International Marketing Diploma

Become a successful international marketer and seize business opportunities worldwide. A practical and academic guide
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Course Description

The INTERNATIONAL MARKETING DIPLOMA is a benchmark qualification for marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners. The course is based on real case studies that will help you identify and connect with new global opportunities.

**Bonus: Includes a free copy of the following premium Amazon textbooks:

" Luxury Brand Marketing: The globalization of luxury brand cults"

"Growth Hacker marketing 4 for international digital marketing professionals"

The course offers a balance between Academic theory and practical advise which students find both enlightening and challenging. International marketing is the process of anticipating what profitable marketing opportunities there are around the world and the process of seizing these opportunities successfully in such a way that we blend in with the requirements of new host countries.

As we observe the actions of large companies abroad, such as Prada in China, Starbucks in Egypt and Argentina, and also the actions of smaller very successful companies, we realize that International Marketing is more than a competency: It is an art and an acquired skill. Due to popular demand, we also included a special module on INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL MARKETING. New exciting topics include the following:

What is social media and how do we use it? Understanding User-generated content, Reputation management for modern marketers, the link between corporate social media and publishers, owned platforms vs. third party platforms, longtail theory, content authorities and category killers. Tactics that elicit User-generated content, and the social media marketing budget. Start using Facebook, LinkedIn, Alibaba, Twitter and other social media platforms to access various international markets. Do social media marketing like a pro: tactically and strategically.

There is much more to this marketing course:

You can also learn the latest thinking in International Luxury Brand Marketing, especially if interested in luxury areas such as fashion, high-end property sales and luxury yachting.

Reasons to enroll on the International Marketing Diploma:

*Find exciting new careers abroad in places like Brazil, Dubai, London, Shanghai and elsewhere in the world.

*Find new careers locally: Help a local business to expand internationally

*Stay up to date with important changes in the world

* There are huge profits in globalization - learn more about these opportunities

* Network with other like-minded individuals around the world in our forum

* Learn how to use international digital marketing like a PRO

* Discover the latest thinking in Luxury Brand Management

* Combine Growth-Hacker Marketing with your International Marketing Skills

* If you are MBA qualified and want to be a global analyst - this course will prepare you

Did you know that by 2020 China's exports to Europe will become double that of the USA, and that Europe's exports to Africa and Asia will be 50% larger than it's exports to USA?

Did you know that the amount of millionaires in Asia and Africa are expected to double during the same period? The world is changing fast and there are exciting opportunities for those who come prepared.



Enter the world of global marketing professionals today by joining this course


Course structure:

* Interactive forum

* Video recorded lectures

* Personal coaching when required

* Presentations

* Case studies

* Professional reports

* Knowledge reviews / Quizzes

Candidates from the following academic backgrounds will also benefit from this course:

International trade, MSC in Marketing, Digital and Global Marketing, Diplomacy and Strategic thinkers and E-business consultants

The course can be completed in less than 6 hours, although it is recommended to do further reading and watch the lectures again.

What are the requirements?

  • No previous knowledge required
  • Internet access

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 25 lectures and 7 hours of content!
  • Successfully identify global business opportunities
  • Negotiate effectively across different cultures
  • Create and interpret market reports
  • Strategically plan and execute new market entry
  • Make appropriate pricing decisions
  • Find career and business opportunities in other countries
  • Implement digital marketing and social media marketing strategy like a pro
  • Understand growthhacker marketing
  • Demonstrate a multi-level understanding of global marketing
  • Learn the latest thinking in International Luxury Brand Management

What is the target audience?

  • Aspiring MBA candidates
  • Entrepreneurs
  • International traders
  • Senior managers
  • Job seekers
  • Marketing managers
  • Business owners
  • Wealth managers
  • Digital marketing managers
  • Social Media marketing managers
  • New apprentices who would like to excel in marketing
  • Luxury brand managers

What you get with this course?

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Section 1: Introduction to International Marketing

Welcome to module 1 where we will explore the international marketing environment.

Our aim is to To introduce the global marketing concept and discuss major changes in the world that will lead to more opportunities

Our objectives are to study the Macro overview of the international marketing environment, then to look at the Internationalization process, and we will end this session by observing a sample brief about a global opportunity

1 page
This guide will explain what learners should do to obtain a diploma after this course.
Section 2: New Market selection: Identifying opportunities

Welcome back to Module2, where we will study Market opportunity selection

We are now going to explore market opportunity selection by looking at a practical case study. In other words, how do we know if a market is attractive and how do we identify business opportunities in that market?

Section 3: Market Entry strategies: Seizing opportunities

Assuming that there is an opportunity, we need to know what is the best way to enter the market.


Welcome back to the second part of Module3 where we study market entry strategies

Now that we know what the main entry strategies are, we need to know how to select the best strategy for entering a new country. Remember, each country poses unique risks and rewards and it always pays to do the right research.

9 pages

“How Starbucks succeeded in Argentina but not in Australia"

Questions to discuss in the forum with fellow learners:

    1.What, if anything, can Starbucks learn from its mistakes in Australia?

    2.If Starbucks could succeed in Argentina where the GDP per capita is less than $13000, surely it would succeed in Australia where it is more than $60 000. Besides GDP and financial indicators, what OTHER aspects should have been considered in Australia?

    3.If you were COSTA coffee, would you enter the Australian market after Starbucks performance? Discuss why Yes/No

Market Entry Quiz
1 question
Section 4: The bottom of the Pyramid: The largest market in the world

The aim of this module is to explore the largest marketing opportunity in the world. We will learn that it is possible to improve the lives of people at the bottom of the pyramid whilst also adding profit to the company

17 pages

The bottom of the Pyramid is often accessed or assessed through market tools which transcends national boundaries. One such market tool, arguable the world's biggest market place, is Alibaba.

A credible industry report about Alibaba will help new marketers understand the magnitude of this particular marketplace.

28 pages
The attractiveness at the bottom of the pyramid is so significant that current G8 countries are attempting by all means to remove trade barriers. This serves as an example of how the UK attempts to achieve it's aims. The relevance to marketers is that we ought be aware of the opportunities that will arise through such changes.
3 pages

Here we discuss the market opportunity presented by the 99% of middle and lower income level people around the world. This is a must read for any entrepreneurs or those who will work with the tech industry

3 pages

Mass marketing can be carried out effectively when certain market requirements are present. This session will show you how the professionals do mass marketing campaigns

Section 5: Cross cultural negotiation: Doing business respectfully abroad

In Cross-Cultural negotiation, we learn how to do business with other cultures by being more aware and respectful of different cultures. With more than 190 countries in the world, it will not be practical to explain each culture. However once we understand the concept of cultural difference, as marketers we can research each culture that we intend to do deal with.

Identifying and adapting to cultural differences
49 pages

This is a summary the marketers can keep as a useful reminder on cross-cultural negotiation. Feel free to share this with your friends, employees and associates.

Section 6: Global business ethics: An ethical reality

Our aim will be to discuss global ethics and it’s complexities. We present several views from around the world concerning ethics and demonstrate that abiding by the law and being ethical is two separate concepts.

Section 7: Market research in action: A report on Luxury goods in China
24 pages

The course commenced with a research question on Luxury branded goods in China. This is a report which is aimed at answering the research question and serves as a template example on how market research is carried out.

Market research quiz
1 question
Section 8: Pricing for international markets: Charging optimal prices

Welcome back to module 7, where we will study international pricing

To help us understand pricing issues in foreign markets, we will first do a case study on how Mac Donalds entered various markets abroad. Then, we will study pricing determinants, followed by pricing strategies and price management.

4 pages

Forum questions:

1.Why do you think Envato is so successful?

2.What are the biggest risks Envato faces globally?

3.Compare Envato’s prices to three other companies which appear on the top of Google’s results for “wordpress themes”. What do you think is Envato’s pricing strategy, and what is the pricing strategy of the competition?

Section 9: Growth Hacking 4.0
33 pages

International marketing is dependent on good online marketing. My latest E-book will help you grasp growth hacking, and has been included in this course to help you broaden your horizons.

Section 10: Social Media Marketing strategy for professionals
23 pages

Understanding influencer engagement and appropriate social media policies will be essential. As a vital tool to help you move forward, this course now includes a free copy of my latest Ebook on policy and influencer engagement.

29 pages

What is social media and how do we use it? Understanding User-generated content, Reputation management for modern marketers

The link between corporate social media and publishers, Owned platforms vs. Third party platforms. Longtail theory, content authorities and category killers

Tactics that elicit User-generated content, and the social media marketing budget

Section 11: Consumer typologies, segments and consumer behavior
31 pages

In the market we wish to enter, there will exist various types of consumers. They could be segmented based on a variety of criteria. The attached report will help you to understand the type of research that ought to be conducted for a new market. These reports can usually be purchased from McKinsey or Euromonitor at a cost that has to be included in the development budget of the organization.

Section 12: Email marketing
54 pages

How to Execute & measure successful Email marketing by Hubspot

Section 13: Bonus: A Free copy of my Luxury Brand Marketing textbook worth $10
26 pages

This publication takes the professional marketer on an exciting journey into the world of luxury goods and services. It considers some of the ways in which the luxury industry has been disrupted along with opportunity analysis of a rapidly expanding Asian, African and international market. It incorporates both conventional and modern practices, for example: Whereas price is directly linked to the perception of quality and luxury, this is not to say that all luxury items or services comply strictly with other elements as described in the above definition. For example in certain market segments, if a luxury brand simply attaches their label to an ordinary product and then raises the price, the perception of luxury occurs, regardless of the fact that a significant difference in quality is absent. Further discussion is also prompted by the issue of relativity, which is a key factor in the attempt to provide a global definition for luxury. A combination of economic and social factors define various segments of luxury products. Due to many factors such as income disparity and cultural values, it would be inaccurate to make any assumptions especially when relativity is discussed.

Section 14: Conclusion
1 page
This is a discussion on how to find career opportunities in Global Marketing and a conclusion from Adriaan

Instructor Biography

Adriaan Brits , MBA Marketing Coach

Adriaan Brits is a marketing consultant and entrepreneur with a successful track record.

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Adriaan says: "I really look forward to meeting you and engaging with you on the course. It is an interactive environment where our sole purpose is to help you gain valuable business skills that you can turn into profit. Through Udemy, I aim to make excellent advice available at very affordable prices, thereby creating more opportunities for entrepreneurs"

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