Scott Jansen's How to " Freak " people out with hypnosis
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Scott Jansen's How to " Freak " people out with hypnosis

Learn exactly how to use the unconscious mind to create a hypnotic trance with anyone at anytime.
3.5 (10 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
165 students enrolled
Created by Scott Jansen
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What Will I Learn?
  • Teach REAL hypnosis with out the use of srcitps
  • Even the beginner can obtain a powerful and effective use of hypnosis
  • A simple step by step formula for Hypnosis
  • The understanding of hypnosis and its uses
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The unknown secrets of conversational hypnosis is about to reveal to you , how to hypnotise anyone , anywhere with just the use of language

Through out this course you will be taught by a Master of Hypnosis Scott Jansen and he will be guiding you through simple to learn covert techniques of hypnosis

  • This is your ABC into the world of hypnosis for fun with engaging lectures , and lecture notes giving you a step by step program to follow
  • A simple formula to follow to create a hypnotic affect from anything
  • How to work with people that say Hypnosis doesn't exist
  • How to " Freak " people out with hypnotic tricks of the mind
  • The steps to any hypnotic phenomena
  • How to stick people body parts to things like a hand to a face
  • How to use the right set up to create a deep instant trance

If you have every had the interest on Hypnosis or seen the likes of 'Derren Brown' or other mind magicians this is for you . The fundamental corner stone of covert , conversational hypnosis is at your finger tips . Soon subjects around you will be dropping like fly's into trance and they will have no idea when you started or how you did it so quickly .

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone interested in Hypnosis
  • Coaches wanting to improve communication skills
  • Parents and teachers needing to improve communication skills
  • Current hypnotists wanting to find a powerful hypnotic phenomena
  • If you have a base of hypnosis this will improve your skills with this one method
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Curriculum For This Course
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The Deep Trance Method Basics
1 Lecture 02:41

The Deep Trance method is a full hypnotherapy session is 1 versatile technique

- Hypnosis generally occurs with an internal experience

- use the external experience for trance

- provides a convincer for trance

- focus of awareness to something that was outside of an awareness

- where attention goes energy flows

The deep trance method is different from other techniques because it allows the hypnotist to go with the flow of the interaction , little to no Hypnotic language or difficult patterns need to be applied to induce trance .

Its allows the hypnotist to exercise his/her signal recognition for trance which creates stronger hypnotic power from the hypnotist

Using and spotting unconscious moments which are always occurring , interacting with them for trance .

You do not need to force your hypnotic power on a client as they will provide you with all the info you need to induce a trance .

The convincer allows the client to believe they were hypnotised which cuts out the " i don't think i was hypnotised " dilemma

To see is the doubt , to hear is to be deceived , to feel is to believe

The method is very versatile in the fact that a client can be a disbeliever of hypnosis because the method does not rely on awkward language patterns or awkward techniques that can build to much pressure and resistance with the client , and it allows you to take your time with your client and allow the experience to build on its own , and its the client that will do all the work for you.

Preview 02:41
The Deep Trance Method set up
3 Lectures 14:08

Your normal Hypnotic welcome still applies

- Compliance

- Interview questions , whats the problem , what do you want to work through etc

the set up

- The clients eyes can be either opened or closed ( this is a subject that is covered later on )

Step 1 Orienting question

- The orienting question is a question to draw the attention of the client away from the problem to an external experience .

- A simple version of this question is

" what part of your body feels most unusual right now " ?

- We the just wait for a response

- After the client answers this is step 1 complete

Step 2 - echoing

- Echoing is a simple tool used to enhance a Hypnotic experience and draw more attention to it , it makes the experience more real and cements it in

- lets say the client says " my arm feels most unusual

- we would echo this back as we here it

- to make the echoing effect more powerful try with a slow hypnotic voice .

this is step 2 complete

So what has occurred here already ?

- A client when asked about the problem will be internal to answer it , if we use the simple idea of to Hypnotise someone we just have to take to clients mind to where it is not .

- we would take the attention to an outside experience .

- By then asking your first set up question you are asking the client to search - this is important as they search they are no longer thinking of the problem .

- once they search they will place there attention on what grabs there attention in this case its the arm

- We then just echo it back by saying something as simple as , so the arm feels most unusual , or that's right that arm does feel most unusual . its the intention whats important right now not the language .

- and by now because you have echoed back the clients experience that unusual feeling in the arm will tend to increase , where attention goes energy flows

- These 2 steps are going to be the corner stone of this whole process , if the client is now feeling MORE of that unusual feeling you are well on your way to put them in trance and notice we haven't had to use any Hypnotic fancy language and we have only said a few things and a Hypnotic phenomena of an increasing unusual feeling is starting to occur

Preview 06:17

Now that we have found the unusual feeling and echoed it back here as some examples of the first 2 steps , showing various ways to achieve the same result

Step 1 questions

What part of your body feels most unusual

what part of your body grabs your attention first

scan your body up and down and notice what part feels a little weird right now

which one of your hands feels different than the other

which hand feels heavier or lighter

which leg feels more heavy right now

The key and theme of this is un-usualness , because Hypnosis is expressed as being an unusual feeling so we use these key phrases

notice the phrasing of the questions

we are not asking is there ? , or maybe there is ? as these are to soft , we want to imply that something is occurring

Echoing statements

that's right your ...... is feeling more unusual

so your ...... is feeling lighter than the other

so your telling me that your ....... grabs your attention first

so your sitting her and that ......... is feeling heavier / lighter than your other .....

the echoing repeated slowly will start to enhance the feeling .

Example questions for step 1

So we have found a feeling , then echoed it back

step 3 is to - pause

The pausing after you have echoed it back has a variety of reasons we are going to concentrate on the use of " allowing for the client to experience it '

As we pause we want to give the client time to really experience that feeling and it growing , the clients need time to process whats happening and its a sneaky way of keeping there attention on it with having to use language like " as you sit there and think about the arm " because at this point the pause does it for us

step 4 - feedback

After a good pause we want to keep the process moving with feedback

being conversational hypnotists allows us to not only ask for feedback to know what to do next but actual adds added power to the process as its another version of the echo effect . But now the client is echoing back to them self what is happening ( a little sneaky covert trick ). its a way of asking WHY is this occurring which we know a why question cements things in , its a reality question.

Feed back question can be

- whats happening now ?

- whats happening to that .... now

- how are you feeling ?

- what are you noticing about ...... now ?

and we allow the client to tell us what is occurring and just listen and watch

So already we have found something unusual , echoed it back , paused and got feedback

I call this the Deep trance loop and its the back bone to this technique

Step 3-4 for the DTM
Hypnotic question examples to create a deep trance
2 Lectures 12:45

steps 1-4 revised

After we have gone through a complete loop we are just going to repeat the process over and over but we can start to ask different questions that are still in order to the sequence but make it more covert

step 1 - unusual feeling

step 2 - echo

step 3 - pause

step 4 - feedback

lets start at step 4

As we already have the attention on what was created from step 1-3

After the feedback ie , now my arm is feeling heavier ( we just echo this info back again )

we have the choice of an open or closed question ( either question will do at this point )

lets look at open questions ( questions that can be answered with more than yes or no )

Open question example -

I wonder what will happen next to the arm next / leg next

How did you know how to do that ( to make the arm heavy or light )

I wonder what part of you decided to pick that ( arm ) to feel heavy etc

I wonder why your body picked that and not something else

i wonder what this means

How do you feel about ...... happening now

The general answer to an open question is " im not sure , i don't know " ( echo this back )

ie. that's right you don't know do you , but something is happening " etc or any version you like

An open question

Allows the process to continue , but also draws the attention of the client further into the experiences , and keeps it conversational and stops you talking at your client such as what a script does .

Lets look at closed question or challenge questions

Did you know that was going to happen ( yes or no response )

Did you know your arm would do that

Does your ( arm ) normally do this / that

Do you normally sit there with a ..... that is heavy/light

Did you plan for your ..... to do this

The challenge question either gives us a yes or no and draws the experience from another angle . Notice we are still not using fancy language its just simple questions

Open and closed questions

So we have the set up 1-4 and we can alternate step 4 with open / or closed questions

We now have a choice again

- we can repeat what we just done using the alternate questions open/closed

- we can turn there attention to another body part and start the process again

- Or we can turn the attention to another body part , loop around this , then draw the attention back to the original body part

- I suggest giving this last option ago and keep looping around ( slowly ) from body part to part then coming back to where you started , i think you will pleasantly surprised with the results of deep trance with this ( notice how tranced out the client become its a lot of fun )

So as you can see there is so many options

This whole process has essentially opened the door to trance by lowering conscious filters and allowing unconscious moments to generate through attention

So how do we start to change what we have done so far into a therapeutic sessions

Its real simple

Piggy back of suggestions

These essentially are a very common way to use suggestion with an unconscious moment to help the suggestion grow over time . But we can speed up this process to attaching it to what is happening to the client that the exact moment and not need to wait for a suggestion to work over hours , days or weeks like most other form of hypnotic suggestions , like every time you see the color red you will feel great , which has a very high chance of not working due to the fact you can not consistently test the client to see how well its growing.

so what would this sound like

lets go back to step 4 and the idea of using open or closed questions

Example -

Therapist - does your arm normally feel heavy like that

Client - no !

Piggy back question - So i wonder what that heavy arm has to do with going into trance ?

The suggestion is to go into trance and because the arm is heavy it must mean that trance will be next

Lets look at other examples of this :

How did you know that your.........getting lighter was the best way to go into trance ?

Did you know that by having a heavy (right leg) was the easiest way to go into Hypnosis

I wonder what will happen next , will your arm get heavier before you go into trance or will you go into trance before you notice how heavy your arm can get ?

So notice the different questions can ask im attaching a Hypnotic phenomena to a suggestions and this is a very masterful way to put someone into Hypnosis with out them knowing how to fight it .

So lets say we have attached a 'trance" suggestion to the heavy arm and clients respond with

"Im not sure"

- We then just echo back with the same suggestion for example

" That's right , you had no idea that by having a heavy arm , was the best way to go into trance did you ".

So the client now thinks we are just clarifying what they said , but we are actually echoing back the suggestion .

- Then we can can either keep repeating the trance phenomena to a suggestion

- Pick another body part and start again

- We can just pause a little longer to let them feel the trance occurring

- There are many choices all you are doing is just looping through the same steps

Preview 07:09
DTM trouble shooting methods
2 Lectures 09:56

Trouble shooting questions

Lets finish up with some trouble shooting ideas that may come up during your session and how to over come them

You ask a client to find something unusual and they say nothing

- Simple ask them to close there eyes ( which just takes away distraction ) ask them to take there time and do it again

A client cant answer your questions during the trance

- let them sit there in the silence and just keep them safe , that it . there unconscious will be doing the exact thing it needs to do to help the client

3-4 Hypnotic phenomena occur all at once

- You can now just choose what you want to work with

You miss some steps

- Just keep going with any step , the order is an outline , sometimes you may skip steps because they are already going into a deep trance

These are some questions that i seem to be asked and the answers are simple so just go with the flow and enjoy .

This wraps up the DTM in the whole process let me point out , do not over look the simplicity of this . You can either use it as a stand alone tool or as a mixture with other techniques it works with everything .

Now join me on the Next audio as i reveal a simple trick to get a hand levitation every time for the most powerful convincer for every client


So we have what is a start to finish if you like Hypnotic interaction

what makes this process so powerful is that the client is doing all the work

why would we want this ?

We all know as therapists the power of the unconscious mind . So if a client comes to see us we want to use the pre suppositions of the unconscious mind and use them to our advantage . we want to harness what the unconscious mind of the client gives us , if its unusual sensations , or symbols , or unconscious movement and interact with them

why would we want to interact with them . Hypnotic techniques teach us to create these moments with language , suggestions , inductions etc . But if they are always occurring anyway lets use what is naturally happening that help it grow , ie trance . if we can learn to see these moment and learn what to do with them it takes away these fundamental challenges that the therapist faces such as

- anxiety before the client gets there - this usually occurs when a therapist is thinking of what they need to do with the client before the client actually arrives . almost rehearsing .How could we rehearse if we have no idea what will happen during the session

- getting stuck with not knowing what to do next - this occurs when the therapist is thinking too many steps ahead and not just concentrating on what is happening in that very moment .

- trying to force hypnotic techniques - this happens when the therapist is so fixed on mechanical tools that when they don't work they either blame the client or push too hard with the one way to do things . although this is one technique you can already see how versatile and how many ways you can take it . there is no right or wrong

. For example if you ask about an arm being heavy and they say no , what do you do next ? have you failed , most Hypnotists would think yes because structured techniques are said to only work 1 way and when that one way does work they are stuck . with this you simply ask the client " ok if the arm isn't heavy what is happening .... Oh my legs feel stuck to the ground , and that's your starting point .

. If we just recognise and trust that these unconscious moments are always occurring and will occur with every client you meet you have nothing to fear or plan before a session .

Now lets go into more detail about what these unconscious movements are creating for us during the Hypnotic interaction , we call these convincers .

Convincers are a way to convince the client that somthing unusual is beginning so there trust in Hypnosis sky rockets and this is for your most stubborn clients also . the convincer helps them as they leave the office wondering how there hand got stuck or was so light it lifted by it self and they do not analyse the rest of the session .It comes back to what you experince you beleive , there is no doubting it at this point .

Now lets look at your pre convincers that are you heavy book test , or sway test , or finger lock test . these are tests that we use to see if a client is susceptible to hypnosis .

My attitude towards them is they are not necessary but you are free to have your own veiw on them . believe that the tests them self prove that a client can follow instructions but that is a conscious following , we work with the unconscious . These test are generally done on a pre screen or a pre visit to see you before the real session happens . this again i believe is over kill . If you are seeing a client for the first time , they will give you everything you need as you go if you take 1 step at a time . A pre screen allows the Therapist to ask questions , send the client away for a few days before seeing them again . this allows the therapist to think of what to do or pre plan a script or pre plan a technique.

But if we know now we do not need to plan , we need to take 1 step at a time , and realise a client will tell us exactly what is occurring during each part of the session we do not even have to pre plan the sessions any longer .

These are the main key areas as to why this method is so powerful and versatile . because just like you can not find a 1 size fits all experience of clothing therapy works in exact same way . If you have your heart set on the one size you will be disappointed when you have grown out of it or they stop making that size . be flexible in your approach

DTM Key points for Mastery
End of DTM - Full transcipt from live therapy session
1 Lecture 02:00

Now the versatility of the deep Trance method is that if you have your own favorite therapy routine you are in the right position to start it here



-Mind bending language





what ever is your favorite

essentially if you want to stick to a deep trance Therapy

we want to chuck in suggestions and allow the unconscious to come up with all the resources the client needs to over come the problem

lets go back the the piggy back of suggestions to get the client into trance

But lets change it to suit the clients outcome

Its is the same format of open and closed questions but we are going to add more pausing after each questions .

why would we want to pause more . we want the client inside the trance state to access resources to help them over come a problem which is what Hypnotherapy s about , to allow the client to come up with the answer not the therapist

So here is an example from the previous session of where I took my client after i piggy backed suggestions to go into trance - i only had to repeat the process 2-3 loops to get eyes heavy then closing down shut , but at the same time i could see the whole body following the heavy arm and the rest of her became cataleptic and slouched in the chair , but she could still talk ( which is what i like ) even though it took a while to answer my questions

So at this point clients eyes are shut ( Actual Session Transcript )

T- So whats happening now

C- My whole body feels heavy i cant move

T - how do you feel about this

C - It feels wonderful

T - How do you feel about smoking right now ? ( notice im using her amazing feeling and asking about the problem , this is called testing )

C- Im not sure actually , i wanted one as i sat down but now its making me feel a little sick that i do smoke .

T - So in 15 minutes smoking is making you feel sick

C- yes but it seems to be a good sick that i need to give up now and stop wasting my life on smokes .

T- Are you still feeling relaxed

C - yes and its getting stronger

T - did you need a smoke to feel this relaxed

C- No and this is more relaxed than i ever have been smoking , i usually smoke to get relaxed

T- So you didn't need a cigarette to feel like this ? how did you do this

C - ( laughing ) im not sure but why would i smoke if i could feel this good

T - that's right why would you smoke - i repeated this 5 times slowly as this is a resources she has found , as she had made the connection of being relaxed without a cigarette so i just echo it back slowly and it becomes a suggestion .

T - So how about you enjoy this relaxation , cause i wonder what it has to teach you about never smoking again

Then i was silent for about 15 minutes .

The last question i asked was open and i attached a suggestion then i let her make the connection even stronger between relaxation and not smoking .

T - after 15 min silence , whats happening now

C- I can see myself walking into a green field with no cravings for s smoke

- T i just repeated that back , as she is now using symbols to help her quit

T - enjoy this time because there must be something there that's lets you know about how you never have to smoke again .

T - then i left her there for 15 minutes in silence

T - whats happening now - at this point i can see tears rolling down her face and an expressions of freedom and smiling , which tells us a therapist she has connected it all with a new feeling

T - whats happening now ?

C - I feel free , i feel ......i cant explain this

T - is there anything else you need to do ?

C - No im free

T when you are ready come on back .

Now this is again the actual word for words of a session i did in about 45 minutes . there was a mixture of things that occurred lets go through them

- trance

- Suggestions

- Confusion

- Symbols

- connections .

Now i want to point out something that is key here . if you look back over that whole process how much work did i have to do as the Hypnotist ?

Did i have to come up with the idea of walking in a field with grass , to feel free , to start to cry .

No these were all from her unconscious all i did and you will do as a therapist is guide them , then add some suggestions or purpose as to what is occurring at that moment and allow the clients unconscious to do everything for us as the therapist

I want to point something out as well . this is not always how sessions go , there are an infinite ways of where a client will end up in a sessions , but you can see if you practice that anything your client comes up with you can turn around and change to he meaning to trance , therapy or change . Its what ever you need to do in the session .

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This is quickly becoming the cornerstone of our student’s success.

Having the ability to provide a skill that no others can. Now THAT is exciting !

Choosing to become a professional hypnotist, influencer, executive coach or leadership professional means that you quickly become the authority in a career that can really make a difference. Gone are the days of hypnosis being taught to only suit an office. Here you will finally gain the understanding of how to use a communication style that has been the brains behind the biggest movements in the industry such as NLP and coaching. Without conversational 

Gone are the days of hypnosis being taught to only suit an office. Here you will finally gain the understanding of how to use a communication style that has been the brains behind the biggest movements in the industry such as NLP and coaching. Without conversational hypnosis. these philosophies would not exist.

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