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Learn How to Play Blues, Rock, & Boogie Woogie Piano Today

Master the fundamentals of learning how to play Blues piano by ear in easy lesson tutorials using chords. Course for all
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What Will I Learn?
Impress your friends and family by playing 12 Bar Blues patterns on piano using the Chords of C, F, and G Major
Perform basic blues soloing patterns and techniques
Gain the ability to improvise and compose your own Blues or Rock 12 Bar pattern based songs
Form or join your very first Rock, Blues, or Boogie Woogie band as a pianist and/or Keyboards player
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  • If you do know a bit about piano or music theory then you can apply this knowledge from the beginning of the course. But it is by no means essential as all is explained in the videos and course lesson descriptions
  • You will need a piano or keyboard instrument to complete this course
  • You may find my other piano course on Udemy 'Learn Piano Today' useful supplementary material to the information presented in this course

Learn How to Play Blues, Rock and Boogie Woogie Piano Today is a primer course for everybody who has an interest in learning the piano or keyboards, or adding a new genre to their existing piano repertoire.

Blues, Rock and Boogie puts the fun back into piano playing, whilst also teaching you chords, inversions, progressions, improvisation, rhythm patterns, and soloing. It's as if a professional pianist is sitting right next to you as you practice!

  • You will quickly learn how to play the most recognizable 12 Bar piano Blues patterns in both hands, and how to improvise solo patterns.
  • The course consists of six sections, including 14 lectures, 1 fun quiz, and over 38 minutes of easy to understand lessons that stay on-topic, teaching you the basics of what you need to know, step-by-step.
  • You have the ongoing support of a professional pianist and music teacher with 30+ years experience.
  • All future new bonus content, and regularly added lesson updates, will be included at no additional cost to you. What you pay today is all you ever need to pay. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • By the end of this course you will be able to confidently play and perform the most recognized Blues and Rock 'n' Roll 12 Bar piano patterns in the key of C Major.
  • You will also be able to improvise 2,3, and 4 note solo patterns over the chords of C, F, and G Major.
  • You could complete this course in only two weeks, learning only one new lesson a day; or spread the lessons out at your own convenience and complete them in a time frame that makes you comfortable. It is entirely up to you.
  • If that's not all, you will even get a Certificate for completing the course!

So don't delay, Learn How to Play Blues, Rock, and Boogie Piano today.

Join a 1,200+ strong community of fellow piano students learning together in this growing new Udemy music course. Bigger, Better, Learn Faster.

You could be playing cool piano pieces before you can say "Woke up this morning."

Course material last updated on 30th August 2016.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anybody who has an interest in piano or keyboard playing (from Beginner to Intermediate level).
  • There are no age restrictions beyond the mental aptitude to be able to follow the video lessons, and the physical ability to press down the piano keys. Typically, the youngest age grouping is between 4-6 years of age.
  • For very young piano students, it may be more suitable to begin on an unweighted electronic keyboard, rather than a weighted piano keyboard; especially for Chordal introduction and practice.
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 14 Lectures Collapse All 14 Lectures 38:46
Welcome to 'Learn How to Play Blues, Rock, & Boogie Woogie Piano Today'.
2 Lectures 04:22

One Hundred Benefits of Learning Piano - or 'Why you should take this course'.

Introduction - Why you need to take this course.
3 pages

A collection of common questions and answers regarding this course, and how to navigate the course dashboard and material.

For any other questions or queries regarding the course, please use the course discussion boards, or message the instructor directly as outlined in this lecture.

Quick Read Fast Action Guide - Course FAQ
Chord Mastery in 'C' Major
4 Lectures 13:54

Learn How to Play Blues, Rock, and Boogie Woogie Piano - Video Lesson One

Right Hand Chords in the key of 'C' Major: 12345678 = C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C.

135 - C,E,G. 146 - C,F,A, and 15b7 - C,G,Bflat

Please also consult the keyboard chart layout in Lecture 13 for additional help.

Preview 02:21

Learn How to Play Blues, Rock, and Boogie Woogie Piano - Video Lesson Two

Part One: Adding the 'Blue' notes: Flat 3, 5, and 7 - 'E' flat, 'G' Flat, and 'B' flat

Top Tip: Think 'b' for 'Blues' = flat notes.

Part Two: Splitting the right hand chords by alternating between the thumb and other fingers.

Preview 03:05

Learn How to Play Blues, Rock, and Boogie Woogie Piano - Video Lesson Three

Left hand chords in the key of 'C' Major.

15 - C,G. 16 - C, A and 1b7 - C,B flat.

Matching and mapping the left hand to the right hand.

Preview 03:02

Learn How to Play Blues, Rock, and Boogie Woogie Piano - Video Lesson Four

Right hand in 'C' Major: Simple soloing patterns:

2 notes | 3 note triplets | 2 note chords | 4 note runs

Right Hand - Simple Soloing Patterns & Techniques
Branching Out - 'F' Major and 'G' Major Chord Patterns
3 Lectures 08:13

Learn How to Play Blues, Rock, and Boogie Woogie Piano - Video Lesson Five

Left Hand: Boogie Woogie 'Stride' walking piano pattern over 2 measures (Bars) in 'C' Major

1,3,5,6 | b7,6,5,3 etc. Notes played = C,E,G,A,Bb,A,G,E...(repeat loop)

Left Hand - Boogie Woogie 'Stride' Piano Pattern

Learn How to Play Blues, Rock, and Boogie Woogie Piano - Video Lesson Six

Right hand Chords in 'F' Major. (Scale notes = F,G,A,Bb,C,D,E,F)

135 - F,A,C. 146 - F, Bb,D and 15b7 - F,C,Eb

Both Hands - Chord Patterns in 'F' Major

Learn How to Play Blues, Rock, and Boogie Woogie Piano - Video Lesson Seven

Blues chords in 'G' Major: (Scale notes = G,A,B,C,D,E,F#,G).

135 - G,B,D. 146 - G,C,E and 15b7 - G,D,F

Both Hands - Chord Patterns in 'G' Major
From Novice to Ninja - Putting it all together
3 Lectures 07:02

Learn How to Play Blues, Rock, and Boogie Woogie Piano - Video Lesson Eight

Twelve Bar Blues - piano pattern one.

12 Bar Blues - Pattern One

Learn How to Play Blues, Rock, and Boogie Woogie Piano - Video Lesson Nine

Twelve Bar Blues - Piano pattern 2.

Preview 01:37

Learn How to Play Blues, Rock, and Boogie Woogie Piano - Video Lesson Ten

Further simple solo pattern ideas for the right hand in the key of 'C' Major.

Right Hand - Further Simple Soloing Patterns & Techniques
Supplementary & Bonus Course Material
1 Lecture 00:01

Piano Keyboard Layout

Please refer to this chart at any and all times throughout the course. This chart may be downloaded and printed out for your convenience.

Piano Keyboard Layout
1 Lecture 00:26
End of Course Fun Quiz
5 questions

Certificate of Completion

Information on how to obtain your certificate for completing the course.

Congratulations! Very well done!

David B.

Certificate of Completion Information
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Hi, my name is David Brogan. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn the piano. Today, the internet makes this possible. You can master the keyboard on everything from a phone app to a grand piano. 

Why learn from me? Well, I hold a Masters Degree in Music. It has been my life since turning professional 32 years ago. I am not only a teacher, but a touring musician also. I walk the walk as well as talking the talk. 

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