Jumpstart iOS App Development Using Cocoacontrols
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Jumpstart iOS App Development Using Cocoacontrols

Why reinvent the wheel when making an app? Learn to use open source controls to build an app with Swift and Objective-C.
5.0 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
578 students enrolled
Created by Mr Scott Falbo
Last updated 12/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • Develop apps more quickly for higher profit
  • Find iOS controls for better iOS app development
  • Develop more polished and professional apps in a fraction of the time
  • Easily integrate Objective-C controls into your Objective-C app
  • Easily integrate Objective-C controls into your Swift app - new update!
  • Learn from the code of the open source community
  • Market your iOS app
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  • Apple Computer
  • An iTunes account (to download Xcode)
  • Xcode (free)
  • A web browser (Safari or Chrome will do)
  • An internet connection

Turbo charge your app development. Take advantage of a great iOS component community. Using components that others have already developed and proven successful, you can focus on the core of developing your own app.

Find and use awesome iOS components today with this course for developers with some iOS experience.

  • Browse Cocoacontrols to find the latest open source controls
  • Download controls that you need
  • Integrate controls in your apps
  • Customize controls to meet your needs
  • Gain publicity and market your app

Find free-to-use polished controls , saving you hours of developing them yourself.

Recreating text input fields specific to your needs is tedious and time-consuming. Wouldn't it be nice to just use a currency input field that you wished Apple would have included as a basic component? This course will teach you how to find and use components just like this.

Once you learn how to use the cocoacontrols site you will improve your development efficiency and increase your own return on investment. Once I learned to be efficient with cocoacontrols my app development business grew substantially. I've developed over 100 apps for myself and clients big and small - most of which use this skill to make my apps better. In this course I will teach you these crucial skills.

The skills I teach you will be the same skills I just used to win the 2014 AT&T Western New York Civic App Challenge.

Content and Overview

This course contains over 1 hour worth of screencasts that will help you learn by example. We go through the development of an app that integrates multiple controls of various degrees of difficulty and customization options. I've found that learning by example works best for me and others and that's exactly what this course is.

I'm light on the fluff and focus on finding controls that work and showing how to actually integrate these into your apps. In addition I've included the full source code for the sample app that we create in this course. Once you complete all of these lessons your iOS development skills will be vastly improved in both quality and speed to market.

The best part about this course is you can start it in the morning and by the afternoon you will already be a much better iOS app developer. You can immediately start improving your earning potential with freelance development and/or by creating your own high quality apps.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for you if you have a passion for making your own apps
  • If you're ready to create more professional apps in a fraction of the time this course will teach you the skills you need.
  • Do you have the drive to earn extra income by freelancing or developing your own apps? This course is perfect for you.
  • This course has been created for advanced beginner to intermediate iOS developers that want to use some great tools the community of developers has already created for you.
  • You should take this course if you have some basic app development experience
  • This course is not for those without any development experience
  • This course is not for those that do not need to improve their app development skills
  • This course is not for students that are already satisfied with their earnings from app development and freelancing
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Curriculum For This Course
24 Lectures
Getting Started
6 Lectures 11:04

Welcome! This lecture will give you an overview on the instructor and what to expect out of the course.

Preview 03:17

During this lecture I will show you how to download XCode to get started creating an iPhone app that will be using Cocoacontrols in the example app created during this course.

Preview 01:32

During this lecture we will talk about the app that we are going to create that will help us integrate cocoacontrols into an Xcode project. We are going to build a compound interest calculator that will let the user determine the interest earned on an investment.

Describing our app - compound interest calculator

In this lecture I will show you how to create the Compound Interest Calculator project in Xcode. This app project will be the basis for the rest of the course.

Creating our project in Xcode

In this lecture we will make a small update to our app and then run it again to verify that our updates work and we can go forward with creating the user interface and integrating some cocoacontrols in the next section.

Making the first update to our app

We'll quickly go over what we learned in section 1 and set the stage for section 2.

Wrap up and next steps
Getting started with cocoacontrols
5 Lectures 13:28

We'll review our compound interest calculator app and talk about 4 types of controls we will be looking for to help with our app development.

Controls for making our app

I'll walk you through the cocoacontrols site and review the different ways for searching and browsing for controls that you can use in your app or inspire you to make a new app.

Learn about the cocoacontrols site

In this lecture we will browse the cocoacontrols site to find a text field that will provide currency formatting and validation functionality.

Finding our first control for our app

During this lecture we will walk through downloading the currency input control and using it in our app. After this lecture you will see just how easy it is to find controls and use them in your app. You will wonder how you ever developed apps without these skills!

Preview 06:14

We'll review what we learned in this section and describe what's to come in the next section

Review of Section 2

Test your knowledge on the basics of cocoacontrols site navigation so you can be prepared to use the controls you need.

Cocoacontrols basics
4 questions
Adding form navigation to our app
2 Lectures 05:57

We will go through the experience of using cocoacontrol tags to find an input accessory view that fits our needs

Finding an input accessory view component on cocoacontrols

Just a quick question to make sure you're paying attention!

Pop Quiz!
1 question

In this lecture I will show you how to very easily download this control and add the improved form input user experience in our app

Adding the input accessory view component to our app
Adding a better alert view control
2 Lectures 16:04

There are lots of alert view controls on cocoacontrols! We will find a control for our app that we will use to show the compound interest to the app user.

Searching for an alert view replacement

In this lecture you will see how we work with controls that have framework dependencies. The previous controls were added just by copying the source code - for this control we will have an additional step to do in order to use the control.

Adding the alert view replacement to our project

Test your knowledge on the advanced features of the SIAlertView and what separates it from the UIAlertView.

What did you learn about the SIAlertView?
3 questions
Showing the users how to use the app
2 Lectures 12:47

There are many different ways to educate your users - from a read me page, to a walk through, to more creative ways such as highlighting the user interface sections. I'll show you how to find a control that works for you and helps your users learn about your app.

Finding a tutorial view

We will go through the addition of a tutorial view that is shown the first time a user launches your app. I will show you how this can be done in under 10 minutes using cocoacontrols. Developing something like on your own would take at least a few hours to develop and test.

Adding an app tutorial in under 10 minutes
The finishing touches
2 Lectures 07:35

I will show you how to find the license files from the controls we used and add them to the credits sections of our compound interest calculator app

License Attribution to the developers

In this final screencast I'll show you how to take advantage of a little known feature on cocoacontols - 'Apps Using this Control'. Just add your iTunes link to cocoacontrols and get instant visibility and awareness for your apps amongst the community of developers.

Preview 01:57

Let's wrap up what you learned about putting the final touches on your app that uses cocoacontrols.

Final touches quiz
2 questions
You're done!
1 Lecture 02:20

We will do one final review of what we learned and discuss where to go from here.

Final wrap up

This quiz will review some of the concepts you've learned throughout this course.

What have you learned?
3 questions
Bonus - Adding an Objective-C control to a Swift project
1 Lecture 09:48

In this lecture I'm going to show you how to add one of the controls we worked with earlier to your new Swift project. You'll see how easy it is to add the Objective-C code to your Swift project and unlock more potential in your app.

SIAlertView Objective-C control added to a Swift project

Just a quick quiz to test what you've learned

Objective-C in Swift Quick Quiz
1 question
Bonus - Building a Paint App with Cocoacontrols - Request from the class
3 Lectures 20:32

We'll walk through a search for a drawing control that meets the needs for our app. I'll show you how to search and pick the best one for our specific needs and go through the steps I often use when evaluating controls.

Finding a paint control for our app

I will show you how to make a new Objective-C app from scratch and integrate our paint control to create a very basic paint app in about 5 minutes. Imagine doing this without cocoacontrols?! It would take days to get this far.

Preview 06:17

Sometimes we run into problems when working with cocoacontrols and I am going to teach you a few techniques and approaches to help overcome the common problems we see.

Dealing with problems and debugging

Often the controls we are looking to use don't work perfectly. What are some ways to resolve issues?

How do you resolve problems with controls?
1 question
About the Instructor
Mr Scott Falbo
5.0 Average rating
5 Reviews
578 Students
1 Course
App Developer, Mentor, Entrepreneur at Front9 Technologies

Hi there! I’m Scott and I've got a Computer Science degree and MBA from the University at Buffalo. I've been developing software both professionally and a hobby for as long as I can remember and I've been developing apps for iPhone since the SDK was released 6 years ago.

This app development hobby turned into a rather successful 'lifestyle' business and I've created successful apps such as the first iPad app available for attorneys called iJuror. I've also worked with various clients over my time developing apps and I've made apps for huge marketing campaigns and apps for different professional industries such as mechanical engineering, real estate, and more. In addition I just won the 2014 AT&T WNY Civic App Challenge using many of the same skills I teach my students.

As I've grown as an app developer I've helped teach and mentor friends of mine in app development. I've also been a mentor to app development teams for various entrepreneurial competitions in the Buffalo area, and the teams I've worked on have gone ahead to have much success of their own.

Through these mentoring opportunities I've found that I get more enjoyment out of having a role in helping others to be successful than I do in making my own apps. That's why I'm now here on Udemy so I can help even more people learn the skills to find their own success in app development. I am still going to be developing apps as well so I will always bring the freshest skills and technologies to my courses!