Investing And Trading For Beginners: Mastering Price Charts
4.4 (188 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,576 students enrolled
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Investing And Trading For Beginners: Mastering Price Charts

How To Read Trends And Control Risk On EVERY Trade And Investment
4.4 (188 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,576 students enrolled
Created by Frank Bunn
Last updated 3/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn exactly what a Price Chart is, what it does, and how to effectively use it.
  • Analyze any financial market security using Price Charts to both manage risk and determine the best investments and trades.
  • You will be able to quickly and easily use free Price Chart tools found on the internet.
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  • Prospective students should have an interest in the financial markets and a desire to learn about Price Charts and technical analysis.
  • Before beginning this course, you should have access to the internet with a computer (tablet/notebook) and screen (monitor) large enough to analyze graphic Price Charts.

The world of technical analysis is a bewildering and confused mass of strategies, books, definitions, indicators and experts. You have probably noticed there are volumes of information out there about charts, systems, and methods for analyzing financial markets.

So why is everyone still looking for a solution?

Simply put, there is a difference between knowledge and application. In this game, you can understand a bunch of definitions and jargon and never develop the skill set for proper analysis.

This course is a perfect solution for the beginner. It fills the need for a simple, effective method to analyze Price Charts and aims to close the gap between knowledge of technical analysis and real-world skills for making money and controlling risk. Experienced investors and traders will discover an excellent refresher for increasing profitability.

If You Have 1 Hour, You Can Learn How To Master Price Charts!

  • What a Price Chart is and why you should use them
  • How to use FREE technical analysis tools on the internet
  • How to read price trends
  • How to control RISK
  • How to find GOOD investments
  • How to avoid BAD investments

A Powerful Skill At Your Fingertips

Price Chart Analysis is a proven method for objectively managing risk and determining trends. Proficiency in technical analysis can build a foundation for creating a clear plan to buy and sell ANY investment.

Content And Overview

This course has 24 lectures with practice exercises and studies in each section to help you integrate course concepts and master the fundamentals more quickly.

You will learn a simple, effective skill for reading trends, making money and controlling risk. All with the use of free internet tools, even if you know nothing about investing, trading or technical analysis.

You will be guided every step of the way by a professional trader who uses Price Charts and technical analysis every day to profit from the financial markets.

By the end of the course you will have acquired an analysis skill with all the tools required to make better investment and trade decisions

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to quickly analyze securities to better identify investment or trade opportunities should consider enrolling to learn this invaluable skill.
  • This course is for beginners and those new to the financial markets. You do not need any experience with with technical analysis or Price Charts.
  • The ideal student is one with no technical analysis experience who wishes to learn a simple, comprehensive method for analyzing Price Charts.
  • This course is ideal for anyone with technical analysis experience who is frustrated by lack of progress.
  • Anyone who wishes to learn a simple, comprehensive method for analyzing Price Charts.
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Curriculum For This Course
26 Lectures
Introduction To Investing And Trading For Beginners: Price Chart Mastery
4 Lectures 16:50

Introduction To Investing And Trading For Beginners: Mastering Price Chart Analysis

How To Read Trends, Make Money And Control Risk

  • Who is your instructor?
  • What will you learn?
  • Why you should learn this skill.
  • Who is the ideal student?
  • How you will benefit from Mastering Price Chart Analysis.
  • How is this course different?
  • What you will be able to do by the end of the course.
Preview 03:57

Learn What A Price Chart IS And What It Really DOES

  • What happens when investors buy and sell.
  • The mechanics of Price Charts.
  • Interval Charts.
  • The time/data relationship.
  • Real examples.
Preview 06:14

Why Should You Consider Using Price Charts

  • Price is a Leading Indicator
  • Four (4) reasons you should use Price Charts
  • Why the truth is in the Price Chart
Why Use Price Charts?

Are You Ready To See What You Know About Price Charts?

  • Take the challenges to see how well you are doing
  • Learn how to use a popular internet chart tool
PRACTICE EXERCISE 1: Let's Go Find A Chart!
Price Charts Explained
4 Lectures 10:01

Everything You Need To Know About Price Chart Intervals

  • Interval price structure
  • The four (4) key prices of any interval
Understanding Price Chart Intervals

Learn About The Different Types Of Interval Price Charts

  • Bar Charts
  • HLC interval charts
  • OHLC interval charts
  • CandleStick interval charts
  • Interval structure
  • Interval direction
  • Incorporating interval price structure
Types Of Interval Price Charts

Discover How To Quickly Determine Liquidity Using Price Charts

  • Defining volume
  • Determining liquidity
  • What a liquid Price Chart should look like
What Is Volume?

Take this Practice Exercise series of Challenges to see how well you understand Price Charts!

  • Price Chart intervals
  • Types of Price Charts
PRACTICE EXERCISE 2: How Well Do You Understand Price Charts
A Simple Method For Reading Price Charts And Spotting Trends
3 Lectures 06:13

Acquire The Necessary Tools To Learn How To Read Price Trends

  • What are Interval Chart Pivot Points?
  • Low Pivots
  • High Pivots
What Are Price Chart Pivot Points?

Learn How To Spot Trends On Any Price Chart

  • Reading Price Chart up trends
  • Reading Price Chart down trends
  • A simple system for determining the trend
How To Read Price Trends

Let's See How Well You Have Learned To Read Price Trends

  • Take these challenges to test your trend-reading skill
PRACTICE EXERCISE 3: Take This Price Trend Challenge!
E-Z Price Chart Tools
2 Lectures 07:37

Discover The Proper Price Chart Tools To Speed Analysis And Spot Trends

  • Price Chart tools
  • Understanding averages
  • The significance of smoothing price
Price Chart Tools

Learn the 4-Step Price Chart system for setting up any Price Chart

  • The significance of time
  • What is frequency?
  • Chart styles
  • Indicators
4-Step Price Chart System

How Well Do You Understand CHART TOOLS
8 questions
How To Use Internet Price Charts
3 Lectures 13:40

Learn How To Use The YAHOO! Finance Website To Configure And Analyze Price Charts

  • Integrating the 4-Step Price Chart system
How To Use YAHOO! Finance Price Charts

Learn How To Use The BigCharts Website To Configure And Analyze Price Charts

  • Integrating the 4-step Price Chart system
How To Use Price Charts

Learn How To Use The StockCharts Website To Configure And Analyze Price Charts

  • Integrating the 4-Step Price Chart System
How To Use Price Charts
Price Chart Analysis Made Easy
3 Lectures 05:14

How To Find GOOD Investments Or Trades

  • The 3-Step analysis system
  • Properly determining trends
  • The best chart intervals to use
Finding GOOD Investments

How To Avoid BAD Investments Or Trades

  • Put the 3-Step analysis system to work
  • Properly determining down trends
  • The best chart intervals to use
Avoiding BAD Investments

Practice Studies For Developing Your Trend Reading Skills

Use these practice studies and chart examples to hone your analysis skills

PRACTICE STUDY: Develop Your Trend Reading Skills!
Using Price Charts To Control RISK
3 Lectures 08:23

Learn An Effective Method For Controlling RISK Using Price Charts

  • How to control Risk
  • The Risk rule of thumb
  • Limited Risk with unlimited reward
How To Control RISK

Learn How To Spot Momentum To Find The Fastest Moving Markets

  • Using price and chart tools to gauge momentum
How To Gauge Momentum

Test Your RISK Control Skills With These Challenges!

PRACTICE EXERCISE 6: Test Your RISK Control Skills
What To Do Next...
2 Lectures 05:26

Now That You Are Mastering Price Charts, Decide Where You Want To Go Next!

  • Investing, trading and process of analysis CAN be simple
  • The 'secret' of Price Chart analysis
  • Ideas for what to do next...
Now YOU Can Do It!

If You Are New To Trading Or A Complete Beginner, Continue Here

This Lecture details a comprehensive primer in Basic Technical Analysis

You will also learn additional valuable information:

  • The life-cycle of a profitable trader
  • What Technical Analysis is and is NOT
  • The KEY to long-term consistent profitability
Continue Your Journey Here!
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2 Lectures 01:09

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About the Instructor
Frank Bunn
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17,330 Students
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Professional Trader

My goal is YOUR success.

If you are like many Udemy students I work with, you have taken numerous courses about trading. And you still might not feel like you are making much progress.

That is because knowledge about trading and strategies does not always result in success; understanding a method or trading system does not necessarily make you a trader.

It may be that you just haven't learned how to trade - how to manage risk and random outcomes.

Most courses teach strategy and little else. Strategy is only useful if you understand the mechanics of price and how to interpret Market Dynamics (expansion and contraction) in a price chart. 

All of my courses not only teach key market dynamics and how to exploit price movement for profit, but they also teach you HOW TO TRADE.

Each one of my courses is a unique, valuable trading system - a tested, proven method you can put to work immediately to consistently trade any security that can be charted. Why spend a ton of time learning to do this on your own?

I work with traders of all skill levels, responding to all curriculum-related questions and forum posts promptly. If you are serious about trading for consistent profit you need to work with me directly.

I am a probabilistic screen trader.

I began trading in 1996, focusing on mechanical trading systems and software based tools. While training traders for the expansion of my business, I noticed that certain traders exhibit profound intuitive capabilities and inherent pattern recognition skills.

Over the last decade, I have developed a mechanical-intuitive paradigm which forms the basis of my trading models. The trader becomes the 'system', intuitively selecting low-risk, high-probability trades within the framework of the mechanism.

Once mastered, these pattern recognition skills enable the trader to achieve high profit factors and robust reward/risk ratios over moderately-sized trade samples. Whereas intuitive trade management is the best solution for random outcomes, the trader does not require the unrealistic, excessive sample size endemic to most statistical arbitrage models.

I am an empiricist and continue my research and development with emphasis on viable, probabilistic trading models employing the most advanced software tools available.

Each one of my courses is accompanied by my personal Performance Guarantee:

  • "By Then End Of This Training, You Will Have Acquired A Trading Skill Which Will Enable You To Consistently Locate Low-Risk, High-Probability Trades In Any Market That Can Be Charted."