Kinetic Typography: Make Engaging Motion Graphics Videos Now

For title sequences, animations, motion graphics, music videos and more - learn in After Effects (no experience needed!)
  • Lectures 31
  • Video 4 Hours
  • Skill level all level
  • Languages English
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Course Description

Have you ever wondered how to make those sweet kinetic typography videos that you see on youtube, in music videos, and in professional films? Looking to make great title sequences for your business videos? Now is your chancewith this Kinetic Typography Tutorial!

This course teaches you all the basics to get started and the advanced effects to make your work stand out! Whether you're making your own kinetic typography project or you simply want to make a sweet title/intro graphic for your video, this is the course for you.

There are over 3 hours of content which will engage and inspire you. Each lesson is an easy-to-follow screen cast with video/audio narration from myself.


  • Introduction to kinetic typography
  • Basic movements and transitions
  • Practice sessions
  • Advanced effects
  • Polishing your projects

Even if you have never touched After Effects,you will learn all you need to know in this Kinetic Typography after Effects course. I'm always here if you have any questions or want more lessons. Thank you for checking out this course!

Download a free trial of Adobe After Effects by clicking here!


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What are the requirements?

  • Adobe After Effects for Windows or Mac
  • Beginners welcome!
  • Those who know After Effects welcome!
  • Free Trial of After Effects available in course description!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 31 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
  • Learn the basics of After Effects
  • Learn advanced Kinetic Typography techniques
  • Be able to make your own amazing kinetic typography videos
  • Expand your motion graphics skills

What is the target audience?

  • Video Editors
  • Artists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Video Makers
  • Creatives

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee

Forever yours.
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Get rewarded.
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Section 1: Basic Kinetic Typography
Here is the introductory lesson for this Kinetic Typography course. We'll go over the key concepts of this course.
A quick overview of the After Effects program. Learn the different areas in this editing software including:
  • Project Window
  • Composition Window
  • Effects Tabs
  • Timeline
  • Tools
  • and More!

Why does story matter in kinetic typography? What is your story? What is my story? These are a few of the questions I answer in this lesson the Kinetic Typography course.
This lesson will go over how to add text to your after effects compositions.
Fonts are very important to kinetic typography. Choosing the correct font makes or breaks your video. This lesson goes over how to choose the right font as well as making changes to your fonts within After Effects.
Learn about the basis of every kinetic typography project. Keyframes allow you to create motion and many other cool effects and we will go over them in this lesson!
In this lesson, we'll learn how to deal with all of the After Effects keyboard shortcuts. 

Watch this video to learn more about changing keyboard shortcuts:

Adding motion to you text with keyframes. This lesson covers this basic process that is very important for creating great kinetic typography.
Learn how introduce new words, images, or video with a change in size transition (grow/shrink).
Section 2: Advanced Kinetic Typography
We begin our practice sessions. Philip goes step by step through a kinetic typography project using the skills learned so far. This is part one of five that will surely inspire you to make great projects on your own!
We continue our practice sessions, taking the next line of our sample and introducing the words in a new way. Follow along with Philip as he goes step by step to explain all the details.
We continue our practice sessions, taking the next line of our sample and introducing the words in a new way. Follow along with Philip as he goes step by step to explain all the details.
We continue our practice sessions, taking the next line of our sample and introducing the words in a new way. Follow along with Philip as he goes step by step to explain all the details.
We continue our practice sessions, taking the next line of our sample and introducing the words in a new way. Follow along with Philip as he goes step by step to explain all the details.
In this lesson, we will go over adding backgrounds to your after effects projects. Learn how adding different backgrounds can dramatically increase the quality of your videos.
Learn how adding music and sound effects can enhance your kinetic videos. What is the best music choice? What sort of sound effects should I use? These are just a couple of the questions that we will answer in this lesson.
Learn how to export from after effects so that you can show the world your projects!
Section 3: Advanced Transitions for Kinetic Typography
In this lesson you will learn an advanced way to introduce new text via the mask transitions. Reveal and hide your text with cool swipes and mask transitions. Enjoy!
In this lesson you will learn an advanced way to introduce new text via the path transition. Create your own path for you words and letters to follow. Enjoy!
Learn how to create awesome 3D transitions with this lesson!
Learn how to create awesome text transitions using the preset effects within After Effects.
Learn how to use After Effect's Camera tool to enhance your kinetic typography videos!
Learn more ways to use the camera tool to enhance your kinetic typography videos!
Section 4: Kinetic Typography Wrap Up
SURVEY: What do you want to learn next?
Learn how to review a course on Udemy! I hope you loved my course and can give me a 5 star review! Thank you in advance for your honest reviews.
I hope you enjoyed this course! Please give me a good rating if you did or let me know if you have any problems! Thanks for taking part!
Section 5: Responses to Student Questions
Duplicating Keyframes - Speeding up the Process
Advanced Mask Transitions - Making it Look Natural
Section 6: Course Materials
Here is the audio needed to work along with the class projects.
Thanks for the question,  Allison. Here I explain how to use precomposing to duplicate sections of a music video.

Check out this project, and play along!

Instructor Biography

Phil Ebiner , Best Selling Instructor, Video Creator, Online Entrepreneur

My passion is inspiring people through online courses. I've been making videos since I was a young child, and do it professionally now as a video producer at UC Berkeley. I've created (produced, shot, edited) hundreds of videos over the past five years. Now it is time to teach you!

What would you like to learn? Would you like to learn motion graphics in After Effects? Would you like to learn how to shoot & edit videos like a pro? Would you like to take better photographs? Would you like to make money teaching online courses like I do? Would you like to design better presentations, create a great resume, colorize black & white photographs, brew beer, adopt a cat, edit photos in Lightroom, launch a freelance career?

If any of these topics sparked your interest, you're in luck! I have courses on these topics, and many more! Check them out, and enroll today!

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    • LiotrSy Szang

    Very Basic

    Very basic knowledge about Kinetic Typography. Less than what I expect.

    • Jeremy Deighan

    Perfect Course on Kinetic Typography

    I wanted to create a promotional intro video for one of my courses and really liked the look of kinetic typography. This course was perfect in teaching me the basics of After Effects and how to do some really cool stuff with text. Definitely recommend this course, thanks Phil!

    • Khyiah Angel

    Great course

    Excellent course for newcomers to After Effects

    • Scott Duffy

    Gave me lots of ideas for projects

    Watching this course gave me lots of ideas for projects. I fired up After Effects and started using exactly what Phil taught. These skills are applicable today. Great course.

    • Paula Bell

    A Great Scratch To Project Overview

    Phil is a great natural instructor, nothing is pre-written so English majors are well warned lol. I would have loved more information on the usage of the camera to create scenes and the methodology used to create more unique animations but this is a great overview for people who are new to animating typography or want to know how to do it start to finish. 4 stars because its a little over priced as a lot of the techniques were not that advanced but I will purchase courses from Phil in the future.

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