Learn English With Arabic English Course for Arabic Speakers
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Learn English With Arabic English Course for Arabic Speakers

Improve Your English. No confusion as everything has been explained in English as well Arabic. Enjoy and Learn English
5.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
127 students enrolled
Created by Qadar Khan
Last updated 1/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Be competent in English language
  • Speak confidently in your daily conversation anywhere such as school, college, office etc.
  • Use a variety of vocabulary in while speaking or writing English
  • Learn many idioms and expressions for your day to day life
  • Greatly improve your grammar of English and use correct words and sentences
  • Be able to effectively and easily communicate in English with anyone around the world
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  • You should have some basic level of English
  • No other special requirements except your enthusiasm to learn English
  • You will a latop, desktop or your smart phone and an internet connection

Course Desginer: Qadar Khan

Course Teacher: Enas Al-Sayed: English teacher with specific interest in English-Arabic Courses.

Have you ever wondered how can you improve your English? Probably, you have always wished so, but maybe you could not achieve that target because:

  • You could not find time to go to an English school
  • You could not afford to to enroll in an English language school.


  • You did not understand the instructions because they were all in English. 
  • You wanted somone who could teach you in your own language.

Don't Worry....

This course has been exactly designed for you where you can

  • Learn English with great explanations in Arabic i.e. your own language.
  • Affod as it is offered only at a small fraction of the price to learn English as compared to anywhere esle.
  • Learn English at your own pace wherever and whenever you want.
  • Access to all the videos, audios, powerpoints, word documents and other resources free without any additional costs.
  • Participate in quizzes to test your progress as you go along.
  • Ask questions and get prompt answers in case you are confused or find something difficult.
  • Get new lessons added to the course for completely free.

What will you learn?

You will learn so much to improve your English. Yes, even beyond your expectations. Here are some of the things that you will master.

  • Improve your grammar explained in an easy to understand way with expalantion in Arabic.
  • Learn new vocabulary for use in a variety of situations
  • Master the English idioms to speak naturally like native speakers
  • Understand new phrasal verbs to sharpen your spoken and written skills
  • Improve your speaking skills and your day to day conversations on almost all daily life topics.
  • Be able to talk confidently on the phone, take and return calls without any problem.
  • Watch and comment on TV programs
  • Ask for directions, go shopping, use transport and so many other topics.

And much more!

It is not possible to mention all the benefits and features of the course here. Once you get on to the course, you will see it yourself as the saying goes:

"Seeing is believing"

Not only that you will also get a certificate a the end of the course that you can be proud of, you also get a 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not happy for any reasons you will get all your fees back. No questions asked!

So what are your risks?

Absolutely nothing!

I am sure, you will love the course.

So, what are you waiting for? Get enrolled and let us get started!

See you inside!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for Arabic Speakers who want to learn English
  • Take you English to the next level with explanations in Arabic
  • Great for students, professionals and businessmen
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Curriculum For This Course
62 Lectures
Improving Your Speaking (Conversation)
3 Lectures 13:16

Why is speaking important? What is everyday speaking? What will you learn in this course about speaking?

Preview 05:04

This section is a summary the everyday speaking part of this course. It lets you see a glance of what you will cover only in the speaking sections.

What is in the speaking section of this course?

  • What is the difference between speakig and writing
  • How should you improve your speaking
Difference Between Speaking and Writing

Understand the difference between speaking and writing

Difference Between Speaking and Writing
1 question
Introduction, Grammar, Subject, Verbs and More
4 Lectures 45:23

This is an introductory lesson where you will meet your instructor. You also learn the importance of English language and why you need to improve it. You learn how you can improve your English language through Arabic in this course.

Preview 10:30

Grammar is the science of language. Grammar teaches you the rules and regulations of a language. In this lecture you will learn some grammar, related vocabulary and some simple rules that will help you a long way making your stronger in the mastery of English language.

What is Grammar: 20 Simple Rules Part 1

Subject and verbs are the most important parts of a sentence. This quiz assesses the basic knowledge of a sentence structure.

Subject and Verbs
2 questions

This lecture is the continuation of the 20 simple rules of grammar along with some very useful tips to strenghten your understanding of English. Along with learning some very important rules, you will learn useful vocabulary with example sentences.

20 Simple Grammar Rules Part 2

Articles are one of the most important parts of speech in a sentence. The English articles seem complicated. However, once explained in the right context, they are easy to make sense. In this lecture, you will learn what the various articles used in English and how do they change the meanings. There are plenty of examples to develop a good understanding among the students.

The Articles: A, An, The

Types of Noun. Assessing understadning of nouns

2 questions
Section 2 Verb to be and Present Simple
4 Lectures 53:13

This is introduction to

  • The verb to be
  • New vocabulary

The lesson also focuses on some expression used to introduce yourself in English with Arabic explanations.

Introducing Yourself, Verb to be, and New Vocabulary

Objectives of the lesson:

  • Be and its past forms
  • Some phrasal verbs
  • New vocabulary
Grammar Past of the verb to be, phrasal verbs and vocabulary

This lesson consists of the expalantion of present simple tense in Arabic as well as English. There are also several exeamples of the present simple tense in the form of conversation which enables you to understand practical application of the present simple tense.

Conversation at Work Present Simple Tense

Objectives of the lesson:

  • Present Continuous Tense
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Conversation

You will learn practical examples of the present continuous tense along with exercises as well as new vocabulary. The lesson explains all the new concepts and vocabulary in English as well as in Arabic.

Grammar Present Continuous Tense, Phrasal Verbs with Turn

Students knowledge is tested to identify the correct tense.

Identify the Correct Tense
1 question
Telephone Conversation
8 Lectures 01:05:03
  • Why is telephone conversation important in learning English
  • Studnets will know the practical importance of learning telephone conversation
The Importance of Telephone Conversation

In this section, you will learn some of the crucial vocabulary required for a telephone conversation.

Most Common Vocabulary in Telephone Conversation

In this lecture you will learn the expressions about:

  • Making a telephone call
  • Asking for name in telephone calls
  • Asking for holding in telephone calls
  • Connecting telephone calls
  • Returning telephone calls


a lot more!

Most Common EXpressions in Telephone Conversation

This is a smple conversation on telephone with expalnation in Arabic. Students will learn the format, words, expressions and phrases used in a formal telephone conversation.

Preview 07:48

Making a telephone call

In this lesson the students will learn how to make a telephone call.

Making a Telephone Call

Making a Telphone Politely at the Office or Work

In this lecture you will learn how to talk informally to your friends or family members on the phone.

Calling Home or Talking to Friends on the Phone

Many times we miss phone calls. This lecture explains how to return a call when missed.

Returning Phone Calls

How to initiate telephone conversation.

Telephone Conversation
1 question
WH Questions, Conversations New Vocabulary and Past Simple Tense
3 Lectures 44:31

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Wh questions: what are they and how to use them correctly.
  • New conversations using wh questions
  • Build new vocabulary.

All explanations are given in both English and Arabic so you easily understand the lesson.

WH Questions, Conversations and New Vocabulary

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Past simple tense
  • Examples of past simple tense
  • Exercises of past simple tense
  • New vocabulary

There are plenty of  examples and exercise so that you perfectly understand how and when to use Past simple tense.

Past Simple Tense, Irregular Verbs and New Vocabulary

This lesson covers the following

  • Past continuous tense
  • New vocabulary
  • Phrasal verbs with the verb work
  • Examples of past continuous tense
  • Exercises
  • Uses of phrasal verbs.
12 Past Continuous Tense: New Vocab: Phrasal Verbs with Work

Test the learner's knowledge about verbs.

Regular and Irregular Verbs
1 question
Watching TV and Commenting on TV Programs
3 Lectures 13:20

Students will learn various vocabulary to comment on tv programs at home or outside.

Vocabulary for Watching TV

This lesson focuses on watching TV at home. You will learn all the related vocabulary, expressions and phrases.

Watching TV at Home

In certain situations, you may to comment on a tv program or movie. This lesson will prepare you for such commentary.

Preview 03:16

If someone comments on a tv program, you need to respond to keep the conversation going.

Watching TV and Commenting on TV Programs
1 question
Adjectives and Pronouns, Conversation about plans and improvement
6 Lectures 01:07:24

In this lesson you will learn conversation around planning. After the conversation, exercises and usage you will also learn new vocabulary in the context.

13 Conversation: Do you have any plans? New Vocabulary

This lesson has been designed around adjectives: You will learn adjectives in conversation as well as through explanation in English and Arabic.

14 Adjectives: Positive, comparative and superlatives

This lesson is tailored around conversation, explanation of relfexive pronouns, usage and lots of examples. As usual, things have been explained in Arabic as well as in English.

15 Conversation: Reflexive Pronouns, Definitions and Usage

This lesson you will learn

  • General conversation
  • Releative pronouns
  • invitations
  • Building new vocabulary
16 Relative Pronouns: Who, Which, That. Invitations and Building New Vocab

Objectives of the lesson

  • Conversation for polite requests
  • How to make polite requests
  • Use of should have
  • Use of would have
17 How to make polite requests. Use of would have and should have

This lesson focusses on the word "improve". The normal patter is:

  • The word improve
  • preposition by
  • Another verb
  • And ing.
18 Improve + by + verb + ing

Testing students knowledge on adjectives

1 question
Apartments and Neighbourhood
2 Lectures 18:49

This lecture introduces the essential vocabulary used for 

  • Looking for apartment
  • Renting an apartment
  • Other apartment and neighbourhood related words
Vocabulary - Apartments and Neighbourhood

Conversation when you are looking for an apartment

Looking for an Apartment

Check students understanding

Looking for an Apartment
1 question
Other Tenses, Idioms and Phrasal Verbs
10 Lectures 02:31:30

This lesson covers the past progressive and the following

  • Form of past progressive
  • Parallel actions
  • Repititions
  • Always
  • Phrasal verbs with break
19 The Past Progressive or The Past Continuous and Phrasal Verbs with Break

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Futur continuous tense
  • Form will
  • Fom going to
  • New Vocabulary

21Future Continuous Tense Form Will and Going To

This lesson is based on present perfect tense.

22 Present Perfect Tense

This lesson focuses on

  • Present perfect continuous tense
  • Usage of present perfect continuous tense
  • Phrasal verbs with get
23 Present Perfect Continuous Tense and Phrasal Verbs with Get

In this lesson you will learn about the past perfect tense, its usage, examples and exercises.

24 Past Perfect Tense

In this lesson you will learn about

  • Past perfect continuous tense
  • Usage of PPC
  • Past perfect continuous versus past continuous
  • Conversation
25 Past Perfect Continuous Tense

  • Future perfect tense
  • Usage of future perfect tense
  • Examples of future perfect tense
  • Exercises in future perfect tense
  • Conversation
  • New vocabulary
26 Future Perfect Tense Plus New Vocabulary

This lecture introduces future perfect tense with lots of examples and exercises. The lesson also introduces some important and practical usage of idioms.

27 Future Perfect Continuous Tense. Learning New Idioms

In this lesson we continue to focus on idioms. You will learn some more idiomatic expressions.

28A Idioms Continued

Apart from conversation and some grammatical rules, the lesson explains how to use the subjuntives in the present and in the past.

28b The Present and The Past Subjunctives

Tenese, idioms and phrasal verbs

Other Tenses and Idioms and Phrasal Verbs
1 question
Talking about Relationship and Friendship
3 Lectures 14:56

In this introductory lessons, students learn new vocabulary about relationship and friendship.

Vocabulary - Relationship and Friendship

What is relationship? Understanding relationship.

What is relationship? Understanding relationship.

Often you have to use certain expressions when you talk about relationships. This lesson teaches to learn phrasal verbs used for conversation regarding relationship.

Preview 04:54

Check students understanding of the section

1 question
5 More Sections
About the Instructor
Qadar Khan
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MBA, MA English, MA TESOL, CELTA, Powerseller and IM Expert

I hold three master degrees: English, TESOL and business (MBA) from various Universities in the UK and abroad. Apart from 3 masters I also hold CELTA from Cambridge and several certificates and diplomas related to business, marketing and ecommerce.

10 Years eBay business and selling experience with more than 22000 customers and positive feedback.

I have worked in a variety of roles during my professional career. Here are some of the roles I have taken over the years.

    -Operations Manager for 8 years in a commercial bank
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During the past 12 years I have established several successful eBay businesses with merchandise sold woth millions of dollars. On top of this, I gained a vast experience on the eBay and Amazon platforms. In order to pass on the learning, I created a blog called SmartPowerSeller which helps those who want to be successful by establishing their own eBay, Amazon and ecommerce business.

I am super passionate about ecommerce particularly the eBay and Amazon platforms. During my successful business career on these platforms, I have helped many people to achieve their business goals and get their dreams come true.

If you have any questions or comments, you may contact me through email and I will be more than happy to get back to you.