Introduction to Web Databses using MySQL and phpMyAdmin

I quick set of videos that show you how to use phpMyAdmin to build an online MySQL database.
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    User "MrLarryd469" Wrote:

    You are AWESOME!!!! Thank you so very much for taking the time to create this excellent series. I am just getting into creating web sites and you have helped tremendously!!!! You are? a great teacher and I am now a big fan....thanks again!!!!

    User "Greerbowski" Wrote:

    Your voice is? sort of Bob Ross-esque.. except you are making pretty little websites :)

    User "earlkuhrishchun" Wrote:

    he was held at gunpoint, "Make me a website in less than 30 tutorial videos... or? your cat get it." He survived. On a serious note, These videos are great

    User "amariedean" Wrote:

    I am 50K in debt for college and what you are doing is the optimal. People need access to free education, more importantly delivered by people who know how to effectively teach (in the technical realm that is VERY hard to find) ((and you've got it!))

    User "Csonjohn" Wrote:

    Totally enlightening and covering the exact grey areas I have had for a long while..totally soaking these in. great and thank you

    User "Fighting4Families" Wrote:

    I have always had a basic concept of how the different languages and components worked, but until watching this video have been stuck with information that was not connected ... Thanks for putting it all together in such an easily digestible way.

    User "TheOriginalBoarders" Wrote:

    Thank you so much for making this! It's quite difficult? to wrap your brain around HTML and web design if you're new, and it's hard to know where to start. Clearly your set of tutorials are the right bet. I appreciate it!

    User "Simbas74" Wrote:

    im currently creating a website for a university assignment and this has helped alot more than the adobe classroom in a book series

    User "siralfredii" Wrote:

    I think you are genius and reserve the right to speak your mind for as long as it takes to get this point across.

    User "KjeKji" Wrote:

    The way you explain it all in that tone of voice and pace make this a enjoyable ride on how to do this stuff. Watching this in rerun spending a total of aprox 2 hours on? it, i will learn more than looking at things randomly around the web for 10 hours. The depth of this tutorial is great if you can grasp it and yack yourself down to this teachers pace, and understand not only how, but also why (which is partly done verbally and partly done by being relaxed and take a breather...)

    User "aleboefje" Wrote:

    Great step by step tutorial for someone who needs a dummy guide? like me!

    User "M2dScientist" Wrote:

    I have to say your? tutorials and the best on the web, easy to follow and understand.

    User "YazendoMusic" Wrote:

    Im guessing same reason as me. Been wanting to build sites for years, its a dream of mine to become a designer and developer but had no where to start. Instead of taking a college course for 2 years, I have watched your 19 videos and now can? chase my dreams. Also I now know 100% that its what I want to do so I will be attending college come September. You have saved me from a crap job that I didn't want to do. I can now build my own business and career. Donations coming your way !

    Lead Instructor: Alan Quandt
    I am a well established educator in the fields of Web Design & Development, Graphic Design, Video Editing / Motion Graphics, Social Media Management and Internet Marketing / Strategies.

    Unlike most college professors, I have over a decade of professional experience in the fields that I teach.  While I have a degree in Digital Media, I combine the traditional method of teaching how to use the tools of the trade with wisdom and insight of the professional world.

    Along with that combination of skill and wisdom, I make sure that I clearly explain what I am doing, how I did it, and why it is done in the way I have shown.  Many educators will show examples, but never explain themselves.

    I strive to leave my students with only one question after completing my courses, "What is next?".

    I have been providing free tutorial series on YouTube as well as private sessions for those who want to learn more and/or how to custom tailor the skills they have learned from my videos.

    While I keep my promise to my viewers to continue to provide free video tutorial series for those who cannot afford private sessions and/or courses:  I am also providing structured courses on this website in order to continue to fund The Digital Craft and our endeavors.

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Introduction to Web Databses using MySQL and phpMyAdmin

I quick set of videos that show you how to use phpMyAdmin to build an online MySQL database.
12 reviews


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In this series we will go over the basics of setting up a database in MySQL using phpMyAdmin. We will also go over sketching and planning your database, relations, queries, conditions, joins and more.

You should have a good understanding of how to setup and use a web database.

    • Access to Hosting Account or Local Server
    • Over 8 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
    • Understanding of MySQL Databases
    • Understanding of MySQL Queries
    • Understanding of database relations
    • Understanding of conditionals
    • Understanding of joins
    • Individuals who would like to learn how to start making dynamic web content.


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  • SECTION 1:
    Intro To Web Databases
  • 1
    Creating the database
    In this lesson we will talk about databases in general, hosting plans, and installing an Apache server. We then use cPanel to create our database. This is the data base we will use throughout the series.
  • 2
    Working with phpMyAdmin

    In this lesson we discuss phpMyAdmin and some of the various tools within the application. We also create our first table. We are using a cell phone contact list as an example for this series.
  • 3
    Building the database
    In this lesson we will explore uses of database in our everyday life. We will then continue to build our cell phone contact list database. We will explore searches with phpMyAdmin as well.
  • 4
    Exporting and Importing data
    In this lesson we go through the import and export functions in phpMyAdmin.
  • 5
    Creating The Databse Sketch
    In this lesson we will draw up our database sketch and talk about relational databases.
  • 6
    Relational Database
  • 7
    Working With Joins
    In this lesson we will explore the basic uses of JOIN. We will use JOIN to merge data from more than one table as a query result.
  • 8
    Working with and formating dates
    In this lesson we will explore the DATE datatype and the various ways we can format the data within queries.


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  • Alexis P
    Good basics of web databases

    Alan does a great job of describing the features and roles of a lot of what is involved in creating a web database while using an easy-to-follow example. He touches on all the bases for beginners looking to understand a lot more about creating one of the most useful functions ever.

  • Anis Merchant

    Excellent introduction to using MySQL! Clear, concise, and hands-on. Really enjoyed it.

  • Garrett Schwartz
    Good details.

    Most "Intro to mysql tutorials" given be developers don't seem to translate the impact of each choice - only telling students exactly what to click on, leaving a lot of unknowns about other choices available (ie index -vs- primary, etc). For an intro class its nice to see someone that doesn't assume we know the reasons for clicking buttons.

  • Jack Carr
    Good Introduction

    Im on spree of watching your videos, the voice is awesome! Im getting a good intro to all thing web, this is making my career more of a reality. Thanks a lot!

  • Bishnu Prasad Mishra
    Great one.......................................

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