Introduction to Foursquare for Business

Learn what Foursquare is all about and how you can make it work for your business.
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    Hi all, I am a website designer and photographer who has been working for himself since graduating high school. I taught myself website design and development so I could start my own business. In 2005 I taught myself photography and started a photography business as a professional wedding photographer. Since then, I have helped hundreds companies and organizations market their products and services online. As a photographer, I continue to capture photos and produce video for weddings, events, conferences and more.

    I teach because I was taught by so many through blog posts, articles and online videos. Teaching allows me to give back and teach others the way I would have liked to be taught. Many of my courses are free because I believe in giving back.

    I am a husband and father with three amazing kids. You can learn more about me at my website. I hope to see you in one of my courses. Thanks so much!

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Introduction to Foursquare for Business

Learn what Foursquare is all about and how you can make it work for your business.
35 reviews


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Foursquare is a platform that allows it's users to checkin to places to earn points, badges and offers from businesses. A business can take advantage of this powerful platform to encourage new customers to stop in or engage with current customers to bring them in more often.

In this course we look at the fundamentals of Foursquare, the Foursquare app, setting up and claiming a venue page and running campaigns. After this course, you should know all you need to know about using Foursquare to grow your business.

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  • SECTION 1:
    Introduction & Overview
  • 1
    Welcome - What is Foursquare?

    Overview of what Foursquare is and what this course is about.

  • 2
    Foursquare I Smartphone Phone App

    An indepth look at the Foursquare Smartphone app. This will give us a good idea of how people use the app as a fun way to share their locations while at the same time find new things in the area, such as our businesses.

  • 3
    Foursquare - Overview of Features and Options

    Overview and look at Foursquare.Com.

  • 4
    Foursquare - Venue Overview

    A look at a Foursquare venue page and it's features.

  • SECTION 2:
    Creating a Venue & Managing It
  • 5
    Foursquare Venue Page Management
  • 6
    Foursquare Statistics and Lists

    Foursquare offers really nice metrics you can see immediatly about the traffic coming to your location. Lists is also a powerful tool as you are able to create lists specific to certain topics or categories.

  • 7
    Foursquare - Claiming A Page

    How to claim a page on Foursquare or set one up if your business is not yet listed.

  • 8
    Foursquare - Setting up your Page and a Campaign

    It is important to setup your Foursquare page completely and with relevant information. After your page is set up, you should create a campaign targeted to creating new customers or engaging current ones.

  • 9
    Foursquare - Extras
  • SECTION 3:
    Closing & Bonus Content
  • 10
    Foursquare - Closing

    Closing thoughts...

  • 11
    Foursquare - Bonus Audio
  • 12
    Update: Foursquare for Business iPhone/Android App
    A look at the Foursquare for Businesses app for iPhone. Since recording this video there has been an Android app released as well.


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  • Rosaria Swift
    Really Fun

    This is one of the best courses on Udemy!

  • Zvonimir Crnković
    Foursquare for Business

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  • Nadine Herring
    Covers all topics

    I had heard about Foursquare before but never had the occasion to use it until I had to start managing my client's page. She was unaware that she was even on Foursquare & I had no knowledge so I needed to find some info quick and came across this course in my Google search. Of course the fact that it was free was what caught my eye at first but once I signed up and started listening to the class, it was clear how much much knowledge and how thorough the instructor, Jared Hill, is. He presents things in a very simple, easy to understand way and the fact that each video in the section is short and to the point really helps. He even provides bonus video & audio at the end of the course with updates, which I really appreciated. I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to learn more about Foursquare!

  • Mario Neita

    this help me to find the information needed to use the app and website

  • Carl Spira
    A "wow" course on FourSquare

    If you like me have heard the name FourSquare but that was it, this course will get you up to speed in a jiffy. Excellently presented by an instructor who obviously is using this tool for his multiple businesses. An absolute hit for anyone from rookie to seasoned user. Gold.