jQuery UI in Action: Build 5 jQuery UI Projects
4.5 (32 ratings)
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jQuery UI in Action: Build 5 jQuery UI Projects

A 100% jQuery User Interface (jQuery UI) Hands-On Course!! jQuery UI Exercises, jQuery UI Quizzes & jQuery UI Projects
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4.5 (32 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
466 students enrolled
Created by Crypters Infotech
Last updated 7/2017
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  • 15.5 hours on-demand video
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn jQuery UI from scratch
  • Understand jQuery UI interactions and widgets in detail
  • Enhance jQuery and jQuery UI knowledge
  • Develop real-world jQuery UI projects from scratch
  • Become a jQuery UI expert
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  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery would be helpful

*** 15.5 hours of content***

***Quizzes, Exercises, Hands-On Practices and 5 Unique Projects are Included***


Do you want to develop highly interactive and rich applications easily? jQuery UI is a collection of widgets, interactions, effects and themes built on the top of jQuery library

"jQuery UI in Action: Build 5 jQuery UI Projects" is a  100% hands-on jQuery UI course with lots of code activities, quizzes, exercises and projects. By completing this course, you will be confident enough to develop jQuery UI projects on your own from scratch.

In this course, you learn what jQuery UI is, how to setup the jQuery UI development environment and how to use different interactions, widgets and effects. Different interactions discussed in this course are draggable, droppable, resizable, selectable and sortable. You will also understand different widgets such as accordion, tabs, autocomplete, dialog, datepicker, progressbar, slider, menu, tooltip, spinner, button, checkboxradio, select menu and control group in detail. 

The last section is the Let's Develop section where you will develop 5 jQuery UI projects from scratch. This will help you really boost your confidence in applying your jQuery UI knowledge to develop real-world jQuery UI projects. The projects developed as part of this course are:

  1. Fruits Matching Game
  2. Password Strength Meter
  3. Video Speed Controller
  4. To Do List Application
  5. Train Enquiry System

So join this wonderful jQuery UI course and have a great time learning jQuery UI.

Who is the target audience?
  • People who want to learn jQuery UI from scratch
  • People who want to enhance their jQuery and jQuery UI knowledge
  • Developers who want to develop highly interactive applications easily
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Curriculum For This Course
140 Lectures
Introduction to jQuery UI
3 Lectures 10:33

Have a look at different jQuery UI projects or applications you are going to develop as part of this course

Preview 04:23

Be ready with the required software before starting the course.

What Software You Need?

Understand what User Interface (UI) and jQuery UI are. Also learn different features of jQuery UI.

What is jQuery UI?
Set Up the Environment
4 Lectures 19:33

Always make sure that you work with the latest version of jQuery UI.

Update Regarding Latest Version

Learn how to set up the jQuery UI development environment by downloading the required files.

Download Required jQuery UI Files

Learn how to add references to the required jQuery and jQuery UI files correctly to start coding.

Add Offline Reference

Learn how to add reference to jQuery UI online.

Add Online Reference
Interaction 1: Draggable
10 Lectures 01:19:26

Learn how easy it is to make an element draggable.

Preview 08:25

Learn how to constrain the draggability using axis and containment options.

Restrict Draggability

Learn how to cancel the draggability using cancel and disabled options

Cancel Draggability on Specific Elements

Learn how to set the type, position and click-ability of cursor using type, position and handle options

Set Type, Position and Click-ability of Cursor

Learn to decide the number of pixels to move using grid option

How many Pixels to Move

Learn to make the element return to its original position and the duration of return using revert and revertDuration options

Return to the Original Position

Learn how to add a helper element using helper option

Add a Helper

Learn how to add magnetic effect to the draggable elements by configuring snapping with snap, snapMode and snapTolerance options

Add Magnetic Effect

You will learn how to use different methods including enable, disable, destroy and option.

Different Methods

Learn different events like create, start, drag and stop that get triggered at different stages of dragging.

Manage Events

Quiz: Draggable Interaction
5 questions
Interaction 2: Droppable
7 Lectures 41:32

Learn how to make target for draggable elements using droppables

Introduction to Droppable Interaction

Use accept and scope options to control which draggable elements should be accepted by the droppable element.

Decide which Draggable Elements to be Accepted by the Droppable

Use the tolerance option to decide when an element needs to be considered as dropped and the four values you can set for tolerance are intersect, touch, fit and pointer.

Decide when an Element to be Considered as Dropped

Use the greedy option to make sure that only the child droppable area (not its parent droppable area) accepts the dropped element if the element is dropped into the child droppable area.

Decide which Nested Droppable Element to Accept Dropped Element

Manage the Look of Droppable Based On Draggable's Movement

Setting value to the revert option of draggable element, you can decide whether the dropped element should move back to its original position or not. The values are valid and invalid.

Decide whether to Revert or Not

Learn different events like create, drop, over, out, activate and deactivate that get triggered at different stages of dropping an accepted draggable element into the droppable area.

Manage Events

Quiz: Droppable Interaction
5 questions
Interaction 3: Resizable
9 Lectures 40:49

Learn how to make any element resizable

Introduction to Resizable Interaction

Use handles option to decide where you need to drag to resize the element.

Where to Drag to Resize the Element

Use alsoResize option to synchronously resize elements

Synchronous Resizing

Use minHeight, minWidth,maxHeight and maxWidth options to restrict the size and use the containment option to restrict the boundary.

Restrict Resizing

Use the option ghost to display a semi-transparent helper and the option helper to display a custom helper.

Add a Ghost/Helper

Use aspectRation option if you want resizing to happen maintaining an aspect ratio.

Maintain Aspect Ratio

You can animate resizing using animate, animateDuration and animateEasing options

Animate Resizing

Learn options like cancel, disabled, delay, distance and grid which was already discussed in previous sections

Miscellaneous Options (Options Already Discussed)

Learn different events like create, start, resize and stop that get triggered at different stages of resizing.

Manage Events

Quiz: Resizable Interaction
5 questions
Interaction 4: Selectable
3 Lectures 26:56

Learn how to make items selectable using Selectable interaction.

Introduction to Selectable Interaction

Use the options filter, cancel and disabled properly to filter selectables and non-selectables.

Filter Selectables and Non-Selectables

Learn different events including create, start, stop, selecting, selected, unselecting and unselected that get triggered at different stages of selection process.

Manage Events
Interaction 5: Sortable
5 Lectures 34:45

Learn how to make list of items sortable using Sortable interaction

Introduction to Sortable Interaction

Use placeholder to replace the white space and customise it the way you want.

Replace the White Space

Learn to use connectWith and dropOnEmpty options and implement a simple Fruits & Vegetables matching game.

Connect between Sortables

Learn to use items, cancel and disabled options to make some items sortable.

Make Some Items Sortable

Learn options like axis, containment, delay, distance, cursor, cursorAt, grid, handle, helper, opacity, tolerance and revert

Miscellaneous Options (Options Already Discussed)
Widget 1: Accordion
10 Lectures 40:46

Learn how to design an accordion easily using jQuery UI's Accordion widget.

Introduction to Accordion Widget

Use collapse option to collapse all panels

Allow to Collapse All Panels

Use active option to decide which panel to be displayed by default.

Decide which Panel to be Displayed by Default

Use the animate option to customize the animation

Customize the Animation

Use event option to decide to which event the header should react

When to Hide/Show Content Panels

Use heightStyle option to set the height of the content panels. You can have any of the three values auto, fill or content for the heightStyle option

Set the Height of the Content Panels

Use header option to set the header for the accordion

Set the Header for the Accordion

Use icons option to change the default icons for headers and active headers

Change the Default Icons in Accordion

Different events that get triggered in case of an accordion are create, beforeActivate and activate.

Manage Events

Exercise: Add New Panel to the Accordion
Widget 2: Tabs
6 Lectures 39:09
Introduction to Tabs Widget

You can even fetch external content and display in tabs

Display External Content

Use hide and show options to animate hiding and showing of panels

Animate Hiding and Showing of Panels

Learn how to use active, collapsible, event and heightStyle options.

Miscellaneous Options (Options Already Discussed)

Different events that get triggered in case of tabs widget are create, beforeActivate, activate, beforeLoad and load.

Manage Events

Exercise: Make the Selected Tab Active
Widget 3: Autocomplete
6 Lectures 37:19
Introduction to Autocomplete Widget

Set a Callback Function as the Source

Specify Minimum Length and Add Focus

Position the Suggestion List with respect to Input Element

Manage Events
11 More Sections
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