Intuition, self-care, and spiritual care
4.4 (14 ratings)
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Intuition, self-care, and spiritual care

Training for practitioners in healing and caring professions, and for those seeking personal development
4.4 (14 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
61 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Experience greater heart-centered intuitive abilities, including medical intuition
  • Feel self-contained, peaceful, and protected from the energies of others
  • Confidently offer spiritual care to clients and patients, friends or family members
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  • no prerequisites
  • ideally they work in some caring profession already, but it's fine if they are keen students of personal development

How can you massively cultivate and grow your intuitive abilities so that you feel connected to something greater, AND have access to wisdom in your day to day work? 

And how can you do this without feeling drained by others' needs and issues, and in a way that helps you offer deeper spiritual care?

As practitioners working in healing modalities, or those in caring professions (from nursing to aged care, to disability care and more), even as parents caregiving to our children, we are in a unique position in that we experience profound things in our day to day life. BIG issues like struggle, transformation, grief, illness, birth, death, and more. 

We have access to human experiences that touch upon something more - call it spirituality, God, or Presence. We often have a 'sixth sense' about things, perhaps even direct information or inexplicable experiences.

Yet, the nature of our work is such that we can feel drained, overwhelmed, and not always sure how to give our best to others and still care for ourselves.

This course helps you cultivate your intuition, even medical intuition, but in a way that keeps you safe, nurtured, and protected from others' energies and the 'stuff' you'd rather not take home. You will also learn how to offer spiritual care and healing.

In cultivating heart-centred intuition, you will understand the nature of spiritual care, as well as healing via presence alone, and offer it to others regardless of their beliefs, or yours. 

This course is much needed in the healing/caring professions. You are the angels of the earth plane, helping and healing others, and this course is all about giving YOU more, so that you can continue to connect with others from a place of strength and joy.

Who is the target audience?
  • practitioners in healing and caring professions, and those seeking personal development
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Curriculum For This Course
26 Lectures
Introduction and Notes, Resources for this Course
2 Lectures 07:47

Introduction to me, to this course, why I've created it, and what you will be able to do by completion.

Preview 05:29

How to best use this course in order to maximise results in your life!

How to use this course & pdfs of Notes, Resources, Workbooks
Part 1: Develop Your Intuition (Foundation)
9 Lectures 01:27:27

Before we get to cultivating intuition, and before we get to overwhelm and self-care, we need to accept how profound it can be to care for others! In this section, students will learn why they must accept that there is something profound and inexplicable happening in our work, and how vital it is NOT to be afraid or superstitious. After this lecture, you will have understanding on how to go forward with confidence and curiosity!

Part 1, Section 1: Introduction to the Other

Understand the scientific explanation for, and proof of, intuition, as well as the spiritual or psychic reasoning behind it. Science says it does exist! But it's only from a more spiritual view that we can understand the reason for it, and thus know how to cultivate it.

Part 1, Section 2: What is Intuition?

Information, tools, and an exercise to get you understanding YOUR intuition and cultivating it.

Part 1, Section3: How does YOUR intuition work?

This is NOT REQUIRED material in order to learn the skills of this course, but this information is foundational, and helps you understand why my approach is how it is. This is an introduction to the science of the heart, beginning with understanding the body's 3 brains (head, heart, gut) and how they operate.

Part 1, Section 4: The Heart from neuroscience and spirituality

Again, NOT REQUIRED material in order to learn the skills of this course, but hugely helpful in understanding why my approach is what it is. In this video, I go over the history of scientific research on the heart proves that it not only has a big role to play in regulating the entire body, but also that it is connected to a greater field of information and input. You intuition is a direct result of your heart's ability to connect to, and gain information from that field.

Preview 11:01

Heart breathing is the first step in the practicality of developing your intuition. Learn how to do it in this lecture!

Part 1, Section 5: Heart breathing

Learn a powerful heart-centred meditation that will help you cultivate intuition. This meditation is the FOUNDATION for the exercises that come after.

Part 1, Section 6: Heart meditation to cultivate intuition

How to cultivate a deep presence in order to deepen your intuition, and why this is important. Two exercises are suggested and explained in this lecture.

Part 1, Section 7: Presence as a way to cultivate intuition

Learn how trusting the wisdom of your intuition helps you develop it more. Includes exercises to cultivate trust.

Part 1, Section 8: Trust as a way to cultivate intuition
Part 2: Self-care for boundaries & personal growth
5 Lectures 43:24

Feeling overwhelmed, overworked, stressed and emotional when you are caring for others? Is your work life a crazy roster with constant crises? Or maybe your life is a slow accumulation of stresses that come from extending your heart and caring to make others better. Well, before we dive into learning how to identify your emotions and MEET your OWN needs well, we need to understand how 'blocks' arise, what to look for, and how to cope!

Part 2, Section 1: Blocks and other stuff that comes up for you!

Learn how to identify your own emotions; locate them in your body; recognise their message; and deal with negative emotion and stress on the JOB, in the moment, so that you can carry on functioning and offering care.

Part 2, Section 2: Dealing with Stress and Emotions on the JOB

Learn about 'inner child' work, why it's important, and how to create an ongoing and regular programme for your self-care. Understand the importance of ritual, and take on board multiple suggestions for caring so well for yourself regularly, that your daily experience of emotion and stress is -- if not greatly reduced-- henceforth is quicker to resolve!

Part 2, Section 3: Ongoing Care for Self & Inner Child

Healing yourself via self-care actually will have a flow on effect of healing others. Here's why with a powerful exercise to make it happen in your life!

Part 2, Section 4: Healing yourself IS healing others

This section gives you tips and support for dealing with sticky issues: from experiencing fear, panic, anxiety, or depression, to power struggles with colleagues, or even experiencing competing beliefs about how best to serve your clients and patients (when your intuition is different!)

Part 2, Section 5: Troubleshooting with self-care issues
Part 3: Spiritual care. How, when, why
4 Lectures 32:50

What is spiritual care, why do we do it, and how can we offer it? This foundational lecture introduces the importance of it.

Part 3, Section 1: Spiritual care how, when, and why?

How to offer spiritual care through doing ('opening the conversation') versus through being (just with presence and heart-centredness). 

Part 3, Section 2: Being versus doing

An important foundational aspect of offering spiritual care lies in understanding a bit about trauma, how people react, and how you can be present and understand what is happening in order to offer care more effectively.

Part 3, Section 3: Troubleshooting. Understanding Trauma

This section offers a supplementary approach that you can use with your current professional techniques and protocols. From the point of view of being heart-centred, and building on the intuition and self-care sections, I offer suggestions for offering effective spiritual care in certain commons areas of difficulty.

Part 3, Section 4: Troubleshooting. Grief, Death, Illness, Ageing, etc.
Part 4: Develop your intuition even more!
6 Lectures 56:13

An exercise in observation that shows you the power of your learnings so far.

Part 4, Section 1: Heart-centred observation

In this section I explain what medical intuition is, when it's appropriate, how to use it, and techniques for getting your intuition flowing in this regard.

Part 4, Section 2: Medical Intuition

Healing can happen from heart-centred presence, or from hands on and hands off channelled healing energy. In this section I discuss the differences and also explain how to do each unobtrusively in a care environment, as a supplementary skill in your work.

Part 4, Section 3: Using healing energies with others

In this introduction to chakras and energy centres I give an overview of chakras and energy bodies as a way to empower you to have MORE information and tools at your disposal in the right context. Then I explain common scenarios in which it is useful to know this, and give you techniques for how to use this information in your intuitive work.

Part 4, Section 4: Intro to chakras and energy centres

You are not alone, and now are able to cultivate a connection to a helper or guide to gain extra protection and assistance. I explain the concept, and lead you through a meditation exercise in order to meet your helper.

Part 4, Section 5: Working with helpers in other planes

Conclusion and Thank you!
About the Instructor
Dr. Michelle Dixon
4.5 Average rating
22 Reviews
87 Students
2 Courses
Ph.D., Practitioner of Healing Modalities, Entrepreneur

I'm an unusual combination of entrepreneur and healer, with a thirst for knowledge, a love of business and innovation, and a deeply intuitive and caring sensibility which has enabled me to work successfully as a practitioner and healer for many years ... even whilst starting and running other businesses, including an online startup, Kindred Global Mentorship!

After receiving a Ph.D. in Economics in 2002, I had a complete career change and dove deep into working as a holistic and alternative practitioner with a speciality in bodywork for emotional healing, especially de-armouring and energetic healing. 

I am qualified in NLP, hypnotherapy, myofascial release, and life coaching, and am currently studying Biodynamic Cranial Touch. I am an intuitive by practice, not a psychic by birth, and as such I have cultivated and deepened my intuition over the years. This includes medical intuition, and much else. My experiences have deepened as I have learned techniques for self-care. Due to my academic background, I have always brought a rigorous intellectual approach to my work. I feel that it's important, as best as possible, to understand 'why' something is so, and draw on other disciplines whenever possible for explanation and insight.

I have seen hundreds of clients, facilitated more than 30 workshops around Australia, and have run three residential retreats. My bodywork speciality is really de-armouring, which is a somatic approach to releasing emotion from the body, and getting the chi moving in order to experience bliss (sometimes called Kundalini rushes or energy orgasm). Along with this bodywork, I offer a holistic spiritual-based coaching, which can cut straight to the heart of the matter and very quickly create massive change.

I publish writing regularly in several online publications on matters of holistic health as well as business. As an entrepreneur, I have done freelance web design, marketing and content writing. I am currently building a startup in the tech space, Kindred Global Mentorship. I love holistic and spiritual practice AND I love entrepreneurship! I have a lot of mental energy, so doing bodywork can feel like a beautiful meditation for me.

It is only after years of teaching that I have decided to put my approach and learnings into courses for the masses. I founded my academy "Plan Be Academy for Somatic Practices" in order to train other practitioners and carers in my approach, and as part of this run retreats in which I facilitate Shamanic body de-armouring for emotional release, to expand intuition and experience bliss!

My passion is in sharing my insight and techniques to help healers, carers, seekers of personal development, and entrepreneurs be more intuitive, connected, and self-loving. I am also the proud mother of three amazing children.