Outsource Your Life and Business
3.8 (27 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Outsource Your Life and Business

Learn how to hire, train and grow a virtual team to automate your life with outsourcing using proven strategies and tips
3.8 (27 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,176 students enrolled
Created by John Price
Last updated 11/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • Ignite the growth of your business without wasting money
  • Design a budget so that you make money with outsourcing
  • How to train your team so that they are hands off
  • Maximize your earnings and minimize your workload
  • Red flags you should know before hiring someone
  • The most important skillset to look for when hiring
  • Know exactly how much to pay them
  • Choose the right tasks to outsource
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  • Willingness to learn
  • Must be willing to take things off your plate (no egos allowed here)
  • Sick and tired of a long to-do list that never ends
  • Ready to grow your business

Are you looking for a course that will teach you how to utilize the right tools and resources to leverage your time and grow your business with hiring virtual team members through outsourcing?

In this course I’m going to cover:

  • How to determine what you need to outsource by showing you examples and helping you identify your needs
  • How to find the right team on your first try from some of my favorite websites
  • How to train your team without feeling like you’re baby sitting them all day long
  • How to grow your team and make sure they are allowing you to scale and finally
  • How to actually make more money by hiring a virtual team

If you are tired of that long to-do list that never seems to get done then I’m excited you’re here. I’m here to teach you how to profit while others do your work. We’re going to dive into tips and strategies that will help you remove your daily tasks by delegating them to someone who can do them better than you so that you can focus on what you are really passionate about.

Beginner to Outsourcing? If you’re just getting started with outsourcing, I’m going to provide you with the right foundation to get started. You’re not going to have that “Am I wasting money” voice talking to you because I have the exact strategies to follow to succeed with outsourcing.

If you’ve tried outsourcing before and failed, I know how you feel. In fact I’ve spent thousands of dollars learning how to create a team that works well for me and how to leverage talent to meet the needs of my business. I’ve met many people that have hired their virtual assistant, only to find themselves doing twice as much work. You should remove yourself from the equation as fast as possible.

Bonus Material Included in this Course:

  • Training Guides for you to Fill Out to Design Your Plan
  • Video Walkthroughs of my Favorite Tools [many of the tools are FREE ones]
  • Templates for you to Use that have Saved Me 60% of My Time
  • Examples of Entrepreneurs and Companies that Outsource Using the Same Tactics

With 38 lectures and 4 hours of content, this course contains everything you need to know to remove your to-do list of tasks, gain freedom in your business and scale your business with the right team in place.

The course is broken down into 6 main objectives:

  1. Determine the Right Tasks to Start Outsourcing
    When you're first getting started with hiring a virtual team to take over your tasks, there is an internal battle with tasks you want to hold onto because you feel that no one can do better at them than you. Determine what tasks to outsource is a very important step in this process.
  2. Find What Your Time Is Worth
    Once you can determine what your time is actually worth, you will know what you're willing to pay for your team members. The last things you want to do is not get a strong return on your virtual assistant investment.
  3. Create a Top 10 List
    Your Top 10 List will give you initial outline for outsourcing you're entire business. We will start small with the most important tasks and then grow this list to continue removing tasks from your day.
  4. Hire the Right Virtual Assistant or Virtual Team on the First Try
    Learn how to go through the entire hiring process from beginning to end with your virtual assistant. Gain access to valuable templates and strategies that you can use to make the process more efficient.
  5. Train Your Virtual Team with Proper Documentation
    Giving somebody a bunch of tasks to do usually ends up with that person coming back every couple of hours asking for help or asking for more tasks. Setting up a system that keeps them busy and removes you from the equation is what we're going to have you achieve.
  6. Grow Your Business and Gain Freedom
    The ultimate goal of this course is to allow you the freedom to focus on the things that REALLY matter in your life and in your business. If you're free to a long to-do list of tasks, what would you do? Answering your WHY will help you stay determined to hire a virtual team and gain freedom.

Students completing this course will learn the steps to outsource their life and business to a virtual team and scale their business.

By taking this course, you're taking action on the most valuable thing in life...YOUR TIME. It's the one thing you can't get more of no matter how many resources you have. Our time is limited but now you have the opportunity to remove tasks from your life and spend quality time on the important things.

Who is the target audience?
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Unfulfilled employees at your job
  • Anyone willing to learn how to grow your business
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Curriculum For This Course
49 Lectures
Get Started with Removing Time Sucking Tasks Off Your Plate
3 Lectures 06:51

Getting to the point in your business when you feel the pressure to remove tasks in order to scale your company can come right away or years down the road.

If you look at successful entrepreneurs, you'll find a trend. They didn't get where they are because they did everything themselves. In fact, many times they give credit to all the people who helped them reach the top.

Discovering ways to build leverage in order to scale the growth of your business is the single most important thing for your early startup or your seasoned company. You're never too late to scale.

Preview 03:12

If you're like me, you'll appreciate having all of the slides on file to take notes. I've even included some in here that never made it in the actual course!

Slides for the Entire Course to Download (Keep them forever)
47 pages

It's important to set certain expectations for this course. I've seen a lot of people succeed with hiring a virtual team and I've also seen many fail. What was the difference? Simple, it was the way they approached their processes.

There are 3 keys to early success:

  1. Design a product (or service) that people love.
  2. Distribute your message through your advocates (people that love your service or products).
  3. Find leverage so that you can scale your business to the masses.

If you’re having issues with your business already, outsourcing will not be the cure. For example, marketing a bad product will not make the product sell more. We must first identify the potential issues or theories you may be having before we get started.

Preview 03:39
Knowing Outsourcing - My Years of Knowledge Summarized in 15 mins...
3 Lectures 10:49

The outsourcing trend has created quite the buzz around a concept that many still don't quite understand. What is outsourcing and why, as an entrepreneur should I be doing it?

Outsourcing, whether local or foreign is a growing business model for many businesses both large and small. Understanding what concept will help you gain insight on what it can do for you.

What is Outsourcing and the Reason Why You Need to Know

Answering your WHY statement is the most important thing you can do before getting started with outsourcing your tasks.

What pain points do you have in your business or in your life? Solving your WHY will help you determine the reason you must take action soon.

The Real Reason Why You Should Outsource (Took me 6 years to understand this...)

There was a time where I tried to become really good at everything because I liked the control. I got burned out. I like to know just a little about everything, just enough to where I can hire the right people to fill those roles.

Ask yourself, Is there a quicker, more effective method to handle processes?

Outsourcing give your the option to:

  1. Find incredible talent
  2. Focus on your core business
  3. Get to market quicker
  4. Better use your core competencies
Preview 05:22
Find Out What It's Worth to You to Remove Tasks & Gain Freedom
2 Lectures 10:14

Outsourcing means that you’re giving up something and paying for someone else to do the task on your behalf. This cost needs to make sense financially so that you’re able to scale your business.

Action item: The first step is determining what is your time really worth?

Leverage your Time at Work

When you think about the basic outsourcing tasks for your business the first things that might come to mind are usually software development, financial services, data entry and creative or development services.

But the reality of outsourcing is that you can use it for many other things. When you think about all of the areas that you would like help in, you tend to make a big list. So how do we start?

After completing this exercise you will know what types of tasks you should start outsourcing.

Action Item: Write down 3-5 Tasks that You Love!

What Do You Outsource?

See what you learned.

What is Outsourcing?
3 questions
Step by Step Guide for Building Your Task List...That You Will Then Stop Doing
5 Lectures 14:02

When you’re jotting down tasks, write down what tasks do you do repetitively? Repetitive tasks might include checking email, importing v-cards, editing web pages, checking voicemail and so on. Want to see a HUGE list of things to outsource, check out our attached doc (I show you 220+ potential things to outsource).

What tasks could someone do equal or better than you on? I say better than you because you want these tasks to not disappear from your life, but just off your plate.

The goal of this exercise will be to determine your actual list of tasks that you can hand off to someone else.

Action Item: Make a list of everything that you do in a given day that you want to remove off your plate.

Step 1: Create a List

Next to the task, think about how much time it it takes to accomplish that task.

Give it a number per day (5 for 5 minutes, 120 for two hours and so on.) Get ready to be shocked by the amount of time you’re potentially loosing each day.

Action Item: Go down your list and give each task a time amount in minutes.

Step 2: Determine the Amount of Time It Takes to Complete Each Task

Knowing what category your task falls under is a great exercise because it helps us identify what skills we need out of our hire.

Action item: Go down you list and assign a category to each task.

I've included a download of what my list looks like after I've organized my list.

Step 3: Categorize Your Tasks and Spot Immediate Trends

"The role of leadership is to transform the complex situation into small pieces and prioritize them" - Carlos Ghosn

You've just created a list that is all chaos! Time to get organized :) I want you to give each task a # from 1-3 depending on how important that tasks is for you. So use the space on the far right to give the task a priority.

In this module, you will prioritize your list of tasks and develop a plan of attack.

Action item: Go down your list and assign a number 1-3 to each task depending on their priority.

Step 4: Prioritize Your List in Order to Develop a Plan of Attack

Your Top 10 list is the most reasonable approach to take at your outsourcing list.

Simplifying your list to just 10 tasks will help you learn the exercise so that in the future you can grow this list to as many tasks that you want to outsource.

Action item: Add up the total number of time you spend in your Top 10 List. Then multiply it by your hourly rate.

Preview 04:02
Laying the Foundation for Hiring your Team and Red Flags you Should Know
2 Lectures 05:25

Determine what it will take hourly or project based to successfully complete a task or project. In order to do this you’ll need to think through each part of your job.

You can break it down into three different areas of projects:

  1. Hiring ongoing help
  2. Hiring a project freelancer or firm
  3. Hiring to cover what you’ve been hired to do

So as you determine your type of projects you can quickly see how to setup a budget that keeps you “safe” throughout the entire process.

Design a Budget that Will Make You Multiple Returns on Your Business

It’s important to now include the “when” to this equation.

What I like to say is, you know you’re ready when you want your personnel to concentrate on their core competencies. Or if it’s for you personally, I would say “When you reach the point of repetitive work that you can easily build a process for then you must begin to outsource."

Determine Exactly When You Need to Start Outsourcing
Job Posting Process to Hire Your Virtual Team the Right Time the First Time
5 Lectures 24:40

Choose a Platform (Odesk is going to be my Example) Many of the other sites (such as elance.com) have a similar style of features, and I’ve made a list of sites that you can use for outsourcing your work (attached). Once you feel comfortable using Odesk types of sites you can start using websites like BestHire.ph for more permanent solutions…(there are also drawbacks to this)

Post Job

Choose Category

They are pretty close at matching categories for your project. You sometimes have to look around but they’re usually logically laid out.

Job a Title

Describe the work to be done - I’ve included a template for a VA. The more descriptive, the better changes of finding the right person for your job.

**ULTIMATE HACK** The ultimate hack is to put a secret phrase in the description to make sure that your contractors read through the entire document. Sometime I’ll have them answer 3 questions or else you won’t even consider them. I also sometimes create an alias for them to address me by calling me Santa or by Mr. J and I’ll put it at the end or in the middle. If they don’t start by following directions, don’t let them in the circle.

Duration (this is important because it can potential build in some negotiation if you’re going to use them long term and it will give others the idea that this is a one off job that they don’t need to quit their day job to do)

• Quick Job (one off data entry)

• Project (website 1-2 months)

• Long-term relationship (Virtual Assistant 6 months)

Location of contractor ( Many people think that certain areas are better for certain jobs. I’ve yet to be able to prove that because every time I try I’m amazed by the results. India used to be really good for code but not for design. Don’t hire indians for data entry, instead hire in the Philippines and hire Romanians for design work and europeans for PPC and Adsense skills. I’ve hired in over 10 countries (list here) and I’ve documented my experience with each of them. Don’t just think that outsourcing means overseas. I very rarely hire writing work out site of the US, because i’ve spent years finding the right writers for many projects and found the most success in the US (California to be specific)

Posting Your Job and Starting the Process

Save time when you use these tips

Posting Your Job Quiz
2 questions

Interviewing your prospects can be one of the most time consuming things you'll do. Use these tips to eliminate hours of extra time that you could be spending on this process.

Here are a few to mention:

Ask the right questions - Make sure you check out my list of questions that you can ask your contractor during the interview process. Treat this as if you’re hiring someone to work in your office…because it’s the same level of attention.

Get their personalities out - If you’re working with these people more than a few days, then you’re going to want to enjoy working with them. So you need to know if your personalities work.

Hold a audio/video meeting via Skype or Google Hangout. Make sure they can communicate well. The last thing you want is someone who is doing your guest blog outreach plan to not be able to talk.

Test internet speed - During your interview in the last point you can ask them what type of computer they use, what their internet speed it (use speedtest.com). Ask them to screenshare with you and have them run a speedtest. This will immediately reduce the # of applicants (which is the goal).

Interview Your Contractors to Find the Diamond in the Rough

Depending on the role you’re trying to fill, this will determine which route you should take when hiring.

When you’re considering all of the different types of talent in the world, you’ll run into two different scenarios. Either a Company that has the resources you’re looking for or an Individual.

You then need to consider the following:

  • • Company or Individual
  • • Specialized or Broad
Choose the Right Team (or teams) and Start Outsourcing Your Tasks

see that there are two types of people or talent you will hire. I put them in the category of trained and not train ed. I’ve determined that this is the biggest difference between all of the talent pool out there.

So you’ve got two different types:

Quality with Training - You can bargain and find talent if you’re willing to put in the work. But get ready to work a little to find the right one and to do a bunch of training. This is sometimes the best route if you want to fine the diamond in the rough and mold them to fit well for your future projects.

Quality without training - More money since they will already be trained to do what you’re asking them to do with minor or no training. There are people out there that will help you systemize your business. They need you to explain what you’re trying to do and then they’ll go and create systems for your business.

Talent Landscape - Know Your Talent Hiring and What to Avoid

As mentioned before in this module, you need to understand that you’re not always going to be your contractors #1 priority unless you can keep them busy the majority of their time.

Many people in certain areas will work 18 hour days so that they can earn a living at $4-5 per hour. This can be dangerous to your business if they start to slack off or become hard to get in touch with.

You need to have a conversation with them and setup certain parameters when you first set the expectations.

Preview 02:29
Hire Your Team without Loosing Your Mind -- and Money.
3 Lectures 09:37

Tracking your team early on will lead to the success of your on-boarding. They’ll end up being more effective because they know every move is being monitored by you.

There are tools out there like WorkSnaps and TimeDoctor that work great. You can find a link to the right. If I choose to use a tool like this outside of odes or another large site, I’m fully transparent why I want to track them and I make it a reward the day I no longer have to use it. But they must earn it first.

Implement Tracking Time Tools or Lose Money Quickly

Using the "Big sites" like Upwork and Freelancer have their perk but it comes at a small price. You can take advantage of many of their features like; time tracking, payment management, etc. But you will be paying up to 10% for all of the features.

My Payment Process that I've used on all my teams

If you’re paying through one of the major players like Upwork or Codeable.io, then you will have the option to put your funds in Escrow and release them based on the work that the contractor has provided. This is the safest option and the most attractive one for the contractor.

Paypal or Venmo are other options if you’re working with them directly. These services are easy to setup (basically you just link them to your bank account) and you can trust that your money is safe. Just make sure you set expectations as to how the work will be done and when you’ll pay them.

How The Money Works and the Easiest Payment Formula to Follow
Training Your Virtual Team So That You Never Have to Babysit Them
7 Lectures 28:09

The most important aspect of this entire hiring and on boarding process is the training. This really goes for any employee whether they are in your office or located over in the Philippines.

The Ultimate Tool Box - The Best (and mostly FREE) Tools I Use to Manage My Team

"If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed."

Early on you need to set expectations with your team. This will not only promote clear goals but it will give you a chance to set the tone for the relationship.

I start by scheduling a meeting with my team on an ongoing basis.

For you this might be daily or weekly (i wouldn’t go much further out than a week though) - Finding a time or times to meet is one of the most important things to establish in the beginning. If there’re overseas then it’s even more important to establish a time to talk since they will need to coordinate with you on times that work. Personally, I meet every morning at 7am with my VA on weekdays.

Set Expectations Early with Your Team to Avoid Major Issues

We’ve already covered technology to use for communication so note you need to choose the style in which you’re going to communicate with your team.

Many times this will come down to a few variables. Those variables are: time of day, type of job, language barrier, size of team, level of involvement and so on.

The main areas to focus communication on are:

• Email

• Chat

• Project Management

Communicate the Best Way - Save Time and Get Results

Management thinker Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying that "you can't manage what you can't measure."

In every part of your business you have metrics to track to measure the effectiveness of whatever it might be. It’s no different with an employee or contractor. You need to ensure that you’re spending dollars well throughout the entire relationship.

Here are some examples:

Social Media Manager: You would track engagement, amount of followers, comments on posts/tweets/pins, etc.

Data Entry Position: Quality of data entry, speed at which they’re performing, accuracy of input.

For a Marketing campaign: Amount of leads generated, amount of money spent vs earned (ROI), impressions on brand website.

A Virtual Assistant should have certain metrics depending on they types of tasks you have them do: Number of contacts updated/added/removed from database on a daily basis, emails answered, projects completed monthly, response time to web related research.

Define Metrics = Measure Results

As we dive deeper into the training module, it’s time to actually look at training techniques. Below is a system that I’ve found to work flawlessly and increase my training time by 60%.

I walk you through my 4 Step Process to become efficient with training your team.

Step 1: Send Process to Team

Step 2: They Film You Completing Tasks

Step 3: They Ask Questions for Clarification

Step 4: You Film Them Doing the Tasks

Format Meetings to Scale Your Business

The entire objective of this course is to get you to buy back valuable time that you’re loosing by handing your tasks off to someone else. The only way to know if this is working for you is to take a look at the numbers.

In this module you'll ask yourself; Could they be doing more or less? Did you just pay someone to do something that cost you more than it was worth?

You want this relationship to work, trust me. You will have just spent a bunch of time finding and training them and the last thing you want to do is start all over. What I do early on is a trial period.

Trial Period - This give you an excuse to keep them on a super short leash during the evaluation period and it allows you to see their potential or lack there of.

If it’s time to let the person go, here is the method I choose to take. In the beginning, tell them that you have a strict 3 strike rule in which you have no other choice but to fire them if they hit 3 strikes in a certain time frame. This ultimately does two things:

1. They know what NOT to do and they’ll work hard to not get a strike and

2. It give you a clear out since you previously set the expectations. Firing someone is never fun but if you hire enough virtual team member, it may eventually happen.

Track Your Results to Know Next Steps

Don’t keep telling yourself you’ll outsource or hire a VA next year. I did this for years before I pulled the trigger and I wish I would have started long before. Start now and start receiving the benefits now. I always wish I would have done things when I originally said I would.

You tell yourself what you’re going to do and only you can keep yourself accountable for those things. If you’re considering it, and still have questions, make sure you shoot an email to john@johnpriceonline.com

Now Your Ready to Outsource - Time to Delegate Your Tasks
Tools and Walkthroughs to Create Processes, Pay, Train and Organize Your Life
5 Lectures 39:46

I'll walk you through my favorite documentation tool called Clarify.

Document Clean Processes using Clarify-It

Watch how to use Xmind to build out your processes and systems to quickly grow your outsourcing team and business.

XMind - Mind Mapping Saves Your Time and Money

Sharing and remembering your passwords can be a job of its own. I walk through how you can use LastPass to simplify your life.

LastPass - The Last Password Management Tool You'll Need

Now you can keep your team on track to accomplish their tasks while they keep you in the loop. I show you a free tool called Asana and how it works in my ecommerce business.

Organize your Team with Asana

When my Virtual Assistant sends me their invoice, I have them follow a procedure using email, worksnaps and paypal.

Paypal and Virtual Assistant Payment Process
6 pages
Bonus Material - Exclusive Material
4 Lectures 39:59

In this module, we'll walkthrough the entire process of posting a job on Odesk so that you have the tools to post the right job description on the first try.

Step by Step Job Posting on Upwork (previously Odesk)

I got on the phone with the CEO of Odesk and asked him some questions I've been thinking of as an entrepreneur that is outsourcing. Lot's of good insights and facts about Odesk.

Interview with the Former CEO of Odesk (Before they became Upwork)

This is an example of a virtual assistant job posting that I've used when hiring a virtual assistant. It's a template that you can use too when you start hiring your virtual team.

Virtual Assistant Sample Job Posting
2 pages

Check out big list of tasks that you can start outsourcing today! Fully utilized, this list can save you move than 160 hours a month!

220 + Things You Can Start Outsourcing
15 pages
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John Price
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I want to teach you how I have earned companies $10+ million in revenue in the past 4 years.

A Nashville native, I have spent the better part of his life in Nashville and escaped for a year to live in Colorado to run online marketing at Beaver Creek for Vail Resorts. I've started, built up and sold technology companies including an online bridal guide site and a SaaS subscription business.

Outsourcing for me started back in 2006 when I had a VA in the Philippines edit my term paper in college. Since then I've learned to leveraged outsourcing to build, grow and sell businesses and help me live the lifestyle I've decided to live.

Currently, I'm involved in several startups in the ecommerce, real estate and technology space where I utilize virtual teams and unique strategies to grow these businesses. These compaies have grown from the ground up to now reaching $10+ million in sales -- Most of which due to the ability to leverage talent and scale.

I believe that everyone can spend more time on the important things in life by utilizing ways to free up time while still staying competitive.