Learn Construct 2: Creating a Pixel Platformer in HTML5!

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  • Lectures 16
  • Length 2 hours
  • Skill Level All Levels
  • Languages English
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About This Course

Published 9/2015 English

Course Description

At the end of this course, you will be able to create your own Platformer game in Construct 2. I can't believe I am giving this course away for FREE! So is this course right for you?

I designed this programming course to be easily understood by absolute beginners but have included further information for those who want to delve deeper into the software.

What is the course about?

This is THE course to take if you want to get into Construct 2 game development. It is a free course that will teach you the very basics and the advanced. If you have NEVER programmed before, you will learn how to. If you have always wanted to make a game, you will! This is THE ultimate free course I could possibly provide.

How is this course taught?

This course is taught directly from me as if you were in the room looking over my shoulder. I prefer to teach in a way that you can get direct results. Each lecture is about getting from one point to another and moving forward. In game development, it is very easy to get caught up in your 'game ideas', 'what software you are using' etc. I show you exactly the huge benefits to sticking with Construct 2 as well as point out some of it's shortcomings.

What material is included?

The material included in this course can be downloaded in the resources tab!

What does this course include?

  • Player and Enemy State engines
    • Walking, Running, Jumping, Falling, Punching
    • Enemy walking and attacking
  • Dynamic Animations
  • Enemy AI
  • Layer Parallax
  • HUD Elements
  • Collision handling

I can't stress this enough. I wish this course was available to me when I first started programming! And that was years ago!

Thanks for reading!

Your future instructor,

Jeremy Alexander

What are the requirements?

  • Construct 2 [FREE] Edition

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn how to create a state engine in Construct 2
  • Learn how to create dynamic animations for players
  • Learn how to create an intuitive but simple way for Enemy AI
  • Know how to setup level parallaxing
  • Create an amazing level from tilemaps
  • Learn how to make a specialized HUD!
  • Create their own Pixel Platformer!

Who is the target audience?

  • You should take this course if you want to learn Construct 2! You have nothing to lose!
  • You will learn everything you need to know about Construct 2 and actually developing a game!

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction

In this introduction video I explain exactly what we will be learning from the course!

  • Player and Enemy State engines
    • Walking, Running, Jumping, Falling, Punching
    • Enemy walking and attacking
  • Dynamic Animations
  • Enemy AI
  • Layer Parallax
  • HUD Elements
  • Collision handling

In this text lecture I link you to a FREE resource on 10 quick tips to catch up and learn some hidden shortcuts in Construct 2!

Learning shortcuts is an invaluable way to learn any software. If you are able to master the C2 shortcuts you will be running around the software faster than you can imagine!

Section 2: Game Setup

In this lecture Jeremy walks you through:

  • How to setup your project file
  • How to add our spritesheet
  • How to use a tilemap object
  • How to organize our layers

By setting up our project file you are embarking on creating what could be your first game in Construct 2! Congratulations on making it here. By completing this lecture you will have learned how to import your own spritesheet and design a corresponding level!
Section 3: Player Setup

In this lecture Jeremy walks you through how to:

  • Add our player object to our game
  • Import our player spritesheet
  • Adding our player behaviors
  • Name our animations for dynamic control!

By setting up our player you are ready to interact with our game world! Our player is usually our main way of communicating to anything we setup so don't miss this lecture!


In this lecture Jeremy shows you how to:

  • Create custom player movement
  • Add collisions to our level

Like everything we do in Construct 2, there are multiple ways to achieve a certain task. Collision objects are no different but what makes this way great is it's simplicity. Once you get through the course, it will take you all of 3 minutes to get setup with collision objects in C2!


In this lecture Jeremy walks you through:

  • Setting up our instance variables for our player
  • Programming our player_Dir state
Setting up a player state engine is a hugely popular topic. You want to learn this so from here on in you can use the correct states to control the player and all of it's components.

In this lecture Jeremy walks you through:

  • Creating our player jump code
  • Creating our player fall code
  • Setting up the correct animations

Adding to our player state engine we will be creating our animations for our player jumping and falling. Both of these are important pieces to any platformer and the way we will approach it is crucial to your continued development with Construct 2. We will be creating a dynamic system to use for our animations that I hope you will use from now on!


In this lecture Jeremy walks you through:

  • Creating a faster way for our player to get around!
  • Implementing the space bar to create a run cycle
  • Utilizing the animation speed to increase our frame playback!

Having our player run is a nice way to setup any kind of additional action. By showing you how Construct 2 will let us easily create whatever we think of, you will be able to extrapolate from here on in!


In this lecture Jeremy walks you through:

  • Setting up our player attack
  • Creating our player punch projectile
  • Understanding Jeremy's own projectile system

Finally we get to some more interaction with our world! This is a very fun lecture on how we can setup a punch based attack. Similarly I use this system for my projectile attacks and it works perfectly! I am very excited to see what you come up with for your player punch!


In this lecture Jeremy walks you through:

  • Finishing up our player projectile attack
  • Learning how we can use the gravity behavior to have more control over our 'bullet'
  • How to use keyboard controls for triggers

We get to continue with our player punch and finish the interaction we started. By utilizing the gravity parameter we can create very interesting punch effects. Hopefully by the end of this lecture you will have many ideas on how you can continue with these kinds of systems and logical way of thinking.


In this lecture Jeremy walks you through:

  • Adding a midground layer
  • Redesigning our level for a parallax effect

By adding layer parallax we are able to create a very unique effect that is common in today's platformers. Having this effect offsets the layers behind us and lets us get more depth to our game. Also, with this lecture I have gone ahead and redesigned the level we are using. This makes the game feel a lot more complete in case you are wondering what the end outcome will look like!

5 questions

A quiz about what you learned in the player section!

Section 4: Enemy Setup

In this lecture Jeremy walks you through:

  • Setting up our enemy AI
  • Adding instance variables to our enemy
  • Adding our enemy animation
  • Beginning to add enemy collision and control

Enemies galore! Now our game has a sense of purpose. Our player can interact with the world and we have an objective to do. Creating enemy AI in Construct 2 is very easy and with the way you are about to learn, you will find that you can create an even more indepth system once you are done!


In this lecture Jeremy walks you through:

  • Finishing our enemy AI
  • Creating a custom collision object for our enemy
  • Adding 2 new instance variables
  • Controlling our landing and jumping for our enemy movement
  • Adding a dynamic instance variable to our new collision object to control the enemy direction

Finally we will be finishing our enemy AI! Now you should have a great idea as to how you can do simple AI for any kind of level. Since our level is a little uneven it makes for challenging motion but with the help of Construct 2 we are able to take great control over our enemy!


In this lecture Jeremy walks you through:

  • Adding our player health instance variable
  • Adding our enemy health variable
  • Implementing a game over function for our player death (room restart)
  • Adding damage for our player attack and enemy attack
  • Adding the flash behavior to our player to indicate damage loss

The final piece of interaction is now added to our course! By adding the attack and death controls in this lecture we are able to make a game over screen as well as a way for everything to have checks and balances! This really is the lecture of our game coming together!

7 questions

A quiz from everything you learned in the Enemy Section!

Section 5: Congratulations!

In this lecture Jeremy discusses our finished product and congratulates you on getting through the course!


This course was a lot of information but hopefully you have found it informative and enjoyable to directly making a Pixel Platformer with Construct 2.


In this BONUS lecture Jeremy walks you through:

  • Creating a HUD layer [Optional]
  • Adding a player health bar
  • Adding a punch energy bar
  • Control for regaining our punch energy bar

As an extra bonus lecture I have added a way for you to create a HUD or Heads Up Display to show your player what is going on between the player and the enemy. Having a HUD is a great way to communicate with the user and fortunately for us, Construct 2 makes it very easy!

4 questions

An overview of how the course went!

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Instructor Biography

Jeremy Alexander, Construct 2 Game Developer // Web Developer // Animator

Jeremy Alexander is an online entrepreneur with experience in game development, full stack web design and Animation. Since 2015, Jeremy has gathered a following due to his unique teaching style and superior customer support. With his success, he has launched his own rapidly growing YouTube channel, Jerementor!

Why does he do this?

Having made his own website using Geocities in 2004, Jeremy developed a knack for all things computer related. After having freelanced in High School, it wasn’t until college that he realized - traditional education was failing him. He knew how to learn, becoming self-proficient in many programs and languages, but the typical classroom setting never clicked. Then, one hot summer day in June of 2015, it all came together. After deciding not to continue pursuing a BFA in Animation, Jeremy started teaching with his own skills and determination. His number one goal has always been to provide the learning experience he wished he had in a traditional setting. He has succeeded.

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