Introduction To Poker (Phase I)

As the former Dean of the PokerSchoolOnline, instructor at and poker author (Poker Journal), I
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  • Al Spath PokerInstructor and Mentor

    Al Spath has worked as the Dean at the PokerPages Free School (PokerSchoolOnline), a respected writer and poker instructor. He has authored many articles for PokerPages (see the gallery at and was published in Poker Digest, Live Action Poker and Rounder magazines. His “A Chip, A Chair and A Prayer” was the featured article for the 2002 WSOP and his unique insight into the “regular” players perspective, make him one of the most followed authors on the net. He has consulted and help design many online poker sites and created such events as Triple Play and 5 Player Action (two tournament training events, simulating final play action for student advancement). He has produced more than 80 instructional videos that provide training in: building an online bankroll, playing heads up, single and multi-table tournament strategy, and cash game play (specifically, employing the trap), he continues to “teach” throngs of students in a classroom setting, and privately provides one-on-one instruction for those seeking to fill holes or detect leaks in their game.

    His association with noted poker players and authors provides the rare opportunity to “review” new poker books, to coordinate and hold conferences, conventions and seminars with key figures in the industry. Most recently, he conducted both Skype and Ventrilo classes ( voice communication devices on the internet), and used for online seminars with professional players and authors. Members at had the rare opportunity to engage in a conversation that is relevant to their game. Al’s co-hosted podcasts (The Online Poker Insiders) that can be found at and at Poker Pages (audio link).

    Al can also be found teaching privately at (see link on this page).

    Email Al at

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Introduction To Poker (Phase I)

As the former Dean of the PokerSchoolOnline, instructor at and poker author (Poker Journal), I
5 reviews


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As the former Dean of the PokerSchoolOnline, instructor at and poker author (Poker Journal), I also teach poker in Maryland at the local community college.

This brochure will help individuals gain some insight into the game of No Limit Texas Hold'em.
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  • SECTION 1:
    My First Section
  • 1
    College Brochure - Poker Course
    8 slides
    Introduction to Poker, in particular, No-Limit Texas Hold'em
  • 2
    "The Game Is No-Limit Texas Hold'em" by Al Spath
    Hearts begin to pound, sweat begins to bead on several foreheads as the TV lights glare into the faces of the poker worlds newest and most cunning final table competitors. The non-stop, ever changing, pressure packed action continues to unfold slicker than an episode of CSI. The tells are cleverly d…
  • 3
    "Rounder or Flounder" article by Al Spath
    By this time just about everyone that plays poker has seen the 1998 movie "Rounders" and we all have come to love or hate its cast of characters. You immediately think of the memorable KGB, Knish and Worm, who top the list, but this movie was more than just about a few backroom, ruthlessly seedy cha…
  • 4
    "On-Line Poker A Snap, so they THINK!" by Al Spath
    You can be teleported to hundreds of cyber-portals with a click of mouse, you can download a poker site and register within minutes with DSL, you can be playing poker as fast as you can validate an email, and you could be losing your shirt inside of ten minutes if you have no clue about poker or wor…
  • 5
    "Poker Skills or People Skills" by Al Spath
    Okay, we all do it, some better than others, but nevertheless we all approach a table with our eyes darting from player to player, checking out their body language, their regalia and eventually their chip stack. In an instant we form impressions (some completely wrong), as we begin processing the mu…
  • 6
    Homework Assigment
    Deal out ten hands of cards to a simulated "full poker table," FACE UP.
  • 7
    Upcoming in Phase II - Written Lessons (Building a solid foundation to play NL Texas Hold'em)
    Lot's to learn, lot's to practice, lot's of money to be made...

    Hoping you will signup for the release of Phase II, with more than 30 lectures (written lessons, articles, quiz's, and powerpoint presentations).

    A chance to watch me play live (online), and also play at the same table with me.

    Those who signup for Phase II will receive a discount for Phase III, where I will be posting "instructional videos."

    I've included a sample "Bankroll Building" at low limits for you viewing pleasure.
  • 8
    Lecture #8 sample video demo ($.10/.25 NL Cash Game at Full Tilt).
    This video will give you a preview of just one part of a video series I will be presenting in Phase III. It is imperative that you first complete Phase II when offered (beginning of June), so that you are prepared for the Phases yet to be presented and so you can continue growing your game and BANKROLLS!

    I will also provide a 50% discount in Phase III (on your first two private shadowing/mentoring), if you complete Phase II. Phase III will have tournament and cash game videos, more relevant articles, and a group shadowing session. Private mentoring can be secured directly through me at, and I will apply the deep discount on the first two sessions (for those who have completed phase I).


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