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About This Course

Published 8/2014 English

Course Description

*** Course has been updated as of 7/28/2015 with new content for version 10.1 (Older versions are covered as well ***


How to Mix Rap Vocals has been adding in Section 12! Broken down into 4 parts!

Voice Over Lecture has been adding in Section 10!

GarageBand 10.0.3 Update Video have been uploaded to explain what has changed and why this update is so AMAZING!

This course has been live for only 1 week and 939 students has already enrolled!!!! You are probably wondering why so many people are purchasing this Udemy course?

Will first let me ask you a question. Wouldn't it be great if you knew how to make your vocals to sound more professional using an easy to learn software? What if you could bypass that huge learning curve and start making your vocals sound amazing as soon as you finish this course! Garageband is already very easy to learn and this course will start with an overview of Garageband 10 in case you are unfamiliar with the software altogether. Then we are going to get right into the steps of getting your vocals sounding remarkable. This curriculum will be a jam packed with lectures covering everything from the EQ, Reverb, Echo and Pan to the Compression, third party audio units (That come with this course), how to install them and even what EQ frequency ranges that each instrument should set in as well as the pan percentage per instrument type! I know your time is important so I made certain I used the least amount of time to show you each step without sacrificing the learning experience. If this is what you're looking to do then this course is for you.

I have decided to include 15 free Audio Units that you can use with Garageband10, Reason (Mac), Cakewalk (Mac), Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and other audio mixing software for free just for purchasing this course! How awesome is that!? With this type of Audio Unit bundle (Not to mention the unlimited access to new courses and a Facebook group community) you are looking at a $500 savings!

So come learn the guarded secrets behind making a raw vocal into a professional sounding master piece using a free software; Garageband 10. With all the benefits mentioned above and more that I couldn't include because I have a 300 word limit :-) you have no reason not to enroll today!

Music Artist Vocalist that was used in the course are:

Lui C Acoustic (You can check him out on YouTube by doing a search for LuiCAcoustic)

What are the requirements?

  • Garageband 10.0.2
  • You will need a Mac OS X 10.9 or later
  • Headphones (Optional)
  • Microphone (Optional)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • I will be showing and explaining everything from the EQ, Reverb, Echo and Pan to the Compression, third party audio units and how to install them and more!
  • By the end of this course you will be able to mix vocals like a professional music engineer.
  • In this course I will be giving you the exact numbers, level values and ratios so you don't have to do a lot of guessing through trial and error.

Who is the target audience?

  • You should have some knowledge on how to use previous versions of Garageband at least. If you are unsure I would recommend watching a introduction video on using GarageBand 10. I also include a link within the course to help those who do not know how do use GarageBand at all.
  • A person who trying to master the art of mixing vocal would benefit the most from taking this course.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
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Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction to the Course
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In this audio I basically in a open discussion format talk about why you should learn how to mix vocals and GarageBand 10

6 pages

Before we go into how to processing your vocals in Garageband we must talk about mixing vocals in general…. That is where this document comes in. This information can be used with any audio mixing software you decide to use. Rather it be Reason, FL 10, Pro Tools, GarageBand 10 or even Cakewalk. I personally recommend printing this document off, because some of what is discussed in this document we will not touch on again later in this curriculum. Enjoy.

9 pages

This Lecture will teach you why a pop stopper is important in your recording process and how to make a homemade one for your mic!

GarageBand 10 Update 10.0.3
Section 2: Overview of GarageBand
18 pages

This document is for people who has never used GarageBand and needs to know the basics before proceeding. I tired to keep it condensed as possible, but I still came up with 18 pages! Enjoy :-)


If you didn't care to read the document you can watch this awesome video on a overview of Garageband! Again this is for beginners who never used any version of Garageband or is not use to the new Garageband 10.

Section 3: Noise Gate

In this video I will explain how to properly find and use the noise gate feature in GarageBand 10.

Music Artist Vocals that were used in the course are:

Lui C Acoustic Check out his YouTube Channel

Section 4: Compression

In this course I will show you three ways you can apply compression in GarageBand 10 using three third party audit units (Which comes with this course!!). I will also share the settings I used as a guide.

Music Artist Vocals that were used in the course are:

Lui C Acoustic Check out his YouTube Channel

7 pages

This Lecture will teach you how to find, install and uninstall audio units from your computer within a breeze! This is an important lecture because you will need to install a compression audio unit before you can proceed to the next lecture. I will give you two to choose from and how to install them.

Section 5: EQ "Equalization"
EQ (Audio)

In this course I will be covering the break down of equalization when used with the vocals. I will also show you have to use two pre-installed audio units to "limit" frequency ranges to create more of a precise sound for crystal clarity. Even if you are using a cheap microphone you can get a great sound out of it when you know what you are doing when using the EQ. I will also share the settings I used as a guide.

Music Artist Vocals that were used in the course are:

Lui C Acoustic Check out his YouTube Channel

Section 6: Reverb & Echo
Reverb and Echo (Audio)

I will show you my recommendation on how much echo you should add to your vocals and also how and when you should add reverb to your vocals. I will also share the settings I used as a guide.

Music Artist Vocals that were used in the course are:

Lui C Acoustic Check out his YouTube Channel

Section 7: Panning
Panning (Audio)

In this video I will show you three ways to "Stereo" your vocals and instruments using 2 panning methods and 1 third party audio unit that I have made downloadable free with this course.

Music Artist Vocals that were used in the course are:

Lui C Acoustic Check out his YouTube Channel

Section 8: Pitch Correction (Optional)
Pitch Correction (Audio)

In this video I will show you how to do AutoTunes and Pitch Correction in GarageBand 10!! Its super easy. If you want to have advance work on your vocals to be completed go to https://www.fiverr.com/pcpotyondy he is very good at pitch corrections and he is priced very resonible!

Section 9: The Final Mixture
Check Assessment (Audio)
The Final Mixture (Audio)
10 questions

This quiz is to test your knowledge and to make sure you was paying attention in class. Send me your score if you score a 100% and you will receive a 50% off coupon on my next curriculum or you can give the coupon to a friend to use as well! Good Luck! I'm not going to make it easy ;-)

Section 10: Voice Over Editing
1 page

This is a one page cheat sheet that should only be used as a guide when mixing vocals. When I do each mix session we will be referring to this document and information that you would have learned in the previous lectures.

Voice Over Editing

This tutorial covers using the presets for editing a good voice over. Covers:

  • EQ
  • Pitch Change (Deep voice and female voice)
  • Presets
Section 11: How to Mix Vocals in 10.0.3 (R&B Hook)

***Update*** In the video I mention that Garageband is charging for the update. This is half right. If you have Garageband already you can update the software within the app for free.

Part 1 & Part 2 is all about what is needed to be taken in consideration before recording your vocals. Then we take in consideration of the presets and from their we go deeply into setting up the compressor for the vocals.


This is an continuation of Part 1 setting up the compressor for the vocals.

Part 3: Mixing Session using 10.0.3 Update Version of GarageBand
Part 4: Mixing Session using 10.0.3 Update Version of GarageBand
Part 5: Mixing Session using 10.0.3 Update Version of GarageBand
Part 6: Mixing Session using 10.0.3 Update Version of GarageBand
Section 12: How to mix rap vocals (Intermediate level)

Part 1 of How to Mix Rap Vocals:

  • Introduction
  • Pan
  • Compression (Gain/Output Gain/Ratio)
  • Channel EQ
  • Stereo Delay
  • PlatinumVerb
  • AUhighpass
  • AUParametricEQ
  • Rough Rider
  • Adlib and Doubles mixing (This is handled differently)

Part 2 of How to Mix Rap Vocals:

  • Panning
  • AUDelay
  • Fixing "Bad Breathe Control"
  • Auto Fade out
  • Mixing "Talking" parts
  • How to add plugins "when it appears you can't add anymore..."
  • Pan Automation Tool


Part 3 of How to Mix Rap Vocals

  • Mixing the Master Settings
  • Always Document something you learn
  • Save your file 3 times with 3 different alterations
  • Volume Tweaking

Part 4 of How to Mix Rap Vocals:

  • Export Song
  • Set the Microphone Record Settings
  • Live loop recording so you can record a infinite number of takes
  • Takes editing so you can cut and paste your best parts and bring them together
  • Conclusion
Section 13: Miscellaneous Tips, Tricks and Goodies

You will be able to use this new know to do the following

  • You will be able to save "ALL PLUGINS" and their setting into one profile that you can use for future presets and vocal editing saving HOURS of mixing time.
How to plug in and use a MIDI keyboard

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Instructor Biography

Malachi Staples, Instructor at Udemy owner of Glasslogos


Malachi's Purpose and Mission Statement

"I thrive on creating simple, elegant solutions to complex problems. Simplicity is key to every professional design from planning the design to development. I want your customers to get a great first impression of your company the second they see your website, logos, flyer, business card, and video. I want your brand and your message to be delivered in a clear, concise way, and for your customers to have an engaging and fulfilling experience when dealing with your business. I am always ready to offer FREE advice and recommendation to make your business the best it can be. It is the passion for helping others to succeed that drives me!" - Malachi

Music Productions Bio

Malachi has been mixing music since 2001 using varies software such as Cakewalk, Fruity Loops and GarageBand Mobile, GarageBand 6 and now GarageBand 10.

Malachi has ghost written, produced and has been featured on varies underground rap artists' songs around the globe. He has also written, produced and sometimes even performed for:

  1. Varies commercials
  2. Musical plays (Like the The Wizard of Oz)
  3. Online business advertisements
  4. Sports teams (Belgium Soccer Team)
  5. MP3 music awards 2013
  6. Preformed for varies radio stations
  7. Political Campaigns
  8. YouTube Channels (Ghost written Popular Parody Rap Battles) You might have heard some of them already. ;-)
  9. Malachi has even written an nursery rhyme for a kids learning software, performed, mixed and produced it.
  10. Written and produced the intros for Digital Comic Books and online cartoons as well!

Real Feedback from Music Clients

"Awesome final mix! Went above and beyond. Love the rap, and so do our clients! Highly recommend this guy!"

By James F.

"Did an amazing job... Get your order in before this gig gets backed up with orders!!!!"

By Digital Chica

"I would use this guy again for future projects."

By Reddurt

"Excellent will order again for more vocal parts great voice!!"

By Gerry G

"Wonderful! Exceeded my expectations in both delivery time and quality!"

By Witkowso

Web and Graphic Designer:

Malachi lives and breathe graphic design, marketing, branding, video and music advertisement. He have done web and graphic design branding with global businesses, domestic businesses, small businesses and even individual clients.

Type of Businesses he has improved the effectiveness of their brand:

  1. Law Firm (In Chicago)
  2. Judge Logo (In Cleveland)
  3. Golf Supplier
  4. Popular Blogs
  5. Massage and Spa Businesses
  6. Freelance Businesses on (Freelance, Elance and Fiverr)
  7. Lawncare Services
  8. YouTube Gaming "Let's Play" Channels
  9. ER services at Hospitals
  10. eBook Authors
  11. Clothing Brands
  12. Air Filter Supplier
  13. Medical Equipment Suppliers
  14. Organic Beauty Product Suppliers
  15. Music Producers and Local Rap Artists

And the list goes on....

Real Feedback from Clients


By Claire J. with Easy2BookHotels


By Renay with Signature Lawn Care

Online Marketing / YOUTUBE SEO

Malachi has also mastered the ability to rank Youtube videos on the first page of Youtube and Google. He has helped and taught client how to do this from individuals to companies of all sizes, via on the phone, thorough tutorial videos or doing live presentation! He is very knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but is driven passion when it comes to marketing is video marketing on YouTube and social media using Guerrilla Marketing strategies.

Malachi has trained people and companies on Video Marketing, Online Marketing, Graphic Desgin, Twitter Marketing, Facebook targeted marketing (IUDs), Keyword Research, Wordpress and youth groups on business entrepreneurship .

The Jack of All Trades

Malachi published an amazing book on Amazon called: "Win @ Online Dating" - As of 2014 Malachi has helped over 1000 individuals find a partner using Online and Offline methods. Malachi has written Win @ Online Dating using 12+ years of online dating experience. With his studies in psychology from micro-expression to the effects of what certain written words do to a person's thinking process he has mastered the art of "reading" people bases on their unconscious body language. I can help men and women find their match by analyzing their dating profile. In the book he guides the reader on how the online and offline "game" works using a self analysis concept. His theory which has helped his clients is that first you must master your weakness within yourself and love yourself before you can find any tangible love.

Feel free to check out Malachi LinkedIN profile which he has 500+ connections!

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