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Journey of Your Life (Job Ready - Prototyping)

Volume 1 of 5: Becoming a Successful Product Development Craftsman. Prototyping the App & System!
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What Will I Learn?
...implement the best practices as a professional and successful Product Development Craftsman (PDC).
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  • An attitude to learn the best-practices from my deep industry experiences from multiple complex development projects that went onto successful implementation and are monetized even as I write this brief and present this course!
  • A background in programming will help immensely but is not mandatory. I'll do everything from a very foundational level.
  • I will teach you with a laser-focus and show you how I developed a single product that has software, hardware and marketing components and how I seamlessly integrated this into a final published and monetized product as a practicing Product Development Craftsman (PDC). myself!
  • So, come on. Let's get to work and become a successful, practicing PDC!

You are taking:

Journey of Your Life: Becoming a Successful Product Development Craftsman

Job-Ready Prototyping The App & System

My aim as your instructor in this course and all of my related and technical courses, is to teach you to become a practicing and successful Product Development Craftsman or PDC.

We'll do this in a no-nonsense, practical hands-on way in the shortest time possible.

All of my courses are fully "self-contained learning modules."

Train for your destiny. Make a ding in the universe!

No prior experience necessary! If you're a pro already, there's things to learn too!

  • We'll concentrate on creating and refining first and foremost, an advanced PDC mindset and then detailed hands-on 100% prototyping of the app & system.
  • Then, we're going to publish from within the design toolset directly and install and run fully as a 100% native iPhone 6 app! WoW!

I use the best practices and lessons-learned over 20+ years of solid industrial-grade development work to make sure you understand and implement what works and what doesn't.

deliver a very practical and deeply hands-on workshop format that you'll benefit and learn from and love. I promise you!

Introductory Pricing! Take Advantage Now. It May Increase Later!

"Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish" Steve Jobs


Lisa Kristinardottir

PLEASE NOTE: I'll NOT be publishing the rest four (4) courses in this series due to some serious cancer-related issues in my life. I may resume but at this point in my life, it's unlikely.

Now, I have dedicated my life to working in healthcare and fighting cancer in all its forms as a computational-genomics (CRISPR) specialist and fight the good fight for cancer eradication. My deepest apologies to everyone if this has caused any confusion or inconveniences.

Because of this reason, I have reduced the price to ONLY $5 forever and there may be more discounts to you from Udemy! Please do take advantage of this as soon as you cna and benefit from this course and resources I have created for you!

Bless you angels! Lots of love, hugs and kisses! Lis

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone wanting to hone their skills and become a practicing Product Development Craftsman (PDC).
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 86 Lectures Collapse All 86 Lectures 04:00:28
Welcome to The Journey of Your Life!
3 Lectures 04:47

A neat little intro video I did to make your day happy!

Did you know, we need to...

  1. Learn to code. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of software developers alone is expected to grow 22% between 2012 and 2022.
  2. And this doesn’t even include the extraordinary demand for design and product management skills that companies are searching for at career fairs and technical bootcamps.


Enjoy. Bless ;-)


Preview 00:33

Hello Everyone and Welcome!

This is my intro to you for the course opening. Welcome!

You will succeed as a Product Development Craftsman (PDC)!



Preview 03:04

Hello Everyone and Welcome!

In this lecture, I discuss very important items to consider to get maximum benefit from this first course, i.e. Volume 1 and from all of the other four volumes this the series.

A correct course heading is mandatory to build up our PDC DNA to access a deeper side of us that has always been there to excel at developing the best products that we can and for your success to become a successful PDC and to go on and develop the prototype with me in this particular course.

Again, welcome.

Bless ;-)


Preview 01:10

Easy (My quizzes will always be relevant & Kool)
1 question
Volume One: Part 1: A big Warm Welcome to you!
4 Lectures 17:22

A warm welcome to you dear student and friend!

We're ready to do some compass-corrections!

In this lecture, I introduce you to the course in more detail and what we're about to do.

I have also included the full presentation in PDF format for your use, reference and benefit.

Thank you and again, a very warm welcome to my course.

Let's do it!



Preview 03:28

In this lecture, I go into a bit more on my style of delivery that's fresh, exciting and not stiff and read straight from a script!

I'll speak to you as a friend would, sitting next to you and discussion issues of great importance to your future as a PDC and showing you the rpoes on how do. In this specific instance, how to create the app system and it's releated mockup and simulated prototype and install, run and present it to the world on your iPhone!

Improv & Loving It!

In this lecture I go into a bit more about what one needs to bring in terms of passion, attitude and a high desire to do the hardest work of one's life.

Is it even possible to do what you love and make money too? We look at this and answer it as well.

Love What You Do

In this lecture, we go into a bit more about what to do with your ideas and ideas that we will conceptualize and take to completion!

You have them. You created them.

Now, let's do something about it!

Ideas and Beyond!

1 question
You Will Win!
3 Lectures 11:15

In this lecture, I go a bit into my own career, education and what I have built over many years.

My Background

In this lecture, I go into a bit more on what I have done and pointing out my attitude and work ethic as a PDC. It's the same for you to be a successful PDC as well.

I'm a do-er and I'm Published!

In this lecture, I go into a small discussion about learning, applying and retrospective attitude for where we always come from, in any project, samll or large!

I am going to teach you great stuff!

P.D.C. What is it?
5 questions
Think, Do and Be an Entrepreneur!
5 Lectures 24:59

In this lecture, I go into a bit more on who you must become and are as an entrepreneur and what is necessary to to do and what are the huge gains and advantages you'll have as a practicing craftsman.

You ARE an Entrepreneur!

In this lecture, I go into a discussion about two specific different strategies of how projects are run that go head-to-head when delivering end-results. We'll pick the one that's the best one for us!

Strategies: Sales-led vs. Product Development led

In this lecture, I go into discussing the preparation you'll need to do and step back a bit, review and then step into the project to do and create project(s) results.

Step into it: Preparation

In this lecture, I go into a bit more on the absolute-minimum and necessary web-presence that you will need to establish for your project as a PDC.

Necessary web Presence

In this lecture, I go into discussing with you, very frankly, what financial issues you need to think about and up-front, now, not later.

Financial Issues: Now

All Clear Ahead
6 questions
Volume One: Part 2: App, software and tools!
3 Lectures 13:42

In this lecture, I go into detailing the app and system that I developed. This goes into the what, hows, whys and more. You'll see what you'll possibly need to contend with when developing your own project(s).

The Meaty stuff: The App & System

In this lecture, I go into details about the software tools which ar part of this course. This covers the necessary ones for professional-level development work, amateur or hobbyist level ones and this points us to different tools in this set which are free and paid as well.

Software Tools - Set 1

In this lecture, I point out and discuss the tools necessary for us to start to consider for pro development work starting in Volume 2 and used in other volumes in my Journey of Your Life series.

Software Tools - Sets 2 & 3
Volume One: Part 3: Mockup Tools
2 Lectures 09:18

In this lecture, I introduce you to the mockup toll used by professional apps and systems developers, called Balsamiq.

Doing it! Using Balsamiq for mocking up.

In this lecture, I detail a bit more and explain the merits of Balsamiq mockup tool further. You'll see lots of uses, benefits and it'll answer a lot of questions about mocking up during the conceptalizing phase of any of your project(s) and ours here int his course.

Balsamiq 2: A bit more on the setup
Road Fork
1 Lecture 02:15

In this lecture, we look at a decision-making fork in the road towards developing our prototype. Should we go with Balsamiq or are we going to only deal with free tools for the time being?

Fork In The Road: Do Consider Wisely. Rationale Given!

We're at a FORK in the road!

2 questions
Our Mockup Tool of Choice!
3 Lectures 12:52

In this lecture, I introduce you to the InVision mockup tool and the InVision assets in the TETHR product.

InVision & TETHR Introduction

In this lecture, I go into detailing how to use the TETHR assets and the image-editing software on the mac called Pixelmator. Also, I go into details about the features we want to take advantage of and not consider others at this time.

TETHR assets & Pixelmator interaction

In this lecture, I detail out the features and uses of the Preview app on the Mac. It's to specifically point out a tool that we can use as an image viewer after we have created the images from the image slices from the TETHR assets.

Preview & Files (JPGs or PNGs in our case)
Recaps and Reminders
2 Lectures 01:14

In this lecture, I point out how to get to the lecture resources that I have provided for your use.

Recap: Lecture Resources Location

In this lecture, I point out what you must do and the attitude to do it yourself, the first time-around at least!

Recap: 100% DIY: it's a must first-time around!
Project Management: To SCRUM...or not.
3 Lectures 15:37

In this lecture, I introduce you to good management practices and a methodology and a specific framework called SCRUM. I also show you a tool and how to get it, use it and benefit your project, directly.

Just "enough" robust project management (Resources)

In this lecture, I discuss the merits and hows and whys of releases for us. We choose a certain number and I discuss the rationale behind it.

Releases, how many and why? (Resources)

In this lecture, I discuss with you the issue of resource allocation and how, what and why you should look at certain things in a certain way.

Resources Allocation: Rationale (Resources)

Why robust Project Management?
5 questions
21 More Sections
About the Instructor
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31 Students
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Product Owner and Developer

My functions are: 

I'm a Technical Product Owner and Developer.

Currently, I develop Ionic 2, Angular 2 voice-powered Apps with APIs, Bots integrated with IoT and auth, voice authentication, messaging and Cognitive Services (APIs such as IBM Watson on Bluemix). I integrate the VPBs with Apps, Games, IoT, Kali Security & BioApps (in the area of computational-genomics in my quest to fight children's cancer, especially children's leukemia).

I use the best techniques from my work experience and lots of lessons-learned in conceptualizing, design, writing, coding, building, testing, publishing and support.

My education and training are in languages, electrical and electronics engineering, web and hybrid multi-platform apps design, applied physics, applied mathematics and industrial-grade computing.

I've been out for a bit due to health and family issues recently. I hope to be back with more courses soon God willing and blessing us!

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