31 Ways to a Pain Free Life! Keep the doctor away!
4.3 (8 ratings)
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31 Ways to a Pain Free Life! Keep the doctor away!

Learn from a Doctor of Chiropractic how to reduce Back, Shoulder, Neck, Hip, Knee & Jaw pain! Save money on health now!
4.3 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
493 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Walk to maximize strength and decrease pain
  • Support pain area with proper nutrition for muscle function
  • Extra exercise for body support
  • Enjoy a pain free life!
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  • They will need to take a video of themselves walking so that they can see what their problem areas are...this will help but is not a requirement for learning.
  • They will need to understand that structure and functionality is linked in the body. Our whole body works as a unit and not individual parts.

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Are you someone who lives with pain? Do you wake up stiff? Suffer from headaches? Jaw Problems? Low Back Pain? Sciatica? Shoulder Problems? Knee or Ankle Problems or pain?

This course is for you!

Doctor Krista Ryan and VitalityMatrix presents a way to change your pain. Doctor Krista has been a successful chiropractor for over eight years and has taught thousands of people just like you to take control of their lives and change their daily pain.

This course teaches you the basics of walking and is based on proper kinesiological principles. It helps you to identify problems before they happen and how to take control once they exist.

Our Course is updated regularly.

Our course teaches how to identify pain in certain areas, how to change your walk to help these areas and how to support theses areas with nutrition and exercise.

Enrol in this Course by clicking in the blue box at the bottom of the screen Right NOW!

Every few minutes you delay you let pain, inflammation and dis-ease fester unattended in your body. You can change your health outcome Right NOW!

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Who is the target audience?
  • The course is suited for anyone that can walk
  • Anyone that knows that they have pain but doesn't know how to support it with proper nutrition.
  • Anyone that needs exercises for supporting an area in the body.
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Curriculum For This Course
Start Here
12 Lectures 27:39

Find all areas of your body that may be future problem areas or are current problem areas.

This lecture teaches you how to identify problems in your specific body. It teaches you about what a problem for you may look like. An example of this would be your toes pointing outward while standing or walking.

Preview 06:21

Really learn to break your walking down to see what you are doing wrong. Find someone that is going to give you honest feedback so that you can change your pain, and maximize your health!

Preview 01:00

Find areas in the body that can be fixed by walking in a proper gait.

In order to find out what a proper gait includes its important to know where your pain is found in your body. Pain points can identify what you are doing wrong in a walk and help correct the problem.

Pain Points in Your Body

The way you are walking are producing the pain that we found in the previous lecture. This lecture goes through how to change your walk to fix or help your shoulder or jaw problem. It can be used to help with neck pain and headaches as well.

Identifying the Way You Walk When You Have a Jaw or Shoulder Problem

Hip and Low Back Pain can be identified by knowing what muscles to check and how to get those muscles in a contracted position during your normal walk. This lecture teaches you to do this for yourself.

Hip Pain and the Way you Walk

This lecture helps you to find trigger points or muscles that may not be working in a proper walking posture. It should be used after you have done some walking to figure out where your problems are in your body.

Changing Your muscles in your Low Back and Hips

Ankle position can cause pain all the way up the kinetic chain. Putting your foot in the proper position insures proper muscle function allowing the body to align and decrease pain.

Changing Ankle Position to Decrease Pain

The perfect gait allows for proper body mechanics and assists the body in changing pain. The pain can change from the foot all the way to the jaw. This can create health and improve your body's ability to communicate with itself by facilitating neurological health.

Creating the Perfect Gait

Certain nutrition has been proven to trigger or allow certain muscles to fire better therefore it allows your body to become stronger and healthier by walking normally.

Nutrition for Each Area of the Body

This lecture gives you a summary of what we have covered previously so that you know how to identify problem areas or potential problem areas in your body and fix them.


First 10 Ways to Pain Free!
Find out more about Your Body! How to help your body decrease pain!
9 Lectures 04:20
Fixing your walk and rechecking the areas that you have pain in your body.
3 questions

B vitamins can turn on certain muscles that relate to the way you walk. This lecture shows you how a B vitamin can help you and what muscles it triggers.

B Vitamins ...tips to help

This lecture teaches you that jaw problems can be caused by walking abnormally and it shows you how to identify when you have a jaw problem that you may not know about.

Identifying Jaw Problems

This lecture shows you how to identify hidden neck problems with in your body.

Identifying neck problems

This lecture goes into a more detailed look at how the way you walk relates to the way your jaw may be positioned.

Identifying Jaw Problems part two

Many people deal with scoliosis on a regular basis and this lecture show you how the way you walk can increase or decrease your abnormal curves in the spine.


This lecture teaches you how to change foot position to minimize the impact of scoliosis on your body and abnormal curvatures in your spine.

Scoliosis and Heels

This lecture shows you how minerals can impact the body and what signs may be present in your body that indicates a mineral deficiency.


This lecture shows you how to change mineral intake into your body through the foods you eat to create a lasting impact on your body.

Minerals Part 2

This lecture talks about your posture and how it affects heart function. It shows you positions to decrease how hard your heart is working.

Posture and Your Heart
Excersises for your body
6 Lectures 03:06

This lecture outlines some stretching to help solve everyday pain in your neck and shoulders.

Neck Exercises

This lecture details why shoulder movement is important in a proper walk and what that movement should look like.

Why we move shoulders

This lecture helps you to identify and how to properly stretch your shoulders to minimize pain.

Shoulder Problems

This lecture helps you to increase the flexibility and strength in your shoulders.

Shoulder Problems Part Two

Sometimes changing the skin around the shoulder can have a huge impact on the ability of the shoulder to function normally.

Shoulder Exercise

This lecture details another exercise to improve shoulder function and strength.

More Shoulder
Numbness in Arms and Hands
5 Lectures 02:05

Hand and arm numbness can be a direct cause of the way we move our bodies. This lecture shows you how and why it occurs.

Hand Numbness

Hand numbness can be partially corrected by proper supplementation. This lecture talks about the roll of vitamins in changing this problem.

Part 2

This lecture shows you ways to change numbness by doing exercises at home.

Part 3

This is a supplementary exercise for hand numbness.

Part 4

This lecture goes through an exercise to change wrist and hand problems.

Part 5
Thoracic or Rib Cage Problems
6 Lectures 05:48

The rib cage and the movement of the ribs can be important in both breathing and a proper walk. This lecture identifies abnormalities in the ribs.

Rib Cage

This lecture outlines what other symptoms or changes can be associated with an abnormally functioning sternum.

Rib Cage 2

This lecture walks you though different ways to help improve rib function starting right now.

Rib Cage 3

This lecture shows you how a foam roller can decrease your rib pain and help your ribs to expand in order to breathe better.

Rib Exercise

This is another rib exercise that can be used to increase normal rib expansion and it can help your thoracic spinal pain though vertebral movement.

Foam Roller and Ribs

Summary: 31 Ways to Pain Free!
About the Instructor
Chiropractor/Health Advocate Doctor Krista Ryan
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Doctor of Chiropractic

Doctor Krista Ryan graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa in 2006. Since this time she has run a successful practice in Ontario, Canada. She has helped thousands of people decrease pain in their lives and in 2014, she started an online business VitalityMatrix to reach out and help more people.

VitalityMatrix is a video library where users can become their own health experts. VitalityMatrix is a company devoted to giving everyone the ability to help themselves improve their life and health. Sometimes it can be small changes in lifestyle or it can be radically changing the way you see your body. We work to find the most innovative, creative and practical approaches to help you discover you! We measure our success on yours and we try our best to increase the value of your life.

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