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Build a Minecraft Server to Create Stunning Animated Movies

Build your own gaming server on a Windows platform to create awesome animated Minecraft movies and professional trailers
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What Will I Learn?
Install and run a Minecraft server on a Windows machine
Configure the server files
Verify and Install the latest version of Java
Determine who can access the game
Setup Port Forwarding
Create a safe environment for children or your friends when playing Minecraft
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  • The lessons of this course are taught on a Windows 7 operating machine. It is recommended to have at least 3 GB of physical RAM in the computer. Java 6 JRE or newer is required for Minecraft Servers! You should only use the most recent version of Java.
  • Here are a list of some of the requirements to run a current Minecraft PC version, 1.8. on your Windows operating system. Each requirement will be explained in the course as no experience is assumed. It would be helpful but not required to know about the following:
  • Networking in general (IP, DHCP, ports etc.)
  • Your system configuration
  • Your network configuration
  • Your router configuration (if you want other people to connect over Internet)

Build your very own fully functional private Minecraft gaming server. This course provides you with detailed video instructions to get your Minecraft server up and running in less than an hour. You'll also get tips on how to make amazing Minecraft movies and awesome movie trailers with examples included. 

NEW Section ADDED! Make Professional Style Minecraft Movie Trailers

You will learn the steps involved in making a Hollywood style movie trailer for your Minecraft videos. Although the steps described in this lesson demonstrate how to create a spectacular movie trailer for your Minecraft video, you could also create trailers for any other type of movie. You are not limited to Minecraft.


NEW Minecraft Movie ADDED! HORROR MOVIE FOR KIDS: Night of the Zombies!

Only available in this course!!!


PLUS: I'll discuss how you can now make movies for Amazon Video Direct

If you ever want to post a short film or movie on Amazon I'll discuss a few simple tips to follow. This is not a comprehensive guide. It’s up to you to determine whether you believe your film is good enough quality for Amazon’s marketplace. They are a lot tougher to get into than YouTube.

NEW Section ADDED! Minecraft Hot Topics!

What is DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) – Protect Your IP Against Skype Resolvers and Minecraft Cyberbullying!

You'll learn how Cyberbullying in Minecraft is unfortunately occurring even within some of the most popular public Minecraft servers.

I'll show you how hackers will do a search for your Minecraft username on Skype.

I'll explain about doxing and the exploits these hackers threaten to deploy on gamers.

I'll review what you can do to stay safe if you plan to play on public servers.

Plus: A downloadable PDF guide and a resource of links on how to prevent Skype Resolvers.

In this course you will learn how to install and configure your own private server where you can pre-screen your players.

This course is ideal for:

  • A Minecraft gamer
  • A parent whose children play Minecraft
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make a private gaming server on a PC

All you need to know in one easy to follow course to build your own private gaming server.

The step by step instructions will show you how to setup a private server for your friends and family to play on.

At the end of this course you will be able to run and manage your own gaming server.

You will be able to have your friends join you.

In this course you can follow along with me to set up your own private gaming server.

Section 1: Introduction

In the first section I discuss the requirements for the Course.

Before you install the Minecraft server on your computer there are a few requirements. You should have a Windows operating system, preferably Window 7 or XP.

Section 2: Set up Your Computer

In the second section I'll review how to set up your computer. You will also require Java to play the game which I will explain how to download if you don't have it installed.

Section 3: Download the Minecraft Server Software

In the third section I'll show you what files you have to download to start your server and how to first run the Minecraft server.

Section 4. The Minecraft Server Files

In the fourth section, I'll review the server files and discuss the server properties file that you have to configure to access for the game. You can determine who can join your private server.

Section 5. Port Forwarding

In the fifth section, I'll guide you to setup your server for port forwarding. One of the more challenging aspects of setting up a proper server is configuring port forwarding to allow other users to access your server outside of your local network. I discuss how to setup port forwarding for a router. I provide you with the information you'll require on how to configure your router.

Section 6. Router Configuration

In the sixth section, I describe in detail the steps required to help you configure your router for the Minecraft server.

Section 7. Run the Minecraft Server

In the seventh and final section, I'll show you how to run and connect the Minecraft server.

Documents, links and downloads are included in the course to help you with your Minecraft server setup:

  • The MINECRAFT SERVER COMPUTER SETUP WORKSHEET to help you with your computer setup
  • Downloadable lecture notes from various lectures





One of the main benefits in running your own private server is you can control how you create movies!

Minecraft movie making is very popular on YouTube these days. I've outlined 10 simple steps involved in creating your very own Minecraft movie. The time involved from beginning to end required a few days of work which included building, acting, and recording. The final movie is about 7 minutes long.



It should be understood that Minecraft content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Mojang AB or its licensors. All rights reserved. This course and the instructor is not affiliated with Mojang AB. Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

Legal Disclaimer

This course is the sole responsibility and creation of the instructor. All in-game or server screenshots, unless otherwise stated, are from the instructor's personal copy of Minecraft or their computer.


Who is the target audience?
  • Minecraft gamers, students and educators interested to learn how to setup a Minecraft server.
  • Parents who would prefer that their young children play in a controlled environment and not on a public server.
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 28 Lectures Collapse All 28 Lectures 05:32:52
Introduction to the Course
3 Lectures 07:50

I’ll go over the broad topics we’ll cover in the course, and a brief overview of the requirements to follow this course. I’ll also touch on how running your own server will create a safe environment for your players when playing Minecraft.

Preview 03:23

Minecraft was created by a Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Person. The company Mojang released it on a PC in 2009 and had its full release version in November in 2011. To date the game has already sold over 50 million copies. In the mean time you can still make your own server as a fun place for your kids or invite your friends to play.
Preview 02:00

The lessons of this course are taught on a Windows 7 operating machine. It is recommended to have at least 3 GB of physical RAM in the computer. Java 6 JRE or newer is required for Minecraft Servers! You should only use the most recent version of Java.

Before you decide on installing a Minecraft server on your machine you should determine a couple of things before you start. Ensure you have enough RAM to run a server. If the server has too many people on it, it may lag. An estimated 10-20 players may require about 2-5 GB of Ram. If it’s just for you and a few friends then 1GB of Ram should be sufficient. A typical rule of thumb is 1GB is worth about 5 players per gigabyte.

Another factor to consider is bandwidth. If you want to test your upload speed you can navigate to this site, and click on the begin test button. Estimate that you can allow about 10 players on a good home cable connection where you would need at least 1.0 Mbps of upload speed.

Preview 02:27
Set up Your Computer
2 Lectures 07:00

I’ll show you how to find the RAM on your computer and how much RAM is required to operate the server on your home computer.

Determine how much RAM you have on your computer. Navigate to start > Computer > Right Click on My Computer > Properties. You can also go to Control Panel > System and Security > System
Preview 01:10

I’ll show you how to verify that you have Java installed and the latest version on your computer.

Prior to installing your Minecraft server, verify and install the latest version of Java. If you already have Java installed and your software is update you can skip this section and proceed to the next section to download the Minecraft server software.

Optional Step: Download the 64 Bit Version

If you are using a 64-bit operating system then you can improve the performance of Minecraft and avoid the Minecraft Has Ran Out of Memory crash by installing 64-bit Java.

Download the MINECRAFT SERVER COMPUTER SETUP WORKSHEET and the lecture notes in the supplemental resources section.

Preview 05:50

This quiz will test your knowledge and see what you know.

Computer Setup Quiz
5 questions
Download the Minecraft Server Software
2 Lectures 03:38

I’ll show and explain which software to download to setup your server.

In this lecture I will show you how to download the server software which is located under the Multiplayer server section. You will be downloading the latest Minecraft_server.exe file available. Then you’ll create a folder on your desktop.

Optionally you can dowload the minecraft.exe and minecraft_server.18.exe files I use in the course lectures available in the resources section.

Navigate to the Minecraft Website

I’ll explain what happens when you run and extract the server files. The first, and required, configuration you have to do is accept the EULA. I’ll show you how to change the line eula=false to eula=true.

Run the Minecraft Server and accept the EULA

This quiz will have 5 questions about what we covered in Section 3: Download the Minecraft Server Software.

Minecraft Software Quiz
5 questions
The Minecraft Server Files
2 Lectures 07:26

I’ll explain the extracted server files and some of their properties.

Review the Server Files

I’ll review the settings that can be configured for the Server.Properties file. The notes for this lecture are available for download in pdf format.

The Server.Properties File
Port Forwarding
2 Lectures 06:15

This lecture is an introduction to Port Forwarding with links to more information.

How to Setup Port Forwarding Intro

I’ll review how to check your router.

Router, IP Configuration and Default Gateway
Router Configuration
5 Lectures 16:43
I’ll show you how to access your router.
Login to Your Router

I’ll explain the port forwarding rules to configure it for your Minecraft server. I’ll explain how to use the IPV4 Address. I’ll show you how to use this port 25565 in your port forwarding rules.

Students can download the worksheet to help them set up their router. The MINECRAFT SERVER PORT FORWARDING WORKSHEET will be available for download in the supplemental resources section.

Port Forwarding Rules, IPv4 Address and Port 25565

I’ll discuss some of the common problems that occur with port forwarding.

Of all the steps that people have the most difficulty with is the port forwarding aspect. If you’ve setup a static IP address and you are still not connecting to your server you may have to revisit your static IP address and try a different configuration.

Troubleshooting Port Forwarding

I’ll explain how to run a program through Windows Firewall to open a port.

Windows Firewall

I’ll demonstrate how to create a run.bat file. You can download a copy of the run.bat file I created in the lecture.

If you have difficulties after increasing the RAM, check the supplementary materials for links to solve this Java issue.

Minecraft: How to Fix the "java is Not Recognized" Error With Batch Files. See the link below.

Increase Your Ram: Optional Steps: Create a run.bat file to store the commands
Run the Minecraft Server
2 Lectures 05:09

I’ll demonstrate and show you how to run the Minecraft Server.

Run the Minecraft Exe File

Download the Minecraft Launcher to enable you to play the game. Create a profile to join the server you created. Join your server using Multiplayer. If you haven’t already done so you can purchase a Minecraft account to get your username/password to play the game. Add your server to the Minecraft Launcher. Invite your friends to join your server.
Minecraft Launcher, Profile, Add Your Server and Play
Pro Tip Lectures and eBook
3 Lectures 02:12

This is a bonus lecture for the beginner Minecraft player on how to make a Nether portal.

This lecture was recorded on a private vanilla server by a very young and active Minecraft Player.

In this tutorial you will learn how to obtain rare materials that can never be found in the real default world.

First task is to get Obsidian by using a water bucket and lava bucket.

Then place it together side by side.

Then make sure you have 15 Obsidian so you can build the Nether portal.

To make the Nether portal you need 4 Obsidian place down in a line:

  • Then place 4 Obsidian up in a column.
  • Then place 4 Obsidian in a line to the left.
  • Then make 4 Obsidian going down.

Get a flint and steel. By making the flint and steel you need an iron ingot, flint and put the iron ingot and the flint in your crafting section in your inventory as a diagonal.

Once you have the flint and steel right click with your mouse on top of the bottom Obsidian in your nether portal. Then once the inside of the nether portal turns purple, go in it.

Pro Tip: How to Make a Nether Portal

This ebook walks you through the steps to install a Minecraft vanilla server on a Windows 8 platform which includes how to:

  • Run the Minecraft Server on Windows 8
  • Configure the Server Files
  • Use Port Forwarding
  • Review Windows 8 IP Configuration
  • Find Your Default Gateway
  • Login to Your Router
  • Configure Your Port Forwarding Rules
  • Open a Port
  • Setup a Static IP Address for Windows 8
  • Open Port Check Tool
  • Create Your Own Hostname with NOIP
eBook: How to Create a Minecraft Server on Windows 8
96 pages

eBook: How to Build a Minecraft Bukkit Server
146 pages
How to Make a Minecraft Movie for YouTube
3 Lectures 17:39

One of the main benefits in running your own private server is you can control how you create movies!

If you record a movie on a public server you'll have to deal with issues that are beyond your control. You can easily turn off your chat function on your private server. On a private server you can sleep in a bed at night time. Apparently they don't have that in public servers as it's always daytime on these servers. The time involved from beginning to end required a few days of work approximately 10 hours which included building, acting, and recording.

I'll explain how our Minecrafters created their first YouTube Minecraft movie.

10 Steps on How to Create a Minecraft Movie for YouTube

Movie Title: Minecraft Horror Movie

Minecraft movie making is very popular on YouTube these days. You can now watch the entire movie we created here or on YouTube.

This is our team's first attempt at creating a scary Minecraft horror movie. It's really a fun movie for all ages. It's about the adventures of Steve and Herobrine. Steve moves into a new village but what he finds is not what he had expected to be there.

Herobrine is the quintessential mythical Minecraft icon that all children love to talk about. The question on everyone's mind is does he really exist?

Watch the movie to find out the answer!

A Minecraft Movie for YouTube.

We created this new movie on one of our private Minecraft servers. If you have children who are interested in zombies (recommended for ages 7+), preview this film first and then watch with your children on Halloween or any night for that matter. Movie Title: Night of the Zombies. 

Minecraft Horror Movie for Kids: Night of the Zombies
Make Professional Style Minecraft Movie Trailers
2 Lectures 03:32

I’ll explain the steps involved in making a Hollywood style professional movie trailer for your videos. Although the steps described in this lesson demonstrate how to create a spectacular movie trailer for your Minecraft video, you could also create trailers for any other type of movie. You are not limited to Minecraft style movies.

Learn How to Make a Professional Minecraft Movie Trailer

ZOMBIE MOVIE TRAILER for 'THE HOUSE WILL KEEP THEM OUT' It's a dark zombie night! Will the house keep them out? A sample of a Hollywood style movie trailer you can make for your Minecraft movies.

Watch a Hollywood Style Minecraft Movie Trailer
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