Meditate for Stress
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Meditate for Stress

Offering effective solutions to stressful situations.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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What Will I Learn?
  • Harness positive skills for behavior control.
  • Integrate goals through subconscious 'deep sleep'.
  • Practice relaxation techniques that are helpful for everyday life.
  • May offer peace of mind and a sense of well being.
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  • Create one or more positive suggestions about what you want during this therapeutic session.
  • Adjust volume settings, for maximum focus operate in a calm setting.
  • Not intended for use in driving situations and while operating machinery
  • This session does not include a personal suggestibility/sexuality test.

Vivid Belief therapy presents a course on Stress Management with Abbie Siegmann. My goal in our session is to teach you Meditation practices, Hypnotherapy, and Neuro linguistics programming techniques. In this course, belief is everything and with that comes positive change. Learn about the inner workings of the mind and how to change your outcome to include more desirable behaviors. Included in this course are facts about stress and anxiety support, advice on how to curb your personal behavior, and change outcomes. You have to be willing to work for your results and try new things in a positive manner. Be ready to access more control and gain results with hypnosis.

Who is the target audience?
  • Professionals
  • Growth Hackers
  • Entreprenuers
  • Leaders
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Mindful Practitioners
  • Parents
  • Artistic Pursuits
  • Spiritual Clients
  • Self-Improvement persons
  • Open Minded people
  • Clients seeking Positive Behavior change
  • Coaches
  • Transformational pursuits
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Curriculum For This Course
Learn Hypnotherapy for Stress
24 Lectures 51:57

Vivid Belief therapy presents a course on stress control. This course suggests you will learn useful tools for everyday situations. The value you get is the value you bring to this session. 

Preview 00:34

In this lecture I introduce myself as a certified Hypnotherapist, neuro linguistic programming practitioner, and graphologist. The goal is to establish our rapport together as you dive into this descriptive class.

Introduction to Therapy

This course is intended for students seeking stress relief. If you are looking for natural relaxation techniques or need to change unwanted behavior then this class is right for you. From entrepreneurs, entertainers, parents, to teachers anyone can virtually benefit from having more self control. That is why this class offers interesting information in efforts to help students comprehend their mind better.

Preview 01:41

This lecture takes an inside view at this successful type of therapy. If you are interested in my story this class covers some background information. This lecture provides information on the creator of vivid belief and a short biography.

Preview 01:43

This lecture provides an explanation on my intent for this self-improvement session. I go on a brief overview about creating of Vivid Belief therapy. We touch on the topics of common therapy issues and how many issues can be helped.

Preview 01:10

In this lecture, I go into the topic of the do's and don't of hypnosis. Here we take a look at what substances can affect your results. There is also a short excerpt about combining help from a therapist and physician.

Preview 01:08

I know you may be in search of factors for stress relief in everyday life. This section represents you as the client and how stress can come in many forms. We look at a few stresses and find out it may be more harmful than you think. 

Preview 03:00

Here I describe what i will be covering in future lectures and how the flow will go. At the end of this discussion you will be more comfortable in knowing whats coming up ahead. 

Client Outline

This section is the area you need to go if you need clarification of what hypnosis is. This breaks down the basics of hypnosis and what you should expect. There is a unwritten trust that therapist and client share and that's observed here.

Hypnosis 101

This lecture holds strong value in scholarship. I believe in being conscious about our environment and making it harmonious. Here I ask you to please create a couple positive suggestions to use during the hypnotherapy process. 

Taking Notes

If you are wondering what hypnosis was this lecture will steer you in the right direction. Here I show how Hypnosis is ready to use in everyday life. Take a look at my blog attachment for further resource.

What is Hypnosis?

Client based Hypnosis

Here I have discussion on the origins of hypnosis. We will look at hypnosis facts and it's many definitions. Next, I state why hypnosis is used as therapy. I also cover when it originated and who it's founders were in the distant past.

Preview 03:02

When searching for answers to stressful situations hypnotherapy has proven successful for clients. Hypnotherapy naturally changes your internal state and works with your own suggestions. Take a look at my attached blog page for further resource.

What is Hypnotherapy?

As we go through our lives we learn and delete certain information. These lectures will allow your true focus to shine in a positive and safe setting. The goal here is to create powerful change to better your behavior.

Lectures geared towards You

Neuro linguistics programming acts as a pillar in the therapy stronghold. I explain how integrating NLP into our session offers a monumental connection towards positive change. This is helpful if you are seeking behavior improvement and emotional control.

Integrating Neuro Linguistics Programming

This lecture is perfect for those whom are looking for a tool to help organize your goals. I go over how to form suggestions for therapy. By completing this section you will be able to write your own personal suggestion by yourself.

Framing Suggestions

If you want to know more about personalities this is the choice lecture. This section briefly explains what’s it's like to know your dominant personality. I also touch on what suggestibility really is and how you frequently use it.


For those interested in the science behind thoughts and actions this slide explains it all. In this lecture, you will learn the dynamics of the theory of mind. This theory is available as a diagram to further understanding of the mind. Understanding this allows you to uncover the workings of the conscious and subconscious mind.

Theory of mind

In this lecture, I make it clear that this session is suited for creating positive suggestions. I mention how you as the student will be storing positive reactions toward stress. This will all be a cohesive act making positive progress towards your goal. 

Preview 01:10

This section propagates on the type of mindset you want to have before attempting these sessions. Assuring that the student brings the problem forward as to release any confusions. I explain that with a known mindset and a focused goal you set up a desired outcome.


As my student, I want you to have the best opportunities available. In this lecture you will be able to process your thoughts in a productive way. After completing this lecture students will be able to know and use the 5 Principles of Success.  

Principles for Success

This section proposes what you need to know on a therapy basis. As a student, this lecture provides you with the time to really process your goals for present improvement. I continue explaining how to properly prepare yourself prior to hypnosis to create realistic results. 

Need to know

This lecture is intended for deep relaxation and positive integration. In a quiet and relaxed state we dig deeper into the mind together and integrate your positive suggestions for change. Please remove any eye glasses, also be sure to uncross arms and legs for optimum flow.

Hypnosis/ Progressive Relaxation
About the Instructor
Mrs. Abbie Siegmann
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C.Ht., NLP

I am Abbie Siegmann a certified hypnotherapist, handwriting analyst, and NLP Practitioner. I am a graduate of Americas first nationally accredited college of hypnotherapy, HMI of California. Through the American Hypnosis Association I have obtained a certificate in hypnosis for labor and child birth. I provide personal assistance in therapy, eliminating the fear that blocks your inner bliss. Through a subconscious state of hypnosis you can reach your full potential and take the action towards what you desire. Throughout the years I have perfected these techniques, and conjure feelings of gratitude and respect for my calling . It gives me great satisfaction connecting with my clients and knowing that every session increases options. Let yourself break away from the barriers of a critical mindset you may currently be inhibiting. All sessions are strictly confidential. What would happen if you could take back your personal freedom?