Kindle Tips: How To Build a Sustainable Business With Ebooks
4.6 (39 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,939 students enrolled
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Kindle Tips: How To Build a Sustainable Business With Ebooks

Learn how to master ebook publishing, even if you are NOT an expert. Discover the easiest way to make money online now!
4.6 (39 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,939 students enrolled
Created by Chris Diamond
Last updated 3/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Develop the most profitable strategy to sell books on Kindle and other platforms
  • Target Profitable Niche Markets to Increase Sales
  • Learn how to increase sales of books that are not selling on Kindle
  • Price your books in a way that encourages sales
  • Create an E-book in Just 2 Days!
  • Create compelling titles to grab the reader's attention
  • Create an e-book cover in less than 10 minutes with Adobe Photoshop
  • Discover the common pitfalls and mistakes Kindle publishers make and how to eliminate them
  • Learn how to "disarm" bad (one star) reviews WITHOUT hurting your sales
  • Outsource cost-effectively the writing and the design of your Kindle books
  • Find high-quality workers WITHOUT looking for new candidates
  • Identify, evaluate, and hire good candidates to write and design books for you
  • Build a powerful team, allowing you to have a “Kindle business” running WITHOUT you
  • Discover the most dangerous mistakes when it comes to hiring new workers
  • Discover how to double or even TRIPLE your revenue when publishing e-books on other platforms
  • Discover the another income stream Amazon does not want you to know
  • Learn how to market and promote your e-books effectively to make more money
  • And Much More....
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  • You need to know how to write in English (grammar, sentence structure, etc.)
  • You need to have a Kindle Publishing account. We are not covering in this course how to create one, because it's pretty straight forward
  • You need to have an account in other e-book publishing platforms - in some of which I'll share more details on this course
  • You need Adobe Photoshop installed for creating e-book covers, because this is what I am using to show you in a step by step process of how to do it
  • You need to get excited, because what I am about to show you will blow your mind! :-)

Important Course Updates!

  • Course updated on: August 17th, 2016!
  • Over 1800 successful students enrolled and 26 positive reviews!
  • Free lecture updates when you register for the course!
  • Valuable discussions with other students and the instructor to address your specific questions in what you'll be doing!


Comprehensive Course

"Chris does a very comprehensive course for you so that you can know how to select your niche, write your book, create your book covers, promotion and how to build up your list beyond Kindle and expand your business beyond Kindle. Highly recommended." - Rosa Suen, Best-selling Author on Amazon Kindle

Awesome and Very Useful Course

"This is the first course that I took at Udemy and Chris's course is so much information and practical that we can apply. Chris is very knowledgeable on this and the course is presented in a very systematic way so that we can follow easily. Thanks for your hard work and keep it up. I do hope that you can add more updates on kindle publishing as I think Amazon will also keep changing the system. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested to sell kindle books in Amazon." - Simon Ng

Fantastic Course for Kindle

"It is a very good course. I have gain some information which haven't found in any other course. I am writing my own ebook for kindle based on tips provided by this course. I can say it is fantastic and awesome. Thanks Chris." - Khurshid Md Anwar


What I am about to show you is not a "magic bullet" method, but a business. Just like every business, there's process and system to follow. This is very real, and if done correctly, it can help you generate a good passive income - even while you sleep!

I've been on Amazon Kindle since 2011, making thousands of dollars selling ebooks - some of which became bestsellers! The e-book publishing business is NOT dead! It's not even close. It will stay around for quite some time!

"E-reading is certainly on the rise. The Pew Research Center reports that, as recently as 2010, hardly anyone in the US had an e-reader or tablet. Now half do. The proportion of the population who have read an ebook in the past year rose from 17 per cent in 2011 to 28 per cent just three years later. In the UK, figures from Nielsen, which monitors book sales, showed that one in four consumer titles bought in 2013 was an ebook, up from one in five a year earlier." - The Financial Times Limited 2014

This course is about making money online with e-book publishing, especially with Amazon Kindle and other publishing platforms! The course has close to 50 video lectures, interactive quizzes, and PDF guides, specifically designed to "hold your hand" throughout the program so that you can get the success you deserve!

If you are looking for ways to generate some passive income and turn your knowledge into cash, you've come to the right place!


Excellent Course

"The training course is excellent. I have learned a lot about Kindle eBook publishing. Instructor is also very co-operative and helping his students." - Mubashir Shakeel


Unlike other courses out there, I'll teach you how to publish on other platforms beyond Amazon Kindle. So we are not just going to focus on Kindle Publishing, but on Ebook Publishing as a business.

Creating and publishing e-books is easy, but also this translates to a lot of competition - since a lot of people have already "awaken" to this opportunity. However, what I am about to show you in this course will help you stand out from the competitors. In fact, the competition will move you forward and help you progress in your e-book publishing journey - I'll show you how! It's very non-intuitive, because a lot of people do not look at it in this way.

Here's what you'll get after you complete the course:

  • At the end of this course, you'll be able to do an e-book in just 2 days and within 5 days (after the book is published), you'll start getting sales.
  • You'll become a master at outsourcing and NEVER would want to do an e-book yourself - especially if you do not want to do the writing or designing yourself
  • You'll be able to create effective marketing titles and designs to make people BUY
  • You'll make money even while you sleep!
  • You'll "convert" what you know into cash!
  • There's no limit about how many e-books you can create or sell, so the limit is virtually the sky. You set your own limits, and this course will help you reach your profits potential.
  • And much more...

Moreover, if you want to earn extra cash to finance other projects, this e-book business will be of a good use to you. That's why you want to consider e-book publishing as a business model and another reason why you should take this course!

In about 2-3 days, it's pretty straight forward and you'll be armed with the knowledge most publishers would never know. So if you take action on what's suggested in this course, it has the potential to change your life - in a positive and more profitable way.

No more frustrations! No more fake promises! It's time to make the change you've always wanted! Take the course now!

Are you ready? Let me guide you and you'll see what's possible.

Enrol in this course now, until it's too late!

P.S. If you do not like this course for whatever reason for the next 30 days after the purchase or if you do not find it helpful, your money back is guaranteed - no questions asked!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is NOT for you if you are expecting INSTANT results (quick fix of a problem) – if you are expecting to get instant cash within a few days after you join the course, it is not going to happen. You may generate cash within 7 days after you join the course (especially if you implement what you have learned in the course), but Amazon takes up to 90 days until you receive your first payment. So the money you’ll make out of Kindle are not going to be deposited into your bank account right away. If you need cash right away, Kindle is not the solution for you.
  • This course is NOT for you if you are not willing to do the work (you are not an action taker) – if you buy courses one after another just to avoid taking any action, this course is not for you. Kindle Cash is designed to give you the practical tools to make it all work. You’ll succeed only if you implement what you are going to learn in the course – not just by watching it.
  • This course is NOT for you if you are not open to coaching and training – if you do not like to be told what to do, and do exactly the opposite of what somebody else is telling you – even if it is for your own good. You need to be willing to let go of old beliefs about making money on the Internet, and be willing try new things to change what does not work.
  • You SHOULD join this course if you are working from home. Kindle Cash will help you get consistent income to finance other projects you may have (your website, your blog, hiring more people to do the work for you so you can spend more time with friends and family, etc.)
  • You SHOULD join this course if you are a blogger, coach/consultant, affiliate marketer (Information Product Guru) – Kindle Cash will help you convert your knowledge into consistent income, especially if you already have some client base (subscribers). You can use Kindle to promote your services and other products. For example, if you create a Kindle book based on your niche, you can include links in the book that promote your services (as a back-end offer). If people like your Kindle books, they would want to learn more from you.
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Curriculum For This Course
51 Lectures
Learning The Basics
8 Lectures 32:17

Here's a brief overview of what Kindle Cash course is all about. Before taking the course, you'll get an idea of what's in it.

What you'll find here is the following:

  • What you'll get as a result of completing this course
  • What you'll learn from each section
  • An introduction of what Kindle Cash course is all about

Let's get started!

Preview 02:21

In this lecture, I'll show you WHY your feedback is important and how I use it to create better learning experience and community! Watch the lecture now!

Preview 01:28

In this lecture, you'll learn the basics of ebook publishing.

More specifically:

  • Why should you consider publishing on Amazon Kindle?
  • Ebooks versus hardcover paperback books.
  • Definition of an asset and how it relates to publishing
  • Raising capital to finance other projects
  • And more

Get involved now and start learning!

Why Amazon Kindle?

In this lecture, you'll learn another important concept: your outcome!

More specifically:

  • Why do you need to know your outcome in the first place?
  • How to set your outcome in a way to eliminate procrastination so that you do not lose momentum when taking action?
  • The art of motivation to keep going

Let's get started!

Preview 04:21

In this lecture, you'll be introduced to another important concept before considering e-book publishing as a business.

Here are some important points covered in this lecture:

  • What is my strategy to create and sell ebooks on the Internet and why you should use it too?
  • What should be the length of your e-books?
  • What you learn here does not apply for FICTION work, only non-fiction
  • Form of motivations and what makes people buy

Watch the lecture now!

What Should Be Your Strategy?

In this lecture, you'll learn some of the costly mistakes ebook publishers make. If you avoid those mistakes, changes to succeed will be dramatically improved.

Here are some of the concepts this lecture will cover:

  • What type of content you should use for Amazon Kindle and what you should avoid
  • How to prevent your publishing account from termination at Amazon Kindle?
  • What e-book covers should be avoided?
  • And more...

Do not stop learning, watch the lecture now!

Costly Mistakes To Avoid As an E-book Publisher?

Here's another important concept when it comes to e-book publishing. In this lecture, I'll break down the important components of an e-book. If you miss any of those components, your e-books will look less professional.

More specifically:

  • How to organize the information inside your e-books
  • Required parts or sections every e-book should have
  • And more...

Let's crank it up!

The Elements of Your Kindle Book

Even though "formatting" is a scary word, I'll show you that there's nothing scary about it. In this lecture you'll know how to format your Kindle books in a way that encourages sales.

More specifically:

  • How to deal with paragraphs?
  • How to deal with Images inside the e-book?
  • How to deal with complex objects that may not convert well on e-book readers?
  • What font to use and in what size?
  • How to create a Table of Contents?

This is an important lecture, so please do not skip!

Formating Your E-books

What did you learn from Section 1?

Quiz for Section 1 - Learning The Basics
10 questions
Conducting Your Research
3 Lectures 11:55

In this lecture you'll learn how to identify the bestsellers on Amazon.

More specifically:

  • How to find bestselling titles to model the success (success leaves clues)
  • Follow the "bread crumbs"

Start the lecture now!

Identifying the Bestsellers

In this lecture you'll learn why Google Keyword tool is not sufficient for your market research on Amazon.

More specifically:

  • Google Keyword Tool versus Amazon keywords
  • How to look for good Amazon keywords without using Google Keyword tool?

Watch the lecture now!

Why Google Keyword Tool Does Not Work?

In this lecture I'll go in more detail about how to look for lucrative markets on Amazon.

More specifically:

  • How to identify the competition for a specific market and see if it's worth creating an e-book for that topic?
  • What's a keyword teaser and how to use them?
  • Where to look for Amazon keywords?

Watch the lecture now!

Keyword Research

What did you learn from Section 2?

Quiz for Section 2 - Conducting Your Research
5 questions
Section 3: Creating Your Content
9 Lectures 50:20

In this lecture, you'll learn how to create "Tips Ebooks." More specifically:

  • What's a "Tips Ebook?"
  • How to create Tips Ebooks based on your research?
  • What Tips Ebooks are NOT?
  • And More...

Watch the lecture now!

How To Create "Tips" E-books?

Here you'll learn another type of content creation model. I call it "Q&A" Ebooks. More specifically:

  • What's a Q&A Ebook?
  • Examples of Q&A Ebooks
  • How to address and structure the Q&A Ebooks?
  • Helpful resources to create powerful Q&A Ebooks people want to buy!

Start learning now!

How To Create Q&A E-books?

What I am about to teach you here is an idea of ebook creation model that I've learned from my friend and Kindle Publisher Rosa Suen. More specifically:

  • What's the Bestsellers Breakdown?
  • How to create ebooks topics from bestsellers?
  • Important points to be aware of before using "Bestsellers Breakdown."
  • And More...

Ready? Start the lecture now!

Bestsellers Breakdown

In this lecture you'll learn how to create "Review Ebooks."

  • What's a review ebook and why should you do it?
  • What's the process to create Review Ebooks?
  • What's the structure of the Review Ebooks?

Do not hesitate, use this content creation model, because it's very powerful! Watch the lecture now to learn more about this.

How To Create Review E-books?

Here you'll learn how to create "Promise Ebooks."

  • What's a Promise-Based Ebooks and why should you care?
  • How to use your competition at your advantage?
  • What should be the structure and organization of the Promise Ebooks?

This type of ebook creation model is very powerful if done correctly. You'll get ideas on what to write on your ebooks FASTER than anything else. Watch the lecture now!

How To Create "Promise-Based" E-books?

Here we'll discuss Public Domain Ebooks. More specifically:

  • What's a Public Domain Ebook?
  • Pros and Cons of Public Domain Ebooks
  • The dangers of Public Domain Ebooks
  • Where to find Public Domain Ebooks and how to prepare them for publishing?
  • And More...

Even though I am not a fan of Public Domain works, still this is an option for you to consider to create ebooks FAST!

Public Domain E-books

In this video, I'll show you how to make "Transcription eBooks."

  • What are Transcription Ebooks?
  • How should you go about transcriptions?
  • Where to find legit content?

Watch the lecture now!

How To Create "Transcription" E-books?

In this lecture, you'll learn how to create "Article Ebooks." As you've noticed from the name "articles" you can create ebooks based on articles on the same topic to organize the content.

  • How many articles do you need?
  • Where to find articles that are legit?
  • How should you go about coming up with articles for your ebooks?

This is another powerful content creation model for your ebooks. Use it wisely.

How To Create "Article" E-books?

What I am about to show you in this lecture will help you make more out of your ebooks.

  • What's an Ebook Bundle?
  • How should you go about creating bundles?
  • Pricing your bundles
  • Proactive ways to sell MORE ebooks!

Watch the lecture to learn more about creating more ebooks with almost no additional work involved!

E-book Bundles

What did you learn from Section 3 when it comes to creating the content for your Kindle books?

Quiz for Section 3 - Creating Your Content
10 questions
Creating E-book Covers
1 Lecture 17:55
Creating E-book Covers That Sell

Quiz for Section 4 - Creating E-book Covers
10 questions
Marketing & Promotions
8 Lectures 54:40
How To Price Your E-books To Get More Sales?

How To Create "Attention Getting" E-book Titles?

Crafting Your E-book's Description

Getting Ready For Your E-book's Design

How To Deal With Bad/Negative Reviews?

In this lecture, you'll learn how to make even more money with your Kindle books. More specifically:

  • How to build an email list from your Kindle Books?
  • Common mistakes publishers make when approaching ebook publishing
  • Promotional tips and strategies to increase your revenue stream
  • And much more!

Watch the lecture now!

NEW VIDEO: List Building Strategies and Promotions For Long-Term Success

In this lecture, you'll learn some advanced strategies to make more sales out of Kindle or any other ebook publishing platform. More specifically, you'll learn how to:

  • Learn an advanced approach to make more sales after you have some published ebooks
  • Quadruple your income with ebooks
  • Become a bestseller (potentially)
  • How to use other people's resources to get more sales?
  • Build a sustainable ebook business overtime.
Are you ready?
Watch the lecture now!
NEW VIDEO: Advanced Strategies To Get More Sales

Quiz for Section 5 - Marketing & Promotions
10 questions
Outsourcing & Delegation
14 Lectures 55:49
Why Should You Outsource?

Legal Stuff and Copyrights

Where to Find Workers?

Outsourcing the Research

How To Outsource the Writing?

How To Create a Job Listing?

How To Evaluate Your Worker's Skills?

How To Identify Your Worker's Personality?

The "Test Task"

Work Assignments

How To Find Great Workers?

How To Pay Your Workers?

What If You Are Located Outside The United States?

Quiz for Section 6: Outsourcing & Delegation
10 questions
BONUS: Beyond Amazon Kindle
5 Lectures 21:33

Why Kindle Does Not Like Other Publishing Platforms and What To Do Instead?

What Platforms You Should Publish On?

Formatting Tips For Publishing To Other Platforms

Paid Traffic & Advertising Your E-books

Quiz for Bonus Section 7: Beyond Amazon Kindle
10 questions
3 Lectures 04:35
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4 questions
About the Instructor
Chris Diamond
4.6 Average rating
39 Reviews
1,939 Students
1 Course
Serial Entrepreneur & Lecturer at Udemy

Chris Diamond is an expert in various fields: time management, personal productivity, e-book publishing, graphic design, Internet marketing, hiring or outsourcing, and mobile app development for iOS and Android.

How he developed such variety of skills, instead of focusing on just one area?

Originally, Chris Diamond was born in Bulgaria. He travelled around the world to enhance personal development and meet new people. In New York, he graduated CUNY with honors and worked at the restaurant business to support himself in the "Big Apple." Chis has found a new passion in life: learning and becoming an entrepreneur. He has studied from some of the most successful mentors in business: Robert Kiyosaki, Dan Kennedy, Eben Pagan, Joe Sugarman, Ted Nickolas, Anthony Robbins, Frank Kern, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy and many others! This resulted in personal transformation and he discovered a new path in life - entrepeneurship.

In 2010, he created a website on time management and personal productivity for business owners and entrepreneurs to reach their goals faster, especially in our fast-paced society.

In 2011, he started his own e-book publishing business on various topics: time management, personal productivity, money management & investing, outsourcing and Internet marketing. He became a best-seller in various categories on money management and banking at Amazon Kindle.

In 2013 he started to hire programmers and developed many mobile apps / games for iPhone and iPad - graphically designed by him. He succeeded in developing around 30 mobile apps, and as of 2014 he started to expand its development to Android.

Today (at the end of 2014), Chris is a father of 11 months old baby Nicole and happily married to his beautiful wife Tanya. While he works from home, it allows him to spend more time with his family and build a profitable online business at the same time!


Chris Comment:

- It's not enough to know a certain topic, but to understand it. Knowing is different from understanding, because when you understand you "know from experience." That's why speed of implementation would determine the results you'll get.

- All course materials developed by Chris Diamond (and associates) are coming from doing or experience. In other words, we play and practice with what we teach or "walk the talk."


Chris continues:

- Getting results for my students is what matter to me, because I believe through persistence and determination EVERYTHING is possible - even achieving my students' wildest dreams. When I help my students, I help myself in one way or another.

- That's why Chris is here to help. Are you ready?

Let's have some fun and get started!