Journey Through The Chakras: 7 Keys To Kundalini Yoga & Joy

Find peace and happiness, boundless energy, health and spiritual wealth with Yoga, Chakra Meditation and Relaxation
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About This Course

Published 2/2014 English

Course Description


LATEST: Course updated April 2016 (now with 13 hours of content, which can be viewed again, and again!)

JOIN THE CHAKRA REVOLUTION - it is an inner revolution, spinning your yogic energy centres, so your energy flows perfectly into creating you, and your life, exactly how you want it!

You too can be happy like 1700+ students who have taken the right step and enrolled on this incredible course...

Get ready to really move forward, and live the life you always dreamed of, and were born to live.

Like me, YOU can be who you want to be, have whatever you want to have, do whatever you want to do, whenever you want i.e. be completely FREE!

Right now you have the choice to be able to feel really good about yourself, and your life.

This is all possible by unlocking the ancient secrets of the Chakra energy centers, as taught in Kundalini Yoga, and Ancient Wisdom across the world, through the ages.

After over 10 years of practicing, and teaching Kundalini Yoga, having learnt this sacred art in Anandpur Sahib, Northern India - I can tell you this stuff is amazing.

I also have spent the last 10 years practicing and teaching Kundalini Dance, having learnt this groundbreaking practice in the rainforest outside of Byron Bay, Australia - a powerful, shamanic Journey through the Chakras, and I share the wisdom of how you too, like me can heal, and feel wonderful all the time.

I may be completely unique in the world to have mastered these 2 practices, but they complement each-other perfectly. Happiness is about finding balance - Kundalini Yoga is very male, very specific, and goal orientated, whereas Kundalini Dance, and the wisdom I share from this, is very female, creative, intuitive and loving.

I have unlocked the secrets to happy, and successful living, and I am sharing these secrets with you now!...

This is an 8 week Chakra journey, a voyage of discovery within your inner 'seven seas' of knowledge, to finally rediscover the lost magical island of pure being, and unbounded joy.

Week One: Introduction to your 7 Chakras - We are made up of energy vibrating across 7 unique frequencies, just like all of life in the universe.

This is why this is the best, simplest, an most effective system to get you exactly where you want, and need to be - because we literally embody these 7 principles!

Week Two: Base Chakra - Anchor your attention through the sitting bones into the Sacred Earth.

Find your sense of belonging, to feel fully safe and secure no matter what happens.

Reclaim your rightful claim to your beautiful and amazing body.

Week Three: Sacral Chakra- Dive deep into your sexual essence and remember how good it is to feel the sensual nature of your body, and the world around you.

Unlock your unbounded creativity, together with your forgotten gifts, and talents.

Week Four: Solar Plexus Chakra- Reclaim your vital energy to become a powerful magnet to become who you were born to be, and live the life you were born to live.

Week Five: Heart Chakra- Between the pillars of your strong shoulders lies a lost and forgotten island surrounded by a deep ocean of wonderful bliss.

It's time to return to the joy you once had.

You deserve to feel your own soul dancing in the shining light of your conscious attention.

Week Six: Throat Chakra- Everything is communication.

We were born to relate, but communication starts at home.

Learn to really listen to and through your body to a deeper place, an inner knowing, sounding from the lost inner voice.

Week Seven: Third Eye Chakra- Take the mask off, and learn to really see yourself as you truly are, an amazing and unique soul.

Create a vision a thousand miles high, and across the whole world.

Week Eight: Crown Chakra- Coming home to rest in pure awareness, the shining light of divine love.

Life is a blessing, allow your soul to embrace the heart of the Universe.

Don't wait a moment longer - start feeling better, and living fully right now, by enrolling on this unique course...

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Course Updated: April 2016

What are the requirements?

  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing - natural fibres like cotton, or hemp are best.
  • No previous experience necessary, just keep an open mind.
  • You might want to use a Yoga mat

What am I going to get from this course?

  • To get a real felt sense of the chakras within you
  • Through Kundalini Yoga and my expert guidance you will clear through the energy blocks in your chakras.
  • This course will lead to a deeper sense of wellbeing, and self knowledge.
  • It will reveal to you the unlimited potential you have within you for being: rooted, creative, powerful, loving, expressive, intuitive, and ultimately fully self realised.

Who is the target audience?

  • Yoga students, body workers, dance therapists, spiritual seekers.
  • No experience or abilities are required, just an open mind and an enthusiasm to discover new ways of being.
  • Essentially anyone who is genuinely interested in knowing themselves on a deeper level.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Beginning Your Chakra Journey

All aboard. Get ready for the journey of your life!

Course Guide and Outline
1 page

In this lecture we cover the basics of each of the chakras that we will be covering in the course. There is also an image of the chakra positions to download, to help you visualise where they are, as you watch the presentation

2 pages

Diet is very important when we are spending time healing, and realising our full potential. Spend time to think about what you are taking in to your body physically, in order to see clearly what is going in mentally, and emotionally. Ask yourself the question "What am I Feeding?"


Relaxation is one of the most important parts of this course, and is one of the keys to a life fulfilled. Use this audio as often as you like, when you get back from work, when you have just finished the Yoga, or when you are feeling stressed.

Essentially, this relaxation audio is there for whenever you need it. It is not a requirement to do the full 27 minutes before/after every kriya. I do suggest though, that you spend a few minutes relaxing before, and certainly after the kriya. If you have time, you can use the audio. You can also take the essence of the audio and learn to do it yourself.

Remember, relaxation is very important in Yoga, you might say that it is the key, as it is all about letting go ultimately.

What is Kundalini?
4 pages

This can be used, and modified to the chakra(s) you are working on, at any time in the course. Spend as much time as you like simply feeling, and breathing into the chakra area in the body. Work on simply allowing whatever arises simply to be, resist nothing.


For rising kundalini, and aligning all your chakras.

Week 1: Kundalini Yoga - Basic Spinal Energy Series Part 2

Share your experience!

Section 2: Base Chakra

Short Muladhara Chakra Activation Intro - Feel and breathe deep into the body, as you meditate on this 'yantra', and listen to the base chakra activation soundtrack.

Week 2: Kundalini Yoga - Flexibility and the Spine
Week 2: Kundalini Yoga - Flexibility and the Spine Part 2

Learning to come back into nature will help you ground into your base.


Trees are your allies, they know grounding, just as well as connection to the open sky. To be like a tree, is to be tree.


A firm foundation is needed to grow into our sevenfold nature, on our journey into the most subtle.

Section 3: Sacral Chakra
Week 3: Kundalini Yoga - Sexual Energy Transformation

On the special properties of water, and how it can help you heal, restore, and rejuvinate.


Two powerful exercises for all chakras, especially base, and sacral, but also the heart, from Kundalini Dance.


Aligning and channeling sexual energy into creativity is your key to success and wellbeing.

Section 4: Week 4: Solar Plexus Chakra

Know your navel, the fire in the belly, and know the whole world.


Fire is your friend, the key to transformation, do not fear it, throw yourself into the bonfire, and burn through your illusions.

Section 5: Heart Chakra

A strong electro-magnetic field, powered by an open and brave heart is essential for wellbeing. Our field offers us protection and connection. The aura is also known as the eighth chakra in Kundalini Yoga.


My favourite! A very powerful meditation for opening the heart centre.


Balance is the name of the game, and the heart, being at the centre of our chakra system, can show us the way.


Ancient and sacred meditation for the heart centre.


Just a bit of fun!

Section 6: Throat Chakra

Powerful 'kriya' for releasing energy in the throat centre.


Life is all about expression, so express yourself!


Sound is key to this chakra, and to all chakras, for all is vibration. You may use this at anytime in the course for intoning the chakras, but especially when working on the throat centre.

Section 7: Third Eye Chakra

Awakening the 'divine' glands, the pituitary and pineal glands, is the gateway to true, clear vision.

Week 7: 3rd eye
Section 8: Crown Chakra

Don't understimate the importance of devotion. Powerful, and sacred meditation, especially for early morning 'sadhana', the ambrosial hours before dawn.

Week 8: Crown - Fountain of Eternal Youth

Congratulations. You have arrived at the crown. You are now ready to integrate the sacred into your life, bringing Heaven to Earth.


The great thing about this course, is that it is open to ALL, and that means YOU!

I have designed it for the absolute beginner, so no experience is required, but to be honest, even if you have experience, I guarantee you will benefit from this.

I have worked hard to become an experienced meditator, so that I can use my skill to remain calm, no matter what the situation, and ensure my whole life is a happy one, no matter what's going on.

I want this for you, and if you ever suffer sometimes from mood swings, especially if you sometimes feel down, or anxious, then this course will help you.

If you sometimes suffer from more serious conditions such as stress, or depression, even chronic pain, then it would be wise to enroll onto this course.

I just really want you all to be happy :-)

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Instructor Biography

Mark Keane, Master of Yoga, Meditation, Ecstatic Dance & Wellbeing Coach

Mark TJ Keane, following a personal awakening over a decade ago has devoted his life to Spiritual Enlightenment. He embarks on this quest as a very real, tangible and achievable goal and inspires others to do the same.

He is author of Meditation for beginners, and Secret Enlightenment.

Mark is the creator of Sleeping Serpent, an organisation dedicated to bringing elevation to the world. Sleeping Serpent includes

Kundalini Dance UK, where Mark uses his natural ability to use the medium of dance to reach states of absolute bliss and ecstacy. He trained as a certified Kundalini Dance teacher in Byron Bay, Australia in 2005. He is the most experienced Kundalini Dance teacher in Europe. Kundalini Dance is a powerful, shamanic journey through the chakras, which represents our seven basic frequencies.

Kundalini Yoga Bristol, Mark is a fully trained and certified Kundalini Yogi. Having practicing this most powerful form of Yoga for over a decade, he qualified in Anandpur Sahib, Northern India in 2005 with 3HO in the residence of Yogi Bhajan. Mark is the most recognized Kundalini Yoga teacher serving the South West of England.

Mark is a master at meditation, and has learned the ability to completely stop the mind, which leads to clarity, focus, deep peace and well-being.

If you are interested in re-awakening your passion, and drive for life, then Mark's inspiration is infectious!

Through Mark's extensive personal experience with his own training and practice, and guiding others he is undoubtedly one of the leading experts on using the power of the Kundalini life force and Chakra system for healing and transformation.

Mark is dedicated to helping others getting back in touch with nature, and realise the deep wisdom and healing it can offer us, as our ancestors once knew, and tribal cultures still know to this day.

He is famous for conducting 'Kundalini Fire Dance' journeys out in woodland or sacred stone sites, using shamanic drumming, ritual, dance and fire. It's a way to honour the seasons, and accelerate personal liberation at the eight points of the wheel of the old calendar, which is more in harmony with nature.

He runs an official group, known as Eckhart Tolle Bristol, dedicated to following the wisdom of enlightened master, Eckhart Tolle, and runs workshops known as 'Days of Presence' where you are guided into a deep state of meditation connecting you to the truth of who you are, the ground of being.

Mark has also pioneered 'Conscious Clubbing' in the UK, alcohol, drug free dance events with positive energy and superfoods. Since 2014, this has now evolved into a movement that is taking the UK by storm - 'Kundalini Clubbing' a powerful combination of Cacao Ceremony, Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Dance, and Gong Bath!

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