Learn How To Play The Trumpet
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Learn How To Play The Trumpet

If you have the Desire to Play the Trumpet - Now you can! In just a few weeks of learning an practicing!
0.5 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2 students enrolled
Created by Danny Carney
Last updated 6/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Play the trumpet at a very good level, join a band or just play anywhere
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  • The Trumpet student should have a Trumpet Instrument. Nothing else is required

In just 24 Trumpet lessons, you will be playing the Trumpet. Not just playing, but getting a solid foundation for further developing your playing standard. 

Simple and clear teaching 
Each video lesson includes detailed teaching and demonstration for you to copy and practice.
The lessons are structured gradually, each lesson progressing, based on mastering the previous lessons. You choose when to go to the next lesson. 

Anyone with desire to play the Trumpet can benefit from this course
This course, in a short version, has been delivered to hundreds of students worldwide, in the past few years.
I learned that most students are between 20-70 years old, all having one thing in common: 
A burning passion for playing the Trumpet. Many of the students used to play the Trumpet as kids, and with this course, they found the way to get back to playing.

Why not just play the Trumpet without learning properly?
Any Trumpet player knows that playing the Trumpet may involve several playing challenges
The most common are producing a nice rich tone, playing the High register, playing high and soft, playing fast and short, and Endurance. 
Unfortunately, so many kids start learning with teachers who do not know the professional foundations, what leads to frustration and giving up on playing 
In this course you get the Trumpet playing FOUNDATIONS: Everything the best Trumpet players do, so that you acquire the skills that will prevent you from encountering any of those challenges.            

Content and Overview

The best way to learn How to play the Trumpet is by Video demonstration. This course is very easy to follow. In each lesson I talk to you and explain, then I show you on my Trumpet, exactly how to do what I teach. 

Following is the sequence of topics:
We begin with learning how the Trumpet works, and go on to the breathing method. Any Wind instrument is about blowing air thru the instrument.

Then we learn and practice playing on the mouthpiece without the Trumpet.

Only when you master the Mouthpiece Buzzing, do we start getting the sounds on the Trumpet, and only after getting a nice rich sound we add the Tongue to start every tone we play. 
This is the basic foundation. 

Now we start producing the tone, playing the scale tones with the fingering, and gradually go to the Low and to the High tones. All in all we get to learn 2.5 Octaves, playing from low G (Sol) to the high C (Do). 

Next we learn the basics of Sheet Music for the Trumpet, and go on to different techniques:

  • Playing fast and short - Double and Triple Staccato
  • Playing the Trill 
  • Playing very quite - Piano 
  • playing Vibrato
  • Playing Legato between notes with the same fingering.

We end the course with recommended daily practice and how to find Trumpet Sheet Music. 

And, you also receive a PDF book with all the material.    

A few words about myself - Your teacher

I, Danny Carney, wanted to play the Trumpet since I was 5 years old when I first heard the Trumpet sound. I grew up playing in a youth wind orchestra, but unfortunately I had non professional teachers, and I was one of those frustrated young players with challenges and problems with my ability to play. My passion was burning like an inner fire, so at the age of 21 I took a professional Trumpet teacher, and started from scratch.I remember just doing breathing and Mouthpiece Buzzing for several months before he allowed me to use the instrument. So I did not become a professional salary paid musician, but since then I always played with different orchestras and taught children to play.         

Final thoughts for you 

Trumpet playing, like any other wind instrument, has many levels of playing. You can always tell just by listening, if the player is skilled or not. I guess that if you are here, you want to be above average. To really play nicely. ONLY MASTERING THE INSTRUMENT WILL BRING YOU REAL JOY AND SATISFACTION. Same approach applies to anything we do in life: Work and career, Hobby, Sport, Games and more. My attitude is...
Anything you do, mainly things you love to do, do the best you can and more.
Never compromise for being average
. Only with this attitude you can really enjoy!

I am inviting you to join me in the course, play the Trumpet properly and just ENJOY!    

Danny Carney   

Who is the target audience?
  • Any one at any age who has the desire to play the Trumpet and wants to learn.
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Curriculum For This Course
24 Lectures
1. Introduction to the Trumpet, breathing and the Tone
3 Lectures 15:41

In this first lesson we learn about how the trumpet works, and then we start with the basics of breathing for playing. Basically, the Trumpet is a Copper pipe with a certain pipe diameter and length. Blowing air through the pipe gives a vibration and a sound. 

The air flow comes from the lungs but you always put your mind on the lower abdomen the "Power Generator" of the air flow. And, we learn to blow the air THROUGH the Trumpet and not into the Trumpet   

Preview 06:05

In this lesson we learn how to play only on the mouthpiece. This is called Buzzing. Mastering this will give you a much nicer tone on the Trumpet 

Playing on the mothpiece

In this lesson we go from just any Buzz on the mouthpiece to playing different tones. Then we learn how to take care of the instrument, mainly the valves.    

Playing the Mouthpiece and Taking care of the valves
Creating The Tone
4 Lectures 08:36

Now we use our Mouthpiece Buzzing skill to carry on the buzzing into the instrument to get our first Trumpet sound. Then we will learn how to hold the Trumpet. 

Playing the Mouthpiece into the Trumpet and How to hold the Trumpet

Congratulation! Now you have the tone on the Trumpet and we really start playing. 

Creating tone, Playing Long Tones

We now start playing the notes with using the valves. In this lesson we play the first half of the C major scale.  

Playing the Low Tones from Low Do (C) to Middle Sol (G)

Up till now we played tones only with blowing air into the Trumpet. Now we add the Tongue to get a nice fine start of every tone we play.  

Using the Tongue to start the tone
Playing the Trumpet notes
3 Lectures 09:23

Now we com;ete the tones of the simple DO (C)  Major scale. from La (A) to Do (C). 

Playing High Tones from Middle La (A) to Middle Do (C) and the full Scale

Now that we have our simple Do (C) Major scale notes, we learn to play going down from low C to low G, and up from middle C to High G. so now you have a range of 2 Octaves - 95% of all trumpet music is in this range.  

Playing Low Tones Low Do (C) to Low Sol (G), High tones Middle Do (C) to High (G

In this lesson we put the Trumpet aside and learn the basics of Sheet Music: The Notes. In this lesson there is information you will learn later in the course, so remember to come back to it.  

Reading Sheet Music: The basic Trumpet Notes
Advanced Notes and style
3 Lectures 10:01

Every music has long tones and short tones. This is the Rhythm. Not difficult, just needs your accurate counting, and internal beet.  

Playing Long and Short Tones

We learned how to use the tongue to start the tone. Now we join different tones at defferent heights. This is the Legato or Ty.      

Playing Legato - Joining tones in one Air Flow

Half tones are called SMALL SECUNDA. They are SHARP - Half a tone higher, or FLAT, half a tone lower. on the scale we have 5 of them. These would be the black Piano Keys.    

Playing and Fingering of Half Tones-Sharp and Flat
Advanced Trumpet Playing
5 Lectures 11:36

Pedal tones are not part of the Trumpet music. These tones are played to practice. The more you master them the better you play all in all and particularly the high notes. Needs much practice because it is very low and all tones are controlled by lips ad air flow, few with fingering.      

Playing Pedal Notes

Double Staccato is the only way you can play very fast short tones. The greatest skill is playing it on different tones, not on one tone. .... Just a matter of practice. A lot of practice. You always start slow and go faster and faster on your practice of D.S. 

Playing Short and Fast - Double Staccato

Just like the Double Staccato, the Triple Staccato is similar. used in many sheet music Trumpet music including Marches, classic and more.   

Playing Triple Staccato - Fast and Short

Playing loud on the Trumpet is normally not difficult. The challenge is playing softly. PIANO and Mezzo Piano. You need to really concentrate on your lower abdomen power and list carfeully to your tone. to be soft but powerful.   

Playing Soft (Piano) and Loud (Forte)

Playing Legato without changing fingers is a real challenge and requires a lot of practice until you can play the legato smooth. The more challenging is between the lower tones like low C to G or an Octave - Low C to Middle C.   

Playing Legato without fingering
Professional techniques
3 Lectures 06:30

The Vibrato is the skill of playing a wonderful long tone. Just like Opera singers do. Not difficult to play but needs practice. 

Playing Vibrato

The TRILL is written mainly for the classic Trumpet music. it's easy, but needs full concentration to play it well.  

Playing The Trill

Playing the very high tones is very challenging. Even more is playing them soft or loud and with little effort. we learn to play until C high. 

Playing Very High Tones: High Sol (G) to High Do (C)
Trumpet course summary
3 Lectures 27:22

In this lesson you get the "How to play the Trumpet" text book. This will help you go through everything we learned in the course.  

Text book: How to play the Trumpet

Daily practice in essential for keeping your playing standard and your lip muscle endurance. In this lesson I recommend how to do it. Here is the essence: Start on the mouthpiece. go on to long tones at middle range between low C to middle C. Then play Legato , staccato, and finally play sheet music, mainly Etudes. Remember to take breaks. Never play continually without resting. Enjoy!     

Preview 04:03

Finally the end of the course. By now you are actually playing! Just remember: Practice and Practice. Go over the lessons again. get better and better. Enjoy and may your listeners enjoy. 

Summary and Sheet Music
About the Instructor
Danny Carney
0.5 Average rating
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2 Students
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Skilled Teacher for anything he Masters

Danny is a veteran Trumpet teacher. Danny has been playing since the age of 10. As a teenager, he had bad trumpet habits, due to starting off with a non professional Trumpet teacher. This was very frustrating. At 21, he took on a new teacher, and started from scratch. After 2 years! achieved his wonderful playing, but never took it as his main career. He has been playing and teaching ever since and created his first video +Textbook  online Trumpet Course in 2006 :"How to play the Trumpet" - 6 lessons. Many people from all over the world started playing with that course. 

Now Danny put together the 24 Video lessons - Simple, Professional and giving good results.   

Danny LOVES teaching and everything he does, he teaches.

Hope you enjoy!