Instagram Marketing- GrowthHacking & Automation MICRO Course
4.8 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
44 students enrolled
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Instagram Marketing- GrowthHacking & Automation MICRO Course

Growth Methods for Attracting Followers and Driving Traffic to Get Sales or Build Your Brand- No Fluff
4.8 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
44 students enrolled
Created by Justin Boggs
Last updated 4/2016
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 1 hour on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • Target their Ideal Customers and Influencers on Instagram
  • Utilize my google boolean search hack to make finding potential customers and influencers super easy
  • Setup & Fine Tune Automation Software to attract your ideal customers on Instagram 24/7
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  • You should already have an Instagram Account
  • You need to know what a Hashtag is #Hashtag
  • Disclaimer- This course and my lessons will lead to incredible growth, and can be completely automated. However, some of the tactics conflict with Instagram TOS, although I nor my clients have ever had any issues.

I've spent years building my own startups, and learned some powerful lessons along the way. 

    I created this course because I know that everyone is truly looking for that Silver Bullet that would supercharge Instagram Follower Growth. Well, my strategy is the closest thing to that silver bullet. These techniques are the quickest and easiest way to automate the process of growing your Instagram account. 

    After completing this course you will..

    1. Master Instagram Marketing
    2. Be able to laser focus on targeting your ideal customer accounts
    3. Attract Targeted Followers, Build Your Brand, Get More Customers
    4. Use the Google Boolean Search hack to identify the right influencers, bloggers, and potential customers for your business. 
    5. Automate Leadgen by using the same software as the Pros

    This course will NOT teach you how to use Instagram. This course does NOT teach you how to create Instagram Account Pictures. This course ASSUMES that you are in control of your own content and picture creation for Instagram. Please recognize that the quality of your instagram account content will directly affect the rate of Follower Growth since real followers expect Great Pictures.

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Enroll right now and in less than 40 minutes you could be implementing my proven strategies to grow your Instagram Followers!

    ***I call this a MICRO course because I make every effort to distill the information into a succinct message. I aim to deliver the necessary skills as fast as possible. I've been so annoyed at all of the courses I come across with countless hours of regurgitated nonsense and slow speaking instructors. You aren't paying me for the length of my content, only for the value that it delivers, and that value comes from taking action. So this is the course you take to learn the skills quickly and jump into action.***
    I am available for any questions and will respond promptly. However, please know that with these lessons, I do expect students to have some basic knowledge of Instagram.
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is suited for people looking to grow their brand and influence on Instagram
  • Ideal for Retailers, Brands, Bloggers, Vloggers, Designers, and Influencers
  • For those of you that can't afford to spend hours and hours each day working and searching through instagram profiles "Liking" and "Following" others to build awareness
  • Some of my tactics are completely White Hat, and others a bit edgy, this course requires a marketer with an open mind.
  • NOT for people looking to spend hours watching education videos about stuff that you can easily find on google
  • NOT for people that want instruction on how to use instagram
  • NOT for people expecting to sit in front of their computer for hours and hours watching pointless lectures about common sense material
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Curriculum For This Course
Welcome Message- Instagram Growth Hacking Course Overview
1 Lecture 00:55
Capture the Data- Installing Free Link Tracking for Measuring Effectiveness
1 Lecture 05:45

In this lesson, I cover how you can easily set up link tracking by creating a free custom URL to use in your Instagram Profile. 

The free service I use is , but you can use any link tracking system that you are familiar with. I have absolutely zero affiliation with, I just use their product because it is free. 


1) Go to and register for an account.

2) Setup a new campaign- name it something meaningful.

3) Create a new tracking link

4) Give the Vanity URL a meaningful name. Example: instead of (Random and Untrustworthy) go with the name of your instagram account, or website, such as

5) Save the Link

6) Copy and paste that link into your Instagram Profile (under website)

 Viola- now anytime someone clicks on your profile URL to check out your website or blog, you can track that activity from within's dashboard. 

Why are we doing this? The point of creating a tracking link is because we want to measure the impact and "LIFT" of our marketing activities. So if we are going to be spending time building up our followers, we want to make sure that we are targeting the right types of followers that are actually Clicking Through to our Website in order to make a purchase. Let's say that once you have my system for growing your instagram account setup, that after one month you notice a growth in followers, but barely any clicks to your website. At that point, you would want to begin making some adjustments to the types of users that you follow, posts that you like, and comments that you make. Perhaps you start testing out different types of users or target a new set of hashtags. Then you can measure the impact of that change over the next 90 days. Rinse and repeat until you find the right audience. 

Preview 05:45
Hashtag Method & Google Boolean Search Hack
2 Lectures 17:10

In this section, there are two main lectures that cover "White Hat" methods for "Growth Hacking" our Instagram Followers. Both of these methods are 100% effective, however, they can be quite time consuming. But, the purpose of going over these manual methods is to get into the right state of mind for the next section when we cover Instagram Growth Automation. 

In this lesson, i cover the ways that hashtags are currently used on Instagram, both as a means to properly label your content and posts, as well as hashtags that your potential customers might be using. The point is that Hashtags are a powerful way to get into the mind of the consumer, as you know they are searching or defining a moment very specifically. 

So for example, I am working with a client that sells bridesmaid dresses. The goal for them is to obviously sell more bridesmaid dresses. Thankfully they have some decent lifestyle product photography, and they are uploading that content to Instagram regularly. However, you are only fighting half the battle of discovery when you include all of the relevant hashtags on your pics. That will help with exposure for when other people are searching Instagram by Hashtags. But that isn't the whole story. Building your Instagram following also requires OutBound Marketing efforts, and that means seeking out the people you would want as followers and then engaging with them: Liking their photos, commenting, and following. Therefore, one of the best ways to find potential customers for is to target Newly Engaged women. In this lesson, I demonstrate what the Instagram Hashtag method means by looking up posts with the hashtag 


The reason that I chose this hashtag is that we know that it was likely posted by a woman that has just recently got engaged, which means they are likely entering into the planning process for their wedding and "AHA" they are going to need "Bridesmaid Dresses". Throughout the lesson I give tips on which posts to look for specifically, and then I clicked through to show some examples of the types of comments to make, and even followed a few of the accounts. The goal is not to come across spammy or salesy, rather we want to simply spark conversation and get that person to click through to our Instagram Proflie, and "BOOM" now we have them in our Marketing Funnel. 

Feel free to message me, and I can help you brainstorm some ideas for potential keywords that your customers may be using on Instagram.  

Utilize Hashtag Search Method to Identify Potential Customers- Then Engage

In this lecture, I cover my favorite hack, the Google Boolean Search method. Google is really good for search, in case you hadn't noticed. But what you probably didn't realize is that the search capabilities go much further than simply typing in a few keywords. 

Here we go over how to properly enter targeted Boolean searches in order to find the exact Instagram Accounts that are most likely to serve our needs, like Bloggers, Influencers, and potential customers. Because in order to grow our following, we need to align ourselves with all types of people that are willing to share our brand. 

Now Boolean just references the terms AND, OR, and NOT, but with this method I typically just use the " + " (AND) operator in my searches. However, the others can be used should you find that the result set that you are working with is much too large and you need to get more specific. 

The main point is this, here is what needs to be typed into Google (this works for any domain actually, so or What you are telling google is that I want you to only search for pages on this domain. Also, you can add other identifiers like "beauty" or "email" into the search( "beauty" AND "email") to pull in any pages on instagram that have beauty and email on the page.

inurl:blog Including this along with your "site:" search allows you to pull back results of pages on the target domain that are also targeting your desired keyword like "blog" in this example. 

So you could see these both together in the same search: inurl:blog 

Google Boolean Search Hack
Instagram Growth Automation- Turning on the Traffic Machine
3 Lectures 32:19

This lecture covers how to setup and use automation software for 24/7 Instagram growth. 

I am not affiliated with this company in any way. It does cost money to use, they have different packages available, I pay $9.99 per 30 days. 

*Disclaimer- Instagram does not condone the use of third party software as outlined in their terms of service. However this program and their algorithms make this 99% safe to use. I use it, I recommend my clients use it, because frankly this is exactly what your competitors are doing right now to eat your lunch and grow their instagram accounts. I just want to make sure that anybody that wants to get into this does so with both eyes open. If your account were to get flagged somehow, it runs the risk of account suspension for instance. 

Recommendation- if you are uncomfortable signing up for the product you can try two things- 1) The program offers a 3 day free trial. 2) Use a different instagram account with a handle that you wouldn't mind losing. 

Instagress- Growth Hacking Secret Weapon- Instagram Automation

Now, go crush it.

If you found value in this course, please consider leaving me a 5 star review. Thank You

For more info about me, and additional digital marketing tips and tools, check me out @

BONUS- Automation in 5th Gear

About the Instructor
Justin Boggs
4.8 Average rating
8 Reviews
44 Students
1 Course
Startup Adventurist, Digital Marketer

BS in Business Management @ Case Western Reserve University

Founded Pizza restaurants in college, opened two locations, sold business.

Founded Bridge Capital Partners (Feb 2011)- which became a FORBES Finalist for America's Most Promising Companies fall 2011. BCP is a payment processing company, built from to over $100M in annual processing volume within 2 years. Company continues to grow and add employees. Returned over 8X to Investors

Bizdom U. Entrepreneur (Fall 2011)- I was selected as 1 of 20 from thousands of applicants for this business incubator founded by Dan Gilbert (founder of Quicken Loans and owner of Cleveland Cavaliers). 

Scope.LA (Jan 2013 to Present)- Founder, idea started while in Bizdom. I went on to raise over $900,000 from angel investors including Facebook's 1st employee. Scope.LA is a freemium Social Feeds web app for businesses and websites. You can use it to easily display your best social content and social proof to new potential customers on your own website. Utilize the "Tag" feature to make your social content Shoppable. Former Owner/CEO. ZeeBerry was an ecommerce destination site for designer fashion jewelry. From Sept 2009 to Dec 2015, ZeeBerry generated $17,000,000 in revenues and served over 300,000 customers worldwide. I raised over $750,000 in equity and debt financing for this company, and negotiated retailer agreements with billion dollar brands such as Alex and Ani and Kendra Scott. Sold the company December 2015.

In addition to running my companies, I consult with companies to build out B2B Sales Automation and Leadgen systems. I am Google Adwords Certified, and provide digital marketing services, often working as a CMO for hire.

I love to create and work with other entrepreneurs.