Learn Construct 2: Creating an RPG in HTML5!
4.6 (36 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,668 students enrolled
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Learn Construct 2: Creating an RPG in HTML5!

Jumpstart your RPG today! Learn how to fuel your own creativity by understanding these core principles. C2 will amaze!
4.6 (36 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,668 students enrolled
Created by Jeremy Alexander
Last updated 10/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Jumpstart their own RPG game with Construct 2
  • Learn the principles of making an RPG game
  • Create an interact-able hotbar in Construct 2
  • Learn how to create an intuitive movement system
  • Collect realtime user inputted data for our game
  • Display realtime user inputted data within the RPG
  • Learn how to create a Melee attack!
  • Create loot for the enemies to drop !
  • Know how to utilize these principles to jumpstart your own RPG once the course is finished
  • Create a static NPC that can display a story-arc message for you!
  • See how easy it is actually implement things you may have thought were very difficult
  • Create real time combat for your player to interact with!
  • Learn how to make simple Enemy AI giving our player an objective!
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  • At least the FREE version of Construct 2
  • If you want to make your own RPG come into this course with a well-defined plan for the game. Structure the game with an objective and a way to complete that objective and this course will jumpstart you like you wouldn't believe.
  • Basic knowledge of programming

Learn Construct 2: Creating an RPG in HTML5!


What is the course about?


This course is about learning the core principles of making an RPG game with Construct 2. Making an RPG is broad but with these lectures you will find it is easier than you think. The disclaimer I have is this: Come into this course with a plan. If you want to just learn the principles that is absolutely fine. By the end you will have a completed RPG engine. But, if you want to make your own RPG then plan out your game. Use these principles and ideas and expand on them and this course will be worth twice what you paid!


What material is included?


In the beginning of the course you have access to all of the assets used (art, animations) so you can make the same game along with me. In the download you will find the .capx we create at the end of the lecture! Note: There is no sound because I wanted this to just focus on the principles of the game.


What does this course include?


  • Intuitive Player Movement!
  • Interact-able hotbar with attacks and abilites!
  • Static NPC story arc Chat!
  • Real time user data!
  • Melee Attack!
  • Configurable projectile attack
  • Healing ability
  • Dynamic Camera
  • Enemy AI using Line of Sight
  • Enemy movement
  • Player health and death
  • End game
  • Random enemy spawning
  • Pushing the limits of Construct Free but great for C2 Personal
  • All assets are free to use for commercial use.


Why take this course?


This course is geared to those who have always wanted to know what it takes to make an RPG. I will tell you right now, it's a lot of work. But I guarantee this course will jump start any effort you put into making a complete "RPG" game.


Is this course right for me?


If you have never programmed before this course this might be a bit over your head. Even with Construct 2, you still need to learn the basics! If you have programmed before this course will be perfect for you to follow along!


How is this course structured?


I structure all of my courses differently each time. However, this course is a broken down version of how to make a finish RPG. Since RPGS are all different, it's the skeletal structure one might need to actually move forward and finish their game! All of my courses and lectures are taught in a way where there is no fluff, just straight dive into the code and program. Learn the craft while using the tool.

I hope to see you in the lectures!

Your future instructor,


Who is the target audience?
  • If you have no experience programming whatsoever try one of my other Construct 2 courses before this one. This course is for those who have a little bit more than basic knowledge of how programming works!
  • If you have used Construct 2 and have always wanted to make an RPG this is the course for you!
  • IF you are expecting a full blown RPG by the end of this course then you are out of your mind. These kind of games take years to make with tons of planning. I hope to jumpstart you on your quest but by no means promise an insane mega game!
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Curriculum For This Course
46 Lectures
Start Here
2 Lectures 06:08

In this lecture I go over who I am and where I am coming from! I aim to give you the best learning experience possible and with my direct teaching style hope that this course comes across as easy and informative.

Preview 01:58

In this lecture I want to be very clear from the start. Making an RPG takes time and planning. I firmly believe with this course you will have a jump-start with any game you want to make as long as you go in with a plan. Regardless this course will take you through making a suitable engine so you can get started! At the very least this will spark your creativity in creating your game!

Preview 04:10
Setting up our layout and creating our player
9 Lectures 32:10
Section Overview

In this lecture we discuss setting up our layout for our RPG. We cover the right way to do this and how we can get ready for the rest of the course!

Preview 02:25

In this lecture we discuss how to import our player. Our player is going to be gradually added to as the course progresses. By the end of the course, our player will be able to walk in different directions, shoot a projectile and attack with a sword!

Importing our Player

In this lecture we start creating our player movement. This movement is different from the default movement C2 has to offer and it's very critical to our game. With this movement we are able to avoid any huge scrolling bugs later on.

Preview 02:54

We continue on with creating our player movement. This movement will be very dynamic for the rest of our game!

Player Movement: Part 2

In this lecture we finish our player movement and are able to create a better movement than we would with the default behaviors.

Player Movement: Part 3

In this lecture I show you how we can add animations to our player very easily. Once you have the movement set up all you have do is draw or import your animation and set the proper speed for it to play at. In this particular lecture we go over doing the player walking animation on the horizontal axis. Once we create the animation we mirror it so both left and right movement will accept it.

Player Animations

Player Cameras

In this lecture we add our level design to our map. Having a tilemap versus a plain color or just a static image will help you design any kind of level you want!

Adding our tilemap / layers!

Player Movement Quiz!
3 questions
Getting data!
8 Lectures 31:21
Section Overview

In this lecture we create a new layout so we can get the user data. By creating a new layout we are able to completely separate this from our main game logic.

Preview 03:28

In this lecture we learn about one of the types of objects that Construct 2 has to store data. Using the dictionary object allows us to easily store a key and value which will let us grab our user inputted data.

Storing input in a Dictionary object

In this lecture we start to add simple validation to let our user enter our world! This will show how to get data from the user and stop it if we don't want it.

Adding validation: Part 1

In this lecture we finish up adding our user validation and make it possible to actually enter the game! We can apply this lecture for other instances of getting data, make sure you pay attention so you can expand on this in the future.

Adding Validation: Part 2

In this lecture we are adding our global sign sprites to display our user inputted data.

Adding our sign sprites!

Programming our global sign data

In this lecture we are able to take our data and split up our sign messages into multiple instances! Now we can create as many user inputted data messages as we like.

Creating dynamic messages

Data validation quiz!
4 questions
Creating our interact-able hotbar!
13 Lectures 54:12
Section Overview

In this lecture we get to create our hotbar! Our hotbar will control our player and actually give our game a set of rules to follow. This gives our player interaction with our world. Suffice it to say, the next few lectures are really crucial!

Preview 04:17

In this lecture we start to program our hotbar! This is part 1 of 3!

Hotbar Programming: Part 1

In this lecture we continue to program our hotbar! This is part 2 of 3!

Hotbar Programming: Part 2

In this lecture we finish programming our hotbar!

Hotbar Programming: Part 3

In this lecture we add our healthbar to our hotbar and link it to our player! Now we are picking up steam!

Adding our player healthbar

In this lecture we add our Melee attack to our hotbar! Our Melee attack is going to be a stabbing attack that will quickly attack any enemy!

Preview 02:42

In this lecture we continue adding our Melee attack that we will use to defeat our enemy! Adding our melee attack is difficult but with the basics of what we learn we will be able to create a diverse group of weapons!

Melee Attack: Part 2

In this lecture we finish up our melee attack!

Melee Attack: Part 3

If you have ever taken a course with me before the projectile attack may be something you are familiar with. However, we are going to fit this particular attack to our player movement !

Preview 04:34

In this lecture we continue adding our projectile attack to our game. Our projectile attack allows us to get more long range shooting (which might be something you want from an RPG).

Projectile Attack: Part 2

In this lecture we finish adding our projectile attack and are ready to utilize it against all the baddies in our world!

Projectile Attack: Part 3

In this lecture we program our healing ability to our hotbar! We will make it work later on when we have item drops but for now, we are going to program it so we don't have to later!

Adding our healing ability

Hotbar Quiz!
3 questions
Static NPC Chat System
4 Lectures 11:51
Section Overview

In this lecture we add our NPC! We need to import all of the assets that come with it and get all of them ready for code!

Preview 04:37

Our NPC is important and in this lecture we will be making it so when we approach it, we can actually have it trigger an event.

Setting up our NPC interaction!

In this final lecture for our NPC we add the code for it to actually run through and tell us a pre-defined story. This lecture is important for any RPG because you may want to take this system and turn your game into a full blown game of straight story-arc elements!

Adding our NPC story!

NPC Chat Quiz!
3 questions
Creating our enemy attack!
7 Lectures 24:03
Section Overview

In this lecture we add our enemy slime! Our enemy is extremely important so our player can actually have an objective to accomplish.

Preview 02:31

In this lecture we add a way for our enemy to have an actual healthbar attached to it! This way we can tell how much damage we are doing to the enemy!

Adding our slime healthbar

In this lecture we actually make our slime fend for itself! By the end of this, we will have our slime wait for us to enter its LOS and then follow us! When we collide with the enemy - our player will find it to be a challenge!

Creating our slime movement and attack!

In this lecture we add our enemy spawner so we can have a constant stream of enemies appear!

Creating our enemy spawner

In this lecture we go over how we can add some item drops to the game. Otherwise known as 'loot' this lecture allows our 3rd hotbar item to actually work!

Adding item drops

In this lecture we get to add our Slime death! Now that they can hurt us and follow us, it's about time we are actually able to kill it!

Adding slime death

Section Quiz!
2 questions
Updates - What comes next?
3 Lectures 09:22

In this lecture we spend a little time fixing a few things that needed some polishing!

Polishing up our game!

In the final lecture of our course we add our game over! By creating a simple way for our player to lose all of it's health we now have an end to our game engine. By the end of this lecture you will have gone through a huge jump start on getting your RPG game started! I hope you have enjoyed this course!

Adding our game over!

Course review! What's next?
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Jeremy Alexander
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Jeremy Alexander (that's me) is a full-stack web developer, game creator and product designer!

Having made his own website using Geocities in 2004, Jeremy developed a knack for all things computer related. While in High School he honed his skills, it wasn’t until college that he realized traditional education was failing him. 

Becoming self-proficient in many programs and languages, he took all of his knowledge and started making the courses he wish he had when he was first starting out. His number one goal has always been to provide the learning experience he wished he had in a traditional setting.