Teal Leadership: introduction for CEO, managers & Leaders.
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Teal Leadership: introduction for CEO, managers & Leaders.

Learn how organizations improve engagement through self management. wholeness and evolutionary purpose.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
31 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Identify their level of leadership.
  • Understand what is required to move to the next level.
  • Run effective meetings, that taps into a collective intelligence of the team.
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  • This course will serve as a introduction, so all that you are required to do is have an open mind.
  • Have a willingness to move slightly outside of your comfort zone.

Learn the basic concepts skills, processes and conditions that you will need to be a more positive and engaging leader.

Take your personal leadership skills to the next level with this introduction into Teal Leadership, practices and the personal skills required to develop cohesive and self managing teams.

We will examine together how organizations have reinvented themselves in order to create work environments that promote wholeness through distributed authority.

You will see how removing the top down authority model in organizations can lead to more productive and energised workers.

you will understand the necessary conditions for changing the way you lead, in order to take your own leadership to that next level.

A necessary skill for todays changing world.

Understanding how we have allowed fear to rule how we operate as leaders in organization is an important skill in being able to adapt to the changing face of the modern workforce. Success is now a measure of how we contribute to the greater good, and not based on what we have accumulated.

People are no longer prepared to just turn up to work without having a sense of meaning and purpose attached to what they are doing. Organizations are no longer focused purely on the skills of a person. Skills today are something that can be taught, how people behave and how they are aligned with the purpose of the organization are playing a greater role in the selection of perspective candidates.

Content and Overview

This is an introduction to the concepts described in the Book Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux. You will learn through the use of case studies, how organizations are moving away from a top down leadership approach and moving to a structure that promotes employee engagement and responsibility.

We start by looking at the History of Leadership and how we have developed over they years. Understanding how we have been formed and how we develop in stages, with each stage playing a significant role in preparing us for the next.

We will then look in depth of the characteristics of what is believe to be the emergence of our next leap in our human development termed the Evolutionary - Teal stage.

Each stage in our history has brought with it some key learning, we take a in-depth look at what are three important breakthroughs in this Teal paradigm; Self Management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose. Each of these examined through the lens of currently organization.

Students completing this course will have the knowledge to review their own situation and utilise what this to engage their own workplace or organization.

Who is the target audience?
  • Those who are leaders in business, or are starting a business and want to create a work environment that is purposeful.
  • Those who are interested in taking their leadership skills to the next level of consciousness.
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Curriculum For This Course
21 Lectures
Introduction to the course
3 Lectures 06:31

Welcome to this course.

I am Michael Kelly-Cruise, I am a leader, facilitator, and trainer. I have many years experience in developing leaders, and working in areas that are emerging and require some developing in the sense of how to be within those areas.

I have created this course to help you, as well as introduce people to what I believe to be an emerging trend that is needed in our organizations today. It now just needs more people to have the courage to create these spaces.

Fredrick Laloux over a year ago released a book called Reinventing Organizations, and in this book he researched over 20 organizations, that have begun to move into a new way of being.

They have..

  • Done away with traditional Management styles.
  • Distributed Authority to everyone in the organisation.
  • Created purposeful organizations that are soulful and engaging to people.
  • Come from many different sizes, industries, and countries.
  • Become leaders in their respective industries.
  • So this Course is about introducing you to the basic theories identified in the book.

Give you a introduction to the current stage of our Evolutionary Development and how three important breakthroughs have begun to emerge in the area of Self Management, Wholeness and Evolutionary Purpose.

I will spend some time in each of these areas outlining the main ideas, and supporting that with case studies from Fredrick Laloux's book.

Finally I will give you some resources to get you started, on deciding how you might create the space for your own leadership to flow and work in similar ways to those outlined in this course.

Preview 03:20


Section One

Course introduction and house keeping. This simply is here to help you in understanding how the course is structured and some opportunities to enter in a discussion as to where you are currently, who you are and who else is taking the course.

Section Two

This looks at the introduction of the Evolutionary Development of humankind.

This will finish with a look at the current stage that we are in called Evolutionary-Teal stage.

Section Three Self Management

Will look at the emergence of Self Managing and organising organizations and how they work. This will be done in relation to Case Studies and reflection exercise.

Section Four Wholeness

People are wanting something more from the effort and the time that goes into being at work. Since so much of our lives is about this pursuit we are wanting ways to do this and not have to feel so fragmented.

This section looks at how people can be themselves at work, no longer having to fragment into the work self and the home self.

Section Five Evolutionary Purpose

Organizations are no longer viewed as something to own and control. They have life of their own, and this realisation is seeing great advances in how organizations cope with change. In fact change becomes a natural part of the organization.

Section Six Summary

I will talk about the necessary conditions, and add links and other resource materials that will help you on your journey into a Teal way of Leading.

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Expectations of this course
Talking about Evolution.
4 Lectures 23:29


Understanding who we are and they type of people doing the course will also help in learning from each other. This is another activity that will allow an opportunity to reflect on what experiences have helped for form our ideas around leading and being lead.

Getting to know you.
1 page

This will introduce you to the concept of Evolution and that as humans we tend to evolve in stages.

What you will learn

Introduction to how we as humans develop. That we develop through distinct stages and how we resolve issues during each stage forms our journey to the next stage.

Preview 05:14


A journey through the Impulsive-Red stage right through to the Pluralistic - Green stage. These are all considered to be the most important stages before the one we are moving into right now.

You will learn.

  • To identify each stage by using a colour and metaphor.
  • Identify the Worldview for each stage and how it shaped leaders of the time.
  • Identify key breakthroughs in each stage that lead to change in each stage.
  • Identify the types of organisations operating from each stage.
Evolutionary history Red to Green


We are at an exciting new stage in our human development. Evolutionary- Teal is considered to even be so momentous that we also for the first time are moving beyond our self centred Ego state and moving to what is called the second tier consciousness.

This lecture will highlight the key factors of this stage give an overview before taking on in more dept the Three breakthroughs of the age in the following videos.

Key learning.

  • Understand the significance of Evolutionary - Teal stage
  • How leadership and organisational structures have changed to meet a gap in workplace engagement.
  • To identify the major breakthroughs emerging.

To secure knowledge gained of he Evolutionary Stages, and some of the key learning goals.

History of Leadership.
10 questions
Self management
3 Lectures 20:23


This first case study will introduce a Neighbourhood Nursing organisation that has grown into the largest provider of nursing care. All of this without managers, benchmarks or other usual tools used by managers to control and set direction.

Read the case study, and take time to reflect on the questions at the end of the case study.

Key learning

  • Show how Self management is taking shape in a neighbourhood nursing organisation.
  • See how teams can work with no managers controlling targets.
Case study - Buurtzorg Neighbourhood Nursing


This video will examine the concepts of Self Management introduced in the Buurtzorg Case Study with some reference to other organisations.

You will be given examples of meeting processes and strategies.

Key learning

  • To understand the changing nature of self management over the stages.
The many faces of self management

Everyone has permission to lead.
Striving for wholeness
4 Lectures 08:16

Wholeness is a must if we are to be able to work in organisations and be fully ourselves the spaces we work must be safe in order for us to Thrive.

This Activity is about highlighting the behaviours that promote positive experiences and allows people the ability to share themselves fully.

Creating a safe environment.

I feel worthwhile...
1 page

Teal Organizations are moving toward bringing the full person to work. Being Whole creates the opportunity for people to be fully engaged.

You will come to understand how Teal Leaders create the space for people to fully themselves. To be innovative and creative, and devote their time to the roles that inspire them.

Being fully present.

This Case Study is one of many that detail how a change in the way in which people are at work. In this case we see how when Tammy started her business she had the luxury of bring her dog to work with her. As the company grew and she took on more staff, they too wanted to be able to bring their dogs to work.

Sounds true is now an organization that has just under 100 employees, and 20 dogs. This came with some amazing side effects as you will find in the case study.

Case Study - Sounds True
4 pages
Evolutionary Purpose
2 Lectures 08:58

This case study shows how Jos de Blok allowed people to be self manage, and not dictate a course of action, instead would encourage teams to share ideas in various forums and if the teams wanted to take on the ideas they would.

Case Study - Buurtzorg Respite
5 pages


traditional paradigms of leadership are no strangers to purpose the why of the business, it usually is generated by the creator, CEO, and continues to be formed in this manner. Evolutionary purpose is more of an energy field, and as such is constantly changing and adapting to full fill its purpose at that moment.

Learning objectives

  • Evolutionary Purpose is fluid, and not bound by an individuals concept of purpose.
  • Define what is purpose as a fluid notion. Collective purpose, Individual,
  • Planning for the future is more about listening and allowing rather than forcing.
Listen to Evolutionary Purpose
4 Lectures 10:58


We may feel that all of this is a little too much to believe that it can work. This video is about affirming that while distributed authority is new and a little unorganised in appearance.

You can begin to be the type of leader outlined in the previous sections, and this video will introduce to you what is necessary for a Successful Teal organisation.

Necessary conditions part A

This course will highlight 2 very important conditions necessary for a successful Teal organization.

1. That the CEO be thinking in a teal mindset.

2. That the owners and Boards also be willing to operate in a Teal way.

Necessary conditions part b

The owners and the CEO, top management need to be open and on board in order for this to work within an organisation. They are people who are open to allowing the Energy of the organisations purpose take form and grow. They will move beyond their egos and see that everyone has a something to contribute in developing and sensing the direction and informing policy.

This video identifies the Necessary Conditions for an entire organisations to transform to a Teal way of operating.

Also suggestions will be made as to how to incorporate this at which ever level you can influence.


Here are some resources and stories that will enable you to further your interest in this area, and to continue to develop your own Leadership.

Thanks for joining us.
Bonus materials and useful links
1 Lecture 00:00
useful links and resources
1 page
About the Instructor
Michael Kelly-Cruise
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Energising Officer at I am Creative Solutions.

Michael Kelly-Cruise is Co Energising Officer along with his wife, for I am Creative Solutions. Michael has turned his super powers of leadership development and training to energise other leaders in creating more meaningful, soulful and engaging organisations.

Michael has a Diploma in Community and Human Services, Certificate IV in Workplace training and Assessment along with many years experience as a leader in a variety of settings.