Kindle Marketing: Ninja Tactics To Explode Your Amazon Sales
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Kindle Marketing: Ninja Tactics To Explode Your Amazon Sales

Copy And Paste My Secret Kindle Marketing System To Skyrocket Your Sales And Boost Your Income!
4.7 (95 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
5,812 students enrolled
Created by Adrian Landsberg
Last updated 6/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Market your book better than 90% of publishers and authors out there!
  • Use my kindle marketing secrets to blow out sales and conversions
  • Know the 80/20 of exactly where you should be putting your marketing efforts
  • Learn how to use words to sway peoples emotions and buy your books!
  • Know what makes a cover stand head and shoulders above the competition (and how to do it!)
  • How to pull in more sales, more hungry readers and build your own traffic that works around the clock!
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  • Be ready to learn and apply this invaluable kindle marketing knowledge!
  • Either have a book/s on Amazon or you're looking at publishing books on Amazon
  • A computer, note pad and pen

---Have you been struggling to make sales of your book on Amazon?---

-----Sick of declining sales?-----

---Know that you have a great book but need to know EXACTLY how to make it rise to the top and rank well on Amazon?---

Well I'm here to lay out all my kindle marketing secrets for YOU on how to market your book on Amazon and skyrocket your downloads!

I want to show you every little technique and tip that I know to make your books rank higher than ever before and explode your book sales.

Do you want to;

  • BOOST your sales and increase conversions?

  • Know how to make book covers that POP and grab your potential customers attention?

  • Get a HUGE number of downloads in a short period of time?

  • Make more sales on your Create Space books?

  • Save money on your kindle marketing costs?

  • Know how to get more reviews on your books?


Over the last nearly 2 years, I have built up my very own publishing empire that has allowed me to quit my job and live a lifestyle that very few people get to live. For this, I am very grateful.

Now, I want to show you how to learn the kindle marketing secrets to really EXPLODE your sales on Amazon.

I want to show you how to make sure your books continue selling well into the future and how to keep your book's income growing.


Here's some of the NINJA TACTICS I'm going to teach you;

  • Learn the 4 key areas of your books you should NEVER lose focus on

  • Exactly how to do 90% of your kindle marketing within Amazon!

  • How to use simple words to make people SCRAMBLE to buy your books!

  • How to build your own traffic system to build up HYPE for your books

  • Learn EXACTLY what makes a kick-ass book cover (and how to make yours stand out among the competition!)

  • I'll let you in on one of the biggest secrets to making your books sell like hot cakes forever!

  • The perfect strategy to use your 5 day free periods on KDP

  • Learn exactly where to market your book outside of Amazon

  • How to make sure a browsing customer actually buys your book!


Of course you'll get full, lifetime access, updates for life and be able to communicate directly with me, should you get stuck anywhere or need some guidance! (I'm always here to help.)

And don't forget Udemy's full, 30 day money back guarantee and a promise from me that if you use and implement these kindle marketing techniques and strategies I outline in this course, you will improve your sales.

If you are sick of declining book sales or you just want to learn how to make your sales skyrocket, then scroll up and enroll in this course now!

=====> Each minute you delay is a sale you aren't making <=====

You'll get;

  • Full access to me via email through the Udemy platform (I answer every question I get!)

  • FULL 30 day money back guarantee, backed by Udemy

  • FREE updates and lifetime access

  • Full PDF and WORD templates for everything I talk about so you can just COPY and PASTE!

  • Fully explained strategies of how to implement all of these kindle marketing techniques that I talk about

  • The assurance that everything I teach in this course is cutting edge and up to date

=====> Take Action and Enroll Now <=====

Enroll and dive straight into the course right now. You have everything you need right here in this course to EXPLODE your sales, plus you'll get my priceless kindle marketing knowledge...

Don't forget Udemy's famous 30 day money back've got nothing to lose!

If you want to start making your books sell by the bucket load, then take this course now, I'll see you on the inside!


P.S. Don't forget to check out the preview videos so you know the value you're getting!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is experiencing declining or no sales
  • People who want to learn how to appeal to readers emotions
  • Anyone who wants to learn the kindle marketing secrets that makes books sell!
  • Kindle publishing beginners
  • Beginner kindle authors
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Curriculum For This Course
32 Lectures
Kindle Marketing: Welcome to the Course, FREE Stuff & 50% OFF Coupons!
2 Lectures 03:26

Well, welcome to the course! I really hope you get a whole lot out of this course to increase your kindle marketing knowledge. 

I've pulled out every little technique, strategy and tool I use to market my books on Amazon and beyond...

Anyway, let's get into it!

Kindle Marketing: Welcome to the course!

In this lecture I quickly go over the marketing of your books on Amazon and how to effectively use kindle marketing to increase sales of your books across the board. 

Kindle Marketing: Amazon Marketing Overview - How Much Marketing is Enough?
Kindle Marketing: The Successful Publishing Blueprint: Start the Right Way
1 Lecture 07:13

Here I go over my basic blueprint for kindle publishing and kindle marketing. You may already have a book or books on Amazon but I explain what the process is and then we will do a deep dive into the marketing. 

Kindle Marketing: Get Started on the Right Foot with Your Publishing & Marketing
Kindle Marketing: The 8 Absolutely Critical Steps of Marketing Within Amazon
8 Lectures 01:05:35

When publishing and marketing your kindle books you need to be able to appeal to peoples emotions. You need to be able to get them to realise the value of your book and buy it.

That's where using basic human psychology comes into play. Here we learn how to appeal to that human need by using some kindle marketing strategies. 

Kindle Marketing: How to See Your Book Through Other Peoples Eyes...

These are the 4 crucial things you should never lose focus on when kindle publishing. If you just focus on these 4 things and continue to build and work on them, then you will be ahead of a lot of people. 

These 4 things all use kindle marketing strategies to market your book to the masses.

Kindle Marketing: The 4 Very Crucial Things You Must Never Lose Focus on

Keywords are a HUGE part of kindle publishing! You MUST learn how to use them, where to put them, where to find them and which ones to use to really take advantage of potential sales.

This really is a big part of your kindle marketing strategy so don't skip this lesson!

Kindle Marketing: How to REALLY Use KEYWORDS to Boost Your Rankings

Another VERY IMPORTANT lesson you should not skip. Being able to write a good title and subtitle is one of the biggest things you can do to help increase sales.

Knowing how to piece words together in an appealing way that makes people want to buy, is an incredibly important skill that will not only help you with your kindle publishing, but many other things you do in life. 

Kindle Marketing: How to Write Titles & Subtitles that Make People want to Buy!

In this lesson I go through the science and emotions you need to touch on to write a great description for your books.

As part of learning more kindle marketing skills, you MUST know how to write good copy (copywriting). 

Here is where I will give you a basic run through of exactly that. 

Kindle Marketing: How to Write Descriptions that can Double Your Downloads!

There are a lot of very average looking book covers out there and once you learn these skills, you will never make a bad cover again!

A big part of kindle marketing is visual images, so if you can put together a great cover, then you will be ahead of many other people that don't know what to look for. 

Kindle Marketing: How to Make Eye-Popping Covers that Stand Out from Competitors

There are a few different strategies of how to use the 5 day free promotion period you are allowed to use if you are enrolled in KDP select.

Here I go through what I believe is the best way to use that benefit. 

Kindle Marketing: Why You Should Use the 5 Day FREE Promo Period like this...

Reviews are a big part of kindle marketing and publishing anywhere on the internet in general. 

In this lesson I go through the different ways you can get reviews, where to find people to do reviews and why you need to really focus on this to build a successful publishing business. 

Kindle Marketing: Why, Where and How to get Reviews for Your Books
Kindle Marketing: Great Tactics You NEED to be Doing to be Ahead of the Pack
8 Lectures 28:24

In this lesson I discuss if FREE is a good thing to use in your kindle marketing strategy. 

Kindle Marketing: Is FREE Good? How to Use 'FREE' to Build Your Brand

Here is how to entice readers even more to buy your book! 

This is a simple tactic that will make people want to download your book more and help you in the future also. 

Kindle Marketing: How to Make an Offer to Readers that They can't Refuse!

This is a very important step you need to take in order to succeed long term with kindle publishing. 

In this lesson I go through in detail how to start building your own traffic system and why you should be. 

Kindle Marketing: Why You Should Build Your Own Traffic System and How...

Part of marketing your books to the best of their ability on Amazon is having an author profile on Author Central. 

In this video I go through why you need to do this and how.

Kindle Marketing: Pen Names & Why You Need to Build out AMAZING Author Profiles

This is a critical part of kindle marketing and a lot of people don't even think about it! You also need to learn how to do it properly and appeal to peoples emotions enough that they end up buying your book. 

Kindle Marketing: How to Guarantee Readers are Impressed if Previewing Your Book

This is a great tactic I use in all of my books to really build my brand and use my books to further promote them.

If you don't do this you are potentially missing out on sales for practically free.

So don't skip this lesson! 

Kindle Marketing: How to Use Your Books as an Army to Promote Each Other

Some people want to a big name author, some want to be publishers...

Whatever you want to do, I go through my strategy for building up a brand (your name or pen name) that makes a name for yourself.

If you are serious about being a well-known author, then this is the strategy I would use.

Kindle Marketing: The Strategy to Use if You Want to Become a BIG NAME AUTHOR

How are you liking this course on kindle marketing so far? I'd love your feedback!

Kindle Marketing: Can You Give Me a Helping Hand???
Kindle Marketing: Marketing Tactics to Use Outside of Amazon (and Alternatives)
13 Lectures 45:53

Here I go over a whole heap of kindle marketing strategies to use outside of Amazon. While you can do a lot within Amazon, you also want to focus on your marketing efforts outside of the famous platform as well.

Kindle Marketing: Different Alternatives to Marketing Outside Amazon - Overview

This is a completely FREE resource that you MUST use! Doing this is an absolutely vital part of any kindle marketing plan.

I've also attached a great list of where you can start.

Kindle Marketing: The Number One FREE Resource You Must Use to Promote Your Book

Here I go through my number one paid resource you should always use. I use this every week on my kindle books and you should to.

It's quite in-expensive and is a great part of your kindle marketing strategy. 

Kindle Marketing: My Number One Paid Resource for Promoting Your Books

A simple but often overlooked resource that you may or may not already have...

Kindle Marketing: Some People Completely Forget About This!

As part of your kindle marketing efforts, Facebook will often get mentioned. Some kindle publishers don't get enough downloads from it and some do... 

Here I show you how to effectively market your books on Facebook. 

Kindle Marketing: The Effective How-to of Facebook Marketing

Another great kindle marketing resource to use that's free is Twitter.

In this video I go through how to use Twitter and a big list of handles for you to use. 

Kindle Marketing: The Effective How-to of Twitter Marketing

A lot of people forget about these social media channels when marketing their kindle books.

While some people shun them, these can actually be worth it depending on your niche and how you use them. In some cases these can be very powerful. 

Kindle Marketing: Other Useful Social Media Platforms You Should Consider

Here's a few more lesser used social media channels you can add to your kindle marketing strategy.

Again, these may not be vitally important for you or your niche but in some cases, these can work very well. 

Kindle Marketing: More Social Media Channels to Consider

A lot of people often forget about SEO when publishing books. Even just basic knowledge of SEO can, on some occasions, help your book to be found on Google!

Depending on your book, niche and keywords, this can result in extra sales and exposure for you and your brand. 

BONUS: I also go through how to find extra keywords for your books and brand. 

Kindle Marketing: How to Use SEO to Help Your Book Get Found on Google

There are some instances when paid ads can be great for building your brand and books. It all depends on your strategy and budget.

Let's take a look at using paid ads in your kindle marketing plan...

Kindle Marketing: Should You Use Paid Ads? Here's What I Think (and Some Tips)

This has to be the number one software for kindle! It literally saves a lot of time, money and can cut out a lot of unnecessary tasks for virtual assistants.

Here I go over the benefits of this software and why you should be using either this, or some kind of software in your kindle publishing business. 

Kindle Marketing: The Best All-In-One Software I Use for Everything!

Wow we made it! 

Now you need to take full advantage of all these kindle marketing tips and techniques and start implementing them into your kindle publishing business. 

Kindle publishing is a great way to start out as an author, publisher and even just wanting to make your first dollar online. 

Be sure to see my resources page link with this lecture for more tools that will help you on your Kindle publishing (and marketing) journey. 

I wish you all the best and don't forget, I'm only a message away if you get stuck! Good luck!

Kindle Marketing: Thank You, Good Luck and What Should You do Now?

I'm here to serve you. That's why I want to give you 50% OFF my courses for enrolling in this course!

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Alternatively, you can click the links with this lecture (with the 50% link already in them). 


Kindle Marketing: How About some 50% OFF Coupons for You?
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