JavaScript - Everything that you need to know as a beginner
3.9 (7 ratings)
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JavaScript - Everything that you need to know as a beginner

A complete JavaScript course that will take your HTML and CSS knowledge to next level
3.9 (7 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
112 students enrolled
Last updated 2/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • get started with JavaScript
  • Learn to write your first JavaScript code
  • Improve your web design skills with Javascript
  • Make cools effects on site with javaScript
  • Learn best practices of JavaScript
  • Learn to create DOM elements and nodes
  • Handle Ajax at it's best
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  • Your favourite code editor.
  • You should have a little knowledge about HTML.

Welcome to the Javascript course, everything you need to know as a beginner. So, you are all set after learning HTML and CSS and you want to go further as a web developer or web designer, obviously next step would be to learn Javascript. If you will ask anyone about the three fundamentals of Web development, everyone will say, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. But learning a programming language for the first time can be little intimidating and we totally understand that. You have come to the right place.

JavaScript is the most demanding language of 2016. Yes, this is a true statement. If you had told me this statement, around 5 years back, I would not have believed you. But in present scenario, javascript is very powerful. Things like nodejs, angularjs, reactjs and almost everything that has js at the end is based on javascript. In order to learn them, javascript is a must have knowledge in the belt.

So what will you get in this course?

This course is crafted in such a manner that beginner feels right at home and if you know a little about other programming languages, you will learn best practice to write JS codes. We will start from installing a code editor, although you can stick with your favorite one too. Then we will move towards variable declaration, conditionals, loops and functions. There is an entire section to talk about functions in depth. No Javascript course can be called complete without discussing about DOM, Document Object Model. We will explore about DOM, nodes and events too. Further as a bonus section we will also have a look for installing a web server and getting our hands dirty with Ajax too.

This course is made with perfect recipe for the beginners. Students from 180+ countries have trusted our training quality and we are evolving everyday. On top of everything we are so sure about our quality that we offer 30 days money back guarantee, but that won’t be needed. From the very first lecture you will realize our professional quality in lectures.
I cannot wait to see you in the class !

See you there

Who is the target audience?
  • Web developers
  • Web designers
  • Those who wants to take their web skills to next level
  • Prior HTML knowledge will help a lot
  • CSS knowledge is not strictly required but surely will help
  • No coding experience is required
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Curriculum For This Course
45 Lectures
Introduction to JavaScript
3 Lectures 12:10

A movie that will help you to understand the course and will help you to watch courses better

Preview 04:52

Take your exercise files from this lecture
Getting Exercise Files

Although you can write javascript code in any editor, in fact we would recommend to stick with your favourite editor. Still if you want to go with exact same way as the videos goes, then here is a movie explaining everything.

Preview 07:17
First look at javascript
7 Lectures 53:47

Where to put javascript can be debatable but we will not take this in a long and boring way. Everything has a meaning, learn where you can put js code in head and in what situation you will change it to bottom of body

Where to put JavaScript

One of the most annoying thing that javascript does is the annoying pop ups. Although it is a great way to get output result but we have some more options to explore around

Getting rid of pop ups

Finally it's time to get into javascript and language basics. Every programming language has some rules and syntax that we will understand in this movie

Some basic concepts for JS

Comments are a great way to make sure that our code is readable to us and others as well. But let's be honest, we don't use much of the comments for that. One way of using the comments is to use it for unit testing.

Comments for unit testing

Variables are something where you will be storing a lot of types of data. Declaring a variable is easy and little sloppy in javascript. We will learn the best practice to declare a variable and use them in our code.

Variables - Naming, syntax and problems

Once we have a variable the obvious next step is to do some calculation and manipulation with them. Let's explore what are the different types of calculation that we can do in javascript.

OPerations on variables in JS

there are a variety of types of data and computer treats them all very differently. For example 2 is different from 2.0. Let's explore the datatypes in detail in javascript.

A talk on DataTypes
Conditionals and functions in javascript
9 Lectures 58:40

One the major role of a code is to test out various condition and act according to them. Writing a straight forward code is not an intelligent coding. We will learn to write conditional code in this movie

Conditionals and Comparisions

When we need to test out multiple condition, using dozens of nested if and else is not a right choice. Specially when we have better options available with us. Switch and case allow us to test for multiple conditions and code will be still much more readable as compared to nested if and else

Switch and case in JS

Looping is the most fundamental things of all programming. On top of that FOR is the most common loop that you will find in all programming language. Lets explore the syntax of this loop as well as for in loop

For and For In loop in JS

Another cousin of FOR loop is the while and DO While loop. Although they serve almost the same purpose and keep in mind that "Almost". Watch this movie closely to understand the difference between the two.

While and Do While loop in Js

having a loop in program can sometime be painful. Some after case will arise where you want to terminate the loop or jump over one execution of the loop. This movie is designed to solve the same problem.

Break and Continue in JS

Functions is block of code that is only executed when it is called. We can wrap up our code chunk and can call it as many times as we wish and without writing it again and again.

Functions in JS

variable becomes a little tricky after the introduction of functions. Variables declared inside the functions are treated little differently as compared to variables declared outside the function.

Global and local variables in JS

Object is another complex data type used in the javascript and it would not be wrong to say that it is the most powerful one.

Objects - Usage and Declaration

One of the most fundamental role of javascript is to get embedded with variety of events like mouse movements, mouse clicking, keyboard events and all. We will learn to bind the javascript code with such events in this movie.

Binding functions to events
Exceptions and built in methods in javascript
5 Lectures 36:35

Exceptions in code will surly happen and great news is that we can handle those exceptions and can treat them according to us. So that rest of the code don't get freeze up.

Catching from exception using try catch

There are various built in methods for strings in the javascript. Lets explore what are the methods available for the strings.

String in built methods

There are various built in methods for numbers in the javascript. Lets explore what are the methods available for the numbers.
NUmbers in built methods

Javascript is one of the sloppy language but it can be very strict too. Although most programmers don't like to use it in strict mode, still you should have an idea about how to make things strict when in need.

Hoisting and strict.js overview

Regular expression is the most fundamental method to search for a pattern in any given text. This is going to be an introduction on How to use your RegEx skills in javascript.

Regular Expression Usage in JS
Functions in detail in javascript
8 Lectures 56:43

It might look like that you know a lot about functions from last movie but functions can go in very depth. Lets start form the basic declaration of the function.

Function Basics

Time to declare our function. Functions can be declared in variety of ways and surprisingly all of them are correct but in different situation.

Declaring a function

Functions can only be executed when they are called. Feel free to call them as many times as you need them. Functions are a great way to write modular code.

Calling a function

Using functions as an object can be little tricky for the new users but it will give you a lot of freedom and liberty.

Using a function as an object

creating an object using function is an easy task in javascript but gives us a lot of power and freedom to move along. This also is very helpful for moving further in advance level in javascript

Object creation using a function

All JavaScript objects inherit the properties and methods from their prototype.

Objects created using an object literal, or with new Object(), inherit from a prototype called Object.prototype.

Objects created with new Date() inherit the Date.prototype.

Prototyping a function

Multiplying arguments value looks easy but we will learn it by doing a classic mistake in our code. Mistakes always helps us to learn more from our code.

Multiple arguments and CALL n APPLY in JS

closures are functions without names. Hard to grab this but yes, functions can exists without names too. Let's explore the syntax and usability of closure.
Closures in function
Clearing up with DOM and nodes
7 Lectures 45:05

DOM or Document Object Model is the base of any web page. Understand the DOM will help you to understand, create and edit the existing web page.

Clearing DOM and NODES concepts

once the DOM is clear, next thing that you want to learn to access the particular element of the page. This will give you more power while writing the javascript codes.

DOM : accessing the elements

Creating new nodes means, creating new elements in the page and filling the content in those pages. Let's learn how we can write in those elements

Creating new nodes using DOM

Grabbing, validating and processing forms is the essential part of javascript code. In this movie we will learn to perform the actions on the form.

Grabbing form content in JS

changing the style of the page is another important aspect of the javascript. Moving the images or changing the paragraph alignment are some common examples that you can do with javascript.

Changing CSS properties using JS

Binding javascript codes on some event is the actual task. events are already happening in the page, all we need to do is to attach those events with our codes.

Binding on Mouse events

writing just our code is not going to be enough, we need to have knowledge on where to find other resources. These resources are the hard work mixed with years of experience, given to you to use them.

Impressive JS resources for future
Additional AJAX section
5 Lectures 35:58

Ajax works on the server and in order to work with server we need to install one. Let's learn to install the server and we will choose the cross platform server for this.

Installing server for AJAX

In order to understand the right way to do things we need to first understand the things and should have a knowledge about the wrong ways of things.

Experiment on synchronous requests

This video will show you the right way to do Asynchronous request using AJAX. Although this is not a full primer of Ajax but good enough to get you started.

Right way for Asynchronous request

Main role of ajax is to load XML documents from the web server and in oder to do so, we have all built in methods given to us. This saves a lot of time and let's explore the video for the same.

Processing XML document using AJAX

Let's learn how we can convert the existing code into functions and can use them for our purpose. Further we will explore the methods to bind the functions with the events.

Wrapping in the function and binding events
Final words to wrap the course
1 Lecture 03:02

it was great to see you in the course. See you out there in the comment section

Final words
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