Complete Instagram Domination Course: How I Got 50,000 fans!
4.3 (428 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
16,154 students enrolled

Complete Instagram Domination Course: How I Got 50,000 fans!

Learn How To Dominate The World's Hottest Photo Sharing App! See how I converted 40k+ followers into sales - no outlay.
4.3 (428 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
16,154 students enrolled
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Last updated 8/2016
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What you'll learn
  • Successfully grow an Instagram account to 25,000 followers inside 3 months
  • Attract new customers and fans to your Instagram account, daily

  • Convert Instagram followers into paying customers

  • Set-up their account for 6 figure growth in the long-term
  • Download the Instagram app on their Smartphone
  • Have an open mind and a desire to create something truly special and beneficial for yourself


I have updated the course to show you how to use Instagram Stories, a game changing update that Instagram Introduced on  the 2nd August 2016 to enable users to share moments with their fans.

Over 5700 students have already enrolled! Make sure you don’t miss out on the magic that is enabling students to create high growth accounts on Instagram - see my free preview for proof!

Course updated for August 2016



Instagram is currently the hottest Social Network on the planet, and has become the perfect place to market your business, YouTube channel, website, online course, webinar to hundreds of new customers every day. There are 400 million Instagram users, and by using these free techniques, you will be able to attract your ideal customers and truly dominate Instagram.

5700+ Fellow Students Can't Be Wrong!

"I purchased this course not really knowing what to expect , except false promises, and was totally surprised by this concept - it delivered INSTANT returns! You can really get started right away with no money up front... and there's potential to MAKE money! It's newbie friendly too because of the step-by-step instructions - you just can't go wrong if you implement it. And best of all... there are so many ways to build upon these methods and use it for whatever purpose, as you can see in the many examples given! I'm going to stop talking now before I spill all the beans... Mike, thank you so much for this brilliant course!" - 5 Stars (Frank S)

"I was able to get a discounted copy of this "Instagram Domination" course and was blown away!!! I have tried getting my Instagram account off the ground in the past, but my results have been dismal, to say the least. The "magic tricks" detailed in this course, along with the examples shown are golden! Mike does a great job showing you how to make it easy to implement with no money needed. Definitely an amazing find!" - 5 stars (Jerry)

"Great course! The superman clearly knows his subject! I have already applied a few of his advice tricks, like Tagsforlikes and already grew my account... Keep up the good work!" - 5 stars (Jean-Luc)

"Really good course with excellent content. Lectures are a good length and there isn't repetition or excessive demos! My followers has shot up already and i will definitely continue with these techniques! Excellent." - 5 stars (Gemma)

"I was already an instagram user, but now I am more knowledgable for my brand/business. Thank you!"- 5 stars (Stef) 

From the desk of Michael Suppo: I am so excited to be bringing this course to you. It is perfect for small businesses owners in any niche - from recruitment to dentistry, affiliates, product sellers, and Youtubers struggling to get off the mark.

This course will teach you the secret hacks that only the viral accounts on Instagram are using and the other 400m users are not! The growth hacks in this course will bring you traffic, mailing list opt-ins, YouTube subscribers, customers and money. You don't need to spend any money to get to 25k followers in 3 months.

So join 5700+ students who are benefitting from this secret sauce!

You can have your own niche up and running TODAY, right after going through this course - and be earning immediately! 
Click the "take this course" button, top right, now ... every hour you delay is costing you money and customers!



  • Full, free lifetime access
  • All future extra lectures and upgrades are always included for free
  • Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee


  • Hundreds of YouTube Subscribers and views from Instagram traffic.
  • Hundreds of Users to my iPhone App from Instagram.
  • 26,000+ followers inside 3 months
  • Exposure for my businesses


  • Make millions of pounds by using their account the correct way
  • Build large audiences and huge mailing lists using Instagram effectively
  • Utilise secrets that make them highly followable accounts!

Today, you can start to make money, gain customers, and build exposure with Instagram, with no expense whatsoever - and ZERO social media experience! 
Your initial goal is an easy 8,000 followers every month. 

All you will need is a smartphone where you can download Instagram - I show you how to make your pictures look amazing and professional which will turn your account into an immediate success. 
Based on my huge success so far, I will give you a step by step guide on how I managed to make a very popular from scratch! 
Whether you already have an Instagram account or not, you can build a popular page with just 30 minutes of total work a day, or 4 hours a week.
You'll learn 

  1. How to set up your account effectively and for success.
  2. What types of accounts grow the quickest, and why.
  3. How to choose a Username which attracts followers while you sleep
  4. How to actually make money and gain sales via your account
  5. Posting and content strategies that do not fail
  6. Using apps to make your content look like it was professionally designed
  7. Techniques for using your bio to get customers for any purpose
  8. How to search and use optimal hashtags
  9. How to be seen above your competitors 
  10. How to gain hundreds of followers a day

 and much, much more!

Well done if you've read this far! Thank you!

In Module 4 there will be some techniques on how to become viral and this does involve some expenditure. But I will show you a technique on how to recoup that expenditure back tenfold! 

You can have your own niche up and running today, right after going through this course - and be earning immediately! 
Click the "take this course" button, top right, now ... every hour you delay is costing you money and customers!


Your Superhero on Udemy 

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to easily make money, build mailing lists, increase their exposure and become a leader with no money required.
  • Anyone who wants to learn super growth strategies
  • Anyone from any country
  • Anyone of any age or ability
  • Able to understand English
Course content
Expand all 22 lectures 01:51:16
+ Welcome! Let's setup your Instagram for Viral Growth.
6 lectures 23:19

In this lesson, I walk you through the set up of your Instagram account. In this set up video, I show you the way to maximise opportunities to grow your followers whilst you are registering. Setting up your Instagram account is super easy, and I give you the ways to secure it whilst integrating it with Facebook.

Preview 02:39

Within this lecture, I help you discover what you are passionate about in life. It is designed to make sure that you are able to sustain activity on your Instagram account on a long term basis. By having an idea of what you are motivated by, we will move nicely into the next lectures where we discuss the types of accounts you can create on Instagram and how we can turn your passion into a major account on Instagram.

Mindset Shift: How To Turn Instagram Into a Passion

This is an amazing lecture because we will be touching on the different types of accounts that exist on Instagram and the best practices of the most successful accounts. A lot of the techniques you will see here are simple but effective. A lot of people on Instagram are not using these best practice methods, which is why this is a HUGE opportunity for you.

Powerful Ways That I and Other People Use Instagram

In this lecture, we will be going through a neat little hack that will enable your username to rank on Instagram. By using this hack, it will make it easy for you to get followers whilst you're inactive. I have found this to be one of the major reasons why I was able to grow to 30K followers in 3 months on starting my Instagram account.

Preview 02:38

This lecture is vital. The information in this lecture will make it easy for potential Instagram followers and/or customers to know what you are all about. It will also allow you to bring traffic to external site. This contains a really awesome way to present your bio which the majority of Instagram users have not worked out yet.

Writing a Bio That Brings You Followers, Money And/Or Customers. Tell No-One!
+ Make Content that brings you thousands of engaged followers!
5 lectures 21:08

In this lecture, I take you introduce you to the topics we will cover in Module 2. This is a really important lecture because it introduces the techniques you need to follow in order to make your Instagram account flourish instantly, and set you up for long term success.

Strategies for Short, Medium And Long Term Instagram Success!

This lecture equips you with strategic thinking behind posting pictures. It is a really important lecture and one that provides you with an insight into how you can maximise your Instagram followers through your posting strategy. 

Preview 04:13

This is great lecture that allows you to set the scene for potential Instagram followers. Your first 10-20 posts are vital in setting the scene for your account, and it is a great way to get early adopters and fans. You will learn what you should post and why it is important.

How To Make An Incredible First 10-20 Instagram Posts That People Will Love.

This lecture provides you with a walkthrough on how to make your content look ultra-professional and amazing. Only Instagram dominators know how to add that extra dimension to their posts which make them stand out amongst the ordinary users. To be a power user, you should follow the ways to make your content look incredible on Instagram.

How To Make Your Instagram Posts Look Ultra-Professional With Other Apps!

In this lecture, we reaffirm how Instagram dominators are using these content techniques to build major accounts. This is a superb lecture that allows you to see first-hand how the best are thriving and gives you the insight you need for true Instagram domination. 

How I And Other Big Accounts Make Money, Build Lists And Increase Our Exposure!
+ How To Succeed: Getting 25,000 Instagram Followers Inside 3 Months - For Free
6 lectures 35:42

We now enter the most transformative module in this course. Here I introduce to you why module 3 is such a game-changer. This where you truly start to see how you can achieve super growth every day on Instagram.

This Is A Game Changer!

In this lecture, I take you through how to find and research hashtags for your niche and content. Hashtags are the most underused hacks by Instagram users. This lecture will show you how many you can use and how you can truly optimise each picture/video that you post on Instagram.

Preview 09:59

Very few people know how to post hashtags properly on Instagram, and I was one of these people. However, I soon became wise to the way you can post these hashtags where it can be concealed and does not look like spam. A lot of amazing posts are not getting visible because of hashtags, but also a lot of posts look spammy because of how they are added to a post. This lecture will allow you to avoid both pitfalls.

How To Post Hashtags The Correct Way - No-One Does This Properly, But You Can.

If you purchased this course and went on to ignoring all the other lectures, make sure THIS IS THE ONE that you watch. This is what it's all been about. This is how to really grow fast on Instagram. I provide you with a daily exercise which will turn your Instagram account into a big one very quickly. I have done this with a number of accounts to great effect.

Top Secret - How To Get Hundreds of Engaged Instagram Followers Per Day!

Competitions are a very underused tactic to grow your account easily and organically. There are ways that a competition can be applied to suit any type of Instagram account. Find out how to rapidly grow Instagram followers with this technique.

How To Use Competitons Properly - Get Hundreds Of Instagram Followers This Way!

In addition to the top secret in lecture 15, this video provides you with a quick and simple way to get Instagram followers. 

Gain Extra Instagram Followers and Likes through Engaging with Others - Easy Way
+ Achieve Viral Growth - Build a page to 200,000 followers in a year! (Advanced)
4 lectures 24:53

In this lecture, I introduce Module 4 - which provides you with tips on how to grow your Instagram account once your hit 25k. You will be able to grow into the big 6 figure accounts and beyond through the techniques in this video.

Introduction to Unimaginable success on Instagram!

In this video, I introduce you to the concept of networking in order to further your Instagram account ambitions. There are many accounts on Instagram that are looking to gain some extra help, and you would be the one to provide them with it, whilst they help you.

How to Share for Share (S4S) properly - Gain an Easy 200-500 followers per day!

This lecture introduces the concept of paying to get explosive reach. This is not one of those practices of buying fake Instagram accounts because that will just get you banned. This is a way of using the biggest accounts on Instagram to help you become as big as they are. This is an advanced tactic that is only for the Super-User of Instagram.

How Shoutouts Can Make You One Of The Biggest and Richest Accounts On Instagram!

This is a tactic only the Super users know about. Super users are the ones making a lot of money from their 6 or 7 figure followings. This tactic can enable you to grow your Instagram reach enormousely.

Viral Growth Hack - Less Than 1% of Instagram Users Know About This. Now You Do!
+ August 2016 - Latest Updates to Instagram!
1 lecture 06:14

In this lecture, dated the 3rd August 2016, I give you a tutorial on how to use Instagram Stories, an app that has just been released to everyone on Instagram. Instagram Stories is a massive game changer as it takes away the uniqueness of Snapchat. This is a great lecture on how to use and create Instagram stories.

Instagram Stories - This Is A Game Changer For Brand Building!