International Tourism for Salvadorean EFL students
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International Tourism for Salvadorean EFL students

International Tourism ESL
3.6 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
439 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • They will know to much vocabulary, grammar and useful expression about international tourism
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This course is about the Unit 5 of 11th grade: International Tourism which one we intend to teach and develop skill such as: Listening, Speaking,and Reading, Where you could find a  lot information and different imprtant advertising, tourism sites, hotel reservation, travel advice, and tourism types and so here you could learn about some vocabulary and at the end of this unit we hope that you will learn a lot.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who want to learn about tourism
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Curriculum For This Course
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-Tourism sites

-Hotel reservations

-Travel advice

In this unit you will learn to develop your skills such us:

reading, writing, grammar in context, and vocabulary about tourism.


Exercise 1: Read aloud


Form of marketing used to persuade its audience, including viewers, listeners and readers. Advertising may manipulate an audience to taking some action or to buy products or services. 

Purpose of Advertising:

The porpuse of advertising is to convince people to buy cerrtain products or services. It may also create a need for products. It will probably lead customers to start a business relationshiop or hold existing ones. 

International Tourism Advertising:

Is a type of marketing related to tourism, and it may be done with the participation of the goverment, and the private sector working together. 

Private firms such as travel agencies, hotel chains and cruise agencies often run their own advertising campaigns to market their services. 

Lesson 1: Advertisements/Advertising

5 questions

Exercise : Grammar in Context:



-We use conditional sentences for stating future action depending on the result of another future action or event. 

Example: If I won the lottery, I would stop working.

-We use conditional sentences stating imaginary present action where the condition for the action are not satisfied.

Example: If you phoned home more often, they wouldn't worry about it.

CONTRACTIONS: Would and Had are contracted to 'd; but we can distinguish them becaus "would" is always followed by Base Form, and had as an Auxiliary Verb, is followed by Past Participle.

Example: - I'd tell her. Tell is the Base Form, so it mean I would tell her.


Tourism Sites
5 questions

Exercise: Vocabulary. Practice the following short conversations.



A: Hello... Prince hotel?

B: Yes, Linda speaking.

A: Would you do me a favor, Miss Linda?

B: Yes, What can i do for you?

A: Please, I would like to check my reservation for next Friday morning.

B:Your name please.

A: Bill James.

B: Okay; room 2, second floor, Friday morning at 8:00 a.m.

A: Thank you Miss Linda, It was a pleasure talking to you.

B: The same for me. Have a good day!


Lesson 5: Hotel Reservation

Hotel Reservations
4 questions


  • Update your packing list: One or two days before leaving, you must check what you're going to carry on your trip. 
  • Don't forget your chargers: You may be in trouble when you try to charge you cell phone, camera, laptops, tables and, other electronic devices without you chargers. 
  • Don't pack clothes that requiere ironing: Get some T-shirts, two pairs of jeans, some blouses, some sandals and a pair of tennis shoes; so you won't have to carry a heavy suitcase. 
  • Travel Bags with wheels are amazing: Wheels will ease you burden, so you'll get less tires in case to carry it a long way. 
  • Eat like a local:  Have you meals at local places such as a market, a diner or an eatery. 

Lesson 4: Travel Advice

Luggage and Baggage mean the same? True False

Travel advice
10 questions

What Are The Different Types Of Tourism?

Traveling is one effective way to see the world, experience new cultures and meet new people at the same time. For many tourists, however, traveling accomplishes many other purposes that don’t even have anything to do with the joy of visiting a new place.

In tourism we have two categories of tourism.

  • Mass tourismfor example,cruises,packaged vacations 
  • Alternative tourism: Example,Camping,visit to the beach(self-planed)

The different types of tourism more common are:

  1. museum
  2. nature tourism
  3. recreation tourism 
  4. wilderness

Lesson 5: Different type of tourism

Different types of tourism.
5 questions
About the Instructor
Claudia Molina
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439 Students
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B.A. Degree in English Language Student

Hello, my name is Claudia Molina, I am one of the instructor of this course, I am 20 years old, I am studying B.A in English at Gerardo Barrios University. So I hope that you like and learn a lot about our unit "International Tourism" since with my knowledge and that of my colleagues, we are going to show you different ways of expressing yourself when traveling or book a hotel and also in the areas of grammar, vocabulary and writing.

Fidelina Argueta
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439 Students
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Hello! my name is Fidelina Argueta and I am one of the instructor of this course where you are, so I hope you can learning too much because my porpuse as instructor is to help you through my knowlege as english student but no only with my knowlenge, also sharing ideas between you and all students, so in that way can improve in many areas like reading, listening, writing and more studying unit International tourism 

Wendi Francisca Sosa Granados
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Hello! My name is Wendi Francisca Sosa one instructor of this course, actually I am 21 years old and I am studying B.A in English at Gerardo Barrios University so I want to share my knowledge through this Unit. First of all My porpuse is that you learn a lot about International tourism as long as sharing my knowledge and helping you in many areas such as: Writing, Reading, Grammar in context and Vocabulary. 

Heyling Elizabeth Montenegro
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Bachelor degree English language student

I am one of the instructor of this course my name is Heyling Montenegro. I really hope that you learn and like our course,and that would be of your intersting because my Team and I want show you our country and that together meet others too.This is our first time doing it, and we are excited to do this,and really want help you sharing my knowledge and share my opinions and my Ideas with you and your others classmates.. 

Stefany Martínez
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Hello! My name is Stefany Martinez, I am 20 years old. I am studying B.A in English and this is my 4th year. We create this course with the purpose you can learn more about English in  different ways. Our unit is International Tourism I hope you will learn a lot and the same way to enjoy, as a team we are working for you learning and acquire knowledge.

Diana Morales
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439 Students
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Hello, My name is Diana Morales, I am 20 years old, I am a instructor of this course, I am a student B.A in English. This course we have done so you can know more about our subject and you can learn about international tourism, some tips, vocabulary, grammar, test, etc. I hope you have fun learning that is one of our goals. I hope you also enjoy receiving this course.

Jeany Argueta
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B.A. in English Language Teaching

The internet is a basic necessity nowadays, MOOCs provide access to all kinds of information more than ever.I have been involved in the educational field for over 15 years and I find Higher Education to be a passion of mine. There are so many bright students in each class that can help shape the future of our nation, El Salvador. In this course, my students have tried to put their best foot forward and create an interesting course based on the corresponding English class syllabus. I hope you take the time to engage with each activity carefully thought out for you. 

Melissa Loza
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B.A Degree in English student

I'm katerin melissa loza trejo,I'm from el salvador,I have 21 years old I'm student  of gerardo barrios university and i have been studying english for four years and Ilike study english,in this cycle we are working on the udemy course and I hope and our work likes it. Also that it is pleasure to be ableto work in this course.