Make Money Selling Domains (basics)

Watch this video to see why people are making millions selling domain names. Take this course to learn how they do it!!
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  • Protrada – The Domain Exchange, founded in 2011 by domain trading expert and CEO Troy Rushton, was originally “just“ a platform where advanced domain investors had access to the best tools for researching and winning domains in auctions. But Troy had a vision beyond servicing the few wealthy ones…a vision to spread the word about the domain trading opportunity and open it up to people, just like you…People who have a vision to achieve great things in life and simply looking for the best ways to get there.

    Troy and his team set out on their mission to educate people all around the world on the domain trading opportunity and bring some competition into a very lucrative space that only few advanced investors were dominating.

    In 2011 Troy was invited to speak a National Achievers Congress in San Jose, alongside Anthony Robbins and Donald Trump, and people LOVED the concept of domain trading. All they needed now was education.

    The Domain Mastery eCourse was launched in Jan 2013 and includes the most up to date information. Troy often does LIVE webinars and Q/A sessions with Protrada members and continues to help people achieve their vision of success through domain trading.

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Make Money Selling Domains (basics)

Watch this video to see why people are making millions selling domain names. Take this course to learn how they do it!!
31 reviews


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Domain Trading one of the fastest, easiest, and highest-ROI business opportunities for making serious money on the internet! In short, Domain Trading is the buying and selling of VIRTUAL real estate, and EVERYONE can do it!

Watch the video above the see why people are making millions of dollars trading domain names, take this course to learn how they do it.

In this course, we teach you how to buy tradeable domains and how to make returns of 500+ on very small investments under $100.

This course teaches you everything you need to know about the fundamentals of Domain Trading and HOW to practically apply your knowledge! Once you have understood the fundamentals, you can then take it to the next level with our strategies course.

Materials you’ll receive upon registration:

    ·The eCourse consist of 10 Lessons and PDF's.

    ·Lesson 10 is an exam to prove your new learnt skills.

    ·Coaching session with Troy Rushton and Eugene, a new student

    ·An overview of escrow, the safest way to sell domains

·Free trial "domain shop" email support at nameinvestors to claim.

How long does it take to do a lesson?

· Each lesson takes about 5 minutes + time spent on homework.

    • You can signup for a FREE trial Domain Investment software so that you can learn and earn at the same time. Access link in section 6.
    • Over 19 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
    • The goal of this course is to learn the steps on how to become a profitable domain trader, through buying and selling virtual real estate!
    • Anyone looking for a low investment - high ROI opportunity!


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  • SECTION 1:
    Experts Opinion
  • 1 - Elliot Silver

    Elliot Silver is one of the most influential domainers in the world, he blogs to a large audience at

  • SECTION 2:
  • 2
    Overview of course
  • SECTION 3:
    Virtual Real Estate
  • 3
    The Opportunity

    Troy Rushton explains the history of domains and gives context to the opportunity of trading Virtual Real Estate.

  • SECTION 4:
  • 4
    Getting Started
    Get your account setup in Protrada and link your external accounts so that you can start buying domains.
  • 5
    Quiz 1
    3 questions
  • 6
    The Life-Cycle of a Domain Name
    Learn about the life-cycle of domain names - what process they go through when registered and when they expire.
  • 7
    Quiz 2
    4 questions
  • 8
    Mastering Domain Names

    Get familiarized with the different categories of domain names and learn about the various extensions out there.

  • 9
    Quiz 3
    4 questions
  • 10
    How to Buy Winning Domains
    Learn how to find good domain names, and begin the process to purchase your first domain in Protrada.
  • 11
    Quiz 4
    4 questions
  • 12
    How to Monetize Your Domains
    Learn how to start generating revenue right away from your domains through Protrada's integrated parking solution.
  • 13
    Quiz 5
    4 questions
  • 14
    Domain Auctions Infographic
    1 page
  • 15
    Evaluating a Domain for Sale
    Find out which domains are ideal for selling, and how to find those domains in the Exchange.
  • 16
    Quiz 6
    4 questions
  • 17
    How to Market Your Domain
    Learn different strategies for marketing the domains you want to sell.
  • 18
    Quiz 7
    3 questions
  • 19
    How to Sell Domains
    Learn the process of listing domains for sale through Protrada, also a few easy tips for selling domains faster.
  • 20
    Quiz 8
    3 questions
  • 21
    Domain Selling Negotiation Skills
    Selling domains requires some negotiation skills, learn different strategies for dealing with potential buyers.
  • 22
    Quiz 9
    4 questions
  • 23
    What have you learned? Take the Final Exam
    In this lesson we wrap up and outline what you should have learnt by now and we introduce you to the Final Exam. To take the Exam, go here:
  • SECTION 5:
  • 24
    Protrada Walkthrough
  • 25 - safe way to sell domains
  • 26
    How to redelegate domains on Go Daddy
  • 27
    Godaddy: No Default Payee Error
  • SECTION 6:
    Congratulations Bonus!!


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  • Monica Lehua
    Felt like an infomercial

    The announcer's voice sounds mechanical and very much like a late night infomercial. I couldn't see the first video as there was an error. I listened to the 2nd lecture and it was then garbled up by playing the audio twice (over synching) in lecture 3, showing a quiz and nothing else but the voiceover. I couldn't get myself to waste anymore time and won't bother with the rest of the course. Glad I didn't pay any money for this.

  • Dan Loyer
    interesting,but the video stops

    I was looking forward to this course,but each time i watch the videos it plays then stop mid through the video, very discouraging

  • Maggie Wei
    Good Info and Concise

    Great intro to what domain trading is about and the basics as to how to get started, great coverage!

  • Bonnie David
    Short and Informative!

    Thank You Troy for introducing me to the world of domain trading! I enjoyed the learning part and now comes applying the knowledge. There are so many numerous advantages to investing in virtual real estate!!

  • Angela Nakajima
    Make Money Selling Domains

    Enjoyed the course. I learned alot.

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