Law of Attraction Bootcamp: Fundamentals, Tips, & Strategies
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Law of Attraction Bootcamp: Fundamentals, Tips, & Strategies

Discover the basic principles of the LOA and how you're ALREADY using it to help, or hinder, desired experiences.
5.0 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
19 students enrolled
Created by Allison Sutter
Last updated 4/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Know more than 99% of the people out there regarding LOA (even some practitioners) and be able to integrate, and apply, what you know.
  • Smile more, reveling in the joy the journey instead of always needing to get stuff done, achieved, and boxes checked off. Unlock the doors to your accelerated success!
  • Make your affirmations 10 x more potent. (HINT: It's not about the words you choose, how many times a day you say them, where or how long you say them!)
  • Consistently implement 7 practical, easy steps to harnessing Law of Attraction's power in everyday life.
  • Establish MORE CONSISTENCY (as opposed to unattainable perfection) in turning positive thoughts to desired things and wanted ideas into exciting tangible experiences.
  • Lessen your habit of struggling and working so hard to get what you want. Instead, manifest more pleasing situations and circumstances with ease, excitement, eagerness, and trust.
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  • Be prepared to change both your internal and external realities. Once you align with your unlimited true self, and get a whiff of what real abundance and empowerment feels like, you'll never going to go back to living the way you did before. If you do, then you'll be so uncomfortable you'll won't want to stay there.
  • If you're considering this course, but aren't totally sure, take the, "Is this the right course for me?" 1 minute quiz in lesson one and know instantly what to do!
  • This course is spiritually based. The facts, situations, and manifestations you're looking to change can only come when you shift your inner vibration.

Since the release of the movie, The Secret, in 2007, there has been a lot of talk about Law of Attraction. Some of it accurate, most of it not.

This course teaches how LOA really works: the fundamentals, to help you increase your success, abundance, self-confidence, and results.

Law of Attraction Bootcamp: Fundamentals, Tips, & Strategies walks you through 7 steps that you need to know to create your ideal life. It contains the most up-to-date spiritual information regarding this universal law.

LOA Bootcamp teaches you how you create your own reality, beginning with how you're first and foremost, an infinite, expansive, vibrational being.

Myths are debunked as we answer some of the most widely asked questions such as:

What is the basis of how Law of Attraction operates?

How do I use LOA to create my ideal situations and circumstances and stop the ones I don't want from repeatedly showing up in my life?

How do I stop worry and fear when it feels like nothing is changing in my life and instead, feel more relaxed about everything?

Am I attracting things because of negative subconscious beliefs? (NO!! FIND OUT WHY!)

We'll answer these questions—and many more—in this course.

In order to create your ideal results in life, the things you truly want to do, be and have, you must understand how the process of turning thoughts to things works. IT'S A VIBRATIONAL ADJUSTMENT WE NEED, NOT MORE ACTION. 

However, you must also be willing to alter habitual ways of thinking, feeling, and acting in order to create positive change and allow LOA to do the heavy, creative lifting for you.

Law of Attraction Bootcamp gives you most up-to-date, accurate information and instructions, on what to do to make your life better. It teaches you the unknown ways you're ALREADY creating your own reality using LOA.

By the end of the course, you're going to be crystal clear on how intimately integrated LOA is in this reality, and how helpful it is to our health, well-being, and empowerment, just like Law of Gravity.

P.S. Make sure to take the, "Is this the right course for me?" less than 1 minute quiz right now, watch the available preview videos, and read the free preview PDF's before you enroll. This will give you a good sense of my teaching style, how the course is organized and presented, and if it's the right class for you. If you resonate with what you see and read, enroll today. This course has a 30 days money back guarantee and lifetime access .... you always have an escape route. (;

Who is the target audience?
  • Ready to utilize this stable, consistent, fair, and law, and think about it differently and logically.
  • Understand that you cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it. Open-minded individuals will thrive in this course.
  • Willing to go beyond the passive act of 'attracting' to dynamically creating the life of their dreams by allowing vibrational alignment to work for them.
  • Open-minded, spiritually aware, and EXCITED to use the knowledge of who they really are (a non-physically focused energy in a physically focused body) to have more fun in life.
  • Willing to use LOA principles to transform their life and results, ASKING QUESTIONS WHEN THEY'RE CONFUSED, STUCK, OR FRUSTRATED, instead of suffering in silence.
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Curriculum For This Course
39 Lectures
Overview of course.
4 Lectures 05:23

This is a brief video introduction of me, my approach to teaching, learning, mastery of subject matter and my expectations of all my students.

Preview 02:43

Thinking about taking this course but not totally sure? Take this 1 minute quiz to know if it's right for you in under 1 minute!

Preview 2 pages

Review the overall structure and content of this course before you begin. Just as you would consult a map before a long road trip, it's good to know where you are and where you're going.

In this lecture, I clearly identify who this course is for and what transformations you can expect from full participation.

Preview 02:40

Read the instructions about how to get the most out of the exercises in this class. Do it for you, not me. (:

Please excuse any typos you find in the PDF's. I do my very best to ensure there are none, but alas there always seem to be some mistakes I don't catch. I revisit the documents from time to time and will revise typos and such when I discover them.

How to get the most out of the exercises in this course.
2 pages
Law of Attraction Basics
10 Lectures 25:39

This video describes what LOA is from a scientific perspective.

Preview 01:22

This pdf is a written description of LOA and contains your exercises for this lesson. Make sure to download and begin the exercises asap!

Preview 4 pages

Vibration (frequency) is the way energy presents itself. Some forms of energy, or frequencies, are invisible to the naked eye such as light waves and radio waves. We know they're real because we don't live in constant darkness, we see an occasional rainbows and listen to the radio, the internet or surf TV channels.

What has been less well known is the way in which vibration presents itself in the human body. Specifically, emotional vibration or feeling.

Learn the power of emotion to induce results as experiences co-created with LOA.

What is vibration?

Determining if LOA is working in your life is simple. Find out how to do that in less than a minute.

How do you know if LOA is working?

Discover how LOA is involved in helping you create outcomes in everyday life. This pdf is a written description of LOA in everyday life and contains your exercises for this lesson. Make sure to download and begin the exercises asap!

Where can I find evidence of LOA in everyday life? (Print this pdf now!)
9 pages

Discover how physicists look at reality ... as old news. Release yourself from the burden of looking at the past so you can better create your preferred future.

What is reality—really?

Vibrational relativity is the relationship between how you feel about what you want and the way Source energy feels about what you want. Learn how to move into alignment emotionally with your desired result so you can experience it faster.

This pdf contains your exercises for this lesson. Make sure to download and begin the exercises asap!

What is vibrational relativity? (Print this pdf now!)
4 pages

Discover how long it takes before a thought has enough momentum to cause a physical manifestation to occur. Learn what to do when you notice thoughts and feelings are taking over.

If you don't know what your threshold of believability is, you're holding back your faster manifestations.

The 17 second rule & threshold of believability.

Once you've determined for yourself (i.e. this means you don't need to ask your best friend or mother what they think about the realness of LOA) the realness and value of Law of Attraction, you can then move forward and use this basic (and very ordinary) universal law to repeatedly create your ideal circumstances in any area of your life—money, success, happiness, relationships and health.

Once you understand LOA's "all day, every day" ordinariness ... in other words, once you discover how it's working all the time, just like gravity, you realize this whole "create your best life thing" is not nearly as hard as you first thought.

It's really very easy.

Learn to master the #1 thing that holds the majority of people apart from realizing their dreams ... today.

Does LOA "work with" thoughts and feelings, too?

Learn to use the basic scientific principles of Law of Attraction to move from unwanted situations and circumstances to wanted ones. Once you understand and master this simple concept, you move from constant struggle to continual freedom.

How do I use LOA to stop the situations I don't want from happening again?

It's essential you understand the basic functioning of LOA in order to shift your results.

LOA Basics.
19 questions
Law of Attraction: Apprenticeship to mastery.
15 Lectures 30:08

The Law of Attraction is not really about attraction. It's about invisible frequencies and waves of vibrations called thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Since you're taking this course you believe, to a certain degree, that you have the ability to change your reality ... and you want to know how. You want clarity.

You're seeking a solution to the struggles you've been experiencing. You want to move from a place of seeming randonness in your world, feeling like a victim who can't have what they want, to a place of organization and influence, feeling in control and understanding how to make things happen in your life.

Luck does not exist, but synchronicity does. Successful people do not just stumble into their results. There's a system and a science behind the magic.

Learn how to create that precise magic for yourself any time you want, in any category of your life. Others will look upon what you've creating and ask, "How did you do that?!" when you start creating outcomes with ease, working 40-50% less than you did before.

Welcome to the Academy of Law of Attraction Mastery. In this class we're moving from ignorance (Ignorance just means "one who doesn't know yet". It's NOT an insulting term.) to mastery regarding Law of Attraction.

I'm so glad you're here!

Preview 00:31

Download and print this pdf immediately. It contains important information and your exercises about how to harness the power of LOA using specificity. Don't wait another minute to start your transformation.

Preview 6 pages

Learn how step one, BE SPECIFIC, inducing the LOA to bring you what you want. In other words ... get clear about what you want to do, be an have in life. This is a step you cannot skip. If you do, the stablity and power of steps 2-6 are severly compromised.

Step #1: Harnessing LOA's power through specificity.

Download and print this pdf immediately. It contains important information and your exercises about how to harness the power of LOA using passion and excitement. Don't wait another minute to start your transformation.

Step #2 exercises. Download and print this pdf now!
6 pages

Step two, DESIRE BABY, DESIRE! In other words, getting super pumped up, excited and passionate about your vision of what you want is part of a proven LOA and mainfestation formula. Desire proved to be the specific fuel behind 500 of the words most successful individuals Napoleon Hill researched for his revolutionary book, Think and Grow Rich.

Learn how to infuse passion (desire) into your ideal life circumstances so they manifest.

Step #2: Harnesssing LOA's power through passion.

Discover how belief plays a part with LOA and your results. Download and print this pdf immediately. It contains important information and your exercises about how to harness the power of LOA using altered beliefs. Don't wait another minute to start your transformation.

Step #3 exercises. (Print this pdf now!)
10 pages

Step #3 is ABOUT BELIEFS. It's time to examine the ACCURACY of your beliefs about yourself and your success in life. Everything you achieve in life, everything you experience, can be traced back to your belief systems.

Some of you are wrong, you know .... about the idea that you have to struggle and strain to get what you want. You're wrong that you can't have what you want or that it has to take a long time. The idea that life is hard isn't yours, it doesn't serve you and it's time to let it go.

Learn to identify what you belief about yourself, your potential and possibility so you can transform limiting beliefs into postive ones.

Step #3: Harnessing LOA's power through altering beliefs.

Be receptive to the idea that LOA is working with you right now. It's working with you and wants to give you al the awesome stuff you want. But it can't if you don't allow it to do it's good and be open to the good you deserve.

Download and print this pdf immediately. It contains important information and your exercises about how to harness the power of LOA using receptivity. Don't wait another minute to start your transformation.

Step #4 exercises. (Print this pdf now!)
6 pages

Step #4 is RECEPTIVITY. In other words, become a vibrational match to what you want: intellectually, emotionally, action wise. The single biggest hurdle we face as thinking beings is self-worth. We don't feel worthy so we create resistance to the good we've asked for.

When we don't feel worthy of something such as the good that we've asked for we are not in a receptive mode. Learn to shift your internal reality, allowing more of the good you want to show up—externally—where you can see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, smell it.

The faster you allow the money, the people, the ideas, the awards, the health .... in—the sooner you can show it to your friends.

Step #4: Harnessing LOA's power through receptivity.

What you focus on, you get more of. This is physics, not speculation. Learn how to determine what you're your thinking and feeling about with two simple questions.

Download and print this pdf immediately. It contains important information and your exercises about how to harness the power of LOA using focused attention. Don't wait another minute to start your transformation.

Step #5 exercises. (Print this pdf now!)
9 pages

Step #5 FOCUS OF ATTENTION. In other words, being able to pay attention to your dreams despite the current conditions of your life and reality. Discover how to block out all distractions so you can create more of what you want in life.

Rare is the person who have look at the conditions of their life and not react emotionally. The greatest gift you can give youself is to .... get happy and then.

Learn to tune out the current tangible circumstances you don't like and tune in your focus of attention regarding what you want. Pratice looking past the "isness" of your current reality and into the "isnes" of your virtual (dream) one.

Step #5: Harnessing LOA's power through focused attention.

This is where things really start to get fun. There is a distinct difference between action and inspired action. Do you know what it is? (Hint: Do you feel there's stuff you should be doing but you're not?)

Step #6 exercises. (Print this pdf now!)
7 pages

Step #6 INSPIRED ACTION. inIother words, do the stuff that excites you. Taking action is one way to create change, taking inspired action is quite another. Insired action in way more effective in creating you ideal results than just random action, heartless action or fearful action.

Learn the difference between the above actions and make sure yours is inspired as often as you can.

This document is part of the free previews. If you do free-view it, and download it, do not circulate it on social media please. Yes, that means you ... who are thinking I'll never find out. need I remind you this course is about LOA and LOA is always with you giving you more of what you put out there back in your lap?

Please use with care. Thank you, in advance, for adhering to this request.

Step #6: Harnessing LOA's power through inspired action.

Detached optimism is practiced by only a select group of people in the world. There is a way to get what you want and feel good in the process. Find out how!

Download and print this pdf immediately. It contains important information and your exercises about how to harness the power of LOA using detached optimism. Don't wait another minute to start your transformation.

Step #7 exercises. (Print this pdf now!)
9 pages

Step #7 is HEALTHY DETACHMENT. In others words, become a walking billboard for the paradox of success.

Learn how to combine step #1 and step #6 ensuring you're not stiffling your manifestation. The great paradox of success is that you've got to really want it and at the same time, be easy about it. If you don't know what you want, you're going to succumb to the demands of others your whole life. But if you cling to needing the outcome to be exactly as you imagined it, you'll kill your dream.

Become a master of the paradox of success today.

Step #7: Harnessing LOA's power through detached optimism.

In order to move from a LOA "apprentice" position in your life, to one of "mastery", you must understand a few critical idea. This quiz is easy. Enjoy it.

Apprenticeship to Mastery.
35 questions
Law of Attraction: Ideas for Everyday Success
5 Lectures 12:14

Learn to appreciate the sweet spot of the "uncondition" of manifestation and the deliciousness of unmanifested desire—the journey of getting what you want.

The power of patient, intentional creation.

Discover a radical new way of thinking about your thoughts, the subconscious mind and how it governs your results. You've most likely heard the theory about limiting beliefs and the sunconscious mind. This is different.

It's way easier than you think to shift your results and state of mind. Learn how to discovery what you believe in less than 3 minutes and change any limiting beliefs with one question.

Am I sabotaging my results with limiting subconscious thoughts?

Are you one of the thousands of people who say affirmations regularily but then get frustrated because they don't seem to be working? Learn how to increase the potency of your positive affirmations 10x so they create wanted results.

Preview 03:09

If you're been around the personal development industry, then you're heard how challenging it is to change negative beliefs to positive ones. You've likely seen a hundred different ways to do it from a hundred different people from hypnosis, to NLP, to attempting to monitor every thought you have. Each teacher has their tried and true method.

Learn the easiest "method" there is—using only one question— to become aware of your negative beliefs and transform them into positive ones instantly.

Transform negative beliefs to positive ones.

Now that you've finished this course, what do you do? Read this document to find out!

I've finished the course. Now what?
2 pages
Bonus Section
5 Lectures 00:02

Learn how Bob Proctor ended up in the movie, The Secret ... which almost didn't happen!

How did Bob Proctor end up in the movie, The Secret?
2 pages

Artists are often the ones who articulate what is really going on with us and creation. In his video for the song, What do you mean? Justin Bieber nailed it. Look up the song and listen closely to the lyrics.

What do you mean? Justin Bieber nailed it.
1 page

Listen to this Youtube video by Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher. There is something Bob has said for years that might be easier to understand for LOA students if it's said like this ...

Preview 6 pages

This is an example of how I used LOA to get a bird feeder for our backyard. I've outlined again, the "rules" to using LOA to get what you want, faster.

The birdfeeder effect using LOA.
3 pages

The attached image is a representation of my version of a scale of emotional resonance. I took words that I use in daily life, to describe different ways I've felt, and put them into concentric circles. The 'scale' part of this image is how the words go from pure positive in the middle to pure negative on the outer circles, moving up and down like a music scale. I imagine that the center represents the real me (the real you), the non-physical me (you) who's pure positive energy. Some might call it the 'soul' or 'spirit', while others just say 'the real me who's directly connected to Source energy'.

This chart can be helpful when you're trying to work yourself 'back up the scale' or back to center and feeling good. In the lesson on Harnessing LOA's Power Through Receptivity, this is the scale I use. You can download it here for a better look.

Scale of Emotional Resonance: A Chart
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Allison Sutter
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Allison Sutter, M. Ed, is a best selling author and contemporary spiritual teacher. She is known for her ability to seamlessly blend spiritually and practical personal development information making it relevant to daily life. Her newest book, Accelerate Your Mojo: 7 Simple Steps to Ignite Intuition, Shake off Fear, and Unleash the Real You, published by Motivational Press, is available on Amazon.

Allison has been in education for more than fifteen years. She taught in two of Chicago's top private schools before transitioning to holistic health and personal development, as a coach. 

Her career, and life, experience has fostered a unique approach to teaching which incorporates proven pedagogical approaches and practical holistic protocols. 

Allison's approach is education, and personal success, is student-centric versus content or teacher agenda centric. She believes that you know what's best for you and that you should be guiding the learning process based on what you need to know, when you need to know it. Starting with this solid foundation, she intuitively pulls the best out of her students and they thrive, transforming fear into ease, connecting with their own intuitive guidance systems and learning to celebrate who they really are.

Allison enjoys fresh air, walking, and writing. A really good day will include all three of these activities. In addition to writing books centered around personal development and fulfillment, she's also a children's book author. Her first book, Ebb and Flo: A Day at the Beach, is available on Amazon. Her dream is a write a work of fiction that graces the big screen. She lives with her husband and three girls in Chicago, Illinois.