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Landing Page Fundamentals, Buyer Psychology, and Conversions

Use Proven Landing Page Strategies, Psychological Principles, and Copywriting Secrets To Increase Conversions and Profit
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Created by Dan Johnston
Last updated 6/2016
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**The #1 Landing Page Course on Udemy! with The Most Students and The Most Reviews. Join Landing Page Fundamentals Today!**

*Updated November 2015*

Apply The Strategies In This Course And You Will Increase Your Conversion Rate By At Least 100%.

That's At Least Double The Amount Of Subscribers, Leads, Or Customers...

See Your Conversion Rate Double, Or Get Your Money Back. No Questions Asked.

Buy This Course To: Increase Conversions. Increase Leads. Increase Sales.

The first page visitors arrive at is the most critical aspect of your website. It is also a critical part of any advertising campaign, online marketing, or contests.

Yet, it is often overlooked.

It is common for companies to spend hundreds of hours and $10,000s generating traffic without first optimizing their landing page.

This course will show you how to increase your website or landing page conversion rate by 3 to 20 times.

This means 3 to 20 times more leads.

Do I have your attention now?

In this course, I will show you the most common mistakes designers, copywriters and internet marketers make when planning their website and landing pages. I will also teach you the strategies and tactics behind the most effective websites and landing pages, and provide a checklist of the basic elements for a successful landing page.

You will learn:

  • The difference between a landing page, squeeze page, sales page and long form sales letter - plus when it is best to use each one
  • One Common Mistake You Can Fix To Instantly Double Your Conversion Rate
  • The Secret To Writing Killer Headlines That Keep Your Prospect Reading

  • How to create a customer avatar and speak directly to your visitor

  • Take a look behind the curtain and learn why the richest internet marketer’s squeeze pages are so effective (examples and analysis)
  • Why Benefits Sell Like Features Never Can
  • 6 Weapons Of Influence To Turn Your Prospects To Putty In Your Hands
  • The Never Before Revealed Strategy That Ties Your Entire Website Together For Drastically Higher Conversion Rates
  • 5 Best Practices Previously Reserved Only For Online Marketing Ninjas

If your job or income depends on the performance of a website, you must take this course.

Even if you're not a technical person (I'm not), this course will dramatically improve your knowledge and confidence when it comes to all levels of online marketing and sales.

I guarantee the content of this course will not only improve your knowledge, but it will have a direct impact on your bottom line and will increase your profits.

Enroll In This Course Now. I'll See You Inside.

Dan Johnston.

Who is the target audience?
  • Freelancers, Coaches and Consultants who marketing online
  • Entrepreneurs and Brick and Mortar Business Owners
  • Website Developers and Graphic Designers
  • Aspiring Copywriters
  • Online Instructors and Course Creators
  • Authors
  • App Creators and Start-up Founders
  • Employees working in Marketing, Advertising, Website Design or Social Media
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What Will I Learn?
You can expect to improve the conversion rate of your course listing, landing page, or website by 25-300%.
This course focuses on your 'landing page', which is the first page a visitor lands on, but it also provides plenty of ideas and strategies to plan optimize your overall website.
You will develop an ability to "understand the big picture" and analyze almost any website or landing page and find ways to improve it and increase sales.
You will gain a thorough understanding of sales psychology and marketing that can be applied online and offline.
You'll learn marketing principles that can help you increase the conversion rate on all your marketing, including: App ages, Email opt-ins, Facebook pages, Book listings, even your Course sales page.
View Curriculum
  • The course covers advanced concepts but is beginner friendly and relatively free of marketing jargon or techie speak.
Curriculum For This Course
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Getting Started
2 Lectures 06:38

I am what you might call obsessive when it comes to marketing and sales. At 13 I was creating advertisements for local businesses, and by 15 consulting on web design. A University degree, 100s of marketing and sales books, and about a dozen jobs or businesses later I now help business owners and freelancers improve their website conversion rates by creating a compelling marketing story, effective sales writing and design optimization.

My background includes a Degree in Psychology, Certification in NLP and awards for Top Internet Presence and Best Advertising in Canada.

Preview 05:03
5 Common (and Costly!) Landing Page Mistakes
8 Lectures 21:55

In this lesson you'll learn the first of five costly mistakes commonly made on landing pages and websites. You can't fault anyone for Mistake #1, it is only natural and stems from how people are wired to behave. Regardless of what's natural, if you're making this mistake, I can guarantee you're losing 50% or more of potential customers who visit your page.

Mistake #1

In this lesson we will look at different examples of landing pages. Some are excellent, while others are downright terrible. We will discuss the merits of the great pages and pick apart the bad ones. Watch this lesson to ensure you don't make the same mistakes these big companies did.

Examples of Good and Bad Landing Pages (Part 1)

Mistake #2 happens with the best of intentions, and from following a lot of the weak business advice out there. Unfortunately these excuses won't improve your conversion rate or get back the visitors you're losing by making this mistake.

Mistake #2

There comes a time in your business growth cycle when you need to invest in advertising in order to acquire new customers and increase your profits. Before you spend a dime on lead generation or new traffic you must be sure you aren't making Mistake #3.

Preview 03:29

We'll been there before. Going for the kiss before it's time can be extremely embarrassing. Making Mistake #4 can be extremely costly.

Preview 01:27

How To Interact and Provide Feedback In This Course

Mistake #5 is made on more websites than it isn't. Hopefully you're not making this mistake, but if you are, it is easy enough to fix.

Mistake #5 and Conclusion

This isn't a common problem, but occasionally students have trouble with videos buffering due to file size. If you're on a slower connection, or experience this problem, just change the video quality to 360p instead of 720p. See the screenshot.

Troubleshooting: If Videos Are Loading Slowly / Buffering
Landing Page Importance
3 Lectures 21:37

In this lesson we will answer some basic questions regarding landing pages, including:

-What Is A Landing Page?

-The Difference Between Emotional vs Technical Elements

-Design vs Copy Elements

Understand Landing Pages

In this lesson you'll gain clarity about what type of landing page is best for you based on your business and online goals.

Text, Video, and Hybrid Landing Pages (Long or Short Copy?)

# of Visitors x Conversion Rate %


Amount of New Customers

Your landing page is the most important factor in your overall conversion rate.

Preview 05:17
Landing Page Best Practices
7 Lectures 26:40
Landing Page Best Practice #1

Landing Page Best Practice #2

Good Karma

Landing Page Best Practice #3

In this lesson we will look at different examples of landing pages. Some are excellent, while others are downright terrible. We will discuss the merits of the great pages and pick apart the bad ones. Watch this lesson to ensure you don't make the same mistakes these big companies did.

Examples of Good and Bad Landing Pages (Part 2)

Landing Page Best Practice #4

Landing Page Best Practice #5
Decision Making
3 Lectures 15:09

In this lesson you will discover The Path Approach and learn how to apply it to your own website.

This technique for laying out a website will:

  • Skyrocket your conversion rate of website visitors to new leads.
  • Improve your user experience, making visitors happier and less frustrated.
  • Actually increase the amount of leads who become paying customers...even if the "closing" portion of your sales process happens offline.
The Path Approach

In this lesson you will discover The Path Approach and learn how to apply it to your own website.

This technique for laying out a website will:

  • Skyrocket your conversion rate of website visitors to new leads.
  • Improve your user experience, making visitors happier and less frustrated.
  • Actually increase the amount of leads who become paying customers...even if the "closing" portion of your sales process happens offline.
The Path Approach (Part Two)

Wouldn't it be great if you knew exactly what your potential customers were thinking? Then you could design your sales process and marketing to engage them and have the highest possible return on investment. Using the idea of a customer avatar, and understanding why your customer buys, will allow you to do just this.

The Visitor Decision Making Process + Customer Avatar Creation
The Six Elements of Influence
4 Lectures 20:28

Part 2 covers the 3rd and 4th areas of influence you can use to have an impact through your website.

The Six Elements of Influence (Part 2): Elements #3 and #4

This lesson dives deep into the 5th element of influence.

The Six Elements of Influence (Part 3): Element #5

The Six Elements of Influence (Part 4): Element #6 and Summary of the 6
The Keys To Great Copywriting
4 Lectures 19:28

Features versus Benefits

Most companies know what a feature is and when it comes to their marketing they focus almost exclusively on their features. Successful companies understand that benefits are what really sell products and design their marketing to promote the real benefits of using their product or service.

For Example:

Feature: This photocopier can copy 45 sheets per minute and takes just 4 seconds to warm up.

Benefit: Your office will save 24 human hours per week, or $24,950 per year.

Feature: Our e-book is 225 pages long and took 1 year to research.

Benefit: Our e-book is complete so you can begin to lose weight immediately without spending more time or money on additional research or learning.

Feature: The BMW’s convertible roof can lower in 3 seconds while driving at 30 km/hr.

Benefit: Girls will think you’re cool and in just 3 seconds you can lower the roof so they can hop in.

Features vs Benefits

In this lesson you'll learn one technique to significantly improve your writing quality and reader engagement. This same technique will help you eliminate writers block and produce a lot more work in less time.

Be sure to see the lecture "Online = Office, and Human Speak" for examples of terrible corporate speak (in the supplementary materials).

Preview 04:23

Writing Your Headline

In this video you'll learn how to apply your existing marketing knowledge online, without the usual hiccups people encounter. I'll also demonstrate the importance of being human, and non-corporate, through the use of polka dot shorts.

Online = Offline, and Human Speak
Website and Landing Page Critiques
3 Lectures 20:43
Chinese Learn Online: Branding, Features vs Benefits, Buying Process, Free Demo

Sprypoint App: Knowing Your Audience, Clear Call To Action, Building Rapport

Audio Files (For Listening On The Go)
7 Lectures 49:18
Visitor Decision Making Process + Customer Avatar

The Path Approach

The Six Areas of Influence (Part One)

The Six Areas of Influence (Part Two)

Features vs Benefits

How To Be a Better Writer in 10 Minutes or Less

Online = Offline, and Human Speak
Bonus Lecture *Updated* Summer 2016 Free Training and Content
1 Lecture 01:42

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I'm Dan Johnston. I'm a full-time writer, business trainer, and coach.

“That is seriously your life? You are literally living my dream. That’s insane. How can I do it?”

I’ve grown to expect hearing this every time I tell someone about my fairy-tale of a life. But trust me, it wasn’t always this way.

In 2010 I owned my own business and I worked like a dog with the dream of one day “making it”. I sacrificed friendships, health, family and travel opportunities all because I had to work harder for “just a little while longer.”

I just needed to “make it” and then I could I finally start enjoying life.

That was until my business imploded and left me completely, and I mean completely, broke.

At this point I could have taken a job, but it just didn't feel right. I had spent so much time trying to live my dreams, was now the time to quit?

So I decided to take one more risk, and in 2011 I started as a freelance writer.

The journey wasn't easy, but it sure paid off.

Using the same strategies I teach in my courses, I was able to generate a full time income writing within my first few months.

Then in early 2012 I decided to take another risk and see if I could continue freelance writing while travelling the world.

And it worked. It worked really, really, well.

Since 2012 I’ve lived in 7 places including Costa Rica, Manhattan, Barcelona, Italy, Germany and Prague. Each year I try to visit at least 6 new countries.

I’ve also crossed countless items from my bucket list including driving a Lamborghini on my birthday, learning Spanish, and driving a Hank Moody inspired Porsche 911 up Highway 101 in California.

When I was starting out and things got hard I had plenty of opportunities to raise the white flag and turn my back on the life I really wanted.

I’m sure you’ll have the same opportunities. Ignore them.

Don’t ever, ever think going for it, going after what you really want, will be easy.

But it will always, always be worth it.

And I'm here to help in any way I can.

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