant. I’m a professional web developer with over 15 years of experience. I am a self thought developer, so I know how hard it is at the beginning when thins seem overwhelming. I also teach web development and its my passion to explain things in a clear way. And I will be here all trough the way. 

Learn more about the course in the video.

Preview 03:38

JavaScript is hot, vibrant, ultimate scripting language.
JavaScript is a programming language that drives the web: from front-end user interface design, to backend server-side programming, you'll find JavaScript at every stage of a web site and web application.   

Learn more about JavaScript and web development in the video.


Preview 05:55

In this video we'll solve the first JavaScrip exercise. I'll also introduce you to useful JavaScript functions like alert, document.write, console.log

Preview 10:36

Popular editors for JavaScript coding

In this video we'll go trough the review process of your JavaScript exercises.

JavaScript coding exercises 2

Learn by doing! Very simple examples for you to practice.

JavaScript coding exercises: introduction
First steps in JavaScript
3 Lectures 06:33
First steps in JavaScript - Introduction

What are JavaScript programs and how do they work? What is syntax? How to write JavaScript code?

JavaScript programs

Lets start coding! Write your first JavaScript code. Learn about the JavaScript console.

First steps in JavaScript

Practice what you've learned. Simple questions for you to remember what you've learned so far.

First steps in JavaScript quiz
7 questions
Javascript programming basics
10 Lectures 50:20
JavaScript programming basics - Introduction

Learn about the basic building blocks of a JavaScript program: the variables.

Javascript programming basics: variables

How can you name your variables? Is any name ok? Learn more about the JavaScript syntax and the JavaScript keywords.

Javascript programming basics: variable names

Create a variable called myName and assign your name to it.
Create a variable myName
1 question

Learn about the variable types from primitive types like strings and numbers to object and undefined.

Javascript programming basics: variable types

You'll use strings all the time when programming in JavaScript. Each time you want to add a message to a web page, pop up an alert or collect information from a web form you'll be dealing with strings.

Javascript programming basics: strings

Escaping the Life's great!
Life's great!
1 question

In this video we go over the common tasks you can do with strings. 

Javascript programming basics: string methods

Simple examples using strings.

Strings in JavaScript
1 question

You'll be sniffing trough the browser headers. Let's do it!
Where is Safari?
1 question

Numbers are everywhere in programming. You use them to track a player's score in a game, to calculate the price of a shopping cart, or just to count the number of times a "Like" button was clicked on a page. In this video, you'll learn how to do basic math in JavaScript, you’ll understand the types of numbers JavaScript can work with; you’ll how to store numbers in variables.

Javascript programming basics: numbers

You will be calculating the profit and profit per sold car!
Selling cars pays of! Calculate the profit :)
1 question

You'll be calculating the BMI index, that is body mass index. And I'll be losing weight.
Body weight calculator
1 question

I'll introduce you to a number that is not a number. Let’s say that you try to do operations that don’t make any sense. Like trying to divide a number with a string or multiply two strings. This often happens if you don’t check user input and you do calculations with this input. This results in error and bugs. Learn how to avoid these mistakes!

Javascript programming basics: a number that is not a number

In this video we’ll see how to check if a number is really a number. And we’ll get to know the number that is not a number

Javascript programming basics: number methods - Part 1

In this video you’ll find out how to convert string to integer or to floats. And you’ll learn some more useful things you can do with numbers.

Javascript programming basics: number methods - Part 2

Simple questions about JavaScript programming basics: from variables, strings, numbers to JavaScript console.

Javascript programming basics quiz
7 questions

In this exercise you'll be making userName from userId and lastName.
Make a userName from userId and lastName!
1 question
More about JavaScript and how to use it
8 Lectures 28:12
More about JavaScript - Introduction

Before we move to more complex parts of JavaScript lets talk a bit more about he JavaScript syntax. Let's talk about semicolons, white space, line length, comments.

JavaScript syntax

Hi, in this video you’ll learn how to capture data from your visitors and store it in a variable.

User input - let's start talk to people

Put it all into perspective: CSS, HTML, JavaScript.

JavaScript in browser

Different ways to include JavaScript into a web page. Pros and cons.

Add JavaScript to page

Syntax, JavaScript console, basic output functions. Practice!

More about Javascript quiz
7 questions

Find syntax errors in JavaScript programs. Find the meaning of life. Solve fun en engaging exercises.

JavaScript coding exercises: more about JavaScript

JavaScript exercise where visitors will tell us about the meaning of life. 

JavaScript coding exercises solution: meaningOfLife

Fun exercise, where you'll kill bugs in a program. And learn to debug a program while doing so.

JavaScript coding exercises solution: storyOfJavaScript

Buying a dress for your wife. Find syntax errors in a program.
1 question
Making decisions in JavaScript
8 Lectures 32:37
Making decisions in JavaScript - Introduction

In this video we’ll learn how to make decisions in JavaScript. You’ll learn how to execute part of the code only when a certain condition is met. 

Making decisions in JavaScript Part 1

In this video you'll learn about the comparison operators, else if statements and concatenated conditions in JavaScript.

Making decisions in JavaScript Part 2

If statements and evaluating conditions quiz.  

Making decisions in JavaScript quiz
3 questions

Biggest number
1 question

Admin login evaluation
1 question

Learn by doing! In the examples you'll practice if statements. You'll create simple projects where you'll use if statements.

JavaScript coding exercises: making decisions in JavaScript

Compare your solution with mine. Let's create a guess a number program together.

JavaScript coding exercise solved: guessNumberProgram

Practice if statements with a simple exercise. 

JavaScript coding exercise solved: whoAreYou

JavaScript coding exercise solved: largerNumber

JavaScript coding exercise solved: sort3numbers
JavaScript loops - doing the same thing over and over again
4 Lectures 07:48
JavaScript loops - Introduction

Loops make your programs more effective. No more duplicate code! Do one thing many times.

JavaScript loops

In this video we’ll take a look at the while statement, that is while loop.

While loop

Endless loops and more...

JavaScript loops quiz
3 questions

Withdrawal money from your bank account
1 question

Numbers from 1 to 10
1 question

Create simple projects using loops

JavaScript coding exercises: JavaScript Loops

Eat ice cream until is all gone!
1 question
JavaScript arrays
6 Lectures 15:58
JavaScript arrays - Introduction

Learn how to store multiple values into a single variable. Useful!

JavaScript arrays

Array of Integers
1 question

Learn how to access a specific item in an array.

JavaScript array indices

Cars - array indices
1 question

Log to thyself: I can do it!
1 question

Do you want to know how many elements are stored in JavaScript array? Learn how to count elements in the array.

JavaScript array length

In this video you will see some useful methods you’ll use with your array. You’ll learn how to add items, remove items, join arrays and so on.

JavaScript array methods

Many, many times you will in your programs want to go trough elements in your array and do something with the elements. Maybe you'll be looping trough blog post and display them on a page. Or you'll check all the players in your game to see how many of them have over 100 points. So you need to know how to loop over array!

Let’s loop through an array

Join colors
1 question

JavaScript array questions

JavaScript arrays quiz
2 questions

Log two dimensional array.
1 question
Functions in JavaScript
6 Lectures 32:09

Functions are the heart of JavaScript programming. Learn how to create and call a function.

Intro to functions

What are functions and what they can do.

JavaScript functions basics

You'll understand how to pass parameters. You'll understand what is an argument. You'll understand what pass-by-value means. And more.

Passing parameters - give information to functions PART 1

Passing parameters into a function - unexpected circumstances

Passing parameters - give information to functions PART 2

Some tips about returning a value from a function

Functions return information

Fun quiz about JavaScript functions

Function quiz
11 questions

Return a parameter
1 question

You'll learn about the difference between global and local variables in JavaScript. From not understanding variable scope many bugs are made. Make sure you understand the scope! 

Variable Scope

Scope quiz
3 questions

You will write a function that will take parameters, make a calculation and return the appropriate result. Create your first function!
Calculator function
1 question
Coding Challenge Facebook-like quote review app
2 Lectures 23:42

First challenge for you! Create a quote review app. In the project you'll be using everything you learned so far. So do accept the challenge!

Build a “Facebook-like” quote review app, the JavaScript challenge

Before you watch the solution of the challenge do try to build the project yourself. That way you'll learn most. You can contact me trough Q&A where I'll give you the review. And then we can go trough solution together.

"Facebook-like" quote review app solution
Object oriented programming
15 Lectures 42:04

Introduction to object oriented programming in JavaScript for beginners.

Object oriented programming in JavaScript - introduction

In this video you'll see the difference between object oriented programming and procedural programming in JavaScript 

What is object oriented anyway?

You'll see how to add functionality to objects in JavaScript

Object methods in JavaScript

We'll create an example of object.

Object example

There are 3 different types of object in JavaScript. You'll get to know them all.

Object types in JavaScript

Let's see what we've learned about object types?

JavaScript object types quiz
3 questions

Most common way to create an object in JavaScript is as object literal. We'll go trough examples .

Object literals in JavaScript

I'll tell you some tips about object properties.

Properties - not so obvious

JavaScript object properties quiz
3 questions

In this video we'll add functionality to an object. We'll talk about methods and functions and the difference.

Add a method to an object

One of most confusing concepts in JavaScript is the keyword this. We'll create examples and talk about how to use this.

Understanding this in JavaScript

Learn how to improve the code of existing object

Improve a method

Coding exercise: add fuel

What happens when you pass an object to function in JavaScript? If you don't know you'll have unexpected bugs in your code. Must watch.

Passing objects to functions

Some tips and tricks on object methods in JavaScript

Object methods - extra

Coding exercise: me as object

Coding exercise: music
2 More Sections
About the Instructor
Jana Bergant
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I 'm web developer with over 17 years of experience. I have track record of success in delivering web solutions. I’ve developed a wide variety of web applications.

I am also an IT instructor teaching web development. I love to teach and inspire my students. And I love making complex web development topics easy to understand.

I'm passionate about teaching web development and I love to teach interesting new trends in development. Like ChatBots right now :)

I’m a self–taught programmer, so I know how frustrating can it be at the beginning with so many resources and not knowing where to turn first. And bugs, all those bugs!

My experience as a self-taught developer with no previous experience has directly influenced my teaching style, and I am now proud to help students reach their goals and helping them with their first steps, first jobs in the world of programming.

Being a web developer has its perks but it can be difficult as well. There never seems to be enough time for what we want to learn and master. Particularly at the beginning things can get overwhelming.

I'm driven to help people experience the positive side of switching to web development, not the negative.

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