Law of Attraction: Law of Attraction and your Perfect Life

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About This Course

Published 12/2014 English

Course Description

Would you like more clarity and direction?

Law of Attraction - Attraction and your Perfect Life - Some recent Feedback:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Yay!!! - Hey Matthew, I have really been enjoying your course! I wanted to understand the LOA better for things other than money, but I decided I wanted a bit more of the green stuff anyway. I told myself that no matter what, I will have an extra $5000 by January. Guess what? I received EXACTLY $5000!!!! To the cent! I couldn't believe it! Now I am going to manifest $10000. Will let you know when it comes to me! Thank you so much! :)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This course is a must have for everyone who wishes to achieve enlightenment! It is easy to follow and understand and lifts the spirit with every section.Do not miss this course. THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!!!! "
More feedback from students embracing the Law of Attraction

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This changes everythingThis course is...just the best. Matt is a wonderful inspiring teacher, he makes you want more, do more, understand more - and try just one more thing, think one more thought. I have taken other courses on Udemy and when I finish, I archive the course. Not this one. I want it here, in front of me, so I can listen any time I like. I do not want to forget a single word, miss a single idea or feeling. This is the Open Door to LOA, delightful, easy to grasp and it will make you happy. I promise. My first week I set out to make an extra £1250 - but I failed. I made more. It's changed my attitude to money; how I view life and ageing; this is my event horizon and I can't wait to dive right in! Best of all, it makes you happy. Because - you are amazing and when you realize, you'll be just as happy.""On my way to attracting a perfect life.................. Thank you so much for making this course. It has basically changed my life.""Loved itThis course has been amazing. You explain the information in a very clear way which I really appreciate. ...................... Thank you for making it available! I enjoyed it!·"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Best course of Law of Attraction What I can say is this is the best course about Law of Attraction out there. Barnett explain well about the Law, how it work, how to make it work best for you. I will give this course 5 star."

Praise indeed ! I am so thrilled to be able to offer you this Law of Attraction course and to assist people to have the life they deserve. AND I am with you every step of the way. Just drop me a line and I will come right back to you. So go right ahead and join my other students in attracting your perfect life with the Law of Attraction .

All over the world, people just like you are using the Law of Attraction to attract a new quality of life that they never before thought was possible,by engaging with the Law of Attraction

✅ How would it be, if the very next thing you chose to decide to to changed your life positively forever?

✅ Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to attract great things to their lives

✅ How would it be if you could take control of your life, gain clarity and a real direction

✅ Imagine if you could, begin to attract whatever you desire in life.

✅ Can you picture being able to attract unlimited wealth, health and happiness?.

In this course, expert Trainer author and coach Matt Barnett, introduces you to the real secrets of the law of attraction. Learn the mind-set of the hugely successful people and the skills that you can use to change your life for the better and begin living with abundance.

✅ Learn about the unconscious mind and the power you have within you to manifest anything you desire

✅ Discover the TRUE secret to the law of attraction and how to put it to work instantly

✅ Watch high quality video and listen to great quality audio from an expert in personal development.

This is a new course by expert in personal development, and entrepreneur Matthew G Barnett (ABNLP). and to celebrate its release, for a LIMITED TIME the published price discounted to that which you can see.

if you were given the keys to the life of your dreams, would you take them? or would you spend your life wondering 'what if'? I can tell you now, and as someone who has attracted his own perfect life, that if you follow the steps in this training you can join with me, and people just like us, in learning the Law of Attraction and attracting Your Perfect Life. Starting right now

What are the requirements?

  • Students will need to be prepared to change their lives for the better forever
  • Students need to be ok with attracting more health wealth and happiness

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand the unconscious mind and how it influences behavior and assists us in attracting our perfect lives.
  • Discover the power of rituals and affirmations so that consistent positive energy is attracted to their lives

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who believes that they are open minded and willing to experiment should take this course and begin to attract their perfect life

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Law of Attraction Basics

In this section Matt describes the fundamental principals of the law of attraction and how these principals can be found throughout history so that you can see how hugely successful people have applied the law of attraction to great effect.


Discover the secret that the likes of Napoleon Hill attempted to communicate all those years ago. Could it be that with a single thought you can change the physical reality that surrounds you ? make no mistake, what you are thinking right this minute is changing the very fabric of space and time.


You will have undoubtedly heard people scoffing at the idea that you can attract whatever you wish in life. So could it be that the Law of attraction is nothing more than a nice idea? in this lecture Matt puts any doubt to rest as you discover that the law of attraction works ALL the time, every second of every minute of every day.


And just in case you have any doubt that the law of attraction works in this lecture Matt gives insight into some of the success stories of the Law of Attraction. You may well be watching this lecture right now, because of one mans knowledge of the Law of attraction.


Sure we would all like to have a squillion $$ or more. AND is that the real deal ? in this lecture we discover that actually, with the wisdom of the ages we already know our true purpose in life and suprisingly we already have everything we need to fulfill it.


In this lecture we talk about the importance of focus. Your energy will manifest the things that you focus on most of the time. Is your attention being directed in accordance with your dreams? discover the REAL focus you have and how to fine tune it for manifestation


In this lecture you get the opportunity to exercise your law of attraction skills and begin to rationalize the process through engaging consciously with the process.

1 page

An exercise for conscious objective rationalisation.

Section 2: How the Law of Attraction Works

You may not have even realised that you had one ! but inside you is the powerhouse of a warehouse full of super computers, unlimited power, lightning fast processing and a willingness to bring about precisely what you program it to deliver. Ladies and gentleman I give you, your unconscious mind. !


In this lecture we discuss the prime directives or most important roles of the unconscious mind. It does a LOT more than you probably realise.


A continuation of the prime directives of the unconscious mind, its power and how important it is to engage your unconscious mind with the law of attraction


Further discussion into the power of the unconscious mind, could it be that this awesome power is creating your outcomes without you even being aware of it.


In this lecture we conclude the subject of the unconscious minds prime directives and turn our attention to how to engage the unconscious mind in alignment with the law of attraction.


So, we know we have one, and we know its powerful, but how do we get at the controls ! in this lecture Matt describes the methods for engaging with the unconscious mind to realise it;s potential


Call it energy, spirit, the field, God. whatever you wish. The fact remains that through feedback a universal knowledge is evolving for the good of everyone on the planet. It is there for us all to tap into. OR are we in fact 'it' afterall.


In this lecture we discuss HOW to connect to the universal knowledge, the field of potential that holds all of the questions and answers you will embrace to attract your perfect life.


Where attention goes energy flows. However, what TYPE of energy are you flowing ? are you tuned into the frequency oof your perfect life? or something altogether different.


When its over it over, when its gone its gone. how does holding onto the past prevent you from attracting your perfect life.

Law of attraction recognises Success as a process not a thing
Section 3: The LAw of Attraction in Practice
Directed Action - a key aspect to utilising the law of attraction
Cultivate and Attitude of Gratitude to make the law of attraction powerful
Trust your intuition and the law of attraction will deliver
Section 4: Realtime Thinking and the Law of Attraction
Why being present is important to assist the law of attraction
Living in the present moment is vital to the law of attraction
Opt to live with a conscious objectivity and empower the law of attraction
Section 5: Rituals and Affirmations - a daily boost to the law of attraction
How to use affirmations to boost the law of attraction
The Law of attraction doesn't understand 'NO'
Rituals and Mind Power - The la of attractions secret powers
An Affirming Meditation for use with the law of attraction
1 page
Section 6: Applying the Law of Attraction in Relationships
Steps to using the law of attraction to Manifest a Better Relationship
Download the PDF :
2 pages
Steps to Manifesting a Better relationship - part 2
Steps to Manifesting a better relationship - part 3
Section 7: The Law of Attraction and Money
The way to attract Money FAST using the law of attraction
Why Money 'seems' hard to attract and how to leverage the law of attraction
Use the Law of attracvtion to Create a money portal with your thinking
Section 8: The Law of Attraction Mind set
To focus or not to focus? how the law of attraction understands your view
Developing Law of Attraction Skills
Section 9: Tools and Skills for the law of attraction
How to do peripheral vision to enter the right state for the Law of Attraction
Writing S.M.A.R.T Goals to help the law of attraction
Tools for Transforming your life - that engage with the law of attraction
How kindness can harness the law of attraction to attract what you desire
Section 10: Secrets for making the law of attraction work
Making the Law of Attraction Easy
Section 11: How to Maintain Attraction Flow
Your Law of attraction Vibration Barometer
Section 12: DUDE! Where is my Ferrari !
Things that prevent the law of attraction from bringing the life of your dreams
When it seems like the law of attraction isn't happening
Section 13: Wrap up of the law of attraction
Congratulations ! you completed this law of attraction course

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Instructor Biography

Matthew Barnett, NLP , Hypnosis , Law of Attraction and human Behaviour Pro

The Law of attraction : right here and now -

Matt is a dedicated father of 4 beautiful girls and a busy entrepreneur, practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis,whose passion is seeing the incredible potential of human beings being realised through engaging with their unconscious mind through the effective use of Hypnosis, NLP and though understanding Human Behaviour.

Matt has seen it all ! from humble beginnings he built a million dollar engineering business, he started life as an engineer in the Refrigeration and Air conditioning industry where he was employed as a Project Manager for overseas technology transfers.A very different world from his Hypnosis and NLP Business !

Matt's natural ability to program code, led him to the world of Internet business,getting involved in the dot-com boom where he applied his knowledge of programming, PERL, PHP, JAVA (oo) and C and business process /project Management (PRINCE 2) to assist launching a UK start up, later acquired by the Royal Mail and Rothschild's Ventures.

This gave him time to concentrate on other areas of his life, such as his passion for music song writing and personal development as well as the development of his passion, Hypnosis and NLP training and coaching.

Matt has been studying, coaching and training NLP in personal development since 1998 and is a Certified Trainer of NLP & is a member of the American Board of NLP as well as the American Board of Hypnosis and the Timeline Therapy Assoication. In 2010 he started a training organisation dedicated to teaching NLP and other personal development strategies,

Matt currently runs a number of businesses and leverages his knowledge of Hypnosis, NLP and psychology, technology and marketing to create profitable and exciting projects and products

His latest projects include, a debt management business for small to medium sized businesses. A new Engineering business, dealing with large well known supermarket and high street chains.

Matt is excited about the publication of his new book Entropy(tm) in 2015 and is looking at creating courses to further explain the principals within.

A strong believer in collaboration, Matt is always looking to partner with like minded individuals to spread the word of what is achievable when you put a a dream in motion through persistent motivated action.

His passion for internet marketing and web development is realized through his work in his new media agency and he is developing a franchise opportunity for would be coaches, to maximise results with clients through creating channels for his products and programs.

A new goal to develop a business networking group was born out his frustration around what is currently 'out there' and plans are set for a 2015 launch.

Whats next ?

Current plans extend to the world of publishing. Legal services Accountancy services

Matt is also looking to develop a business incubator to assist fledgling business to get off the ground and become profitable.

On a personal level, Matt is a keen musician and songwriter and is currently writing material for an album release in the near future.

"I am committed to helping each of my Udemy students get the very best out of life, and regularly interact with my students so please do get in touch" Matt Barnett

An Expert in Personal and Business development Certified Trainer of NLP (American Board of NLP) Certified Trainer of Hypnosis ( American Board Of Hypnotherapy) Certified NLP Coach Certified Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner Certified Entropy(tm) Master Trainer

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