Learn Excel 2013 in 1 Hour (+9 Excel Templates)
4.6 (26 ratings)
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1,111 students enrolled
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Learn Excel 2013 in 1 Hour (+9 Excel Templates)

Master Microsoft Excel 2013 in 1 hour with our elite and efficient step-by-step formula to become an expert in Excel.
4.6 (26 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,111 students enrolled
Created by How To Technology
Last updated 9/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Be able to use Excel in real life situations by creating various types of graphs and charts.
  • Have the ability to manipulate data any way you want.
  • Create powerful and eye-popping pivot tables to analyse data in a whole new way.
  • Make use of calculations, formulas and functions to enhance your work.
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  • Nothing - No previous knowledge of Excel is required, this course will teach you everything that you'll need to know to go from beginner to expert.

Wouldn't it be great if you could learn Microsoft Excel in just 1 hour? Imagine going from beginner to expert in just 1 hour.

All this is possible in just 4 easy and simple steps.

Why should you take this course?

"Took this course and was impressed at how well it flows. nice and easy to follow and instructor gives a good overview of the course. Good clarity of voice as well. I have been on courses in the past where i have struggled with understanding what they are saying. Here I could understand what was being said." - Francesca Gomez (student)

"Thanks to teacher, he begin from the scratch and assume nothing. This course for the novice, who wish to become expert in Microsoft excel. The content of the course is up to date and very informative. I like the instructor approach toward teaching remarkably. Highly Recommend" - Faisal Qamar (student)

Having taught 1000s of beginners Excel, they were instantly able to apply what they had learnt within this course.

Here we welcome you to the Learn Microsoft Excel 2013 in 1 hour course, where you'll learn how to use Excel in real life scenarios based on a variety of case studies.

"Found instructor knowledgeable and course was easy to understand." - Stephanie Cooper (student)

"This is a great course which I am learning all of Excel´s feautures. I have seen other courses but not as broad as this course." - Arend Groot Bleumink (student)

Guarantee: By the end of this course you will be able to use Excel in real life scenarios within just 1 hour.

Excel can be used for…

  • Weekly planners
  • Invoices
  • Payroll systems
  • Budget keeping
  • Listing and sorting data
  • Bookkeeping
  • Customer and employee data
  • Scheduling
  • Almost anything that requires and uses data

And the best part is you can even use it at…

  • Home
  • Work
  • An educational establishment
  • Or just for fun - the possibilities are unlimited!

In our Learn Microsoft Excel 2013 in 1 Hour course we'll give you the recipe for making the most out of Excel. Even if you are completely new to Excel the simple step by step video tutorials, material and instructions will give you thorough guidance - everything you need in just 4 easy steps.

No longer be in the dark as our fully accredited Microsoft certified instructors will shed light on how Excel operates; we will focus on…

  • Creating worksheets which will turn you into an Excel Expert in less than 1 hour
  • Applying Excel to real life situations to enhance your results in your working environment
  • Using the right tools that will boost your productivity by at least 33%

Plus you'll receive 3 Bonuses for enrolling which are…

Bonus #1: The Excel 2013 Elite Formula Cheat Sheet - formulas available on demand

Bonus #2: The 4 Step Excel 2013 Functions Guide - makes using functions and formulas simple and easy

Bonus #3: Special Udemy Reward - For those who are eager to learn, if you complete at least 50% of this course within the first 7 days of purchase and leave a review about your experience, we will reward you with a free course of your choice.

*If this hasn't been taken down this Special Udemy Bonus is still available

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Enroll and Take Action

Join now and make the commitment of going through our course. It is sure to enhance your skills and level of knowledge with Excel.

We look forward to seeing you in the course and remember to check out our previews.

See you then

How To Technology

Who is the target audience?
  • If you want to guarantee becoming a job ready Excel expert.
  • If you want to learn Excel in the quickest possible way.
  • If you want a clear, simple and no-nonsense guide to learning Excel.
  • If you want to refresh and take your knowledge of Excel to the next level.
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Curriculum For This Course
79 Lectures
Excel Introduction - Beginner To Expert in 1 Hour
7 Lectures 06:53

1.) Brief Introduction to the Learn Excel 2013 in 1 Hour Course.
2.) Introductory Course that will turn beginners into experts with Excel.
3.) Incorporates simple 4 step formula to ensure maximal comprehension of the Course.
4.) Will learn and understand how Excel will revolutionize your productivity and overall efficiency.
5.) Full Commitment required!

Preview 00:56

1.) Our exclusive Facebook community.
2.) High value content.
3.) Grow and develop as a collective.

Preview 00:42

1.) 4 Step Elite Bonus Completion Incentive.
2.) Complete at least 50% of the course within first 7 days of purchase and leave a review.
3.) We will reward you with a free course of your choice.

Preview 00:54

1.) Introduction to learning Excel.
2.) 4 easy and digestible steps.
3.) Excel fundamentals.
4.) Part 1 - The ribbon.
5.) Part 2 - Quick access toolbar.

Preview 00:30

1.) Understanding the ribbon.

Preview 01:38

1.) Understanding the quick access toolbar.

Preview 01:50

1.) To ensure you have a good understanding of the ribbon and quick access toolbar.
2.) Take action - test out and use the ribbon and quick access toolbar.

Action Step - Start Excelling With The Ribbon & Quick Access Toolbar
Step 1A: Working With Worksheets (WWW) And Wondrous Workbooks
10 Lectures 08:17

1.) Work files to download for the course.

Work Files - Download These

1.) Part 1 - Using workbooks.
2.) Part 2 - Using worksheets.


1.) How to create a workbook within Excel.

Workbook Guide #1 - Creating a New Workbook

1.) Using various methods to save a workbook.

Workbook Guide #2 - Saving a New Workbook

1.) Learning how to navigate throughout Excel.
2.) Excel fundamentals - Cells, name box, formula bar & worksheets.

Preview 01:00

1.) Adding and removing worksheets.

The Real Meaning of WWW #1 - Add & Remove Worksheets

1.) Renaming a worksheet.

It's All in The Name - Renaming a Worksheet Tab

1.) How copying and moving worksheets between workbooks will boost your productivity by at least 25%.

Copy & Move Worksheets Between Workbooks to Boost Productivity

1.) Hiding and unhiding worksheets.

The Real Meaning of WWW #2 - To Hide or Not To Hide?

1.) To ensure you fully understand how workbooks and worksheets operate.
2.) Take action - experiment and use workbooks and worksheets within Excel.

Action Step - Work With Those Worksheets & Workbooks
Step 1B: Timeless Secrets of Editing & Entering Data inside Cells
10 Lectures 16:20

1.) Part 1 - Data types: Numbers, text & dates.
2.) Part 2 - Cells.
3.) Part 3 - Columns & rows.


1.) Inputting various data types within cells.

Preview 01:48

1.) Editing data within cells and the formula bar.

Cells Step #1 - Editing Data

1.) How to copy, cut and paste cells.

Cells Step #2 - The Incredible Benefits of Copy, Cut & Paste

1.) Learning how to drag and and drop cells.
2.) Dragging and dropping cells between worksheets.

Cells Step #3 - Drag & Drop

1.) Adding and deleting columns and rows.

Secret #1 - Adding & Deleting Columns & Rows

1.) Learning how to effectively use find and replace.

Those Wonderful Worksheets - Ease of Use with Find & Replace

1.) How to adjust column widths and row heights.

Secret #2 - Adjusting Column Widths & Row Heights

1.) Looking at the various methods of sorting several columns of data.

Case Study - "If Only I Could Sort Out This Data"

1.) To ensure you have fully understood how you can edit and enter data.
2.) Take action - test out and practice editing and entering data.

Action Step - Enter & Edit That Data
Step 2A: Elite Excel Fundamentals For Workbook Formatting
10 Lectures 12:17

1.) Part 1 - Borders.
2.) Part 2 - Cell manipulation.
3.) Part 3 - Cell formatting.


1.) Going over the various methods of applying borders to cells.

Powerful Cells #1 - Adding Impact with Borders

1.) Learning how to merge cells.

Preview 01:16

1.) Understanding how to wrap cells to allow multiple lines of text.

The Benefits of Multiple Lines - Wrapping Text in Cells

1.) How to change merged cells into standard cells.

Hidden Secret #1- Changing Merged Cells into Standard Cells

1.) Learning how to enhance the appearance of worksheets with font size, type and color.

First Impressions Count - Changing Font Size, Type & Color

1.) Learning how to use and apply the date format.

Hidden Secret #2 - Applying The Delightful Date Format

1.) Going over various types of number formats.
2.) Applying number formats to cells.

Hidden Secret #3 - Why You Need Number Formats

1.) How to create a table within Excel.

Case Study: Table Please

1.) Ensuring that you fully understand how to format cells within Excel.
2.) Take action - Test out and experiment your knowledge and understanding of formatting within Excel.

Action Step - Time To Format
Step 2B: Perfect Printing & Page Setup
9 Lectures 16:49

1.) Part 1 - Printing fundamentals.
2.) Part 2 - Page layout.
3.) Part 3 - Printer setup.


1.) Learning how to apply print titles to worksheets.

Part #1 - Transform Your Worksheets with Print Titles

1.) How to print a selected area within Excel.

Bonus Tip #1 - Save Money with Print Area

1.) Using the correct paper size and orientation.

Part #2 - Finding The Right Paper Size & Orientation

1.) Learning how to use margins to fit more data within worksheets.

Bonus Tip #2 - How Margins Will Maximise Your Printing

1.) Going over various methods of scaling worksheets.
2.) How to correctly scale worksheets.

Part #3 - Scaling: A Must for Perfect Printing

1.) Various methods of using headers and footers.
2.) How to customize headers and footers.

Adding Authority - Headers & Footers

1.) How to efficiently print worksheets.
2.) How to optimally configure printer settings.

Case Study - Now How Do I Print My Work?

Time for a Midterm quiz. Let's put that brain to good use!

4 questions

1.) To ensure you fully grasp the print options available in Excel.
2.) Take action - test out and experiment print options and settings within Excel.

Action Step - Print Those Worksheets
Step 3A: Mastering Functions & Formulas
12 Lectures 19:00

1.) Part 1 - Basic formulas.
2.) Part 2 - The SUM function.
3.) Part 3 - Other functions.


1.) How to make the most effective use of addition & subtraction formulas.

Basic Formulas #1 - Addition & Subtraction Formulas

1.) How to make the most effective use of multiplication & division formulas.

Basic Formulas #2 - Multiplication & Division Formulas

1.) Understand the power of the SUM function.

The SUM Function - The Core of Excel

1.) The best and most effective way to copy formulas.

Save At Least 33% of Your Time with Copying Formulas

1.) The cheat sheet which you will want to keep for your entire Excel career.

Bonus Material #1: Excel 2013 Elite Formula Cheat Sheet
2 pages

1.) The incredible importance of absolute cell referencing.
2.) How to make the best use of absolute cell referencing.

Important - Absolute Cell Referencing

1.) This will literally skyrocket your result rate with Excel.
2.) Learn how to use formulas across worksheets.

Skyrocket Your Results - Using Formulas Across Worksheets

1.) Learn about the hidden power of VLOOKUPS.
2.) Understand the various ways of accurately using VLOOKUPS.

Bonus Step #1: VLOOKUPS

1.) How IF STATEMENT will change the way you look at Excel forever.
2.) Understand how to properly use IF STATEMENTS.

Bonus Step #2: IF STATEMENTS

1.) Your exclusive bonus which contains all the functions that you need to know.

Bonus Material #2: The 4 Step Excel 2013 Functions Guide
3 pages

1.) To ensure you fully comprehend how functions and formulas work.
2.) Take action - experiment and test out various functions and formulas.

Action Step - Start Experimenting with Functions & Formulas
Step 3B: Maximise Your Data with Graphs & Charts
7 Lectures 06:53

1.) Part 1 - Graphs and charts creation.
2.) Part 2 - Modifying Graphs and charts.


1.) The quick way of creating graphs and charts.

Graphs & Charts Part #1 - Creating Graphs & Charts The Quick Way

1.) The even quicker way to creating graphs and charts.

Graphs & Charts Part #2 - Creating Graphs & Charts The Quicker Way

1.) Understanding and using filters.

Bonus Step - Using Filters

1.) How to use pie charts in the best possible way.

Acing Pie Charts

1.) Learn how you can make the most use of sparklines.

Sparklines - How Mini Graphs Will Revolutionise Your Worksheets

1.) To ensure you have a good grasp of graphs and charts.
2.) Take action - Test out and produce graphs and charts.

Action Step - Create Those Graphs & Charts
Step 4A: The Power of Pivot Tables (PPT)
4 Lectures 03:17

1.) Part 1 - Creating pivot tables.
2.) Part 2 - Modifying pivot tables.


1.) How to create the best possible pivot tables.

PPT #1 - Creating Superior Pivot Tables

1.) How to sort and analyse data using pivot tables.

PPT #2 - Sorting & Using Pivot Tables

1.) To ensure you fully understand how pivot tables work.
2.) Take action - Practice and test out pivot tables.

Action Step - Put Those Pivot Tables Into Practice
Step 4B: The Art of Conditional Formatting
8 Lectures 07:20

1.) Part 1 - Working with values.
2.) Part 2 - Using various rules.


1.) How to change cell appereances based on their value.

Phase #1 - Changing Cell Appearances Based on Their Value

1.) Finding duplicate values is super simple!

Phase #2 - The Ease of Finding Duplicate Values

1.) Find out the big difference between top and bottom rules.

Rule #1 - Top vs Bottom Rules

1.) Find out why being average is actually a good thing.

Rule #2- How Being Average Rules

1.) Discover the power of removing conditional formatting rules.

Rule #3 - Removing Conditional Formatting Rules

1.) How to make full usage of color scales, data bars and icon sets.

Bonus Step - Color Scales, Data Bars & Icon Sets

1.) To ensure you have a good understanding of conditional formatting.
2.) Take action - Try conditional formatting yourself.

Action Step - Start Conditional Formatting Now
2 Lectures 00:42

1.) Putting all the knowledge together for the final action step.

Final Action Step - Putting It All Together

It's that time again. Show off everything you've learnt with this final quiz!

Final Quiz
4 questions

1.) Sources for the images used within this course.

Sources & References For Images Used
1 page
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