Learn Anger Management : Taming a powerful emotion
3.8 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,255 students enrolled
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Learn Anger Management : Taming a powerful emotion

Learn about anger and skills to cope with it effectively, an Anger Management Course
3.8 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,255 students enrolled
Created by Scoolage Academy
Last updated 2/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • What Anger is and how it works
  • What is the lead causes of anger and how to spot and reduce them from the very beginning
  • You will learn costs and benefits of anger
  • You will learn anger management tools that you need to adopt in your daily lifestyle to get desired results
  • At the end you will also get some shortcuts trips and tricks to control your anger at very short notice and prevent the chances of immediate outbursts
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  • No prior knowledge is expected or necessary ,as all aspects of anger management is covered from very basic.
  • As course is about emotional intelligence so you need to apply the concepts in your lifestyle
  • To master your emotion you need to practice through the concepts. It require time and patience
  • Effectiveness of the course will not come through merely listening to the lectures. You need to apply in your lifestyle apart from listening the lecture. Results will come gradually

If you prefer to look promo video then you will have insight that what this Anger Management course is all about? How you will go through all the steps that you need to know in order to tame your most powerful emotion, anger.

If you are professional person and your anger is playing a big negative part in your life, then let me tell you there is no such magical pill that you can have and get rid of your anger overnight, instead as a very effective tool of anger management tool you just need to understand the very basic root of anger, what is underlying your anger, what is the problem you facing in your anger management, what are the situations that you are not able to deal with your anger and resulting in frustration and then lead to anger outburst, then you need to pinpoint those problems and situations in your regular lifestyle, then again slowly and gradually need to develop the habit to counteract of those habits as an anger management excercise, because its somewhat in your habit now that you are getting frustrated and angry with various set of situations. So integrating few anger management tools into your 24 hour life style will make your life little bit easier

So this anger management course is all about step by step anger management approach where you will learn anger from the very basics and various different types of anger. You will go through the causes of anger which is the root of your anger. You will learn the anger physiological and psychological cycle, how it working inside you. You will learn to spot your anger at the very nascent stage so that your anger management tools can be applied pretty much effectively if you are willing to do so. 

Apart from those you will go through the three Anger management approach, methods of coping with your anger, Anger suppression techniques, Anger Release techniques and last but not the least most effective anger management approach Anger calming techniques to get rid of it completely. If you practice it and apply these anger management tools and techniques discussed in this powerful anger management course then you definitely will be able to have complete control over your powerful emotion, Anger. This is somewhat taking control over your mind so that it can not interpret things in negative manner. 

In this anger management course,you will also go through the some shortcuts tips and tricks to cope with your anger so that it can help you out to prevent from immediate outburst.


Vinay Singh

Scoolage Academy 

Who is the target audience?
  • This course for everyone who is not able to control his anger emotion
  • Any person who's mind is not taking instructions from him and prone to react aggressively
  • Any one who is facing some serious problems due to bad temper behavior, either emotionally or physically
  • If you looking for how to manage your hot red thoughts, and willing to live with calm and peaceful mind
  • If you are willing to put in your time and efforts to stop the damage being done by your anger
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Curriculum For This Course
38 Lectures
Getting Started
4 Lectures 11:32

How Anger may effect your Life and you productivity vis-a-vis performance and also what this Anger Management course will provide you

Preview 03:34


Anger is normal but you will go through how anger is affecting your way of life?

Preview 02:20
What is anger : Types of Anger
5 Lectures 13:10

Learning about broad definition of Anger and practical way of understanding it and how it is indicator of healthy human being

Preview 03:41

Learn about first three types of Anger : Chronic Anger, volatile anger, Judgmental anger and their side effects

Types of Anger : Part1

Learning about action based anger, passive anger, self inflicted anger their causes of arousal and side effects as well

Types of Anger : Part2

Learning about next three types of anger, their triggers for arousal and side effects

Types of Anger : Part3

Last three types of anger, how they triggered and how these type of anger can be harmful in your life

Types of Anger : Part4
Causes of Anger : How it works?
5 Lectures 18:45

Anger is healthy emotion but if it is uncontrollable then it may lead to problem, so learn why anger reaction triggered 

Why Anger ?

Learn about different categorized causes of triggering your anger such as : personal causes, professional causes and social causes

Cause of Anger

Perform a exercise and write down all the causes which you feel triggering your anger. Exercise file is included kindly download it proceed 

Causes of anger : Exercise

Learn about the physiological science behind the anger how it goes through your body system starting from your brain and how in turn all body parts reacts

Physiology of Anger

Learn how your outer world factors combined with your inside world factors effects the psychological circle of your anger and make you more prone to your anger reaction

Psychology of Anger
Impacts of Anger
4 Lectures 10:27

Learning about how your anger is leaving some serious side effects on the way of your life with the help of Anger heat cycle

Impacts of Anger :Part1

Learning about how your anger is impacting your personal life and putting your health at risk

Impacts of Anger : Part2

Learn how your anger might be impacting your way of life in emotional, professional and social ways

Impacts of Anger :Part3

How anger could be constructive and might be leaving some positive impact on your life

Benefits of Anger
Anger Management
18 Lectures 54:32

Brief intro about how  all your anger issues could be addressed with the help of anger management tools

Preview 02:15

Learn the proper way to spot your anger as a first and foremost tool of anger management by the ways of

  1. Feelings
  2. Thoughts
  3. physical symptoms
  4. bodily reactions
Spotting your anger

Learning about the anger as metaphor of pressure cooker inbuilt steam and some ways to deal your inner steam

  1. Suppress your anger steam
  2. Release your anger steam
  3. Get rid of your inbuilt anger steam
Managing Anger : How to deal

Learning about how to deal with your inner inbuilt anger steam by the ways of repressing it

Anger Suppression Technique

Learn about how to release your inner inbuilt anger steam with the help of several anger release techniques

Anger Release Therapy :part1

Go through the few ways of anger release method that would effect you and your environment adversely such as 

  1. Expressing anger in calm way
  2. Changing your environment
  3. Thought process improvement
Anger Release Therapy : Part2

Go through the proper way of communicating style to release your anger and do not impact you and environment around you

Anger Release Therapy : Part3

Learning about the last few methods to release your inbuilt anger steam with the help of

  1. Problem solving approach
  2. And a close room activity 
Anger Release Therapy : Part4

Learn about the preamble of last approach of dealing with your inner inbuilt anger steam, not to allow to buildup the steam by the approach of calming your life style

Calming Lifestyle

Go through the improvement process of your food habits you calm down the heat of your body and become less prone to anger reactions

Calming Lifestyle : Food habits

Learn about how to improve your daily life style and calm your body and mind to live peacefully anger free and become less prone to anger reactions

Calming Lifestyle : Lifestyle management

Learn about some ancient yoga techniques to calm yourself body and mind which help you to live anger less life or even more happier 

Calming Lifestyle : Yoga Therapy

Go through how your daily meditation habit can impact you lifestyle and help you to live more calm and collected and become your friend to get rid of your anger issues

Calming Lifestyle : Meditation for Anger

Learn about few alternate medicine technique Acupressure derived from the acupuncture point inside your body to help you reduce your anger considerably and make your mind calmer

Calming Lifestyle : Acupressure for Anger

Learn about music therapy for anger and how your anger impact your anger emotion. Also go through the various genre of music as well as few music songs which are extensively used for anger management

Calming Lifestyle : Music therapy for Anger

Anger aromatherapy could also be an alternative approach for your anger management vis-a-vis  calm your brain to relax mode. Learn about few essential oils which you can keep in your reach whose aroma will help you to calm, cope and release your anger

Calming Lifestyle : Anger Aromatherapy

Also go through the various color combination approach to calm your mind and if possible then apply to your immediate surrounding to provide you soothing view to your eyes which in turn calm your mind and help you in your anger management  

Calming Lifestyle : Anger Colortherapy

Go through the various exercise from which you might like to include in your daily life style which reduce the heat of your body and mind and help you in anger management. Daily exercise not only help in anger management but also make you live quality life

Calming Lifestyle : Exercise for anger free life
Bonus Lectures
2 Lectures 03:48

Go through the various shortcut tips and tricks for anger management so that you can cope with your anger at very short notice and help your self in preventing from frequent anger outburst

Shortcuts tricks for Anger Management

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