Introduction to jQuery with Visual Studio 2017 Community
4.5 (9 ratings)
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93 students enrolled
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Introduction to jQuery with Visual Studio 2017 Community

Explore the Power of jQuery
4.5 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
93 students enrolled
Created by Tom O.
Last updated 6/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Find, download and install Visual Studio 2017
  • Configure a few features of Visual Studio
  • Create a web site project in Visual Studio
  • Describe HTML elements and tags
  • Describe how HTML renders in a browser
  • Understand how jQuery and $ are related
  • Describe how to use selectors
  • Understand how the this keyword works in jQuery
  • Understand how list items can be individually selected
  • Understand how to respond to clicks using jQuery
  • Explain the importance of matching parenthesis and curly braces
  • Understand how to nest method or functions
  • Understand how to chain methods or functions
  • Describe variables
  • Understand how Chrome shows the document object model and HTML
  • Understand how to select elements with id's
  • Understand how to select tables and table elements
  • Select child elements
  • Select elements by attributes
  • Search attributes on various conditions
  • Describe how to use the each method
  • Describe how to use multiple event handlers
  • Understand how the jQuery object stores elements at indexes
  • Understand how to use bracket notation with indexes
  • Describe how to use for loops with jQuery objects
  • Understand how to use the css method
  • Describe how to use the addClass method
  • Understand the difference between live code and comments
  • Understand how to use class selectors in CSS
  • Describe how to select new contexts using jQuery
  • Understand how to generate HTML elements at run time
  • Understand how to generate interactive HTML elements at run time
  • Understand how to slice through sets of elements
  • Describe how to filter matched sets using a variety of selectors
  • Describe how to use a variety of HTML elements
  • Describe how to use a variety of property/value pairs in CSS
  • Understand how jQuery objects are returned and used in various method calls
  • Describe how jQuery objects can be destroyed with filters and reset with the end method
  • Understand the difference between this and $(this)
  • Understand what purpose callback functions serve
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  • Students must be able to download and install Visual Studio Community 2017
  • This is a course for beginning students of jQuery.
  • This is not a course for intermediate students of jQuery.
  • This is not a course for advanced students of jQuery.
  • Students should be somewhat familiar with HTML and CSS.

JQuery is a library of JavaScript functions. These functions allow programmers to manipulate HTML elements to produce a variety of effects. This course is an introduction to jQuery using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community. This course is not for intermediate or advanced students of jQuery. Each lesson is an HD video. The code samples are created in Visual Studio, and run in Google Chrome. Questions are asked throughout the videos. At those times, please pause and do your best to answer each question. If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out and ask.  I usually respond within 24 hours. Each video is about nine minutes long. The font in each video is big so the code is easy to read. Some of the code samples are simple, and some are complex. Each video usually represents just a few, connected concepts. Thanks for reading, and see you inside!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for those who want to learn about the fundamentals of jQuery and Visual Studio Community 2017.
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Curriculum For This Course
48 Lectures
Course Overview
1 Lecture 01:57
Getting the Tools
3 Lectures 18:20

Objective: Understand how to find, download and install Visual Studio 2017 Community.

Find, Download and Install Visual Studio 2017 Community

Objective: Configure Visual Studio  so everything is easy to see.

Configure Visual Studio and Chrome to Make Coding Easier

Objective: Understand how to create and run an HTML page in Visual Studio.

Create and Run a Simple HTML Page
Learning the Fundamentals of jQuery
8 Lectures 57:38

Objective: Add a reference to jQuery and display a message.

Use the "alert" Function to Display a Message

Objective: Learn how to manipulate HTML elements using jQuery.

Choose a Paragraph Element and Perform an Action

Objective: Understand how jQuery can be placed on the bottom of an HTML page

Understand the jQuery Function in More Detail

Objective: Understand how to operate on multiple elements using a single function

Operate on Multiple Matched Elements

Objective: View the DOM in source view and in inspect view

View the HTML in Source View and Inspector

Objective: Understand how to nest functions

Nest Functions

Objective: Understand how to chain functions.

Chain Functions

Objective: Understand how to make use of the this keyword in jQuery

Understand the "this" Keyword
Complex Selectors
12 Lectures 01:51:29

Objective: Understand how to use id selectors and css method

Manipulate ID Selectors

Manipulate Class Selectors

Select First Matching Elements

Objective: Understand how to select first child elements.

Select Child Elements

Objective: Select elements by attributes

Select Elements by Attributes

Select Table Elements, 1

Objective: Understand how to select different parts of a table and use multiple event handlers

Select Table Elements, 2

Objective: Understand how to search attributes and use the each method

Search Element Attributes, 1

Objective: Understand how to search attributes and use the each method

Search Element Attributes, 2

Objective: Understand how to select the nth child element

Select the nth-child Element

Select Elements Based on Index

Objective: Understand how to select elements based on various combinations of selectors

Select Combinations of Different Elements
jQuery Functions
13 Lectures 02:03:27

Objective: Explore jQuery indexes in more depth, part 1

Understand Indexes with the Index Method

Objective: Understand bracket notation for indexes, part 2

Understand Indexes with Square Brackets

Objective: Understand how to iterate over matched sets using a for loop

Iterate Over Indexes with For Loops

Objective: Understand how to switch the selection context in jQuery

Switch the Selection Context

Objective: Simple example of creating HTML with jQuery

Create HTML Elements with Styles

Objective: Create a powerful HTML element with multiple features at run time

Create HTML Elements with Functions, Events and Properties

Objective: Learn how to reduce a matched set by slicing through it with jQuery

Slice Through the Matched Set

Objective: Understand how to filter sets, part 1

Filter Matched Sets with Selectors

Objective: Understand how to perform multiple filtering operations on elements

Filter Matched Sets Sequentially

objective: Understand how to filter matched sets with functions

Filter Matched Sets with Functions

Objective: Understand how to reduce and restore matched sets

Reducing and Restoring Matched Sets

Objective: Understand how to find text in elements using a parametrized selector

Search for Contained Text

Objective: Understand the difference between this and $(this)

"this" vs. $(this) and get method
7 Lectures 01:12:00

Objective: Understand how to show/hide elements

Hide and Show

Objective: Understand how to slide elements up and down

Slide Up and Down

Objective: Understand how to toggle classes on and off

Toggle Classes

Objective: Understand how to perform a custom animation

Perform a Custom Animation

Objective: Understand how to queue and deqeue animations

Queue and Deqeue Animations

Objective: Understand how to sequence animations properly with promise methods

Promise Method
2 Lectures 21:56

Objective: Understand how to use basic features of Ajax using jQuery

Create and Run Pages with AJAX

Objective: Understand how to load a page using the get method

Load Page with Get Method
1 Lecture 06:50

Objective: Understand how to causes multiple events to respond with the on method

Multiple Events with the On Method
1 Lecture 00:05
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